YI IoT carries a new user interface design that lets you browse cameras to see, speak, and listen in one place, developed by YI Technologies, Inc. YI IoT Camera app intuitively connects you with your friends and family members through audio as well as videos anytime you want, just through a fingertip away. It is equipped with a 111-degree wide-range lens, and you can extend the coverage area to have a clear view of specific objects and areas.

You can precisely initiate a 2-way conversation with your family with just a single click on your cell phones and tablets. A detailed panoramic view will be displayed to enrich the viewing experience by panning your cell phone right or left. It also sends a notification right on your cell phones or tablets to let you notify when, where, and what movement was detected through its highly concise motion detection technology.

The app supports up to 32 GB SD cards that store all your videos or audios of special moments. The YI IoT camera uses all-glass lenses and a full f/2.0 aperture to produce crystal and bright images. It delivers HD resolution image quality and helps you enlarge small details if you want to explore things even further. The app elegantly tracks important things to you, such as your kids, your appliances, family, and plenty of other things that you want.


YI IoT Alternatives

#1 YCC365 Plus


YCC365 Plus lets you took a precise eye over your homes, offices, and all the other vital places that need your attention using the smartest and easiest-to-use app. YCC365 Plus is a fine tool developed by CloudCam Inc. that helps you monitor video cameras that sets up effortlessly on your mobile phones and tablets.

You can intuitively track your live video feed from anywhere by logging into the free app. It brings a 360-degree fisheye camera that helps you monitor every corner without a miss. The app features sound and motion detection functionality that guarantees safety and security all the time.

YCC365 Plus app lets you instantly share all the special moments and videos. It features dual recording on card and cloud that assures dial assurance of recording every single moment without doing much.


#2 IP Cam Soft


IP Cam Soft is a fine tool developed in the market by Inc. that lets you remotely view, control, and manage more than 600 multiple IP camera models. The IP Cam Soft app has been tested with plenty of different camera models and features plenty of exclusive offers. The app is just perfect for ensuring security for workplaces, home security, pet cams, or any other place that you want to secure.

You can precisely view and control multiple cameras pasted on different places to monitor their family, appliances, pets, and offices. You can elegantly record videos from IP cameras and share videos through email. Apart from watching videos, the IP Cam Soft app also helps its users in hearing audio remotely.

The app lets you view an unlimited number of cameras over cell phones and tablets, and you can view almost 4 cams at a time over your mobile screens. It also enables its users to instantly capture the screen of cameras whenever necessary and send them through email. IP Cam Soft app provides you with PTZ control by letting you manage the options of pan, zoom, and tilt, etc.

#3 Homeguardcare


Homeguardcare is a smart, secure, and simple app that works with almost all the HomeGuard Smart Wi-Fi cameras to lets you view your homes, apartments, offices, and other places live. Homeguardcare is a sleekly designed app developed in the market by Intelligent Security Surveillance Limited that lets you stay connected with your family anytime through a two-way talk. Its ultra-wide viewing angle helps you see crisp and clear videos, even in darkness.

The app support push notifications anywhere to let you know what is happening and safeguard your loved ones all day through its 24/7 approach. You can precisely scan the QR code on the camera and enter through the password to start viewing your cams whenever, wherever. It is a smart remote video monitoring tool that helps you record videos to your cell phones and other handheld devices with a simple tap.

Homeguardcare app supports the HGWIP710 model, HGWOB753 model, HGWIP811 model, HGWIP720 model, HGWIP818 model, and HGWOB751 model of HomeGuard. Other than these, the Homeguardcare app also supports superb pic quality (720P/1080P resolution), remotely control the camera through smart devices, high-quality 2-way audio, motion detection support, send pics, and HomeGuard Care support as well.


#4 Besteye


Besteye is a fine technology that helps you watch the camera pasted over your homes and offices without making any effort. Besteye is a fine tool developed by Puwell Cloud Tech Limited Inc. that allows you to have the live coverage of all your cameras just to keep things under your eye.

The app supports local recording and plays, snapshot and picture searching, PTZ control, scanning serial number by QR code, bidirectional talk, and various other functionality. The app supports login with cloud technology along with the real-time live view.

