Yugioh Alternatives for PS4

#1 PoxNora


PoxNora is a Turn-based Strategy, Collectable Card, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed by Sony Online Entertainment and published by Daybreak Game Company. At the beginning of the game, the player builds his deck called Battle-groups. Each battlegroup consists of more than thirty runes in any combination of spells, equipment, relics, and champions.

After the creating of the deck, the player can choose his cards and start his battle against opposing characters by drawing his cards onto the table. Each player’s Battlegroup shuffles the card to reveal two runes per turn.


#2 Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales


Thronebreaker is an Action, Puzzle, Adventure, RPG, Single-player card game introduced by the CD Projekt. The strategy version is set in the world of witcher and its action-adventure gameplay and you will have to play the role of a protagonist in this card battle game. You are going to take over the throne that is run by evil after choosing your battle style and finish it. Explore more mysteries and battles while navigating this online card edition and rule over the world after claiming the throne.

Try to solve different puzzles during your battles and you will embark on many quests, to get solutions and answers to many built-in riddles. Make different choices and bear the consequences of them. The graphical representation of this battle game is captivating during the gameplay to let you enjoy over 20 hours of playthrough. Take multiple challenges and be on the mission to take revenge and destroy the enemies while fighting them with all the powers you have.