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AOL Instant Messenger

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) is an instant messaging and presence computer program which uses the proprietary OSCAR instant messaging protocol and the TOC protocol to enable registered users to interact in real time. At the point when introducing AOL Instant Messenger, clients need to focus not to change the default settings of their programs because of the offers coordinated in the setup… read more

28 AOL Instant Messenger Alternatives & Similar Software

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1. AIM

AIM (Stands for AOL Instant Messenger) is a superb messaging platform for the desktop users that provides the system of the instant messaging protocol. AIM brings a significant way to make communication with other people in real-time. AIM provides loads of exciting features, and it is not about messaging and communication.

Its services are beyond the messaging that it lets you enjoy group conversations, media sharing, and instant notifications. When it comes to text messaging, then AIM provides the users with a free text messaging system where there is no limitation and charges over sending messages to others.


2. Digsby

Digsby is an instant messaging, email, and social networking application that is used for managing all type of private and open communications. The three main areas of services of Digsby is instant messaging systems, email notification system, and social networking systems.

The instant messaging system of Digsby allows the users to communicate and chat with the other Digsby users and even with the users of AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and other messaging programs as well.


3. KakaoTalk Messenger

KakaoTalk Messenger is a multifunctional chatting, voice talk, face talk, and multimedia messaging platform. The free chatting system of KakaoTalk Messenger provides the users with the two options that includes either messaging to a single friend or doing group discussions with two or more friends simultaineously.

The users of KakaoTalk Messenger are even allowed to enjoy video chatting as well by making HD video calls around the clock to anyone across the globe. Kakao Talk Messenger supports a voice filter integrated into it that ensures a clear voice chatting with friends.


4. Google Talk

Google Talk is the new platform of instant messaging with the famous search engine aims to get closer to its direct competitors (Yahoo, Microsoft and America Online). Google is undergoing a transformation that will be completed in the coming weeks with the new version of its search engine from which you can access searches always with improved algorithms also incorporating an application for news, stock quote or weather forecasts. Google Talk marks a new Expansion in the field of voice and text communications as it incorporates a new similar to Skype protocol (voice over the network) service allowing free calls via PC. The program also incorporates a service for talks similar to MSN Messenger text. The program is now in the testing phase and to be able to use it you need to have registered a Gmail account. All contact your Gmail account will be added directly to this application to talk to all of them without having to insert them individually. Google Talk is compatible with Apple iChat, Pidgin, Adium, Trillian Pro and Psi, this is because all these applications share the Jabber technology. However, the program is not compatible with the network messaging Microsoft (Hotmail) or with Yahoo and the like.


5. Skype

Skype is a communication and instant messaging platform that lets its users make free calls and send text messages to each other freely. Skype also provides the international call system at mobile and landline numbers at a very cheap rate.

In addition to making calls and sending messages, the free service of Skype can be used for sharing files and data as well. Skype ensures the HD video calls in HQ voice subject to the mac and camera of the users.


6. CometChat

CometChat is a desktop messenger that allows the users to enjoy the features of the text, audio and video chat from the desktop of Windows or Mac OS X operating systems. CometChat is the platform of dozens of features and functions that are available in shape of option for one-on-one chats and even group discussion, broadcast messaging system, announcements, single-player games, desktop notifications system, and more.

You can launch Facebook fan page directly from the CometChat, get the notification of tweets directly in the CometChat, translate the conversation into various others international languages, audio call system, video conferencing, screen sharing, send files and data and a lot of other feature and functions that are simply beyond the messaging and calling.


7. eBuddy Messenger

eBuddy Messenger is a legendary application for the Android version that has been present in Windows and Mac, and formerly known as Meebo. Although the name has changed, but its features remain completely the same. This application continues to allow users to communicate with each other through a variety of platforms, such as MSN (Windows Live Messenger or WLM), Facebook, Yahoo!, MySpace, Gtalk, ICQ and AIM (AOL); all from within the same interface. This means that instead of having six or seven separate applications to communicate with friends, you only need one: eBuddy Messenger. The application comes with all the usual features you find in the social network messaging tools: Avatar, smiley, group creation, and so on. eBuddy Messenger is a great app for those who want to communicate with friends using Gtalk or MSN, but not yet installed all the application. Also, eBuddy Messenger can be run on the back and requires very few resources.


