Whiplash: Crash Valley

Whiplash: Crash Valley offers a perfect blend of Adventure, Physics, and Simulation elements, developed and published by Diagrammet AB. The game puts you in control of a crash test dummy and gives you a chance to test your skills.

To start the game, you have to jump into the City of Clash Valley, where you need to check your limits. During the gameplay, you can crash into buildings, people, and dartboards. Control a crash test dummy and start navigating the 3D environment while collapsing buildings and other objects. The game rewards you with points for each completed level and provides you a chance to drive vehicle.

There are several challenging levels, and each one has varied requirements for completion. Whiplash: Crash Valley includes prominent features such as Interactive Ragdoll Simulation System, Crash Test Dummy, Different Vehicles, and more. Throughout the game, you can navigate the world from a third-person perspective and can crash with objects to see how your dummy hits.


Whiplash: Crash Valley Alternatives

#1 The Balcony


The Balcony offers an Action-mixed Strategy video game developed and published by Holotna for PC. The game supports Single-player mode only, and it is offering the similar to Dude Simulator and Whiplash: Crash Valley.

The game has two different modes, such as Campaign and Zombies. Playing the Campaign mode will force you to follow the instruction of your boss to take targets off the streets. While playing in the zombie mode will throw you into the zombie-apocalypse where you need to equip yourself with advanced weaponry and start smashing zombies for points.

During the game, you aim to obtain points by removing your targets. Throughout the game, harming civilians will deplete the bar of your points, respectively. There are many levels with different environments, and each one is offering varied weather effects.

However, each successful level will grant you unlockable content and new objects in the zombie mode. The Balcony provides core features, such as Dynamic Environment, more than 120 Throw-able Objects, Destructible Furniture, and more.


#2 Clumsy Fred


Clumsy Fred is a Physics-based Single-player Simulation offered by BeshevGames for PC. It provides a sandbox-themed city where you will discover an honest playable character named Fred, who has the dream of completing the challenging course without falling.

But there’s a trouble that the character is clumsy when it starts to run fast and a small obstacle can make him fall. Therefore, he is looking for your help. The game is about a ragdoll physics simulation, taking place in a 3D world where you control a character and follow him on challenging endeavors to learn how to run without falling while overcoming all challenges and obstacles.

In the game, you have a time limit to get your character to the finish line, but you have to be careful because there are lots of challenging obstacles and collisions with them will drain your health. Clumsy Fred comes with fascinating features, such as Intuitive Controls, Funny Sound Effects, Obstacles and Challenges, Ragdoll Physics, and more.

#3 Stayin’ Alive


Stayin’ Alive lets you experience an insane fight that takes place between nurses and elders. It offers you an Action-Adventure, Third-person Exploration, and Survival gameplay that comes with both Single-player and Multiplayer modes.

At the start, you have two options: one takes you to death, while the second one will let you help out your enemies in saving their lives. Two playable character classes are available, such as Retiree and Savior. When you are playing as a retiree, you have to craft lethal weapons using ordinary items and try to hide while attempting suicide.

Throughout your objective, you should beware because saviors are continuously searching for you, and they determine to rescue you from being dead. As a savior, you must keep the elders alive by locating the perfect life-saving tool.

There are lots of matches, and each lasts a few minutes. The online multiplayer mode pits up to 16 players against each other in the form of two teams of 8 characters. Stayin’ Alive includes core features such as Playable Characters, Multiplayer Matches, 6 Ways to Die, and more.


#4 Dude Simulator 2


Dude Simulator 2 is a mix of Racing, Adventure, and First-person Shooter gameplay elements developed and published by Kiddy. It serves as a sequel to Dude Simulator and comes with several modifications and lots of new content to explore.

Control a character from a first-person perspective, set on a mission, and start defeating opposing characters using a set of weapons for points. Lots of challenging levels are there, and each one puts you in the completion of specific objectives.

The open-world awaits you, and there are lots of challenging tasks to complete. Whether you love to kill people or drive different vehicles, all fun-filled activities are there to partake in and earn points.

During the game, your objective is to navigate the town, find cash, and spend it to purchase items like weapons and equipment you need to advance. Dude Simulator 2 includes prominent features such as Crazy Things, Destructible World, Sandbox Environment, an array of Weaponry, and more.

#5 Dude Simulator


Dude Simulator is an Action-Adventure, First-person Shooter, and Single-player Simulation developed by Kiddy for PC. The game takes place in the sandbox-themed world where you control a character from a first-person perspective to kill other characters to earn points.

