WorkTrail Alternatives for iOS

#1 IQ:timecard


IQ:timecard is an intelligent electronic call monitoring software that comes with the real-time visibility of your remote workforce. The management software gives the business an ability to monitor, manage, and schedule the filed staff thorough one centralized platform. IQ timecard is facilitating any organizations with its services that include contract cleaning, facilities management, security sectors, domiciliary care, and more. The software is also providing a web-based solution that set the dimensions to set appointments and tasks for your workforce, monitor attendance, and service delivery, and even you can easily do payroll calculations.

There is a comprehensive call monitoring system that seamlessly works to see your remote workforce. If an employee gets late or misses an appointment, there is a triggering alert to notify you. Now communication between the remote worker and the managing staff is easy courtesy of two-way dialogue function. Furthermore, IQ timecard has eliminated all the paper-based work and manual process that increases efficiency and cut costs.