Apart from these, the Besteye app also features the automatic updating of servers, cloud users register and modify, local recording and play, manually searching devices in LAN, remote device settings (add, delete, and edit), and various other functionalities. You can download Besteye app for free to enjoy live monitoring of your homes and offices right over your cell phones and tablets.

#5 DLink IP Cam Viewer by OWLR


DLink IP Cam Viewer by OWLR app makes it effortless to view your homes, offices, pets, and all the valuable things under your eye and helps you monitor them from your cell phones or tablets. DLink IP Cam Viewer by OWLR is a sleekly designed tool presented by OWLR Technologies, where you can monitor your desired places through its free IP camera designed for real people.

The app is designed elegantly for D-Link cameras for the home, such as for home security, baby monitoring, pets observing, or any other things that you want. Apart from homes, DLink IP Cam Viewer by OWLR app also enables its global users to monitor their offices and other apartments as well.

It contains the feature of smart auto-recovery functionality that detects your D-Link camera and complete its setup process in just 30 seconds. Once completed, DLink IP Cam Viewer by OWLR app enables you to view your cameras from your app effortlessly. The app also supports publicly-accessible webcams as well, so that you can watch your favorite traffic jams and other public webcams whenever you want.

#6 P6SLite


P6SLite is a feature-rich camera app that helps you access all the cameras you’ve placed over the areas you want to track over time. P6SLite is a video transmission tool developed in the market by ZHANG Lin Inc. that supports multiple types of devices, such as DVR, NVR, IPC, etc., and helps you see them whenever you want. Its sleek design and easy-to-use interface help you get the options of the Home Page, Image, Message, and a Me section to explore things intuitively.

While on the other hand, the P6SLite app brings the options of Date, Video, and Picture over its ‘Playback feature.’ The app features video previewing functionality over mobile and tablet screens. The app’s main features include device management and video playback support for providing a smooth experience. It carries plenty of valuable options, including Videos, Pics, PTZ, Talkback, Picture, and Voice options in its ‘Live section.’

#7 Cawice


Cawice precisely transforms your old phones into a home security camera app that helps you monitor everything you want without having any effort. Cawice™ Home Security Camera app helps you live stream videos using your cellular devices only by pasting camera over the places that you want to monitor.

You can precisely replace your old cellular devices into capable CCTV cameras and place them wherever you want. You can precisely monitor home security cameras, baby monitoring cams, senior care cameras, office cameras, and other cams in various other places that you want to track. The app does not need to purchase any external devices or setup cost for enjoying these services.

Cawice app features Live HD Video Streaming, Full-Screen Mode, Zoom, Photo, and Video Capture, Motion and Sound Detectors, People Detection (A.I.), Two-Way Talking, Pop-Up Mode, and more. The app enables you to retrieve your old mobile phones that trailed in a drawer and transform them into real wireless cams.

These cams help you as pet monitoring cam, baby phone, and home security camera, rather than pay small affluence by buying a new IP camera or Wi-Fi. Other than these, the Cawice app also features the Detection Area, Automatic Video Recording, Alerts Notifications, Multi-User Mode, Eco-Saver Battery Mode, Siren Alarm, and Flashlight and Night Filter, etc.

#8 Foscam


Foscam carries a sleekly designed interface to capture all the cameras placed over your desired places using your cell phones and tablets. Foscam is a fine tool developed in the market by Foscam, Inc. through which you can view your home, office, or all the special places from anywhere, anytime. It keeps you connected to your businesses and home anytime you want and maintain security in a way like never before.

The app lets you keep tabs on the nanny while you are on the meeting, check on your pets while from outside of the home, and check who’s stealing packages from your front door. It lets you leave all the connection work to the app where EZLink only requires you to have a smartphone connected to Wi-Fi.

You can check-in and monitor your business or homes whenever you want with a live view feature. It enables you to scan your cloud footage with instant and elegant access and incomparable affordability. Foscam app also features scheduled recordings, pan/tilt/zoom, and configure alerts right from your cellular devices.

It precisely supports only Foscam HD and does not work with any kind of MJPEG camera. If you are using a legacy app, including Foscam Viewer or Foscam IP Cam Viewer, please install this intelligent for optimal user experience. Foscam is the only and official app for Foscam products with all rights reserved.

#9 Amcrest View Pro


Amcrest View Pro is designed specifically for the Amcrest IP Camera, NVRs, and HDCVI DVRs, developed in the market by Amcrest Technologies LLC. Amcrest View Pro app lets you watch the camera live using your Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets.

