Yalp Store

Yalp Store is an easy-to-use website that lets you download applications from the Google Play Store as APK files and stores all of the APK files in the default download folder, making you access files without wasting time. In this software, the APK files are present in the form of extensive categories like Action, Arcade, Action, Racing, and Casual, Card, Role Playing, Educational, Puzzle, Simulation, Sports, Music, Strategy, Adventure, Trivia, Casino, Word, Board and many others.

Yalp Store has the ability to display the same application information as Google Play Store, including descriptions, screenshots, changes in the latest version, and user reviews & ratings, making to easily identify the accurate apparition. You can also use it to check the new updates, block an application form being updates and convert any application to the system application in seconds.


Yalp Store Alternatives

#1 Blackmart Alpha


Blackmart Alpha is a superb utility allowing you to download free apps on your Android phones and tablets. It is a massively used substitute to Google Play Store that is amongst the biggest app assortment for Android users. The way of working of Blackmart Alpha is different from most of the Android apps providers.

Blackmart Alpha is an elegant application where the users of Blackmart Alpha can intuitively download their desired apps right from the app of Blackmart Alpha. There are certain limitations for specific countries where the users are restricted from using its replacement tools.

Blackmart Alpha is one of the idealists and famous black Android market tools containing millions of free Android apps and games for users to download without any frustration. Despite the fact Blackmart Alpha is the independent app store for the Android operating systems, certain demerits make this platform not meeting the requirement of most of the users.


#2 F-Droid


F-Droid is an app store for Android devices only from where the Android users can explore and download tons of apps, games, software, and anything they want. Besides providing the open-source apps, F-Droid provides apps for free and some of the mare paid. F-Droid makes the users able to examine the apps’ code to enhance their development and programming knowledge.

There are tons of people using the F-Droid platform to enjoy downloading apps and then getting everything easily and straightforwardly. F-Droid app is available on cell phones and tablets of apps only that the users are required first to install in their smartphones. After that, they will be able to enjoy the app browsing and introducing features of the F-Droid.

F-Droid also supports the updates of the device as well. It always brings free and fresh applications for its users to enjoy everything they want. From here, you can browse the apps in the category of entertainment, widgets, tools, office productivity, multimedia, finance, weather, education, and much more.

#3 1Mobile Market


1Mobile Market is one of the newest apps and games places where the exclusive download of games and apps is accessible. You will discover a great assortment of apps and games at 1Mobile Market, and the downloading of the apps and games are certainly a piece of cake and most expedient at 1Mobile Market comparatively.

1Mobile Market deals in two types of apps. First of all, some of the apps are available at the official Android Google Play Store, and at second there are the own developed Android apps of the 1Mobile Market. The process of dealing with the 1Mobile Market is straightforward and easy that is based on the main idea of browsing and downloading.

1Mobile Market is the giant Android app store of almost 1.6 million games and apps. The best about 1Mobile Market is that it has various other inventories as well to fill your Android devices. These inventories are in the shape of themes and wallpaper whose quantity is two times higher as compared to the number of apps listed at 1Mobile Market. The other quality of 1Mobile Market is that it even supports the feature of sharing the apps other software with friends as well.


#4 Amazon App Store


Amazon App Store is the app store for the Android and Kindle devices being managed and served by Amazon. Instead of listing the Google Play Store apps or other Android app markets, Amazon App Store deals in providing its own developed apps only. Amazon App Store is the developer of Kindle, and for the same reasons.

While on the other hand, most of the users think that the Amazon App Store deals in its Kindle devices’ data and apps. However, the fact is that the number of apps available at the Amazon App Store for Android devices is many times higher than Kindle. In addition to general users, the Amazon App Store has a specific place for app developers.

Amazon App Store also works as a channel of app promotion for the app developers as well. If you are willing to sell your app via the Amazon App Store, you can do it accordingly. The app surely provides you with 70% off over the app’s list price or in-app purchase price. The users of other mobile operating systems can also enjoy the apps for their devices, but Android devices will always be at the top priority.

