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WatchSeries Alternatives

#1 Cucirca


Cucirca is an Online TV Shows provider that allows you to stream Classic to the Latest all the television shows around the world. You can get all your favorite and popular TV shows such as The Flash, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and much more on this platform. It works with movie streaming sites and offers all the similar features such as categories to explore the list of shows and a powerful search bar to find a favorite one.

Cucirca is a completely free to use service, and no require a login, but if you want to update the latest trends, you need to subscribe with an email address. There is also a recommendation system that recommends shows related to your interest. Overall, Cucirca is one of the best TV Shows Streaming site as compared to others.


#2 LiveStation


LiveStation is a leading platform that distributes live TV and radio broadcasts over the data network. The platform brings you the best live video from the world and has partnered with most of the leading news channels. These channels provide you with a legal way to watch the best live news without any cost. The channels on this platform consist of a number of categories, and each category has its channels and radio stations to stream.

LiveStation is a simple and easy-to-use platform, and you don’t need to register yourself, just go to the site, find your favorite channel, and enjoy streaming. But if you want to get an update with the latest update, you need to subscribe by email address. The best fact about this platform is that it can be accessed using any device such as PC, mobile, or television, etc.

#3 Yahoo TV


Yahoo TV is a service introduced by Yahoo Inc., providing access to top five channels like ABC, NBC, FOX, etc. It incorporates a “Beyond the Episode” area that offers picture-in-picture, so you can keep on watching while surfing other sites. Altogether, this platform consists of multiple TV shows, anime, films, Korean shows, British and Latino substance, accessible cuts, and other off-camera interviews, same as on Hulu.

This is a perfect platform for those who want a little entertainment during working hours and lighten up the burden with some informational content or some entertaining movie clip. If you are a fan of any celebrity and looking for complete and detailed content on his life, this is just the perfect platform for you.


#4 YuppTV


YuppTV is the largest TV platform that offers live TV, catch-up TV, and unlimited movies. The service provides broadcasters and content providers to reach their targeted audience and enable consumers to view their content globally.

It offers more than 200 live TV channels that consist of a number of categories; each category has its options and channels to watch and enjoy. With the help of this service, users can enjoy their favorite TV channels, movies, and programs across several genres.

#5 FandangoNOW


FandangoNOW is an American ticketing platform that sells movie tickets via their mobile application as well as through their website. With this, you can easily buy movie tickets online around the USA and share them with others.

Just like most of the e-commerce platforms, it also offers lots of deals and promotion codes to buy tickets at a low price. FandangoNOW site requires registration name, city, zip code, payment details, and password. After a successful login, you can easily buy the latest and upcoming movies tickets.

#6 USTV Now


Watch live TV Channels anytime, anywhere on any device. USTV Now is a premium service provider that allows you to watch US TV channels on a computer, mobile, tablet, or any other device. It is a comprehensive solution and will enable you to watch more than 150 channels without any limitations. Its featured channels include ABC, CW, NASA TV, CBS, PBS, BBC, Discovery, and lots of others.

All the channels consist of a number of categories, and each category has its channel to watch. The most exciting fact about this Live Streaming service provider is that it allows you to record your favorite shows to watch later. To deliver a comprehensive experience, USTV Now is available to use mobile platforms as an application that comes with lots of new features and tools.

#7 Tubi TV


Tubi TV is a streaming service that provides more than 12,000 titles, including Movies and TV Shows. It is a 100% legal streaming service with no subscription and no credit cards required. Just enjoy its streaming without any limitation.

Tubi is known as the world’s largest free streaming service that you can access anytime, anywhere. The service is highly rated on IMDb, and you can enjoy its service to enjoy high-quality stuff. All of its categories are free to choose from, and its central section includes New Releases, Latest Movies, and Anime TV Series.

#8 Yidio


Yidio is a video aggregator that collects content from multiple subscription-based video streaming providers and enables users to view that content from a single interface. It brings various streaming platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, and lots of others. Track, search and watch TV shows and movies through Yidio.

The solution is available to use on mobile and web platforms specially designed for those who want to enjoy their favorite show and movie on time and in the best quality. Yidio is also known as a primer personalized TV and movie guide that helps you quickly find to watch TV shows online and quickly discover new things.



HBO GO is the most leading TV Everywhere service offered by the American Premium Cable Network HBO launched on 18 February 2010. It allows HBO subscribers to freely stream videos of HBO content, including all the current and past series, sports events, films, and specials through the HBO website or application.

