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ZChat is a free chatting platform that supports for the chatting from almost all countries. ZChat is simply the great platform for enjoying the clean and decent type of chat environment. ZChat is the best platform for experiencing the easy and user-friendly chatting around the globe from both mobile and web browser of the desktop… read more

16 ZChat Alternatives & Similar Software


1. All4Masti

All4Masti is all about entertainment and fun only and all for free. All4Masti is one of the largest platforms over the internet that contains too many numbers of chat rooms. There are multiple chat rooms for multiple countries; girls chat rooms, mobile chat rooms and much more.

All4Masti provide a conducive chatting environment to its users so that they can connect with other people from different parts of the world. It offers an opportunity to its users to interact with other people across the globe for free without paying anything at all. Many online platforms are being used across the globe for performing chatting in which All4Masti is also the most popular one.


2. ChatStep

The need for communication can never end. Various platforms have been using by human beings since life begins on earth. The advancement in technology gives rise to multiple communication channels over the internet. From desktop-based software to mobile apps and then social media platforms, we have now several channels for performing day to day conversation and even holding official meetings as well.

Among a lot of platforms, one is ChatStep that is known as a platform for making online chatting at both individual and group level. ChatStep offers two options to its users firstly create own chat group, secondly join the existing ones and start chatting and collaborating with others. What makes ChatStep will never ask you to create an account first? As you entered into the website, you are free to make conversation with anyone just by inviting the person first.


3. ChatSecure

ChatSecure is the name of a highly secure and free messaging platform that is backed by the OTR encryption over XMPP. The best about ChatSecure is that it is now offering its users to connect with their existing Google accounts as well.

Moreover, they can create the new accounts as well on their public XMPP servers including Tor as or can connect with the own special server for getting additional security. What makes ChatSecure special one is that in case the users stuck at any level the platform of ChatSecure is fully interoperable with all those clients that support for both XMPP and OTR like Conversations, CopyIM and much more.


4. Otr.to

Otr.to is a new way to communicate with others. It is different from the others communication channels in a sense that it don’t require the server at all. Moreover, Otr.to is highly secret and private mode of communication that requires no registration or any fee from its visitors at all.

What is special about Otr.to is that it is a means for the self-destructing message and offers a great amount of anonymity. Otr.to allows its users to communicate directly without the need of server at all. Moreover, it is a web browser-based chatting platform, so there is no needing install any software at all. If talk about the security level of Otr.to then you can communicate with others without storage of logs on the server of Otr.to at all.


5. Bit Chat

Bit Chat is one of the best P2P, secure and open source instant messenger that aims to offer the end to end encryption for privacy using strong level of the security system. Bit Chat is a standalone messenger for both LAN and internet chat that is backed with end to end encryption. In short, Bit Chat is one of the best and open-source platforms for P2P messenger that aimed to offer its users end to end encryption.

The ultimate aim of any messaging and chatting platform is to provide the security to every one of its users. Same is being considered by the Bit Chat. Bit Chat uses not those systems at all that generates the metadata. The features of Bit Chat are divided into secure and peer to peer section.


6. Kandan

Kandan is the name of an open source and secure platform for communicating with your beloved ones. It doesn’t require the installation of additional plugins. In a simple word, Kandan is s secure, fast and stable communication platform that is based on the rails, free and open source code that is distributed the AGPL license.

Kandan is now available for most of the web browsers. Being available as web client means, you don’t need to install any special software at all. Just open your favorite browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari, create an account and start chatting with your team members, family members or friends. If you don’t want to use the online platform of Kandan then don’t worry, now you can use the Kandan with various other services as well. The support of Kandan is available for many devices that include appfog, Cloud Foundry, Amazon Web Services, and Heroku.


7. Pidgin-Encryption

Pidgin-Encryption is a chatting platform that is known for providing transparent encryption to all the messages sends via its platform. It deploys the RSA encryption. It is very easy to use but very highly secure platform for performing multiple chatting and conversations.

The main features and functions of the Pidgin-Encryption are it creates private and public key pair for the users while loading the plugin, it transmit the public key to other users as well, it support for all bit keys from 512 – 4096, automatically saves key for the authorized users and warns in case of change in keys, embeds all encryptions system and keys inside the HTML so that if other users does not have plugin, they will get a message saying about plugin and much more. The current version of Pidgin-Encryption is widely available for the Windows version of Pidgin as well.


8. E-Chat

E-Chat is a website over the internet that offers a lot of chat rooms where the chat lovers can talk online with each other. Everything is free here and don’t require payment of even a single penny at all. Here you can chat with anyone for free. You can chat with anyone for free without even going for any hectic registration process at all.

The main features that you will encounter at this platform are that you will be able to meet with new people who hold the same interests that you have; you can make your own chat rooms as well. The main thing about E-Chat is that the all chat rooms are highly responsive and requires no plugin at all. You are even not required to install the Java and Flash Player as well.


9. Zobe

At Zobe, you will come to with incredible people. Here you will get the chance to meet in person, and they will then become your long-life friends. For its extensive range of functionalities and multiple options for the visitors, Zobe is said to be one of the greatest places on the internet to meet new people.

