Winning Putt


Winning Putt Alternatives for Nintendo Switch

#1 Golf Story


Golf Story is an Action-Adventure, Role-playing, Sports, Single and Multiplayer video game created and published by Sidebar Games. It is an addictive game in which the player can assume the role of a protagonist who starts his adventure to reclaim his childhood love. The game is presented as the traditional role-playing game in which combat replaced with the golfing. There are more than eight different areas available in the game and each area filled with mini-games and lots of quests that allows the player to earn experience points with he can use to purchase new equipment and develop his character skills. Each area of the game includes a nine-hole golf course which the player played on certain missions. During the gameplay, the player is also able to collect useful items that will help the player to progress. It also offers the multiplayer mode in which both players play against each other. Golf Story includes prominent features such as mini-games, multiple environments, and lots of upgrades and unlocks new areas etc. The game offers the excellent setting and stunning visual details.