As the game starts, you will find yourself in an open-world city, where you can move freely, shoot pedestrians using a variety of weapons, and make points to unlock additional content. In short, it’s a life simulation, where you aim to enjoy what you are doing.

In the game, you are entirely able to do whatever you want, and you can navigate the world to find money to unlock the additional pack. The city contains many buildings, and you can get into each one to become the master.

At the start, you have two choices; one of two is to live your life like an ordinary person or do some crazy things. Lots of vehicles are there, and you can drive your favorite one from a third-person perspective. During the gameplay, you will find well-furnished rooms and kitchens. With exciting gameplay, superb graphics, and cool mechanics, the Dude Simulator is a fascinating game to play.

#6 Super Cat Herding: Totally Awesome Edition


Super Cat Herding: Totally Awesome Edition is a Sandbox, Physics, and Single-player Simulation developed by Zooptek for PC. The game takes place in the destructible world where you herd kittens, battle against aliens, and smash the world to reveal the secrets of the missing catnip.

There are lots of crazy tools and superpowers like laser pointers and kitten cannon. Throughout the game, your objective is to control your superpower minions and start smashing nearly everything you discover. Reveal your inner evil to destroy the world by controlling your minions.

There are lots of challenging levels, and each one comes with a set of objectives you have to complete for points. The more you play, the more you earn points. Additional will be unlocked as you fulfill the requirement of each mission.

Explore the house from an isometric perspective and both mouse and keyboard controllers to spread mess all over the world. Super Cat Herding: Totally Awesome Edition offers prominent features such as Destructible World, Evil Aliens, Crazy Tools to use, Sandbox Environment, and more.

#7 Puke Simulator


Puke Simulator lets you experience fun-filled gameplay, in which you will discover a perfect blend of Action, Adventure, and First-person Exploration elements. The game is about puking as you find yourself in an open-world city, where your aim to puke on things and people with style to earn points.

During the game, your objective is to navigate the environment to find food to make you keep puking and locate some secrets. The gameplay is a bit stupid and small, but you will enjoy fluid physics gameplay with pretty cool graphics and some magic.

Get to experience the next-generation fluid physics gameplay, in which you will discover AI-controlled characters with funny dialogues. Lots of trading cards are available, and the game introduces gorgeous puke sounds.

Puke Simulator offers fascinating features such as Playable Modes, Hilarious Secrets, Open World City, Crowd Controlled Characters, and more. With superb visual details and funny dialogues, Puke Simulator offers you a fascinating game to play.

#8 Ragdoll Runners


Ragdoll Runners is a Physics-based Ragdoll, Sports, and Single-player video game developed by Samuel Manier for PC and the Browser. In the game, the player controls an athlete with two independently moving legs to compete in eight different types of events, such as triple jump, long jump, and more.

Players can control their characters using two keys and need to reach the end of each level to win. The game has three different modes, such as Solo, Splitscreen, and Online. The online mode has sub-modes like Confront the World Record, Challenge, and Daily Contest.

In the solo mode, the game requires the player to compete against increasingly strong opponents and become the champion in each event. The online mode pits players against each other in different matches, and the player who crosses the finish line first will win the match. Ragdoll Runners include superb features such as Several Modes, Ragdoll Characters, and more.

#9 Swagflip: Parkour Origins


Swagflip: Parkour Origins is a Physics, Ragdoll, and Single-player video game available to play on Mobile Devices like Android and iOS. The game offers you a 2D world, where you control a female character from a side-view intending to perform insane stunts to become the master.

There are different levels, and each level comes with structure and hurdles that you require to overcome. Set on a journey of parkour and struggle hard to become the champion. During the gameplay, you can show off your parkour skills at your local basketball court.

At the start, you need to bounce on the hoop and release a boost layout flip into the air. To earn more, you can do double pike flip off and land on the truck of your dad. There are four different areas, and the game features seven levels designed to take your parkour skills beyond the limits.

Throughout the game, you can perform seventy different jumps, ranging from technical to crazy. Both male and female athletes are available, and each one has unique skills. Swagflip: Parkour Origins comes with prominent features such as 70 Jumps, 7 Levels, 4 Unique Areas, and more.

#10 Jackass: The Game


Jackass: The Game is an Extreme Sports, Action-Adventure, and Single-player video game, taking place in the 3D environment. The game offers exciting gameplay based on a TV series, Jackass. It provides a beautiful world that contains more than 40 mini-games, following the aspects of both the movies and the series.

The story follows a character named Jeff Tremaine, who is hospitalized because of suffering a vag*na sprain. As the story advances, the director calls you to step in and fill the role of Jackass. The ultimate objective is to gather the best footage from thirty-six different stunts for the game to create a brand-new season of Jackass.