You can place any of these cameras over your desired places, whether home, office, garage, rooms, or everything else that you want to see the happenings over cell phones and tablets. As a pro in the home security space, the Amcrest View Pro app delivers products to help you as well as all your loved ones and lets you feel secure and safe (no matter where you are).

Its elegantly designed interface carries the options of the Live view, playback, camera map, My Saved files, push notifications, help section, configuration center, cloud storage, and various other options for instant help. Amcrest View Pro is a sleekly designed camera app that enables you to check in on what you care and love about, from anywhere, anytime.

#10 NexHT Cam


NexHT Cam is an immensely used panoramic camera mobile app for home as well as business users. You can elegantly view real-time as well as historical videos of your home, shop, office, garage, workshop, factory, or any other places using this superb video camera platforms. The global deployment of the cloud server safety is amazing, and all the pics and videos are encrypted to make sure the security of users.

It features inbuilt speaker and microphone, cycle recording, two-way audio, support TF card storage, and various other features to help people intuitively. You can stream video transmission on the internet from anywhere around the world and monitor things in the way you want.

The app requires a mobile phone/email along with a passcode to enter the app and access all its services. NexHT Cam is a free-to-use mobile phone cloud app available to use on Android and iPhone devices. Its one-click configuration lets you add a camera through Wi-Fi sound wave or hotspot. The app also brings message alarm notification along with actin alarm support as well as support adaptive videos.

#11 IP Camera Monitor


IP Camera Monitor is presented in the market by Deskshare, Inc. through which you can remotely access and control your IP cameras using your cell phones and tablets. IP Camera Monitor – Video Surveillance Monitoring is an elegantly designed camera app through which users can elegantly view their IP cameras by entering an address, brand, and model of the camera and the login details.

You can precisely view videos from any of the IP camera pasted in your desired places (such as home, office, parks, garages, parking, or any other) remotely. IP Camera Monitor app supports multiple IP cameras from various vendors. It also enables its users to manually add a camera in the app if the camera is present elsewhere in the local network.

It is significant for video surveillance, and lets you watch live videos of any camera right over your cell phones no matter where you are. IP Camera Monitor also capture photos for you to get detailed stats regarding what you have. It is a professional security monitoring and video surveillance tool that turns your IP and PC cameras into a full video security system.

#12 SuperCam Plus


SuperCam Plus is a professional mobile phone application that supports all digital video recorders, NVR in CCTV Surveillances, and IP Cameras. SuperCam Plus is a classy tool developed in the market by Shenzhen TVT Digital Technology Co., Ltd., which is perfect for professional usage of managing things along with copyright protection.

The app support P2P2.0, license plate search, and cloud upgrade as well. The app also carries the functionality of face comparison and face detection by push comparison results. You can select dates or days to grab the recording of that particular day whenever you want.

It carries a significantly designed user interface where you can grab the options of videos, photos, volume options, and other details to measure. SuperCam Plus app also adds POS information display functionality and fixes some bugs available previously.

#13 IP Camera Pro


IP Camera Pro precisely transformed your cell phones and tablets through an HTTP Server and an inbuilt RTSP for security monitoring with Bi-directional audio support. IP Camera Pro is an excellent tool developed in the market by ShenYao China Inc. that lets you use your browser to view things that matter to you the most. IP Camera Pro app can push the audios as well as videos to RTMP live media services such as Facebook or Push to Youtube.

You can also add another device’s IP camera server instantly with a built-in QR code. The app pic-in-pic mode on Android 8.0 and above and you can put the IP camera server run on backgrounds. The app supports RTMPs’ security protocol, and you can manage it from the server of the IP Camera.

The app supports automatic video recording based on motion detection and uploads all the recorded videos to FTP or OneDrive server automatically and notifies you through an email. You can use WAN URL from WAN to visit the IP Camera server if you can access the gateway through WAN. IP Camera Pro app needs user name and passcode authentication, default passcode, and username are admin, you can modify both of them from the app’s settings.

#14 PixPlus


PixPlus is a smart, easiest-to-use, and elegantly designed mobile phone app for monitoring cameras that you have placed on your desired areas. Whether you want to monitor home, office, garage, or any other place, the PixPlus app helps you check everything without much of a stretch. PixPlus-EN – Overseas Version is an elegantly designed tool developed by Shenzhen Globalpat Technology Inc. through which you can monitor places using your cell phones and tablets.

