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Watch2Gether Alternatives for Android

#1 Rave


Rave is an application that empowers its visitors to watch movies and videos together. It allows its users to listen to music together. Rave is also known as a media viewing center that enables its users to get the system of combining their mobile activities like watching movies and chatting with friends as well.

It features the content from most of the video sharing, streaming, and even video storage platforms as well and powers everything from global movie nights to the local music parties as well. This tool is based on playback synchronizing technology and turns the smartphones into wireless speakers and after that, enable its users to enjoy watching movies together in a highly entertaining environment.


Watch2Gether Reviews

Oscar Reynolds
written on July 20, 2020

My friend and I use this platform so we can watch movies together, share files, and hangout. It is intuitive to provide so much to do like synchronizing player for video and audio enjoying content from different social sites, and an integrated chat module is available on this platform what else you can get. It also gives you webcam support to chat live. If they remove the ads, it will be a tremendous upgrade in the system.

written on June 15, 2020

It is a wonderful entertainment platform, and it is specially designed for movie lovers like me, and we can enjoy full and high-quality movies for free without any registration because this site is made for us, and it is so fun to use. I am using this platform for quite some time, and it provides webcam support, organized playlists, enjoy content from the top video featuring search engines like YouTube, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, and much more. All the things you can think of you will find it here. I am in love with this site.

written on June 12, 2020

In my opinion, it is just as good as any other website. Live chatting, text chatting, video chatting, but the file-sharing feature is missing. It should integrate that feature on the website too. Regarding the interface, I have no complaint, but the purchasing feature after providing so many facilities does not make any sense because we are already getting so many things for free why do we want a personal chat, color emojis, beta version, that is not so different than the original one. It is just a marketing tactic for the user to make a purchase of approximately $4 for a month so they can run their business and make a fool out of us.

written on May 26, 2020

When I talk about the interface, I mean the things that I see first such as the color and design of the website. It is very finely designed and consists of all the information you seek, plus there are reviews among different categories that you should read, which are right on the home page of the website. From movies to videos, you can view everything. The best part is that I can watch movies with my friend that is in another country sync time, manage routine, and plan a movie. In my opinion we should give it a go.

written on May 13, 2020

Oh, my God! It is a beautiful website, and I love it, and my friends love it. We are mostly on this platform rather than other social sites because it is very interactive, and all of our community members use it. We are only people running this platform as far as I think. In our community, we join together and watch movies, share videos, especially share informative things. It is a wonderful tool for our community, and it is a secret way of conveying messages. What more there is to say about this site beside it is free, and everyone can sign into it. I think you should also consider joining it.