Beep Media Player Alternatives and Competitors

Beep Media Player is a multifunctional audio player that is backed by the multimedia features of the XMMS. However, most of the features and functions of Beep Media Player are much different than those of XMMS multimedia player. Beep Media Player is a simple to use multimedia music player that in addition to being user-friendly is very supportive and powerful at the same time that provides the all basic audio playing functions and features to the users. Beep Media Player is based on the codebase of the BMP project. For those who are looking for a highly advanced multimedia player to listen the online and offline music will find the Beep Media Player very conducive to enhance their music experience. If you want to listen to the online news from the most popular news agencies, are want correct and canonical metadata, or want to listen to the Icecast radio and Shoutcast then here is the Beep Media Player for you to get all these organised at a centralized platform of the Beep Media Player.

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