Its 360 fisheye camera helps you check every corner of your home, rooms, offices, or other places without a miss. PixPlus-EN brings sound and motion detection support that guarantee security and safety detection all the time.

The app also supports video sharing that helps you share joyous moments with your friends and family members with simple clicks. The app also supports a two-way voice call that is as smooth as making telephone calls. PixPlus-EN – Overseas Version app features recording on cloud devices as well as SD card that supports dual assurance of recording every single moment.

#15 EyeCloud


EyeCloud is designed to let you see whatever you want to know from the camera placed over your desired places. EyeCloud is an easy-to-use software specifically applied to plug and play IP cameras. You can precisely apply the newest plug and play tech to solve problems in setting up IP-Camera, using IP-Camera entirely. It lets you see everything you want right over your mobile phone through the cameras you’ve placed. It makes the IP Camera acceptable to common consumers using the IP-Camera.

EyeCloud app helps you monitor and watch every place where you’ve placed the camera, whether it’s the home, office, parking lot, or anywhere else you want. EyeCloud app contains Account and Security Options, Data Traffic, Help option, Settings, and the about section to get further details.

#16 CamHipro


CamHipro is an elegantly designed IP Camera software that elegantly manages your IP Camera, plays back videos, and helps you watch videos whenever you needed them the most. CamHipro – Easily rule your Camera is a classy tool that carries plenty of valuable options through which you can manage things effortlessly.

It is a robust yet elegantly designed monitoring security app that helps you monitor places and people that you care about. The app helps you in monitoring things effortlessly by providing real-time control of what you want to see and track through a camera placed on those areas.

Once placing CamHipro cameras over your desired areas, you can intuitively see them using your cell phones from anywhere around the world. You can elegantly use it in your home, office, shops, or everywhere else that you want. So if you’re going to care about anything or want to monitor things through a spy eye, let the CamHipro app be your timekeeper.

#17 ToSee – Smart Camera


ToSee is an elegantly designed camera app that brings plenty of valuable features regarding your camera and helps you make your work more effortless and smart. ToSee – Smart Camera app is a fine tool developed by Tocoding Technologies Co., Ltd. that supports ultra-low power consumption and smart surveillance. You can put the app anywhere, anytime with you, to ensure the safety of your desired stuff. ToSee – Smart Camera app lets you remotely wake up the device anytime, anywhere, to check the recent situation of your family members.

The app supports the functionality of two-way voice talkback and easy-to-carry, communication barrier-free Sports DV. The app contains a dual 4K panoramic camera, fast start, never miss any wonderful moment, and one key to record. The ToSee app features human motion-detecting, real-time warning, 24 hours protection, fast message push, ID night vision, and plenty of other valuable features right in the palm of your hands.

#18 Gorillacam


GorillaCam is a superb iPhone app developed in the market by Joby Inc. that enables its global users to add digital zoom, time-lapse, self-timer, anti-shake, and plenty of other features. GorillaCam helps you with plenty of things by providing simple options.

It contains various functions that you can on and off with a simple click, such as time-lapse, the bubble level, grid, press anywhere, 3 shot burst, anti-shake, and various others. There is an On/Off button just in front of these panels that can be switched accordingly via just a simple tap.

Gorilla Cam is a simple to use and sleekly designed app that contains two main shot types, including Time-Lapse and Self-Timer. It brings an elegant grid and bubble level that you take properly aligned shots and an anti-shake feature having three levels of sensitivity that helps you capture the most-crisp shot possible.


0 is a platform that enables the users to convert their wired alarm system into a smart alarm by allowing them to control and monitor it through their smartphones. It consists of different kinds of alarms such as Door sensors, Windows Sensors, Motion or Glass break sensors, and many others. It provides a complete integrated home automation system which allows the users to connect all of their alarms with their home device or to any number of devices.

The platform follows the commands of users to stay compatible with their needs and connects smarter alarms at the place of wired alarms. Moreover, it enables users to monitor their homes from their phones without monthly charges.

The platform offers 24/7 smart home monitoring services, and it brings all of the wired alarm systems of the home into an automation system. Lastly, it also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity features for all alarm devices.

