WebcamMax is a program to enhance the features and functions of your default video camera by adding various video effects into it. It is an application that supports the adding of images, videos, effects to both real and virtual webcam and can be even used for broadcasting of messengers as well.

The best about WebcamMax is that it is expert in working with all kind of webcam programs and work as a default utility of the operating systems used by you. In addition to all these, thousands of video and audio effects are the part of the WebcamMax that will take your video chatting and streaming experience to a highly new level.

Moreover, WebcamMax equally works with both real and virtual cameras with its full functionalities and at its optimum level of performance.

The key features of WebcamMax are video recording system, support for even virtual webcams, availability of thousands of fantastic live video chatting and video recording effects, comfortable to share the videos and photos with others over social media channels, doodling and PinP and capable in working with all webcam programs and video chatting platforms.


WebcamMax Alternatives

#1 Webcam Toy


Webcam Toy is a webcam software for the internet video cameras of any type. In addition to using it for video chatting or even live video broadcasting, Webcam Toy can be utilized for taking the snaps as well. It featured dozens of stunning and fancy video and image effects that will enhance your live video chatting experience.

After taking the snaps, users can send the photos to their friends and can even save in the system as well as can share on the social media platforms if they want to share it with the public.

Webcam Toy can be used for even offline mode, and it enables the users to open the Webcam Toy and connect with those friends that are sharing the same network and in that’s way enjoy the features of offline video chatting as well.

The best about Webcam Toy is that to make the work of its users very comfortable and convenient. Webcam Toy even supports for the keyboard shortcuts as well that can be used for the easy go-to the effects, grid view, the shoeing of information, square the photos and performing various other functions as well.


#2 SplitCam


SplitCam is a webcam software featuring video effects and a video splitting system. Most of the webcam applications are experts in only capturing the video source from a single source. But SplitCam is that kind of program that is expert in capturing the video source from two different programs. That makes SplitCam entirely different from the other webcam software.

The best about SplitCam is that it delivers the users with the system of multiplying their single webcam into many numbers and at once using all to broadcast any video through multiple applications that require the need of webcam software. SplitCam is highly compatible and capable of working with all types of video cameras. That functionality of SplitCam makes it the universal level of webcam software.

It also includes core features such as cool webcam effects, video splitting to several installed programs, realistic 3D masks, support for all famous video HD video broadcast, support for various video resolutions, different video stream sources, use IP camera as a source, zoom video feature and availability of useful little video features.

#3 Magic Camera


Magic Camera is a universal camera and video management program that hosts dozens of features that will enhance the functionalities of the default video camera. In addition to enhancing the features and functions of Magic Camera, this application also deals in video management as well. The software is regarded as the must-have program for improving the effects of web cameras.

The main advantage of using Magic Camera is that it comes with features that automatically get compatible with all types of cameras, including digital cameras, HD cameras, camcorders, IP cameras, TV and video cameras, and anyone else. It is a way to add cool webcam effects even during the video chat as well. The best is that it works as a default software for the installed video camera and get itself compatible with all type of web and desktop based video chatting applications.

Magic Camera has one of the largest collections of video and image effects that come into options of both defaults and is customizable. The main highlighted functions of Magic Camera are dual-mode simulation system, simulate multiple webcams at once, stealth mode to avoid virtual webcam detecting, splitting system, sharing of images and recorded videos, and many others.


#4 SparkoCam


SparkoCam is an all-in-one web camera supporting software that is designed for Canon-based cameras but can help for various other cameras as well. It uses its own camera and provides them all those effects, features, and functions that add to the functionalities of the default video cameras of the users.

SparkoCam is a very easy and straightforward to use webcam program that supports video chatting, live broadcasting, and even streaming as well. In addition to all these, SparkoCam provides dozens of video effects as well that can be used during video chatting and recording.

There is no restriction for using it with any camera as it is perfect for getting itself compatible with any camera and works like a regular camera. It even allows the users to enhance the functions of any USB camera by adding various cool video effects and graphics to enhance the experience of live video recordings and chatting.

Some key features of SparkoCam use DSLR as a webcam, desktop streaming, green screening, face accessories, anaglyph 3D effects, fun objects and animations, virtual webcam, video recording system, a system for splitting webcam video, and many others.

#5 Yawcam


Yawcam is webcam software that is used for video chatting support for the capture snapshots and send the captured images to the others as well. It is the best webcam software for performing live video streaming.

Yawcam comes with the system of FTP uploading and an integrated web server as well. That means the availability of too many functions and features in a single application that works in addition to essential functions of merely video chatting only.

The software is straightforward to use and offers a simple panel that allows the users to take an image and share them even in the format of gif format as well as PNG and JPG.

Its interface is very straightforward, yet Yawcam is the house of latest features and tools that are available in shape of video streaming, image snapshots, integrated web browser, motion detection, FTP upload system. The software also offers password protection system, online announcement system for communities, text and image overlays, support for multiple languages, time-lapse movies system, highly compatible with Windows and operate as default software of Windows and much more.