#5 AndroidPIT


AndroidPIT is the independent and elegantly used app store for the Android operating systems, including cell phones and tablets. It is the independent app store that, in addition to listing most of the Google Play Store apps, provides its own developed applications for Android users as well.

AndroidPIT is not a dedicated platform for getting the apps only. It also brings recent Android news, newly launched apps, hardware problems and solutions, tips, reviews, and several other services linked to the Android devices. In addition to simply dealing with the apps, AndroidPIT provides several games for Android devices as well.

AndroidPIT has a gigantic collection of apps and games of all types in which most of the apps are available free for downloading and sharing a purpose. The best about AndroidPIT is that you will find almost all those apps and games listed on this platform’s Google PlayStore. Moreover, the number of stuff available here is also pervasive from range to the category.

#6 SlideME


SlideME is an independent app market for Android cell phones and tablets. The app lets you easily find your desired number of apps that are even hard to explore at the gigantic Google Play Store with its sleek searching. It is an excellent marketplace for Android users, which carries many free apps and games from almost all popular app categories.

SlideME provides both free and premium apps to download over your Android devices. The app has a devoted community that can rate apps and are firmly monitored and maintained so that the best apps’ availability can be ensured. It also lets you filter the apps by advanced, best rated, famous, free, paid, and Android OS versions.

SlideME is said to be the second most effective Android apps market after the Google Play Store in terms of global reachability. SlideME is not the provider of apps for Android devices only; it has the platform for the app developers. If you are an expert in developing apps, then SlideME will surely be a great help for you with its exclusive features. This app allows you to publish your own apps and lets you have an option to earn money against it effortlessly.

#7 AppBrain


AppBrain is one of the leading Android apps directories over the internet that is beneficial for all the Android users present on earth. App Brain is a massively used platform that brings millions of apps to download whenever you want. In addition to providing the apps, AppBrain deals in the management of apps as well.

The best thing about the AppBrain is that it even allows the users to share the apps downloaded from the AppBrain with their friends. AppBrain is considered as the second greatest assortment of Android games and apps following the Google Play Store through some third-party platforms.

At AppBrain, apps can either be installed from the Market or the APK of that game, or the app can be exclusively downloaded to your system or Android device. AppBrain is potent to search the official Android Market, and on desktops, it works even better than Google Play Store. In addition to supporting the general users, AppBrain has excellent support for app developers.

If you are an app developer, you will find the solution by managing your apps by getting tons of facts. It provides knowledge about the shape of Android app promotion, monetizing off the app, AppBrain SDK, AppBrain Widgets, Android market statistics, optimizer, and a lot of other options. AppBrain app brings a superb way to enhance your development skills and earn money in the same way.

#8 GetJar


GetJar is an independent app provider for multiple mobile operating systems with more content regarding apps and software for Android devices. GetJar is a particularly developed platform for providing apps and games for Android cell phones and tablets.

In addition to apps, GetJar deals in themes, APK, games, and a lot of other stuff to provide the ease of getting more things under one platform. At present, there are almost one million apps and games in various categories available at the app store of GetJar.

Most of the app platform doesn’t provide the APK of the rare apps. However, at GetJar, you will find the APK of the many apps. GetJar brings a superb collection of apps and games for your device, and you will find it fun browsing, finding, and installing apps and games from this market.

In addition to providing the apps, GetJar has a system for publishing your apps as well. This section is merely for app developers. Here the app developers can upload their apps for free by using the developer portal of the GetJar.

#9 Opera Mobile Store


Opera Mobile Store is a browser-based app market for the Android mobile operating systems. In addition to Android, apps of other mobile operating systems are also available at the Opera Mobile Store. The number of Androids apps are more than the apps of different operating systems.

At the start, the Opera Mobile Store was started to provide the apps of the third party. But, now it has its own network of developers who have been continually developing apps for the users to download. The Open Mobile Store is a renowned alternative among Android users, with 60 million monthly visitors and 100,000 apps available for download across all platforms.

Those who want to publish their apps can also go for publishing their apps as well. In addition to providing the system for developers for publishing their apps at Opera Mobile Store, these platforms also offer the promotional platforms to these app developers for the effective promotion and marketing of their apps.