8. Frim

Frim is a free to use social communication application that helps you to connect with new people around the world on local chat rooms. With the help of this application, you can make new friends, meet new locals for a coffee while you travel, or just chat with the same interest people online to express your feelings.

It has more than 5 million users and allows you to meet new people and make new friends fast easily. Like Facebook and lots of the leading social media applications, it also enables you to send friend requests, and once accepted, you can easily send and receive unlimited messages without any limitation. Frim offer enhances communication system and allows you to send and receive text messages, images, videos, location, and even voice messages, etc.


9. Cotap

Cotap is a cross-platform and multifunctional text, voice and video calling program that lets the users make free audio and video calls with other Cotap users and send messages for free as well. The main area of service by the Cotap are sending messages, voice messages, and sending large media, and docs files.

Cotap is not about sending and receiving messages only, but it is more than just a messaging platform. It can be used for business purposes as well, where the team members can make collaboration with each other by sharing files and data of the company with each other.


10. Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz is an instant messenger and calls service provider from where you can enjoy making free calls and sending free messages without any limits. Nimbuzz brings the finest way to stay connected with your friends and family members. Only a few video calling and chatting programs are offering the feature of calling to the international mobile and landline numbers, and it is among a few of them.

Nimbuzz app allows its global users to make free calls or send text messages for free without even caring for the number of messages sent or the time duration of the calls, as in the case of Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz all is every free.


11. LINE

LINE is a free messaging and calling app for exchanging instant messages with friends and enjoy making group chats as well. LINE is available for almost all operating systems and devices. The best thing about the LINE app is that it operates normally over all operating systems. The app supports high synchronization so that you can access it from anywhere and at any time.

LINE Messanger provides the users with free messaging, and voice/video calling system . The users can make real-time audio and video calls to their friends without paying anything. In terms of messaging and text chatting, LINE is also fully-featured, and contains thousands of stickers and smileys to make the chatting colorful and full of fun.


12. ICQ

ICQ is an exclusive messaging and calling platform for the PC environment. ICQ brings an elegant way to make free chatting as well as video calling with friends and staying in touch with them all the time if they are also using the same app.

The app also provides the system of making low-cost phone calls on landline and mobile numbers, either at the local level or international level. If you are using it and your friend is also using it, then both of you can enjoy the free and unlimited feature of sending messages and making voice and video calls.


13. ooVoo

ooVoo is an instant messaging and video chatting platform that is available for almost all operating systems and devices. For enjoying the free features of the ooVoo, the willing users are first required to get themselves registered.

After the registeration, they can enjoy the free features of instant messaging, voice calling, video calling, and chatting and even the video conferencing as well.


14. X-Lite

X-Lite is a desktop platform that features instant messaging, voice and video calls in a simple and easy to use interface. X-Lite app provides the users with those communication and chatting features that make it easy for the users to enjoy instant messaging and HD voice and video calling. The best about X-Lite is that it can be used for individual and organizational communication purpose.

X-Lite is a way to get rid of the traditional phone system and enjoy the free SMS and voice and video calling system. Either you want to use it for one to one communication or want to use it for group discussion, both features are being offered by the X-Lite.


15. iMessage

iMessage is an unlimited text messaging system for the Mac OS X operating systems that provide the iOS users to send unlimited messages to other iMessage users on Mac or other iDevices for free. There is no limitation over sending text messages. For sending the messages, the users are required to only have the Wi-Fi or data plan for the device in order to enjoy free messaging and unlimited texting.

In addition to simply sending the text messages, the users of iMessage can enjoy the sharing of photos, videos, contact information, and even location as well. The can enjoy the conversation across all devices of Apple.


16. Jitsi

Jitsi is an open-source and multiplatform video calling and chatting app that is basically used for video calls, video conferencing, and desktop sharing. Jitsi is one of the best platforms to enjoy sending messaging, making audio and video calls, and even for the video conferencing.

Jitsi app allows the users to conduct the interviews of the candidates or hold video conferences from other parts of the world. Being a multiplatform program, it is available for all operating systems and devices. The app provides secure and private means for video and audio calls to the ones you want.


