Xmarks is a highly configurable and synchronizable bookmark managing application that makes the process of saving favorite web pages or websites in the shape of bookmarks very easy and straightforward. The extension is available for almost all popular web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Xmarks is the best bookmark managing options for those users who have to visit the specific sites again and again frequently, and each time they bother to enter the URL. By using the Xmarks, there will remain no requirement of giving the address of favorite sites again and again as it will be available right from the Xmarks that have already made the shortcut of your choice or frequently visited a website.

The three main highlighted features of Xmarks are synchronization and backup making, smart search system to quickly sort out the desired web address, and the integrated site information system in your browser.

As it supports all web browsers, so the bookmarks stored on one website can be integrated into the other web browser as well by merely exporting the markers from the browser and integrating it into your favorite browser. Xmarks are not good in that as users are required to manually insert the keywords of the website and then search for the desired one. You will be not offered with the system of storing bookmarks into categories.


Xmarks Alternatives

#1 Dewey Bookmarks


Dewey Bookmarks is a tagging and searching based bookmark management system for Chrome browser. The extension allows the user to add custom tags and even screenshots in the bookmark dashboard of the Dewey Bookmarks.

There is no limitation over saving the websites, webpages, and screenshots in the Dewey Bookmarks. Users can add as many bookmarks as they want. And don’t worry about searching all these for accessing again in later time as the smart search system will let you search for any saved website and webpage easily.

By using the Dewey Bookmarks, you can enjoy the features and functions of adding custom tags, generating the screenshots from the stored bookmarks, sorting the bookmarks intelligently for searching smartly later on, and many others.

Unlike most of the bookmark managers that save the websites and webpages in shape of link only, the bookmark saving system of Dewey Bookmarks is entirely different from these as instead of keeping the bookmarks in shape of directly web address only. Dewey Bookmarks provide the thumbnails of the stored webpages as well. This system of Dewey Bookmarks lets users search for their saved webpages and websites quickly.


#2 Toby


Toby is a reputable browser extension that allows you to organize your browser tabs. The service enables you to access to the critical resources in one click instead of seven that save your browser session or open it when you want to resume the work. Toby is aiding you with the reminder with the most crucial task of the day that needs to be completed, and this function is present on the top of every new tab screen.

Toby is better than bookmarks and is a visual workspace that lives on every new tab that just levels up the chrome browser. You can access all of your collections with automatic sync on any desktop and can use tags to manage your collections. The software allows you to use multiple browsers windows to separate dashboards, tabs, and to-dos. Toby always remains live on every new tab that sets the path for quick access to the websites or apps.

#3 netroStation


netroStation is a visual project managing platform that aids you in saving thousands of project links, resources, and personal use. This software has all the necessary tools that make your organization grow in no time. netroStation facilitating many project managers with its advanced functions based on modern technologies for the effective running of projects, and it is one of the attractive bookmark software that runs on any software.

This software assists you with many features that are annotation, syncing, browsers extensions, and many more. netroStation is featuring success to the various industries, including chemical, medical, electrical, and many of those. The software has deep data analytics and an advanced managerial system that lifts your production on success, and it has an excellent internet system to search for everything.


#4 Context Bookmarks


Context Bookmarks is an extension for managing and organizing the bookmarks in the contextual menu. The contextual menu system provides users with the system of classifying the bookmarks in a more systemized way.

Everything will remain the same, just the addition of an entry to the contextual menu that will assist you in managing and quickly accessing all bookmarks. Context Bookmarks allow users of Chrome to manage the addresses of their favorite websites or specific websites according to categories or assigning them a place in a particular folder.

Next time you can quickly go for your desired webpage or online content by simply searching through the folder where you have saved it. You can also go for adding the bookmark toolbar on the main screen of Chrome as well if you want to do so.

