YayText Alternatives

#1 LingoJam


LingoJam is an online fancy text generator and translator that help you to convert standard text into styled and fancy text with ease. It has a simple interface for styling the text with multiple available styles. The tool allows sharing and posting your styled text on social media platforms with easy copy and paste options.

It has two different boxes where you can easily convert your text. The first box contains the normal text; once you enter the normal text then, the tool will automatically generate multiple fancy texts and offers the option to design your font.



1 is an online text converter tool that allows you to format text using the characters of Unicode easily. It converts the plain text into styled text using multiple fancy text generator options and you can copy styled-text with one click and paste on any platform that accepts the plain text with ease.

It has a one-page and straightforward layout that gives the facility to write, highlight and style the text. Once you write the plain text and select the whole text then the tool will provide you multiple font options such as bold, italic and many more to style your text.

#3 Fancy Text Generator: Write Cool Stylish Text


Fancy Text Generator: Write Cool Stylish Text is a text maker tool that helps you to write fancy text, letters fonts and many other things. It gives the facility to post your work on different social media platforms like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook and others. It has the collection of various fancy styles that convert your standard text into styled text with ease.

It is compatible with the mobile as well as a desktop platform with approximately 50+ fancy font styles. It works with multiple add-on features such as decorative patterns, adding stickers, the art of ASCII design to style the font quickly and efficiently.


#4 Hey, how’d you do that


Hey, how’d you do that is a fancy font generator tool that helps you to use fancy fonts anywhere on the internet with one click. It supports the Unicode tools that can create stylized text including Unicode calendar generator, Glitch text generator, vaporewave & superscript generator, and many more.

It allows you to share and post on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter with a simple copy and paste. It provides a simple and straightforward interface to write your message and it will convert your text into styled text with multiple fancy font options.

#5 Word Swag – Cool Fonts


Word Swag – Cool Fonts is an app by Oringe Inc. that helps you in writing words on your mobile phone screen to transform them into text images and designs right at your fingertips. Users can also create text images for marketing and branding purposes by adding various logos from the given list.

Word Swag – Easy text on pictures editor app contains features through which you can create a text image by simply selecting the desired image, adding text to the image, and selecting the desired text style to create a beautiful text design. Users can buy the premium version to save photos without adding watermarks.

#6 Font Identifier by WhatFontIs


Font Identifier by WhatFontIs is an intelligent tool that helps you identify any Webfont or font from any website with ease. There is no long-running procedure; just all you need to Copy the URL and paste in the bar and click the find tab, and the system will bring the required results in no time.

You can also find the font used on the image with the help of a drag and drop, and the system Advanced artificial intelligence finds the font with 90% accuracy. Moreover, the platform will show you up to 60 results of similar fonts to one in the image you have uploaded before, and you also access a link to buy them. Get rid out of any fraudster and make Font Identifier your valuable partner in searching for a font.

#7 Unicode Toys


Unicode Toys is an advanced Unicode text converter tool that designed to transforms your text into fancy Unicode character. It is a free tool and works with online text toys with ease. It provides the cut and pastes text while converting plain text to obscure characters.

It is compatible with mobile and desktop platforms such as Windows. It converts the characters only from the range of ASCII on a one to one basis, many to one, content varying and transformation done.