#10 MoboRobo


MoboRobo is one of the most popular Android smartphone PC managers, which is also the provider of the tons of apps for free. MoboRobo contains a robust market for Android applications that are pretty much different from those that you encounter on the Android apps market of the Google Play Store.

The app also contains a massive number of computer or laptop users as well. The users of MoboRobo who use it for managing their Android device from PC are unaware of the fact that MoboRobo has a proper independent platform for the Android applications. The apps of MoboRobo can be accessed by way of either an online portal or through installing the official app of MoboRobo that is available for Android mobile operating systems.

MoboRobo is an exceptional provider of free apps and games that can download without any limitation and cab shared with other users as well. If you are looking for an Android app store that provides you with the system of publishing and promoting your developed Android apps, then MoboRobo is not for that purpose. You can only download the apps listed at the MoboRobo.

#11 MoboMarket


MoboMarket is a gigantically used platform where everyone can enjoy downloading their desires Android apps and games that are available for free. Apart from downloading, one can also share their desired games or apps with their buddies, family members, and others with simple clicks.

The best thing about MoboMarket is that it provides its users with the system of making their apps’ backup and restores them anytime they want. MoboMarket offers secure and safe apps for Android devices only. Every day it comes with hundreds of fresh apps that are totally free for its entire users.

In addition to providing the apps and games, MoboMarket also offers various other useful tools for Android smartphone and tablet users as well. In short, MoboMarket is a platform where, in addition to getting free apps and games, you will be able to get some other useful tools as well. That’s the way of working of MoboMarket.

When it comes to a category, then MoboMarket has the most exquisite collection of apps in most of its categories, from games, entertainment, tools, productivity, health, science, travel, weather, to the one you are looking for. You will surely find your desired apps and games for your Android device right over this elegant platform.

#12 Aptoide


Aptoide is the best alternatives to Google App Store and allows you to search, browse, and install applications on your Android device. It is an independent Android app store where you can easily discover and distribute top applications without any limitations. The best thing about this application is that it offers the ultimate channels to distribute your Android Games and Applications.

It has millions of games and applications to browse and download. Like the play store, it also has multiple categories, and each one has its own apps and games to download and enjoy. Aptoide powers the app stores of the 6 largest smartphone brands in the world that means it’s the best choice of millions of Android users around the world.

Aptoide is a quite simple and easy to use and support all the core features such as multiple languages, daily update with new apps, search box, user-friendly interface, and much more. It is an excellent marketplace for mobile applications that run on the Android OS.

#13 Fossdroid


Fossdroid is the free and open-source games and apps for the Android operating systems (cell phones or tablets). Fossdroid has an excellent collection of apps for your Android device. It is not an independent app store because the F-Droid is backing it, and most of the apps available here are parts of the F-Droid project.

But still, you will be able to access here those unique apps for Android that are hard to find on the official Android app store. The way of management of Fossdroid is much similar to that of the Google Play Store. It organizes and categories its apps, just like the arrangement of the Google Play Store. Fossdroid app allows its users to view the app by popularity and rating and make the best selection.

Fossdroid app brings the apps based on multimedia, system, games, navigation & traveling, internet, education & science, reading & development, writing, and many other categories. Each of its apps contains the full functionality or the full version instead of being based on the trial period or limited version.

#14 GetApk


GetApk is among the leading app stores that provide apps for Android mobile devices and provide apps for Android tablets and other Android-based devices. The way of working of GetApk is based on the two methods. You can either access it via its official website or use the GetApk that is also available for free.

After installing the GetApk in the Android device, the users of GetApk can then directly explore and download apps from any hoster listed in the GetApk and can be installed on the devices. GetApk is not the provider of apps for Android devices only. It is a stunning platform for app developers as well through which they can publish their own apps and games as well.

If you are an expert in developing apps, then GetApk will surely help you because this will allow you to submit your apps to the GetApk. However, to avail of this service, the users will be first required to create an account with GetApk. If you are looking for a specific app that you haven’t found anywhere, tell the GetApk, it will bring that app for you.