The search system of Context Bookmarks is unique. Users can even search for the desired web page from the URL bar of Chrome by merely typing the f first, followed by the few keywords of the desired web page. A bookmark management option is now part of the latest version of the Context Bookmarks to enhance the functionalities of the Context Bookmarks.

#5 Bookmarks Tagger


Bookmarks Tagger is a way of adding tags to the bookmarks in addition to merely managing them via Bookmarks Tagger. By adding tags to the stored websites and webpages, users next time can better search the saved bookmarks.

This system of Bookmarks Tagger save the time of users and improve efficiency as well. Bookmarks managers are now regarded as the must-have platform for managing multiple websites and resources over the internet.

Just like other bookmark managers, it also provides the system of managing and grabbing all of the websites at one centralized platform of the Bookmarks Tagger. Bookmarks Tagger assists users in organizing their bookmarks in the best way so that these should remain accessible for the next time.

Bookmarks Tagger provide users with the functions of assigning tags to each bookmark, search for the desired bookmark from the search field, export the bookmarks, import the markers from the other browser, edit & remove the tags and bookmarks, assigning shortcuts to bookmarks, configuration system and a lot of others.

#6 Historious


Historious is a single click bookmarking search engine and also known as a bookmarking site and search that saves bookmarks by the search engine of Historious. Get a free account instantly and save your time by quickly finding the webpages you saw before.

The other notable features are: one clicks saving, full-text search, page snapshots, share with the world, and much more. Historious is the best book manager for managing bookmarks. If you are such a type of internet user who has to deal with the same web pages again and again frequently, then Historious will be the best option for you. It will save your time by providing you a platform where you can keep the addresses of all of your favorite and essential web pages and can access them anytime from any part of the world.

Instead of visiting the same page again and again by providing the link every time, it is wise to use the bookmarking system of the Historious that will allow you to access your favorite website or web page directly from the Historious.

The search system of Historious is merely awesome that provides users with a search box system from where they can search for their saved website by simply providing the few keywords of that web page. Historious also offers users to save the page snapshots as well and share the bookmarks with others as well.

#7 Hush


Hush is a private bookmarking management platform for the Firefox users used only for saving and accessing the secure bookmarks while doing private browsing over the internet. Most of the bookmark manager platforms and extensions are offering their services for regular searching only.

However, Hush is the only extension especially designed for those users who prefer private browsing over Firefox. It is a way to keep their websites and webpages organized and save in a private bookmarking environment. The best about is that instead of working in regular searching, it starts automatically during private browsing and never disrupts the work of users. As users will move from private browsing to the normal browsing, Hush will automatically close down.

Hush is a smart way that offers you the system for managing all of the bookmarks efficiently from the address bar of the browser. When the next time users will start the private browsing again, It will come to the ground and allow users to save the new address or access the existing one. The main focus of the Hush is on the security of its users; that’s why it provides a highly encrypted environment for bookmark management.

#8 Private Bookmarks


Private Bookmarks is a one-click private and secure bookmark system that is available in the form of an extension for Chrome. It offers users of Chrome to manage all of their websites by using the bookmark environment of the Private Bookmarks.

It is a secure way to save any of your webpage and website that no one will able to see except you. The best about is that it provides users with the full command and control and management system of managing the bookmarks in their way.

The new additional features and functions in the Private Bookmarks are bulk page deleting option, shortcut system, ability to make the backup and restore the bookmarks, ability to reset the extension, and a lot of others. Private Bookmarks even allow users to manage their bookmarks in their favorite language, as well.

For the first time when you will use the Private Bookmarks, it will add a button in your Chrome browser from where you can access and save the bookmarks. With the usage of the right-click, users can save any of the websites or webpage. They can choose the add to private bookmarks as well to keep the markers private.

#9 Pinboard


Pinboard is a unique type of social bookmarking platform based on the elements of social bookmarking. It is among those few bookmark managers that focus on the privacy and security of users as well. Pinboard lets users manage their all-important bookmarks in a secure environment where none other except the user himself and the authorized person can access this.