It is a free platform for killing your free hours. Whenever, you feel bored, just move to this site and you will go to kick back and relax. The ultimate aim of this platform offers the innovative and fun chat experience over the web for free. What makes Zobe different from most of the chatting based websites is that it has its own innovate style karma system that automatically improves the traditional type of chat experience by developing the social incentives and extra capabilities to increase the chatting experience for the real chat members and to decrease the burden of chat room trolls as well.


10. ChatIW

Meet and Chat with new friends around the world. ChatIW is a social combination application specially designed for singles who want to make new friends and express their feeling. It is a most advanced social platform that provides you the maximum functionality in order to simplify the search for contacts and discussion in real-time that allow you to find your soul mate and build relationships quickly easily.

It has millions of users around the world and gives you the unique opportunity to get to know rapidly and easily with singles from all regions and all ages. The best part about this social platform is that it no require registration, you can directly start its public chat room, simply answer a couple of basic questions such as a nickname, gender, and age, etc. But if you want to meet and chat with someone special you need to sign up with an email address and all the other required information. After login, you can enjoy it all features without any limitation. With this solution, you can send and receive unlimited text messages, multimedia messages and send locations.


11. Cyph

Cyph is the name of a completely free chatting website that provides its visitors with a secure and safe chatting environment. Here you can make encrypted messaging with others without feeling any threat or getting afraid from agencies or lone hackers.

There are no hard and fast rules at all while using Cyph for communication purpose. You and your friends are not required at all to download any software or go through any registration process. Just send the link of Cyph to your friends with whom you want to chat, and here the process of chatting begins. It delivers a high level of from a broad range of cryptographic attacks and very strong client-side crypto as well.


12. ChatCrypt

ChatCrypt is one of the best websites for creating own specialized encrypted chatrooms for making a chat with your beloved ones. You can even create the group based chatting rooms as well. Once you will create your own specialized chat room, you will be given with username and password that you need to share with those with whom you want to make the conversation. Your friends at the other side are required to use that username and password you have provided them.

For the information of the readers, the chat room available at the platform of ChatCrypt are not listed anywhere. According to most of the internet users, ChatCrypt deploys a military level of security encryption during chat messages. That means no one will be able to read the messages except the participants who are the part of the discussion because of having a same secret password.


13. ShockRooms

ShockRooms is the provider of free webcam chat rooms where you can start communicating with others. Just check-in as a guest and make a request to others to start chatting instantly. Thousands of people are there are at this platform that comes from all over the world. The best about ShockRooms is that this platform requires no downloading at all.

ShockRooms is the platform for diverse range of facilities as it offers its visitors with both text and video chat with people all over the globe. When you will enter in the website, you will find a great number of chat rooms that are open for all to start chatting. All you need to register as a guest and start instantly chatting with others. Some leading features and functions of ShockRooms us that you can login with different name to start new chatting, you can hide your identity; you can increase your credibility, anonymous chatting, and much more.


14. OMGChat

OMGChat is a free webcam support chatting platform. OMGChat is, in fact, the platform that contains a big chatting community that makes the visitors able to instantly communicate easily with people across the globe.

OMGChat is the house of thousands of people across the world, and you can become the part of these people once you start using this website. The people here belong to the diverse range of interests, the point of view and culture. Here you can enjoy both voice and video chatting. Video chatting is open for all the time with strangers and with people you know. There is no requirement of dues, memberships, and webcam at all.


15. Chatzy

Chatzy is the provider of free and private chat rooms. This free chatting service allows its users to create their own dedicated chat rooms and then start inviting other people by email to start chatting with them. The platform requires no downloading and installation of special software and registration at all.

For the information of the readers, it merits to mention here that Chatzy features the adult chat rooms as well so be careful while using this chatting platform. With Chatzy you can start chatting with people who do you already know or who visit your website or blog. In case you have created your own chatting room, you will need to invite others otherwise you will not be able to chat with others. So keep in mind that nobody can join chat with you if they have not been invited by you to start chatting.


16. Riot.im

Riot.im is a multifunctional and cross-platform chatting medium that allows the users to collaborate and communicate with each other. This platform can be used for both official and non-official purpose. You can simply call it a shared workstation and communication platform over the internet where you can communicate with others for free.

What make Riot.im special one is that it is available for almost all operating systems and platforms either it is web browser, desktop PC or iOS and Android smartphones and devices. Riot.im allows its users to either communicate with each other at individual level or use it for group discussion and meetings. Riot.im allows the team members to seamlessly collaborate and work together. Riot.im allows one of the largest networks of communications bridges. According to Riot.im, no one will control your data or communication at all.

More About ZChat

ZChat is a free chatting platform that supports for the chatting from almost all countries. ZChat is simply the great platform for enjoying the clean and decent type of chat environment. ZChat is the best platform for experiencing the easy and user-friendly chatting around the globe from both mobile and web browser of the desktop.

ZChat support for multiple communication either it is chatting, flirting or even arranging dates with girls and boys. Right at the platform of ZChat, you will be able to chat and interact with others in a funny style. The interface of the website is really user-friendly and don’t impose too many hurdles and formalities at all. All the process start from the creation of account first that is free to create.

People across the globe are the part of this no-abuse and no-spam platform. When for the first time you will login to the ZChat, you will come across to meet, date and even flirt with the other people in which you are interested in. For its simple and user-friendly interface, ZChat is one of the best global chatting networks for making perfect communication.

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