#15 Appzuma


Appzuma is the provider of hand-picked Android applications. Appzuma is an excellent marketplace for Android users with many free apps and games from all frequent categories. It provides both free and premium apps, so you can precisely get what you want. It has a devoted community that can rate apps and are firmly monitored and maintained so that the best apps’ availability can be ensured.

It also lets you filter the apps by advanced, best rated, famous, free, paid, and Android OS versions. It is the independent app store that, in addition to listing most of the Google Play Store apps, provides its developed applications for Android users as well. Appzuma has the most elegant collection of apps in almost all categories when it comes to a category.

You can precisely get your desired app or game from the categories such as games, entertainment, tools, productivity, health, science, travel, weather, and much more. You will surely find a great number of apps and games for your Android device right over this amazing tool.

If you are looking for an Android app store that provides you with the system of publishing and promoting your developed Android apps, then Appzuma is not for that purpose. You can only download the apps listed at the MoboRobo.

#16 AppsDrop


AppsDrop is the provider of quality-based Android apps. The apps and games that are available at AppsDrop are free from all kinds of errors. Its way of working is entirely different and effective. It is basically an independent search engine for Android apps, just like the Google search engine.

Whenever the users search for any Android apps through its search bar, AppsDrop brings the desired stuff results. After that, the users can download and install the app in is the device. AppsDrop works in both web portal and APK, for permanently installed in the devices.

Currently, it is offering apps in the category of games, design & images, education, the internet, hobbies & leisure, security, office & productivity, communication, social, networks, business & commerce, sound, music, entertainment, development, customization, personalization, and a lot of others. When it comes to quantity, then AppsDrop is the market of millions of Android apps that is entirely free.

#17 TutuApp


TutuApp is one of the best third-party app stores that allow you to get apps and games for your mobile phone devices and tablets. It is free to use, simple, and easy to understand platform that has millions of users around the world, who can use it to get much more than just an app on this store such as games, eBooks, and more.

The best thing about the application is that it allows you to get all the apps, games, music, and other content for free. You do not have to buy any license to use or download them for your mobile device. Tutu application is also a prevalent choice among another third-party app store because of the availability of apps for a massive range of the operating system.

With the help of this application, you can find apps for almost all devices that you can use from one single app store. The app store includes lots of prominent features such as entirely free, does not require additional tools or software, runs on almost all the platforms and supports multiple languages, etc. Overall, Tutu is one of the best third-party app stores as compared to others.

#18 Zeusmos


Zeusmos is a powerful PC-Free code-signing application that enables you to share and install apps without any of the red tapes. It is a comprehensive multi-use app for both iOS and Android devices, and it allows you to install apps on both Jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices quickly. Zeusmos works as an alternative to the App Store and offers lots of free applications and games to download and enjoy.

It looks great due to its magnificent user-interface perspective and gives lots of new features that make it better than others. In order to enjoy its service, you need to download the app and install it into your mobile device and enjoy all features without any limitation. Zeusmos app’s core features include a simple interface, a massive range of new apps and games, easy to understand, explore categories, and much more. It is free to use the app for both Android and iOS cell phones or tablets.

#19 1Mobile


1Mobile is a robust platform that brings you a selection of some of the best Google Play apps as chosen by a group of editors. The app was created magnificently to supply APK downloading service for multiple Android users of different devices across the world. As compared to all APK providers, it is more powerful, fast, and accessible.

With its extensive yet specific categories and helpful autocomplete search box, 1Mobile makes it quite simple for you to discover and install all the top applications. The platform has more than 80, 000 top apps and games and also regularly update with new options to deliver the comprehensive experience.

1Mobile proves easier to digest than Google Play, which helps you to find all the exciting titles that you might otherwise miss. The service includes core features such as multiple categories to explore, powerful search box, recommendation, regular update, and much more. Overall, 1Mobile is one of the best APK providers as compared to others.

#20 BlackMart


BlackMart is a leading alternative to the Google Play Store for smartphones and tablets with Android OS. With this platform, you can download the universal application without having an account and Google without the need for any registration. You can precisely search your desired application and games that you might find anywhere else.

