Windows 10 Clipboard


Windows 10 Clipboard Alternatives for Mac OS

#1 Pastebot


Pastebot is an intelligent tool that streamlines your copy-paste workflow, which brings more productivity to your task. Quickly paste the items you have copied earlier, and you also have powerful filters to the text to format them before pasting. With iCloud enabled, you can use either custom pasteboards and filters sync across all of your computer running pasteboard, and clipboard and filters will be everywhere you work.

You can queue up multiple clippings to paste in sequence one after another and build an order that you want to stick. You also have an option to create custom pasteboard groups to organize the clippings that you want to save and reuse and can make a keyboard shortcut to excerpts that you use the most. Pastebot is also providing searching capabilities to find cutting instantly, and search is based on content and metadata. Moreover, you have multiple features like full-screen support, windows style, universal clipboard, clipboard shortcut, and more to add.