SoundHound is an exceptional tool that enables its global users to enjoy discovering music playing around you in seconds. You can sing along millions of songs with LiveLyrics and add your most likely songs to the Spotify playlists. The app makes it super easy and elegant to discover music playing around you.

The app lets you explore your desired music along with their lyrics and enjoy them whenever you want. You can precisely discover the lyrics of all your recently listened songs as well as other most likely music available on your mobile device. You can keep track of all your discoveries through its history support and also find out what is being played near you and around the globe with its Music Map.

SoundHound – Music Discovery & Lyrics app lets you get to know the hottest music across popular charts, genres, and the globe. So download SoundHound – Music Discovery and Lyrics app from the store to grab a single app to hit the big orange button to exactly play the song that you want.


SoundHound Alternatives

#1 Spotify


Spotify got a new, clean interface and runs music with recordings, podcasts, and additional features. Its large collection of group-based playlists that help you discover excellent music for any state of mind or occasion. The free, advertisement based music service offers its users to enjoy that kind of music that they want to listen to all the time.

Joining your particular music records with Spotify’s list is very simple. There are no live radio stations, any premium record, offline listening or pick any tune you need to listen to. Its family plan can be more costly than Apple Musics. Notwithstanding expanding rivalry, Spotify is still the highest point of the pack for listening to music.

Spotify is probably the undisputed lord of spilling, and its rule doesn’t look like closure soon with these late overhauls. The new look and new elements take what was at that point this splendid platform is and include the level of clean and exhaustiveness to make it a five-star item.


#2 Deezer


Deezer- The Music Listening platform that started in France and had since extended to all over the world, contains some advanced musical features. To begin with, it’s accessible in 182 countries. To place that in context, there are 192 countries on earth. While on the other hand, it implies there are just ten countries in the whole world that don’t have Deezer.

Along these lines, unless you as of now live in the Vatican, Taiwan, or Kosovo, this applies to you. Deezer ostensibly has the most music records as compared to its rivals. This comes through in the Hear This segment, which receives a magazine-like design for its chosen playlists and “Deezer Picks” track choices.

Deezer regularly incorporates a little remark from the Deezer staff part that is making these suggestions and includes their name, work title, and picture, giving it a solid human touch. Deezer app additionally utilizes this segment to push forward new Deezer Sessions, which are smoothly created live recordings of events, alongside singer’s accounts and profiles. The Explore section includes a more extensive choice of Deezer Picks and New Releases with less of a publication detail.

#3 Tidal


Tidal is a new platform in the world of music, yet it offers some excellently curated components – and it’s enhancing continuously. Specialists precisely pick playlists and seemingly offer the most cloud music playlists you can discover on any of the platforms. Since the re-dispatch, Tidal now offers discovery and music exploring fields as well.

The previous guarantees to give unsigned artisans ‘a break they merit’ by adding their music to Tidal’s database. When you’ve had enough of the Niki Minaj and Beyonce cherish in, Rising is about finding the following enormous thing, including specialists from around the world. There’s no requirement of creating an online account, and there’s likewise no indication of customized radio stations.

Tidal is a great music listening platform, perfect for anybody with an affinity for Hello their loyalty sound. For other people, it merits taking up the one week trial to check whether the new quality is justified regardless of extra money.

One of the most exceptionally cool elements that the Tidal has, and Spotify doesn’t, is sound pursuit. It resembles having Shazam incorporated straightforwardly with the app where you have to press the record button, and listen to any tune you can hear in your surroundings, recognize it, and permit you to save it to your special Tidal library.


#4 Apple Music


Apple Music gives you a chance to listen to 30 million tunes from the iTunes library, in addition to any music you’ve acquired from iTunes. The application’s proposal system utilizes both calculations and people to pick the ideal tunes. Alongside that, Siri also helps you discover new and vintage music with some new voice summons.