Pinboard allows users to manage their bookmarks from any web browser and create the connection among three Twitter accounts at once, as well. It even offers users to synchronize the Pinboard with other devices and platforms.

It also provides an archiving service that is used to save a copy of everything, including the bookmark and offers users with the feature of full-text search, and instant checking into account for the dead links.

To save the bookmarks, Pinboard utilizes the system of a bookmarklet that is a JavaScript-based system and lives in the bookmarks toolbar of the browser of the users. The features being offered by the Pinboard are popup, popup with tags, same page loading system, own account by the name of my Pinboard, read it later order, and filtering the bookmarks according to oldest and random option.

#10 Neater Bookmarks


Neater Bookmarks is an online bookmark manager based on the feature of one-click saving and one-click accessing. It is a tree format bookmark management extension for the Chrome browser that provides users with a system of one-click website saving and one-click accessing of the desired website as well.

The bookmark management system is based on the order of creating a folder and categories and organizing every link according to its respective category. There is no limit on creating folders. Users of Neater Bookmarks are allowed to create as many categories as they want according to their liking.

The other good thing about Neater Bookmarks is that it can be accessed by way of keyboard shortcuts as well. That means users are no more required to hover the mouse over the icon of the Neater Bookmarks to access the little dashboard of the Neater Bookmarks.

Neater Bookmarks also provide users with highly customized options setting with to set the setting as they want, These settings are regarding setting short keys for accessing the Neater Bookmarks, confirmation status setting, and altering the previous state accessing system as well.

#11 Pocket


Pocket is a web page, article, and video saving platform for making the permanent record of all these all considering them later in free time. The bookmarking system is different from the other bookmarks manager as instead of providing the unique platform for saving bookmarks,

Pocket is based on the system of saving. That means saving any website, webpage, article, and viewing it later. Pocket allows users to save their favorite content directly from their web browser or even from the other platforms as well.

Being a web-based portal and then the availability in the shape of apps for smartphones means the Pocket can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Using Pocket is very simple. Willing users are only required to connect the Pocket with their favorite browser by merely creating an account on install the bookmarklet system of the Pocket.

After that, they will be allowed to save the websites, pages, articles, and even videos directly in the Pocket within a single click. Users of Pocket on their own can also save the desired webpages in the form of an email as well by directly emailing the link to the Pocket, and it will automatically add to their Pocket account.

#12 Papaly


Papaly is a highly personalized social bookmarking application for Chrome and Firefox that allows users to follow your favorite topics and pages easily. It allows users to easily manage all of their websites and web pages across all platforms.

It is a cloud-based social media bookmarking application that lets users synchronize all of their bookmarks from various computers and platforms. It is the simplest way to easily manage all types of bookmarks and share the same with the other as well. Papaly provides users with the drag and drops feature by using which users can drop any website into the Papaly.

Talk about the management of bookmarks according to categories and folders, and then this system is surely available in the Papaly. Papaly also provides support for the export and saving of bookmarks as well and making their backup in the order.

Share and publish button of Papaly allow users of Papaly to share their short link with the other users and even at the social media channels as well. The main technical features of the Papaly are arranging bookmarks according to categories, explore the favorite content, customizable themes, customization system for the display name, renaming of the links, and categories.

#13 FVD Speed Dial


FVD Speed Dial is the easiest way to access the most frequently visited websites by managing them in the shape of bookmarks. The bookmark managing extension of FVD Speed Dial is available for almost all web browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and even more, the smartphones as well.

The user-friendly interface of FVD Speed Dial allows users to easily manage all of their favorite sites in an all-in-one customizable environment. In addition to saving the websites, FVD Speed Dial enables users to make the backup of all of their protected websites as well.

