Wild Guns


Wild Guns Alternatives for PC

#1 Mad Bullets: Cowboy Shooter


Mad Bullets: Cowboy Shooter is an Arcade, Rail Shooter, and Single-player video game developed by IsTom Games for Mobile Devices. The game features an enchanting world where you control a cowboy from a third-person viewpoint to take down enemies to earn points. It takes place in the Western-themed world, where the player experiences an unforgettable gaming experience. The intuitive control helps you control the movement of your selected character into a mind-blowing and high-speed battle.

There are several playable missions available, and the player needs to grab his favorite weapon and start fighting against those rusty guys to restore the peace. The world contains different areas to explore, and each one brings a unique setting to navigate. Grab power-ups to boost the abilities of your character, and unlock additional content using the points you earn by completing levels. Mad Bullets: Cowboy Shooter includes prominent features, superb mechanics, and detailed graphics.