Apple Music app has an objective of pushing aside any semblance of Rdio, Pandora, Slacker, and particularly Spotify to be a one-stop goal for all things music. The outcome is a fantastic coalition of a cloud-in light of interest spilling platform included 30 million tracks, existing iTunes music library, and all the live radio stations in one ace app.

This Music app gets a significant measure right, a gigantic music index, extraordinary voice control reconciliation from virtual assistant Siri, and high cross-stage bolster. Furthermore, it has an astounding, invigorating dependence on genuine users, from the music editors (whose whole occupation is to make playlists and select music) to live DJs.


0 is one of those jewels of the internet that are entertaining music lovers for the past many years. The possibility that anybody can explore to a site and, in a flash, begin listening to an immense library of music for free sounds preposterous on a basic level. Keeping in mind there are different sites out there offering sufficiently close similar things. is, on account of the expansiveness and profundity of its platform, more likely than not the best.

At its basic level, the works through a blaze based web interface and permits visitors to listen to full-length, free tracks of comparative types. It’s necessary for everyone to make a profile to get the full advantage.’s also lets you enjoy making playlists of most loved tracks. Users can evaluate tracks as adored or loathed when they are playing for the real-time.

This information is then contrasted with that of different clients with enhancing the probability of records being to the audience’s taste. On that note, is presently revealing the following level of its membership benefit, which will align it with “genuine” group music platforms. Tracks are liable to the furthest reaches of three free plays whereupon they’re no more drawn out open straightforwardly.

#6 Grooveshark


Grooveshark is an online music app that works for anybody on the web to listen to on-request music without any cost. Visitors can listen to single tunes from more than 15 million tunes, save playlists, and install both on different sites, web journals, and online networking channels through the Grooveshark Widget.

Grooveshark offers music lovers the alternative to get to their Grooveshark accounts remotely with versatile apps for Android, jailbroken iOS, BlackBerry, and HP Palm WebOS gadgets. Grooveshark additionally permits musicians and singers to advance themselves with rich site takeovers, promoting in light of ultimate demographic information.

It helps users to have the scenario of getting their favorite music straight to their ears and enjoy whatever they want with simple clicks. All information and examination identifying with an artist or a band are unreservedly accessible to promoters and groups. For example, the number of times their substance has been listened to, alongside demographic and geographic data about the members of the audience.

#7 Stereomood


Stereomood works a little uniquely in contrast to other music listening and streaming apps and sites. Stereomood proposes music for you in light of your requirements. For instance, when you’ll say “I feel bored”, then you’ll get a playlist of assigned pitiful tunes.

Stereomood app isn’t as useful for customization as a portion of other music sites, as it is all pre-set playlists, yet you can label melodies that you think fits certain mind-sets. The program monitors the states of mind that you enter, and you can take a gander at your mind-set count consistently.

Stereomood’s iOS app is likewise connected to iTunes and gives you a choice to purchase the melodies that you like on iTunes. Stereomood enables its users to listen to their most likely content without being frustrated with advertisements at all.

#8 Pandora


Pandora is a web-based music and radio station containing platform that comprises of best music stations and gives you the alternative to making your own playlists. You can skirt certain songs, yet you are constrained to a particular measure of skips every hour. Pandora’s made playlists do turn out to be more customized in time, as your listening history turns out to be clearer.

Pandora has a music library of around 1 million tracks. You can get to Pandora for free, but its free version contains ads. While on the other hand, you can pay $4 a month for an advertisement-free platform. With Pandora, you can listen to your favorite tracks using this handy app.

It can be accessible by a wide range of smartphones or through the web program on your PC, and there is no desktop platform. Pandora Premiere offers early access to unreleased music. With no playlists or on-request spilling and active substance, Pandora Radio is a high, close pervasive spilling music benefit, yet it does not have the components found in contending items.