#20 DroidCam


DroidCam software turns the smartphone into a wireless cam for the PC. The platform allows users to use it with programs like Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or other streaming websites. It enables the users to chat while using this software and access both the sound and picture features. Users can connect their smartphone to the PC either through WiFi or USB cable, and users can keep using their phones in the background.

There is no need to install any additional software, and users can use this as an IP camera through an internet browser. The software offers high-resolution video support up to 720p and is compatible with all the latest Android phones and iPhones. Moreover, it enables continuous autofocus and zooms in/out options. Lastly, users can flip or rotate the video to better match the angle or setup.

#21 Pearl RearVision


Pearl RearVision is a rearview camera and alert system that enables the users to attach the camera to their autos, and they can view the rear view of their car through their mobile device. The platform provides the right tools that help the users to view what is behind them as they can attach the product on their number plate.

It helps the users in avoiding any theft, and it is easy-to-install and required no drilling or attaching wires. The images and videos are clear and provide both audible and visual alerts to users when a car or object is near to them.

Pearl RearVision enables the drivers to park their car like a pro and measures the distance between the obstacles in the path. Lastly, it helps the users to avoid any kind of accidents and requires no new technology.

#22 CamHi


CamHi is an excellent network camera view software that helps you to view things in a professional and elegant way. CamHi is a significant tool developed in the market by Francks Inc. that lets you have sleek views of the camera that you have pasted over different positions. You can precisely view the real-time video whenever you want over your mobile phones and tablets home screens.

You can even take photos from videos whenever the video is playing and save them in the memory of your cell phone. You can precisely keep all the local pics right under one place and access all those photos with simple clicks. CamHi – Enjoy your Camera! App also brings PTZ control feature right on the palm of your hands. The app also supports mobile phone time synchronization, as well as time zone settings. Its sleekly designed interface carries the options of camera, pictures, videos, and the about section that contains further stuff that can be accessed via a single click.

#23 MangoCam


MangoCam is a platform that offers secure and reliable CCTV cloud recording and hosting services. The platform provides globally hosted cloud service, which means users can access and download their video streams from anywhere in the world. Moreover, users can even set up the time of which video stream they want right from their system.

The service also ensures a resilient hosting platform with secure video storage, and users also do not have to worry about the time zone. Moreover, it offers bank-grade security to users, which means that no video can be accidentally deleted, and all the data is secured via SSL encryption.

MangoCam works on clustered serves, which means upgrading to repairing them will not bring downtime to the service. Lastly, it ensures that thieves will never be able to steal any video from the users’ hard disk and alerts users if security is compromised.

#24 V380


V380 is an ultimate-new generation of intelligent household cloud cameras that enables its users to have remote video monitoring and management right over their cellular devices. V380 app carries plenty of valuable options through which you can manage, setup, and monitor things effortlessly. Through it, you can view the process of live videos anytime, anywhere around the world.

The app supports remote PTZ control, and you can precisely manage the camera direction of rotation by simple touch screens. V380 app supports network live audio monitoring, voice intercom and video calls, network remote video image and playback capture, and various other options.

It carries intelligent cloud streaming transmission technology along with increased digital zoom function, Wi-Fi Smartlink configuration function, and preset function. V380 app lets you view the recorded videos and examine the download videos in an album. The app also brings video files to increase download function, live preview increase recording function, increase cloud storage services, and support VR Wi-Fi Camera.

#25 Kami Home


Kami Home is a security assisting application that makes it practical and effortless to guard and stay connected with the things, such as family, friends, pets, offices, accessories, and all the others that you love the most. Kami Home app allows you to control all your Kami-connected devices in one place in just a few steps.

It gives you access to live footage of your home and intuitively provides instant activity alerts to notify you of any unusual motion-detected activity. Kami Home app helps you stay informed whether you want to monitor your pets, keep tabs on your nanny all the time, and even simply monitoring your house.

The app carries a sleek user interface that supports Kami Home Indoor Camera, Kami cordless cameras, and Kami Outdoor cameras as well. So just download Kami Home app on your cell phones and stay tuned with its growing family of smart products for the office and home.

