Xpenditure Alternatives


Xpenditure is a web-based mobile expense management solution that automates the expense management process from receipt to accounting. Plus, the solution makes expense reporting a lot easier. It is a comprehensive solution and lets you store, digitize and manage receipts with the use of a tablet, smartphone or even webcam… read more

10 Xpenditure Alternatives & Similar Software


1. PayPanther

PayPanther is a leading business management software solution that aids companies and businesses in the industries such as public relations, marketing, non-profit, construction and home service in order to manage their invoicing, billing and projects. The platform has easy to use interface and integrate the capabilities and functionalities which is found in project management, and online billing in order to provide a time-saving way of generating invoices, gather payments and managing contacts and projects. PayPanther basic functions as an online billing and invoicing system that is what’s unique about the solution. It developed into it is a feature that enables users to generate invoice instantly without the need spend much time to input data or getting information from previous invoices. Through this solution, users can clone existing invoices serving as templates for further transactions. The best fact about PayPanther is that it offers a customization system that allows you to easily customize bill rates and generate their own invoice using the different options. It also has a list of key features that make this better than others.


2. iDempiere

iDempiere is an Enterprise Resources Planning software with integrated customer relationship management and supply chain management capabilities. It is also known as an OSGi + ADempiere; the solution is optimized for all platforms. While it is designed primarily for Linux and Windows systems, it can also function on mobile devices that provide users with the flexibility and mobility in order to manage and run their business operations even when on the go. Unlike most of the ERP solutions, iDempiere is constantly developed and improved by a community of supporters. This means the software relies heavily on its community of developers, implementers and end-users for its continued enhancement, architectural design, code contribution and financial support among others. One of the most addictive features of this ERP solution is that it is open-source software that enables end users such as you to get involved with the platform’s development and growth. You can provide developers inputs from your end on how to further improve or extend the solution’s existing capabilities. Enterprise resource planning, customized reports and statistics, community support, unified dashboard, contract management supply chain management and HRM these are core features of the solution. Overall, iDempiere is a powerful ERP solution for all sizes of businesses.


3. DataNote ERP

DataNote ERP is a complete ERP solution built for multiple industries such as construction, engineering, food and beverages, metal processing, and healthcare among others. It boasts being the only enterprise resource planning solution design using the OpenLogic Framework technology. While ERP solution providers require users to share confidential information such as formulas, operation logic and business logic to developed and implement custom ERP systems and processes, the software provides users with the structure while customer has total control over the logic engine that enables them to operate and execute their processes using their logic and formulas while keeping their business secrets safe. DataNote ERP solution delivers a modular approach that allows users to pick and integrate core module with complete features they need and then modify their core structure as their business requirements change. Its core modules include CRM, purchase management, inventory management, QC, finance management and much more. One of the best thing about this solution is that it offers in-house or on the cloud deployment options, each has their own set of benefits. With this, you get to choose how you want your ERP solution to be deployed. DataNote ERP comes as the alternative to Chargify and offers all the major services with some new features that make it better than others.



PHC FX is a comprehensive solution that offers a wide range of functionality at any price. The solution made up of different modules that allow companies to customize the right solution according to their needs easily. It is a cloud-based business solution that is complete and 100 per cent online; you can run a paperless invoicing and monitor your cash inflows and outflows. With this complete solution, you can control where your employees spend their time and your money using its advanced level team and project management tools. Your clients will feel happy with the special treatment given by the tool’s CRM solution. With this tool, you will manage everything in your business that enables you to create leads, finishing project targets, boost your team productivity and keep your customer happy. PHC FX is an easy to understand solution that easily makes decisions on the go, as the tool provides easy to understand analytics, and indicators to help you with your businesses and enable you to decide better which areas need improvement. Graphic analysis of real-time information makes you more informed and understanding of your company’s issues. Businesses can easily design proposals and quotes as well as set appointments, book conference room to and send customized letters and news. There is also a list of advanced level features that make it accounting work more simple and fast. Try it out, if you need a complete solution.


5. Prophix

Prophix is a financial reporting software created to help businesses collect, analyze and report their financial data. With complete financial information collected and evaluated, businesses leader have the knowledge and the insight they need in order to make better decisions, create viable roadmaps to success and lots of others. The software eliminates the risks and the obstacles that hamper financial data collection and analysis. It is designed to automate and streamline all processes involving financial data such as budgeting, planning and reporting. The solution takes errors and inaccuracies out of the equation, leaving you with up to date and reliable information that will help you easily archive a solid and stable financial future for your company. As a corporate performance management tool developed with a multi-user role in mind, Prophix is designed to be easy, as indicated by its very familiar spreadsheet-style interface. Also, the software can be configured to automatically deliver income statement, balance sheet and cash flow etc. to your desktop. Prophix also has a list of core features that make it better than others.