#6 ManyCam


ManyCam is a webcam software based on the features of live studio effects to add stunning graphics while chatting on the internet. It is a program that is mainly designed to enhance the video chatting experience of the webcam chatters.

It is entirely different from the other webcam software as traditional webcam programs only offer face-to-face conversation systems. ManyCam is based on those features and functions that will turn your broadcasting and live chatting experience with stunning graphics and video effects.

It is a way to perform the best chatting in a high-quality environment and enjoying the features of a live video production studio and switcher. The main highlighted functions of ManyCam are broadcast on multiple channels simultaneously, picture in picture system to enhance the broadcasting experience, motion detection, lower thirds, A/V studio switcher, screencasting, webcam effects, Chroma key, and dozens of others video and audio chatting and effects tools that will make your chatting experience to an entirely new level.

#7 ScreenFaceCam


ScreenFaceCam is webcam software that is designed to perform the live chatting function for the users capable of dealing with the system of recording the entire desktop by using its video output that emerges from the webcam.

ScreenFaceCam allows its users to add even the sound with the support of 1080p. The software is also capable of performing various webcam and live video features and can be used for simple screen sharing as well for the Windows operating systems.

The features of ScreenFaceCam are beyond the simple video chatting only. ScreenFaceCam is entirely free webcam software that is currently available for Windows 7 operating systems, however, can be tried for the later versions of Windows as well.

ScreenFaceCam provides all the necessary functions of screen recording, recording to the entire screen, performing video chatting, support for all type of video cameras the system for recording the video, and much more. In term of video effects, ScreenFaceCam is not as more significant as compared to the other software.

#8 CamTwist


CamTwist is a highly advanced camera utility that is capable of giving the output in the format of 720p. The software is designed for those users who have a video card that supports 720p or 1080p. It is a feature-rich solution and contains all the prominent features to make it a comprehensive webcam program.

The software is free to use and provides various functions and tools in the shape of working in the HD environment. It offers more than fifty video effects to enhance your video chatting and live broadcasting experience as well as stream to the web, create your own effects, and capable of working with HDMI capture cards as well.

CamTwist is a highly advanced video camera supporting application that will allow you to enjoy the system of stream live to the web. It gets itself compatible with almost all video chatting installed applications and allows the users to use the CamTwist for streaming from their favorite websites. CamTwist can even be used for streaming live shows over the internet as well. The CamTwist is offering all these features in HD quality for both online and offline conversation.

#9 WebcamStudio


WebcamStudio is a virtual video camera supporting program that is expert in mixing multiple video sources together. It provides its users with the system of live broadcasting over any of their live streaming platform.

WebcamStudio is a video camera application that can be used for live broadcasting, video conversation, and chatting. By using the WebcamStudio, the users can broadcast any video to their desktop, webcam and can enjoy the live chatting, live streaming of movies, RSS feeds, IRC channels, images, and much more.

WebcamStudio even supports for the text messaging as well. This multifeatured virtual webcam is mainly designed for use with the video chatting platforms and live streaming portals.

There is no system of video editing, video mixing, or adding effects on the videos in the WebcamStudio. The features and functions of WebcamStudio are broadcast directly from the desktop, display the song playing on Rhythmbox, apply a limited amount of fancy effects, use it with any camera-based program, and much more.

#10 AlterCam


Along with the functions of supporting ay video camera and various video effects, AlterCam is a webcam supporting application that supports for both real and virtual video cameras. It is integrated with the stunning features of a lot of video effects, overlays, backgrounds, and much more.

The important functionalities of AlterCam are the availability of unlimited webcam effects and system for broadcasting anything as the users want it is video chatting, live desktop sharing, live streaming or anything else.

The effects system of AlterCam allows the users to add unlimited effects on their video chatting to enhance the chatting experience. They can even hide their face with the mosaic and can also add the logo to their webcam stream as well. The way to working of AlterCam is straightforward and user-friendly that requires simple downloading and installing the AlterCam.

The main highlighted features of AlterCam add images in the video chatting, change the voice in real-time, add any text overlays, support for HD video resolution, desktop broadcasting, availability of various video and live effects, splitting of webcam video to several other installed programs, and many others.

#11 e2eSoft VCam


e2eSoft VCam is a virtual camera program that is mainly designed to simulate the default features of a webcam installed in your system. After installing the solution, it will work as your default camera.

The best about e2eSoft VCam is that it comes with compatibility features to integrated with all those programs that use the usage of the camera like video broadcasting, video chatting, conferencing, and remote education programs. So, you can use the e2eSoft VCam easily without any compatibility issue.

If you have already a web camera, then e2eSoft VCam will be surely a great help for you because it will make their functions even better by adding the various video and image effects in shape of fancy effects, to video special effects.