It is an effective and easy to use platform that offers many features to be able to download many apps and games as you want. On this platform, all application is available for free download without any limitation. Unlike all the most leading platforms such as Google Play Store, it also consists of multiple categories such as productivity, finance, RPG, FPS, and entertainment, etc.

Each of its categories has its apps and games to download. There is also has search functionality that makes it a comprehensive solution. Currently, BlackMart has more than 20000 apps (and keeps on expanding) and even daily updates with newly released apps to deliver all-in-one experience.


0 is a platform designed for mac users to allow them to find software and games for their use. The website comes with a similar interface like all other torrent websites from which users can download any software or file. It comes with a simple search feature that allows users to write the name of the file which they are searching for, and it will be displayed with the download option.

The platform enables users to search for the games which they can play on their Mac system, and users can view the size and specifications of the game while downloading it. Moreover, it allows users to get access to all the new software and games added recently. enables users to upload the software or game which they have along with the setup. Users can create their account through which they can easily perform different uploading and downloading functions.

#22 QooApp


QooApp is an Android apps store that is designed for those who want to enjoy Asian apps and games from Asian developers. It is an alternative to APKPure and supports multiple languages that mean you can access its service anywhere around the world.

With this, you can get millions of games and applications that consist of several categories. Each category has its stuff that you can freely choose and use without any limit. Its store’s interface is quite easy to understand and offers an advanced search box to install and find your games or apps.

Like other similar app stores, it also comes with a recommendation system based on your interest and suggests you trendy apps that make it better than others. QooApp’s core feature includes a simple interface, daily updates with new apps, support multiple languages, and more.



APKTIME is a platform that offers APK files to Android users, and they can use these files to download them on their phones if they are not available on the Google Play Store. The website provides access to users to all kinds of apps that they can use, and they do not have to log in to get access to anything here on the website. Moreover, it also offers support to users, depending on the device they are using.

The platform comes with a search bar through which users can search or download the app they want with ease. Plus, the website also ranks the files on the home page, telling the users which app is on the top and which is on the last. APKTIME comes with a list of trending apps that users can see, and they can also see the percentage it has in the list of app usage. Moreover, the website allows users to view the list of recently added apps to the website.

#24 9Apps


9Apps is one of the most leading Android marketplaces that allow you to find, download, and buy Android apps and games. It is an alternative to Google Play Store and offers almost all the leading services and tools with an attractive interface to make it a one-stop solution. The solution also allows you to buy premium apps, purchase in-game purchases, and use gift cards.

All the games and apps in this marketplace consist of several categories: Productivity, Business, Racing, Fighting, and many others. Each category has its own apps and games that you can freely explore and download without any limit. It is a lightweight app and contains almost all the core services.

The best thing about this solution is that it comes with an advanced recommendation system that suggests apps and games based on your interest. 9Apps has thousands of users, and you can access its service anywhere around the world.


0 is an all in one platform to download cracked applications and game for Max OSX. The platform comes with the new and updated apps that are either from the inside or outside Mac Appstore. You can find any kind of applications from here based on categories that include utilities, developers’ tools, graphics and design, entertainment, social media, and more to follow.

The platform allows you to access the featured apps and the applications you must have in your operating system. All the applications and games are fully cracked, so you do not need to license any application and games. Moreover, you can find tutorials as well for basic understanding so, don’t wait; just download and enjoy.

#26 Jio Apps Store


Jio Apps Store is a collaborative app store that consists of multiple applications that are only supported in India. It is a platform which offers various application like music browsing, TV, songs, and different social applications. The primary purpose of a platform is to give the community install like interface which work in the best way and provide every daily using app on the system.

It is an app that provides a collection of apps. It is available on web apps, Android, and iOS phones. The platform is easy to use and give you a Universal QR that link the account and save the contact information with the smart QR scanner.

Jio Apps Store offers music and video and focus on more high-quality recommendation and taking the best app available for the community. Every user of the platform will automatically collaborate with other users that are currently availing the services, and it forms a community that can allow you to collaborate.

The main feature of the application includes the search module, login, quick access, account details, setting payment method, customer support, cloud module, and many other aspects. The interface of the Jio Apps Store is user-friendly and often and navigation module, which can make the user on every step.