The main advantages are the availably of bookmark managers and highly synchronizable with almost all sites. The main highlighted features of the FVD Speed Dial are highly customizable to create their design and system for saving, a secure backup management system to export the bookmarks within few minutes, synchronization system to access from other platforms. FVD Speed Dial is one of the best bookmark managers for managing all of your websites and pages and obtaining them rightly from the platform of the FVD Speed Dial.

#14 Secure Bookmarks


Secure Bookmark is a password protected bookmark management system that manages the bookmarks and allows users to add the password to their bookmarks to restrict access for the other persons — other features regarding bookmark management or simple just like other bookmark management systems.

The Secure Bookmarks offers its users to store the bookmarks according to list and categories and get all these safely encrypted with the high encryption system of the Secure Bookmarks. For the first time, when you will install Secure Bookmarks in your web browser, it will add a button near the address toolbar where, for the first time, you will be required to set the password by simply creating an account.

Next time whenever you will access it, it will ask for the password first. Talk about the bookmark management system of the Secure Bookmarks, then it provides users with a user-friendly environment where it offers users a network of creating, editing, and rearranging the bookmarks effectively and instantly. There is also a proper folder making system for organizing all bookmarks in the shape of categories by saving them into their respective folders only. The option for exporting the bookmarks always remains on in the Secure Bookmarks.

#15 iCloud Bookmarks


iCloud Bookmarks is bookmark management for the Safari browser but available in the form of an extension for Chrome and Firefox as well. It offers the Chrome users to keep their bookmarks organized and up to date with the iCloud Bookmarks.

iCloud Bookmarks allow users to keep all of their web pages, web sites, and other data and information organized and save either it is video, photo, or document. iCloud Bookmarks is a way to store all bookmarks at a centralized platform and access them from anywhere and anytime.

The best about iCloud Bookmarks is that in addition to its availability in form extension of Google Chrome, iCloud Bookmarks can be accessed from other devices and platforms. iCloud Bookmarks is a way to synchronize the Safari with Firefox and Chrome, by merely installing the extension in both web browsers.

iCloud Bookmarks is itself is one of the best bookmarks managers where users can store and save all of their web address to access them in later them. The synchronizing system of iCloud Bookmarks lets the users switch things up quickly without even mixing things up.

#16 Google Bookmarks


Google Bookmarks is a web-based bookmark managing service for Google account holders. If you have Google account, then you can enjoy the free bookmarking service of the Google Bookmarks and will be provided with the dashboard of saving your favorite post and web pages at a centralized platform of the Google Bookmarks.

In addition to managing the bookmarks, Google Bookmarks offer its users to access their favorite website any time right from the Google Bookmarks instead of manually going for entering the URL first. By using the Google Bookmarks, the users can save the web pages and even websites they would like to search again by creating the bookmarks.

The best about Google Bookmarks is that it provides the users with a full-time bookmarks management system as well that are available in the shape of importing or exporting the bookmarks, managing bookmarks, saving, and viewing the web page bookmarks.

Once you joined the service of Google Bookmarks, you will be provided with the extension of Google Bookmarks that you can install in your favorite web browser. Google Bookmarks provide its users with the proper system of organizing, editing, and importing the bookmarks to the other devices as well.

#17 Bookmark Manager


Bookmark Manager is an extension for Google Chrome for effectively managing all bookmarks right in the browser of Chrome and accessing them anytime. It is the best way to store and save favorite websites.

The easy to use and user-friendly interface of the Bookmark Manager lets users easily store any of their websites just by one click save system. In addition to storing the web pages and websites, users can store their images and notes along with the bookmarks as well. In short, the Bookmark Manager can be said as an extension that works beyond a simple bookmark manager.

The next thing is to store the bookmarks in the folder and assigning each website its specific category. This process of Bookmark Manager makes it is easy for users to easily access their relevant stored bookmarks next time easily and quickly. Last but not least, there is a system of sharing bookmarks with other users as well or even exporting them in the shape of the file and making the backup in the PC.