#26 LView


LView is a video monitoring software for DVR and IPC, developed in the market by Zhubo Inc. It carries a cloud technology through which you can effortlessly log in by the serial number of devices to show the live view monitoring videos to Android phones and do management stuff accordingly. The app supports log-in with cloud technology, real-time live view, remote playback, and local recording and play.

It features pictures and snapshot searching, PTZ control (tilt, zoom, copy, delete, and other options), scanning the serial number by QR code, local and remote devices, etc. It also enables you to add devices by address, bidirectional talk, the manual searching of devices in LAN, and more. So, download the LView app on your Android devices, create an account via username and passcode, and access your cameras with a single click.

#27 HomeMate


HomeMate is a smart home platform through which you can effortlessly control, secure, and monitor your home from anywhere around the globe. HomeMate is a significant tool developed in the market by HomeMate 365 Co., Ltd, that helps you get a convenient way to set up, monitor, and access your home and family. You can precisely build efficient living space with a comprehensive home system.

The app enables its global users to control as well as manage all sorts of devices, such as curtains, TV, lights, switches, sockets, air conditioners, sockets, and plenty of others all from one single app. You can also create different scenes to control multiple devices and make synchronizations scenario.

The HomeMate app also supports some products such as smart cameras, magic cube, smart socket, intelligent in-wall switch, and sensors ECT (Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor). The app does not support smart socket S20 but you can operate S20 with WIWO App. So just download the HomeMate app in your cell phones and add as many connected devices to create a smart home that matches your unique personality.

#28 iCSee


iCSee is a robust and easy-to-use security software through which you can monitor your places such as homes, offices, shops, garages, workshops, and other physical places. iCSee is a fine tool developed in the market by Huangwanshui Inc. that brings a sleekly designed app. The app helps you access the camera being placed on your places just by adding the username/email and passcode over the app.

It brings all the basic functions that a camera-supporting app can have such as basic settings, passcode management, normal alarm, storage management, record settings, and advanced settings (with more valuable options), etc.

Other than these, iCSee app also supports all intelligent devices such as door locks, doorbells, and more. It is a monitoring security software that works with almost all the front-end devices such as a bullet, and robot, etc.

#29 Digit Cam


Digit Cam connects you precisely with your family through real-time audio and video anytime and anywhere, using your cell phones and tablets. The Digit Cam app is a fine product of Yi LOT Inc. that lets you enjoy instant access to the cameras you have pasted over your homes and offices. The app features a Smart home (echo show supported), cloud storage, motion detection, and two-way audio.

The app uses all the glass lenses having an aperture of f/2.0 to produce bright and clear images over the devices you are using. The app delivers excellent image quality even if you enlarge it to view even the small details using an HD resolution of almost 1280×720 pixels. Digit Cam app intuitively keeps track of significant things for you without letting you do much.

The camera concisely sends a notification to your cell phones and tablets detailing where, when, and what movement was detected just to let you be notified of everything happening at your place. The app supports the SD card and stores you’re the videos and audios of all the special moments. While on the other hand, the Digit Cam app’s adaptive streaming technology automatically adjusts the optimal quality of the video based on the conditions of the network.

#30 Ebitcam


Ebitcam app provides a real-time video surveillance app integrated with Ebitcam Cloud IP Camera, developed by Ebit Information Technology Co., Ltd. You can precisely view your homes, offices, shops, parking lots, and plenty of other places in live videos and video history. The app supports real-time video surveillance, HD video monitoring, real-time intercom, electronic video amplification, and many other functionalities for monitoring things without doing much.

Ebitcam app supports device management function, live preview of the device, parameter setting of equipment, device intercom function, remote playback function of the device, and more. It also provides real-time alarm and information push and an immediate alert notification whenever the environment is detected. The Ebitcam app also brings push message notifications, local video and file management functions, different server options, and AP direct connection and AP add functionality for making things easier.

#31 VSmaHome


VSmaHome is a real-time video surveillance app integrated with Cloud IP cameras through which you can watch things effortlessly, developed in the market by Shenzhenmining Inc. VSmaHome app enables you to view your home, offices, shops, and other places through real-time videos as well as effective video history using this client.

The app supports mobile real-tie video surveillance along with HD video viewing to enjoy videos in fine detail. The app also features remote PTZ control so that you can precisely manage the camera directing rotation through the touch of the screen. VSmaHome app also supports remote intelligent video recording in your mobile phones or cloud and helps you store them for long.