The main highlighted features of e2eSoft VCam includes multi-stream output, high performance, low CPU usage, availability of various special video effects, easy to use, support for various international languages, and much more.

#12 ContaCam


ContaCam is a live streaming and broadcasting supporting software that supports the streaming from any video sharing and streaming website.

ContaCam is said as the video surveillance program that is available for all versions of the Windows operating systems. It is a lightweight yet sturdy and quick responsive webcam supporting software that is specially designed, keeping in view the requirement of all of the users.

In addition to providing the features and functions of camera usage, ContaCam provides the security system as well and make the users able to arrange the strict security measures in their surrounding environment.

The main highlighted features and functions of ContaCam are support for almost all version of Windows operating systems, totally freeware, available in various international languages. It also supports for live webcam, history tracking system, has own integrated web server with password protection system, audio storing options, support for almost all type of webcams and security cameras, and much more.

#13 iGlasses


iGlasses is such a utility that allows you to enhance and adjust your webcam’s video settings from within any app, including Skype and iChat, FaceTime, etc. It automatically increases your image, and you will be taken back to see what the iGlasses Enhanced mode can do for your camera.

From lighting up alterations and shading adjustments to fun impacts and 3-D mutilations, all with HD quality. It also comes with lots of video improvement items that appear in specific applications.

iGlasses works with Messages, FaceTime, Skype, and web visit applications like Google Talk and Facebook video. iGlasses gloats more than 50 impacts and styles to get your webcam prepared, including face following and 3-D effects.

Advanced dish and zoom controls give any webcam the capacity to zoom in for more tight shots. You’ll be astonished to see what the iGlasses “Upgraded” mode can accomplish for your camera. An excellent touch of shading remedy, additional immersion, and differentiation will bring your video alive.

#14 Sweet Selfie


Sweet Selfie is an application that provides a beauty camera and a selfie photo editor. The platform provides real-time beauty effects for the photos and helps the users to edit their photos and videos easily. It also offers a boomerang effect on the user for social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

The application enables the users to take a perfect selfie with it using its beauty camera along with various filters. It provides thousands of photo stickers and allows users to add art filters to make their photos look more attractive. Its beauty camera can make the eyes blush, set the brows other features.

Sweet Selfie provides a teeth whitener to edit the color of teeth, or edit the dark circles over the eyes. It allows the users to remove acne and pimples with a single tap on it and can slim the body and face of the user.

#15 FaceRig


FaceRig is a software that uses your webcam to track your face and making it something other than human. The software allows you to create digitally embody characters right from a webcam. FaceRig is providing you a real-time facial animation and access you to the exciting characters to have some fun with your friends and family. You can also record vlogs, or transform your party into a fun, use online chats, and freestyle impersonation show with ease.

The software is an open place that allows anyone to create their characters, backgrounds, or Props and just import into FaceRig. FaceRig is fully featured for non-commercial home use and can be used by ad-based revenue makers of the place where they can show their talent. There are multiple features to offer that are instant digital cosplay, real-time voice processing, standard render quality, complete customization options, and more. FaceRig is affordable to you, which delivers results with the real-time character driving that is up to the mark.

#16 YouCam Perfect – Selfie Cam


YouCam Perfect is one of the best selfie photo-editing application that has more than 300 million users around the world. It is designed and developed by Perfect Mobile Corp, and you can download it on both Android and iOS devices.

The application comes with all premium editing tools, including face touch up, photo effects, camera filters, and lots of other things. One of the best fact about this app is that it allows you to save your images to your cloud backup and get access across several devices.

With this app, you can also be able to edit your images by using its advanced features. YouCam Perfect – Selfie Cam offers more than 1000 camera effects, dozens of filters, unlimited object removal, and much more. It also offers background removal feature and allows you to remove an extensive background without any cost.

#17 Dorgem


Dorgem is an app developed by Frank Fesevur that contains features to assist you in managing your webcam in order to capture a screenshot and save it in the gallery to view it later. Users can change the quality of the video to reduce the size and save more videos in the storage.

Dorgem app shows the list of all the available cameras with additional information so you can switch between devices with a single tap. Users can watch a real-time preview of the video and change the format of the saved video to effortlessly share it with their family members.

You can select the desired camera from the home screen to start the recording and save it in the desired directory. The help section features tips and a step by step guide about how to connect their camera and device to capture the perfect high-quality video.

#18 Youcam


Youcam is an all-in-one webcam and camera utility. It gives you creative control over your images with the ability to edit photos and video as well as offers to add lots of special effects. With the help of this software, you can easily create video presentations with addictive narration and desktop animations. It has a massive collection of advanced tools that you will need for quality editing of photos and videos.

Youcam includes core features such as creating a camera application, quickly organize, work smart, hundreds of tools, browse media, virtual makeup, a vast range of professional designs and add new functionality features, etc. Overall, Youcam is one of the best software that enhances your webcam photos and videos. Try it out; you’ll surely be amazed at all the things in this exciting tool.