17. Pidgin

Pidgin is the universal chat client software, which enables the two or more groups to establish a communication between them. By this software, you can simultaneously chat with multiple networks if you are log-in to one account. For example you can equally communicate with all your friends who are using different networks like MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo, Gadu-Gadu, IRS, MXit, etc. It is available for Linux OS, UNIX OS and Windows. In addition to chat, it provides features of the file transfers, typing notifications and buddy icons. You can translate your message in over eighty international languages as well. The number of courier services that supports Pidgin is second to none, as it also provides access to other not as well-known as Bonjour, QQ, Zephyr, SILC, Lotus Sametime, Google Talk or MSN, among many others. The program allows sending all kinds of files, supports emoticons and notifications, including function display prompt states and even when one of your contacts is writing you a message. In short, Pidgin is still a recommendable to chat with your friends as if time had not passed the application.


18. Hangouts

Hangouts, previously known as Google Talk, is an IM and VoIP software developed by Google. It was released in May 15, 2013 and stable version was released in October 22, 2014. Google has declared it the future of its telephony product. It is compatible with MS Windows OS (Chrome extension), Mac OS (Chrome extension) Linux (Chrome extension), Chrome OS, Android and iOS. In latest Android phones, it is the default application for messaging. You can make videoconference free with your 10 friends. Don’t worry about what kinds of platforms your friends use; it equally works across PCs, Android phones and tablets. A standout amongst the most intriguing elements incorporated into Hangouts is that you can utilize the administration from any gadget, grabbing a discussion right the latest relevant point of interest. At the end of the day, you can begin conversing with somebody while utilizing your PC; precede with the discussion on your iPad, and completion it from your Android cell phone. Home base additionally permits you to spare records of your discussions with every client. This truly proves to be useful in the event that you need to spare photos that somebody has imparted to you, since they will as of now be in customized envelopes.


19. Palringo

Palringo is a cross – platform instant messaging client with which you can communicate with your contacts from MSN, Gmail, Yahoo MSN, AOL, Jabber or ICQ at the same time. The greatest advantages against other similar Palringo clients are resource consumption lower than average and a well – organized interface through which you can work easily with your different accounts. To use Palringo you need to register on the author’s website (free). Once you have your user, you can add the client the above services you want to include in your account. Palringo lets you manage each service separately, so that, for example, you can change your status for your MSN but not for those of Gmail. Initially your contacts are listed by state, but you can create groups that include contacts of different services. You see, this is a very basic customer who meets the basic needs of these programs, which will surely interest those who use the messenger only for specific communications.


20. Franz

Franz is a customer oriented platform to which you can use all your instant messaging applications from a single interface. So far, the list of supported applications includes: Slack, WhatsApp, WeChat, HipChat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Google Hangouts, GroupMe, Skype and Grape. All you have to do to start using a courier from Franz will identify with our user account. In the case of Telegram you simply enter our phone number in Facebook will have to enter your username and password, and the WhatsApp may use a QR code. Franz interface is very convenient for managing multiple accounts, since each appear on a tab. And thanks to the notifications you can see if you have pending messages for reading in any of the applications. Franz is a very interesting program for any user to pass some time before the PC. With it you can reply to any message you receive any of its messaging applications, and may do so without having to consult their mobile phone, without even having open several different clients on the PC.


21. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger that is commonly known as the Messenger is a desktop commination and messaging program being offered by the Facebook Messenger for messaging, voice chatting and calling. Fb Messenger is integrated with the chatting feature of Facebook and also work as independently as well.

The users of Facebook Messenger can chat with their friends and those added in the contact list. They can even make voice and video calls as well in the same way as they do on the apps of Facebook Messenger or the website of Facebook. Messenger also introduce Rooms feature that allows users to make video calls with more than 50 users around the world.


22. HipChat

HipChat is an instant messaging and video chatting platform for the desktop environment that provides the users with the system of private and group chat, file sharing, and data integrations. The app contains a chatting and messaging system that enables the users to send unlimited text messages, make audio, and video calls without any limitations.