#9 MySpace


MySpace is a joint music wander that permits clients to stream music on-demand, make playlists, and add gadget music players to their profiles. The spilling will publicize upheld, firstly through show promotions (like Imeem), and later by means of in-stream sound advertisements. Sans DRM downloads will likewise be accessible, either publicizing bolstered or on a compensation premise like Amazon’s Music Store.

MySpace isn’t one of the cool children anymore, but it still is a phenomenal place to listen to specialists’ music. MySpace Music app empowers you to make your particular playlists, yet it’s somewhat inconsistent. For Instance, when you hunt down Foo Fighters, you couldn’t include anything from the present collection, despite the fact that we were listening to it in another open MySpace tab.

On the off-chance that you haven’t seen the new MySpace, you’re passing up a significant opportunity for a standout amongst the most inventively planned places on the Web. MySpace has a restless coolness consider that would be stripped away rapidly if it pulled in excessively numerous of the wrong individuals.

#10 Google Music Play


Google Music Play is an excellent platform that enables its global users to stream their desired music anywhere you want. The app brings ads-supported, free radio for what you are up to, what you want to listen to, and how you are feeling. You can instantly start radio stations immediately based on songs, albums, and artists and also search by genre, activity, mood, decade, and more.

The app allows its global users to carry their stack of the best music with them all the time by uploading thousands of songs and is available to use on Android, web, and iOS for free. You can also subscribe to your most likely channels to get on-demand access to thousands of awesome songs and download anything to listen even when you are not connected.

The app lets users enjoy radio curated by the most amazing experts and stores up to 50K songs from your personal music collection. Google Music Play app also helps you discover and subscribe to podcasts and get smart recommendations based on your taste.

#11 iTunes Music Store


iTunes Music Store app lets you lose yourself in millions of songs and enjoy them whenever you want. The app allows you to stream more than 60 million songs without being frustrated with ads on the platform. You can download your most likely tracks and play them without having any internet as well.

It brings exclusive and original content, and you can access them over all your devices. You can sing along, tap ahead, and even listen with lyrics view over this superb tool. You can listen to live radio stations from all over the globe.

The app support instant downloading as well as instant streaming music straight to your Apple Watch when your phone is not with you. It helps you enjoy Apple music experience in the car with the CarPlay and also discover songs that you love from music picked just for you.

Apart from these, the iTunes Music Store app allows you to tap into new music with the curated playlists from its amazing editors. You can also ask Siri to explore songs and even the lyrics. iTunes Music Store app lets you enjoy multiple subscription plans, and you can choose that fascinates you.

#12 SoundCloud


SoundCloud is an exclusive streaming service that brings an open global community for anyone to upload anything they want for immediate discovery. SoundCloud – Music & Audio is a music streaming tool developed in the market by SoundCloud Inc. that enables its global users to discover new music, get personalized playlists, support and connect with artists, and enjoy more right under one platform.

SoundCloud – Discover playlists & podcasts allows its global users to access millions of emerging and already established podcasts, DJs, and artists right over your cell phones and tablets. You can listen to music that exists nowhere else and get suggested tracks based on your listening habits. You can also discover charts of the app for catching the most exclusive music or podcast in each genre.

SoundCloud – Music and Audio app let you create playlists for any occasion and discover new music faster with curated playlists. The app contains an enormous catalog that carries the gigantic hits in pop hip-hop, techno, jazz, classical, rock, electronic, and various others. Sound Cloud – Discover playlists and podcasts lets you grab the world’s most gigantic hits and explore what’s next in music.

#13 Shazam


Shazam is an incredible app that helps us discover the title of each melody that you want to listen to. The main thing you have to do is hold your Android phone near the wellspring of the sound and sit tight around five seconds for it to prepare the tune.

Directly after, and without the need to be noiseless, the program will let you know the correct title of the melody you were listening to. The database of the program perceives melodies from Kanye West to Frank Sinatra or Spice Girls.