With the help of this solution, you can watch all the big premiers as they air. Plus, every episode of HBO series such as Game of Thrones, My Brilliant Friend, and so much more. HBO GO is specially designed for streaming lovers who want to enjoy their favorite content anytime, anywhere around the US and certain US territories.

#10 TVMuse


TVMuse is a comprehensive video streaming platform that consists of five different areas, such as TV Show Guides, Movie Listings, Site Guide, Social Networking Component, and Search Engine. Each service has its own objective and features. Its television show guide contains all the popular TV episodes and sessions and offers a brief description of each one.

As compared to most of the popular movie streaming sites like 123movies, TVMuse is more powerful and offers more than 30000 free HD movies to watch and download. The site also daily updates with new movies in order to deliver a more enjoyable experience.

#11 Couch Tuner


Couch Tuner is free to use a streaming site that allows you to watch full-length HD TV Shows, Series, and News, etc. The site features a stunning dark interface that immerses you in a real cinema. Just like most movie streaming sites, it also has a massive range of TV series and shows that consist of multiple categories. Each category has its shows to watch and stream.

There is also a new release section where you get all the latest titles. To make it a comprehensive platform, it offers an advanced level recommendation system that recommends all titles depend on your interest. Couch Tuner is free to use the streaming site, and no require registration. You need to find your favorite title and enjoy all features without any limitation.

#12 SideReel


SideReel is a free website that allows users to search TV shows, get new episode alters, watch the full episode online, and more. It is the most leading TV show streaming application that offers millions of TV shows to watch.

Like movie streaming applications, it also has lots of categories such as Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, and others. Each one has its titles to watch that are daily updated with new content. SideReel is not just a streaming platform, but it also offers all the related news and updates about your favorite shows that make it more interesting.

WatchSeries Reviews

written on August 22, 2020

It used to be a fantastic website, and since the crashed and updates the site has not worked properly, and they keep changing the theme as if it will make a difference because the content will be the same. Taking the menu and shifting it to another side does not improve the functionality and improve the back end configurations. The database has a remarkable extensive capacity, but what good is that data provide no way of accessing it. The feedback button works as a beautiful little sidekick of the website and is entirely useless. They should work on customer services.

written on August 22, 2020

WatchSeries is a fantastic movie and television show streaming site which permits me to get a whole series of films from any part of the world. Such a place makes me able to download my favorite movie, lots of videos, and different TV serials by having a high-speed internet connection. It is one of the famous and fantastic films and other videos streaming website which delivers all core services and features to make my life more enjoyable.

written on July 15, 2020

As far as my experience is concerned I use this site as a backup for other major online movie streaming websites. They rebuilt the website in 2016, and it has worked in a gray area where half the users were satisfied, and half were struggling to watch some exciting videos. What I see now is an improvement, but the ads still irritate me.

written on June 17, 2020

WatchSeries is a good source for me to get dozens of television serials and shows which I can download and even watch online at any moment. Such a place doesn’t require me to register myself by making an account there, but it is just a free streaming website. In case, if I want to request or even get updated with some latest trends, I need to subscribe by using an email address.

written on June 14, 2020

WatchSeries is a brilliant option for me to watch and even download multiple high-quality TV shows and movies. It is a beautiful online entertainment space that acts as a great supplier of all kinds of seasons, concerts, videos, and even full-length TV serials. It is a great platform where everything is accessible by its users to make them able to explore, watch, share, and download massive content at any time.

written on April 25, 2020

WatchSeries enables me to search and get the latest and even old movies, drama serials, etc. of all categories. Such site is full of multiple current mainstream views, up to date scenes, television indicates and timetable sorts. WatchSeries enables me to think about the calendar and plan my most loved TV appears. Such a place involves a user-friendly interface to make its users able to have a sight over their most loved stuff.

written on September 25, 2019

WatchSeries serves as a gift in disguise by providing me a simple interface and permitting me to download and even stream all kinds of videos, shows, serials, and movies of distinct genres without any issue or hurdle. Such space doesn’t require me to waste time in making some logins or any account but stimulates me to explore lots of TV serials and dramas categories.

written on July 17, 2019

My experience with this platform has not so well. At first, it is hard to find the authentic website because there are so many websites streaming and giving the same content, and it is hard to identify the original one. Then come the ads and the very annoying pop-ups that kill the mood to watch anything. When you have crossed all these obstacles and finally click to start the movie, there comes a streaming problem that takes two minutes to play sixty seconds of video. This is hectic and took so much of my time.