There are several game modes, such as MTV Story, Episodes, Director, and Theater. Different playable characters are there, such as Ryan Dunn, Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Leeza Gibbons, and more.

You explore the world from a third-person viewpoint, and your goal is to complete each task by landing your character on the right spot. Jackass: The Game includes prominent features such as 3D Graphics, Third-person Navigation, Physics-based Gameplay, Challenging Missions, and more.

#11 PAIN


PAIN is an Action, Stunt, Single, and Multiplayer video game created by Idol Minds and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. In this competition, the player can attempt to damage the ragdoll character they play and the different environments by flinging them from the slingshot using the Havok physics engine.

The game offers various physics-based environments, and each situation provides new challenges. In each level, the player can get more and more pain to gain experience points. It is an excellent game that offers fast-paced gameplay to immerse himself deep into the brilliant game world.

The game includes core features such as various characters, capture the best moments upload his video on YouTube, bounce levels and different levels, and much more. With immersive and quite addictive gameplay, objective storyline, enjoyable background music, and brilliant visual details. PAIN is an excellent video game to play and enjoy. Do try it out, you’ll surely enjoy it.

#12 Toribash


Toribash is an Action, Turn-based Fighting, Single, and Multiplayer video game created by Nabi Studio and published by Nicalis. The game takes place in the 3D physics-based world where the player’s goal is to defeat an opponent using fighting skills. The game is primarily played by manipulating different joints on the characters over the turn-based sequence to execute the attack, and these attack includes relaxing, contracting, holding, and extending the opponent character’s neck, wrists, knees, hips, and hands.

This game offers both single and multiplayer modes and provides character customization features that allow the player to create any character of his choice. other prominent features of this game are a replay system, chat with the other play, unlockable achievements, use of different weapons equipment to attack, and much more. Furthermore, this game also introduces excellent gameplay, fantastic game mechanics, Ultra-HD visual details, and an objective storyline.

#13 Stair Dismount


Stair Dismount is an Arcade, Ragdoll, and Single-player Action video game developed and published by Secret Exit Ltd. for Mobile Devices. The game takes place in the 3D environment, where you control a ragdoll character from a third-person perspective to perform insane tricks for higher points.

It introduces incredible Mr. Dismount and his buddies. During the gameplay, your objective is to push Mr. Dismount down the stairs for max damage. While playing the game, you must experience the barrel rolls in the accurate 3D physics simulation.

Using the camera feature, you can use images of your buddies to decorate Mr. Dismount and can share via Facebook and other social media platforms. There are several inspiring locations, and the game features intuitive controls.

You have an option to choose one of several faces from your phone gallery and decorate your ragdoll character to make it funnier. Stair Dismount includes the most prominent features such as 3D Environment, Dynamic Physics Engine, Different Locations, and more.

#14 Ragdoll Masters


Ragdoll Masters is an Action-Adventure, Beat ’em up, Casual, and Single-player video game developed and published by Ragdoll Soft. In this casual field, you are going to play by applying the rule of physics like Projective motion. You can fly and fight with opponents into the air at zero gravity and slow motion. The game is developed in the 2D style and made as easy as possible but Some complex levels are there to be completed.

You need to start level one and finish it through fighting and finishing the opposition by using your kicks to make them bleed, many fighting combos, body attacks, and a four-hit combo. In order to get points, throw a blowing ball and hit the enemies. Background music will be thrilling throughout the whole gameplay along with simple background with decent colors. Live background scene also amuses you while playing this simple game. Play up to twenty levels and finish them by hitting over their heads.

#15 LocoCycle


LocoCycle is an Adventure, Racing, Vehicular Combat, and Single-player Action video game developed by Twisted Pixel Games for PC. The game has both Single-player and Multiplayer modes, offering a sentient bike that seems similar to Light Cycles borrowed from the Tron Franchise.

During the gameplay, the bike can do more than 40 types of combat and can speak up to fifty languages. The story centers on a martial-arts wielding bike that has started a cross-continent escape to freedom. An engineer named Pablo, who gets scripted into a challenging quest after his leg gets caught in chassis.

There are many challenging missions, and the player can navigate the world from a third-person perspective. While controlling the bike, the player requires to avoid obstacles and overcome all the hurdles to reach the end of each mission.

During the game, players can use combo and can speed up using combos to approach the end. As the game advances, the difficulty level will be increased. Experience the action while driving a bike and overcome all challenges to save your life. LocoCycle comes with core features such as 3D Graphics, Physics-based Gameplay, Combo System, and more.