Nothing gets away from the application because of its gigantic music database. Shazam is entirely helpful for music beaus since you can frequently wind up in a circumstance where you hear a tune that you don’t perceive. So with basic development, you put your telephone near the wellspring of the sound to discover the title of the melody and hear it out as much as you need.

#14 Amazon Prime Music


Amazon Music is one or probably the most popular music streaming application which enables its global users to enjoy their most likely music right through their cell phones and tablets. Amazon Music Stream Songs & Listen Offline is one of the most elegant tools developed in the market by AMZN Mobile LLC, which enables its global users to enjoy a collection of more than 50 million songs in an ads-free atmosphere.

The app brings high-quality audio music right on the palm of your hands and plays any of your most likely songs whenever you want. You can go hands-free with the assist of Alexa, where you can just use your voice to get ask for the music to play without any requirement of searching and browsing.

Amazon Music Stream Songs and Listen Offline app allows you to choose millions of songs, tons of playlists, thousands of stations, and personal recommendations. You can stream weekly releases and start your free trial of 30 days whenever you want and then purchase its premium subscription for further use. Amazon Music Stream Songs & Listen Offline app allows you to enjoy downloading your most likely music, albums, songs, and playlists to your cell phones and tablets for offline listening.

#15 FoxTube


FoxTube is a Premium Mobile App for those who want to enjoy YouTube videos continuously with playlists, developed by Mix1009. The app features easy searching, create local playlists, support YouTube account login, HD videos, and helps you play in a mini-player while searching.

FoxTube is a very simple and easy to use app that lets you enjoy things in same as YouTube. With the help of this application, you easily search, upload, and watch any videos without any ads irritation. It also offers a download option that allows you to download any video from it effortlessly. Fox Tube App is one of the best apps for those who want to enjoy YouTube video continuity.

#16 HipHopEarly


HipHopEarly developed by Idle Media Inc. that was specially made for those music lovers who want to stay up to date with the latest trends. This is an integrated app that lets you browse the latest and top tracks, enjoy the news as well as listen to tracks from all the upcoming artists with the promoted track section.

It is one of the best apps that allows you to enjoy millions of tracks in multiple languages. HipHopEarly has millions of users from around the world who are enjoying millions of stuff each day. It offers two different ways to find your favorite stuff, such as explore categories and through the search bar.

In the search bar, you need to place the name of the artist, song, or country to get the content that you are looking for. The categories are consist of multiple options such as Artists, News, Latest, Top, and Upcoming, etc. HipHopEarly is one of the best applications for getting up to date music right over your cell phones and tablets.

#17 ulisten


uListen is a Free Android app that allows you to listen to unlimited YouTube videos continuously. It is also known as an unofficial YouTube player where you can search for music, artist, and videos. You can even subscribe to other channels to keep track of their new uploads just like YouTube.

To enjoy the uListen service, you need to download the app, sign up via the correct email address or Facebook, and start your music player. UListen app gives you access to all of YouTube videos and allows you to create your own playlist, discover new music genres, and enjoy unlimited music streaming.

It also offers lots of key features such as customization option, saves the playlist, instant sharing with others, fast streaming, access overs 100 music genre, and much more. With the help of this platform, you also can share the latest or favorite tracks with others. uListen is one of the best choices for all music lovers.

#18 iTube


iTube is an incredible mobile application that helps you to download and play preferred videos, audios, and music albums directly from your mobile deceive. With the help of this platform, you can convert YouTube videos to MP3. It is a classy app that enables you to enjoy and download unlimited video and music files whenever you want, and you can access it anytime, anywhere around the world.

iTube app offers a powerful search bar that allows you to search for any music video by adding keywords to the search bar. One of the most addictive things about iTunes is that it allows you to log in via YouTube account and can sync all your playlist and interesting videos to enjoy unlimited stuff.

