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Zoho CRM Tools is an award-winning web-based customer relationship management solution that is designed to attract, retain and satisfy customer to grow your business. The core functionality of this solution is lead and contact management as well as sales pipeline management and purchase control… read more
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15 Zoho CRM Tools Alternatives & Similar Software


Planning Center

Planning Center is web-based donor management or churches management system that helps them manage operation more efficiently and work particularly well for growing churches. The software equips churches with the powerful tools they need to face challenges of the new era and offers powerful task-focused solutions.

NetSuite for Nonprofits

NetSuite for Nonprofits is a cloud-based donor management system for your nonprofit or social organization. It is a simple and easy to use software that allows you to manage all the task and activities in the single system.

iMIS Fundraising Software

iMIS Fundraising Software is an Engagement Management System that offers lots of features and capabilities to help your non-profit organization to engage more donors anytime, anywhere on a device. The software offers a massive collection of advanced tools that help you to plan and implement fundraisers by improving commutation lines with donors.


CaseWorthy is a leading donor management software that allows health and human service organization to create stronger and healthier communities, family and individuals. The software understands all the challenges that are faced by HHS organizations that ‘way it provides all the latest technologies, expertise and support to allows the agencies to overcome those challenges and make a healthy impact in their community.


SchoolAuction is an online web-based donor management software, designed to cover a variety of fundraising needs. It is best for small to medium-sized schools, charitable organizations and all the other non-profits platforms.


Giveffect is another end-to-end solution provider for all size of non-profit organizations. It is a simple and easy to use software that has thousands of users around the world. The software integrates with four different systems with one software such as Events, Fundraising and Friends Asking Friends System, Online Giving and Offline Gift Tracking System, Volunteer Scheduling and Management System, and Full Relationship Management Database.

Vision Critical

Vision Critical is a cloud-based feedback and review management software solution that allows companies to create engaged, secure communities for customers to get real-time feedback. It is an advanced level solution that comes with advanced tools, and its technology helps large enterprises discover what their customer want so they can deliver what they want.

Veeva CRM

Veeva CRM is a powerful fully integrated and multi-channel customer relationships management software solution that is designed for the life sciences industries such as drug companies, healthcare organizations, medical institutions and lots of others.


WizeHive or WizeHive Grant Manager is an advanced level business solution that combines CRM, grant management and online application management in the single platform that is completely customizable. The platform features powerful personalization capabilities that allow you to tailor the system so that it will seamlessly fit with all the current applications and grants management lifecycle.

Stamped IO

Stamped IO is a powerful tool that allows you to collect reviews from their real customers and use their words to help your business, services, and products. The software lets you easily send unlimited emails automatically to your customers and requesting to deliver feedback on their recent transactions.


Livespace is a next-level powerful CRM solution that paves the way for intelligent sales and client support. It serves as the platform for users to rigorously take control of the sales processes.


TeamGram is an all-in-one comprehensive CRM (customer relationship management) software that is designed for small to mid-size businesses. It is also known as a sales management and collaboration tool that helps businesses and organization to create powerful relationships with their customers and enhance productivity within the sales cycle and encourage everyone in their teams in order to work together and close more deals.


Freshsales is an official product of Freshdesk that is designed for high-velocity teams to keep track of contacts while solving their inquiries. All the satisfied team describes this solution as the single contact management hub that helps them stay in control but offers at the same time a simple and easy to navigate interface.

Pareto CRM

Pareto CRM is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solution that allows businesses to organize their workflows, monitor their overall progress and keep every member of the team on the same page.


SAN is an all-in-one feature-rich customer relationship management software solution that will empower your business to optimize business operations and gain a long-term competitive advantage in the market. The software is specially designed for those businesses who want to track all customer information and interactive in a single platform in order to follow more leads.

More About Zoho CRM Tools

Zoho CRM Tools is an award-winning web-based customer relationship management solution that is designed to attract, retain and satisfy customer to grow your business. The core functionality of this solution is lead and contact management as well as sales pipeline management and purchase control. It works well regardless if you are a small business, entrepreneur or a large enterprise; the software can automate daily business activities, track sales and engage customers in several platforms. As compared to all the other leading CRM solutions, Zoho CRM is more powerful and offers a wide range of benefits, most of which related to close more sales and attracting more audience. It offers a handy opportunity with a tracking tool that enables you to see where your customer is in the sales cycle. The software also offers deals, contact history, and competitor profile in order to help you craft more fitting messages. The software also lets you identify and target inactive leads with historical details to realign your customer messaging. Salesforce automation, lead management, sales forecasting, quote management, fully customizable forecast reports, and dashboards, account management, document library and website integration with forms these are the core features of the solution. Zoho CRM Tools has five different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.

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