6. Compiere

Compiere is a world most leading cloud-hosted ERP and CRM solution developed by the parent company Aptean. Unlike on-premise ERP solutions, you can effortlessly extend this product’s functionality to suit your specific processes, and you don’t have to spend time and money on complicated and costly upgrades. Non-profit organizations, government agencies and businesses can utilize this flexible solution program to manage their service, sales and financial processes. The software utilizes specially designed architecture in order to enable you to change layouts and add lots of new tools without spending money on costly customizations. Plus, you can seamlessly integrate it with other business solution in your software infrastructure. Also, the app is cloud-ready that means deployment is affordable and scalable in order to accommodate huge data volumes. Mostly the solution is used by charities, non-governmental groups, healthcare, retail and various companies in up to 40 different countries with different languages. This ERP solution also includes core features such as workflow, web store, warehouse, management dashboards, inventory management, CRM, dashboard and multi-site etc. Compiere is a commercial solution and has three different price plans; each plan has its own features and advantages.


7. Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice is an easy to use and cross-platform invoice application with a complete set of features. It enables you to manage your bills and invoices, purchase orders and tax overheads. With its interface, you can perform your tasks seamlessly and even enjoyable. Aside from Mac OS and Windows applications, the solution also has native apps for iOS and Android. This makes it an ultra-ambulatory system so you can keep a pulse on your business wherever. Moon Invoice is known as a comprehensive solution that also delivers an advanced level of customization that means that you can design personalized invoice templates and create them with just a single click. One of the best thing about this platform is that it supports multi-entity and you can oversee different organizations on a single solution. More than that, the solution can accept up to two signatures. You and your partner or your trusted personnel can approve invoices. Moon Invoice also offers iCoud Sync, and with this, you can save your business data in your smartphone, tablets and desktops. It also includes core features such as unlimited invoices and credit notes, product and tasks management, expense tracker, unlimited customer and vendors, reports and time tracker etc. Overall, Moon Invoice is one of best billing and invoicing software as compared to the others.


8. Zoho Subscriptions

Zoho Subscriptions is a cloud-based recurring billing and subscription solution created to handle every aspect of your subscription-based business. This simple app helps you address payment failures and chase overdue payments from your clients using the dunning management feature. It also offers businesses and individual subscription providers with multi-currency invoicing, discount, online and offline payment methods between other features. There is a lot of benefits that can be associated with this solution and that distinguish this product from similar billing solutions. In order to get the start, it simplifies the way you handle daily recurring billing tasks by automating the majority of the processes. The platform automates billing and charging workflows and adjusts customer’s prorated amounts in order to inform them in case there is a credit card issue. As compared to all the others, it has a simple and intuitive interface that doesn’t take time to learn and make sure even inexperienced user will be able to understand their financial data — this particularly useful for smaller businesses that have no insight in refund management and subscription metrics, who will nevertheless invoice like pros. Subscription management, payment gateway, hosted pages, integrations, powerful APIs recurring billing. These are also features of the solution. Try it out; it is best for all size of businesses.


9. Tradogram

Tradogram is a cloud-based e-procurement software designed to automate and streamline purchasing through powerful but easy to use tools. It is future to give full control to buyers and decision makers when it comes to their procurement processes. The solution can ably assist you in managing suppliers, maximize expenses and controlling costs. With this, you can easily connect with your suppliers, get all materials, service and goods you need at a reduced cost without sacrificing quality. The software bills itself as the future of spend management that offers a strategic solution and the best practices to purchasing so you can get optimum value and lowest price from the products and services you ordered. Also, you get features and capabilities in order to automate the purchasing process, events and simplify supply chain management. This provides you critical spend visibility and helps you spur company growth. Unlike all the other, it also has a dashboard where you can easily access it all features. Tradogram’s most prominent features include a purchase to pay, sales and purchase order management, order requisitions, inventory control, invoice reconciliation, spend reporting, contract management and delivery tracking etc. There are three different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


10. Chargify

Chargify is an Accounting software that simplifies the recurring billing needs of Web 2.0 and SaaS companies. With this, you can quickly build innovative online applications without worrying about how you can bill your clients. Whether your business is a new or an established company bills thousands of customers per month, the solution can make it work for you.

Its simple real-time dashboard allows easy access to customer insight, signup, and cancellations. You can raise your company revenue and optimize sales conversations by testing various subscription plans as well as freemium pricing models. Through this business intelligence tool, your business will make more informed decisions and prioritize what’s important.

More About Xpenditure

Xpenditure is a web-based mobile expense management solution that automates the expense management process from receipt to accounting. Plus, the solution makes expense reporting a lot easier. It is a comprehensive solution and lets you store, digitize and manage receipts with the use of a tablet, smartphone or even webcam. The platform is intended for freelancers and small businesses to simplify managing and monitoring business receipts and expenses. Xpenditure enables you to scan and store all your expense receipts in the cloud, even matching your invoice to credit card statements that verify every step of the process. It also ensures the date of purchase, location and the total are detected by the solution and sent to your accounting department. With the addition of miiCard to the solution, the users have an added layer of security, because it verifies the user’s identity against bank account and ID. As a business owner, you will save much time and money, since you will have an overview of your expenses in real-time. You can make data-driven decisions based on real-time data. Its dashboard has a complete overview of where the money is going, project and brand. This expense management solution also comes with lots of new features such digitize receipts, automate expense report, safely store data, integrate approval flows and east tax reporting etc. Try it out, Xpenditure is a web-based mobile expense management solution for everyone.