You can also share those videos with your buddies, family members, friends, or others. The app provides real-time intercom integration along with video electronic amplification and other functionalities. It also contains elegantly designed push notifications and real-time alarm function as well. VSmaHome app provides real alert information to its clients whenever the environment is detected.

#32 Angelcam


Angelcam is a beautiful cloud-based IP camera viewing platform that helps you view, monitor, and control the security of your homes, businesses, or other things. Angelcam: Cloud Camera Viewer – Home Security app is a superb tool that helps you remotely access anything you want and view all the connected areas to see the happenings going on.

The app lets you track IP and CCTV cameras you have placed over your homes and offices from anywhere around the world. With Angelcam: Cloud Camera Viewer app, there is no need for any costly cameras as you have all the services, functionality, and tools you need to keep what matters most. It supports the easy connection of most sensors and alarms to Angelcam.

Angelcam – Home Security app keeps you secure and safe no matter wherever you are. The app also provides a complete, real-time means of investigating and monitoring issues as soon as they encounter. You can precisely access your cameras online from any device, anywhere worldwide. It allows you to share those video recordings with your family and friends.

It backs up your videos to secure cloud storage and supports almost 90% of camera brands, and lets you connect with nearly all IP cameras. You can reach out to your knowledgeable and friendly support and try its community support whenever you need it. Angelcam: Cloud Camera Viewer and Home Security app brings extreme security and lets you get intuitive monitoring.

#33 OWLR Multi Brand IP Cam Viewer


OWLR Multi Brand IP Cam Viewer lets you view your pets, your homes, your offices, your garages, or everything else that you want right over a sleekly designed and modern interface that is easy to use. OWLR Multi-Brand IP Cam Viewer is an excellent tool developed by OWLR Technologies Inc. that helps you secure everything by elegantly viewing everything you want.

The app is currently supporting only D-Links and Axis Cameras and Foscam for home (such as home security, pet monitor, baby monitoring) and office use (security concerns). The OWLR app supports publically accessible webcams using a simple URL to view the webcam on your Public camera channel if you want to track your desired traffic cams.

Its smart auto-recovery feature detects the Axis or D-Link IP webcam and Foscam and can install them in less than half a minute. Once added successfully, you can track your camera from your OWLR Multi-Brand IP Cam Viewer app. It precisely supports an automatic camera discovery app that enables its users to add, manage, and set up their camera with a few taps.

#34 Maginon IPC Viewer


Maginon IPC Viewer is a significantly designed camera app that precisely controls things through watching them using your cell phones and tablets. Maginon IPC Viewer is a fine tool presented by Supra GmbH Inc. through which users can precisely control their IPC surveillance camera through tablets or smartphones.

To log in to the Maginon IPC Viewer app and enjoy all its services, you have to create a user name and passcode. The app precisely lets you view things using your smart devices after installing one or multiple surveillance cameras over your desired places that you want to monitor.

The app carries a comprehensive settings panel that carries the options of image, detection settings, as well as firmware updates. Apart from these, the Maginon IPC Viewer app also features advanced settings that include FTP support, date and time, email, camera head, and memory card, etc.

#35 Foscam IP Cam Viewer by OWLR


Foscam IP Cam Viewer by OWLR makes it effortless to monitor your home, your office, your pets, and your babies with its free IP camera viewer designed for real people. Foscam Camera Viewer by OWLR – Makes Viewing Foscam Cams Easy is a tremendously used social platform through which you can access your home of office Foscam cams right over your cell phones or tablets.

The Foscam IP Cam Viewers app is designed specifically for the Foscam Cameras that helps you access your offices (store security) as well as home (such as the baby monitor, home security, and pet monitoring, etc.). Its sleek auto-recovery feature detects the Foscam IP camera and completes its installation process in just 30 seconds.

After successful installation, the Foscam Camera Viewer by OWLR app lets you view your camera whenever and wherever you want. The app also supports audio and video function as well, and you can listen to how loud your German Shepherd is barking and what your baby is saying.

The app also supports publicly-accessible webcams so that you can also monitor the public webcams and see your desired roads and streets whenever it’s necessary. Foscam Camera Viewer by OWLR – Makes Viewing Foscam Cams Easy app keeps on adding plenty of new features and services and is making a tremendous effort to let you grab everything right under a single platform.