It also carries a data-sharing system that lets the users send their large files with other HipChat users within a few minutes. The app supports a proper persistent screen sharing and video calling system in the HipChat that provide the users with a secure and private environment for chatting and communication.


23. Miranda IM

Miranda IM is a multi-protocol instant messaging setup for the Windows operating systems that provide the users with the system for basic and important client framework. In addition to providing users with their own integrated features and functions, Miranda IM app also provides the users with the extra plugin architecture system.

In addition to work as an independent instant messenger, Miranda IM even lets the users receive the messages from the other messengers and share the same to them also.


24. GroupMe

GroupMe is a communication and group messaging platform empowered by Microsoft. Group Me app provides the users with a messaging platform from where they can send instant messages to other GroupMe users without any limitations.

The app also supports the functionality of group chatting and messaging to enjoy everything in the way you want. The two primary messaging services of GroupMe are chatting either privately with the other GroupMe users or even by joining chatrooms.


25. WeChat

WeChat is a free instant messaging and video communication platform that provides the users with a free platform for sending unlimited messages and calls. We Chat is a secure and private means of communication and discussion where the users can enjoy endless conversations in a secure and private environment.

The app features HD voice calls, HD video calls, instant messaging systems, chat with the nearby persons, and a lot of others. WeChat provides the users with the system of sharing large files and media data.


26. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a multiplatform, instant messaging, and audio chatting app to have a quality time while watching content. It supports video chatting, as well. Most of the people like to use WhatsApp for creating and joining groups. The best about WhatsApp is that it can be used as an instant messenger and social networking platform at the same time.

WhatsApp allows its users to create and join groups of others as well to have endless conversations. They can then share videos, images, links, gifs, documents, text messages, audio messages, clips, and all other necessary information in groups.


27. Trillian

Trillian is a freeware multiprotocol instant messaging software, designed for MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry and the web. It can integrated to multiple instant messaging services like Windows Live Messenger, AIM, ICQ, etc. and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. Trillian is a sophisticated and powerful tool to communicate with your contacts using instant messaging. The program is also able to work with all our accounts MSN, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), ICQ, and IRC simultaneously. Trillian is fully compatible with all those servers, has its own environment (very comfortable and easy to use) and is configurable using ‘skins’. The program also supports registration of entry and exit logs, allows the use smilies and has a system of own icons to differentiate each of the contacts are connected. If you have multiple accounts on different servers, this is the application you were looking for. However, with the integration of IM into social networking and emails site, the need of these IM clients has been reduced but not eliminated completely.


28. Telegram Messenger

Telegram Messenger is a highly encrypted messaging platform that allows users to send messages and make communications across the globe in a highly private and secret environment. Unlike most of the instant messenger, Telegram Messenger never locates the identity of its users and not keep an eye on the behavior of its users.

Other features for communication in Telegram Messenger are almost the same, just like other messaging applications. The users of Telegram Messenger can enjoy sending messages, large files, and media with other Telegram Messenger users for free.

More About AOL Instant Messenger

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) is an instant messaging and presence computer program which uses the proprietary OSCAR instant messaging protocol and the TOC protocol to enable registered users to interact in real time. At the point when introducing AOL Instant Messenger, clients need to focus not to change the default settings of their programs because of the offers coordinated in the setup. Similar to the case with all texting customers, one needs to make a record, determining the username and secret word they need to use to reach their contacts. Notwithstanding, clients can likewise enter their Facebook certifications on the off chance that they would prefer not to make a different record for AIM. Once the contacts have been foreign from Hotmail, Facebook or Yahoo! clients can begin talking with their pals depending on both emoticons and adjustable content. In addition to the fact that it is conceivable to obstruct individual contacts or change the online status quickly, however, AIM can likewise be utilized to exchange records, begin sound talk or impart pictures to companions. Incapacitating discussion logging can ensure security or as often as possible cleaning the made log documents to ensure no one else gets the opportunity to peruse them. On the off chance that somebody needs to utilize AOL Instant Messenger at the workplace, they can impair all warning sounds or supplant them with more prudent ones that don’t aggravate them from work. To entirety it up, AOL Instant Messenger is easy to understand application that can be utilized by learners and stars alike to visit with their companions or business accomplices, the length of they have an AIM or Facebook account.