Virtua Cop: Elite Edition


Virtua Cop: Elite Edition Alternatives for PSP

#1 007: From Russia with Love


007: From Russia with Love offers a mix of Driving, Racing, and Action game elements, developed by Electronic Arts Redwood Shores Studio for Multiple Platforms. The story of the game focuses on a movie released in 1963, starting James Bond. According to the story, the protagonist embarks on a mission to Istanbul to acquire the Russian decoder machine, called the Lektor from a defecting Russian Agent. However, the Russian secret agent does not know this plan because it’s a trap set by the criminal organization.

There are over eighteen challenging mission and the player must advance through linear stages while fighting against enemies in sight. During the gameplay, the player locks onto enemies at the range to shoot down. While playing the game, the player can drive a car of his choice to reach the specific location to fulfill the task for in-game currency. The game rewards the player with bonus points for succeeding in melee fight or finding containers. 007: From Russia with Love includes the most prominent features such as 3D Graphics, Third-person Navigation, Shooting Mechanics, and more.