The app also offers lots of prominent features such as a free to use scenario, create your own playlist, download unlimited music tracks, save battery, fast streaming, no ads irritations, and much more. You can also enjoy music on the background while using Facebook or any of your desired app available on your phone. With a simple and user-friendly interface. iTube is one of the best choices for all Music lovers.

#19 MxTube for YouTube


MxTube for YouTube is a Free app that allows you to enjoy unlimited videos and music. It is similar to YouTube but provides all the missing features from other YouTube apps. The app enables its global users to create your own playlist, set video quality, closed captioning support, play video in the background, remote control, fast streaming, advanced search, and upload videos, etc.

Other than these, MxTube for YouTube app also features login and access your own YouTube channel, place comments, and share videos with your friends, family members, and others. MxTube is available to use on Android and iOS platforms, and you can access it anytime, anywhere around the world.

The most addictive thing about this app is that it allows its users to download unlimited videos in multiple formats through the app directly. MxTube for YouTube is one of the best apps for all those who want to enjoy ultimate video and music right over their cell phones and tablets.

#20 Foobar2000


Foobar2000 is a freeware audio player introduced in 2002 for multiple platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, etc. It is known for its highly modular design, breadth of features, and extensive user flexibility in configuration. The platform supports a massive number of audio file formats, files, and folders as well as a converter interface for use with command line encoders.

Foobar2000 is an advanced audio player that can be customized to suit your specific needs and preferences. The software needs a fire amount of time to tweak and set up, but once you are done, you can use it in just about any way you need to manage your media library. After the installation, the interface appears a tad bleak, but in reality, it hides some powerful features and a vast array of customizable options.

It allows you to choose the quick setup or you can go make individual selections regarding the type of information. Just like the other similar software, it also has a list of features such as Gapless Playback, full replay gain support, open component architecture, advanced tagging capabilities, and full Unicode support. Foobar2000 app is a wonderful audio tool to have in your collection of software just to enjoy music.

#21 Enqueue


Enqueue is an elegant, lightweight music player for macOS that is specially made for those who want to enjoy ultimate music right from the palm of their hands. It has a simple and user-friendly interface with loads of customization options that can be managed as you want.

One of the most interesting and enjoyable things about this software is that it supports all large format files including mp3, mp4, wave, FLAC, musepack, and AIFF, etc. It is simple and easy to use software that requires the installation and you can then easily manage all issues and enjoy having ultimate music experience.

The app enables its global users to Create their own playlists, manage things through the equalizer, growl notification, sleek mini-player, file tagging, media key, and built-in last FM scrobbling. Just like other similar platforms, the Enqueue app also imports all your favorite stuff on iTunes.

#22 MusicBee


MusicBee is a free-to-use media player for playback and organization of audio files on Microsoft Windows using the BASS and audio library. It is also known as the ultimate music manager and player that makes it easy to manage, find, and play music files on your personal computer. The software also supports podcasts SoundCloud integration and web radio station.

Music Bee app is a simple, fast, and powerful tool that is specially made for users who want to enjoy ultimate music stuff. It is an alternative to Apple iTunes but offers lots of new services. The key features of the program are audio playback, file converter, library management, scrobbling, synchronization, Gapless playback, auto DJ, different mode, and much more.

Another amazing fact about this excellent platform is that it offers extreme customization that allows you to change the appearance of the software with different themes and manage everything according to your choices. If you are looking for a cool media player then MusicBee is specially made for you.

#23 Fidelia


Fidelia is a high-definition audio player for all sophisticated music lovers. Just like other similar programs, it also focuses on music with support for all contemporary audio file formats and an elegant interface. It gives you the power and freedom to organize, customize, and savor your digital collection at the highest possible fidelity in any circumstance.

The great thing about this platform is that the Fidelia app makes it easy to import your iTunes library, but it goes further by supporting a massive range of high-quality formats as well. The platform supports 64-bit audio unit plugins and provides immediate access to the complete set of OS X’s system audio unit.

Fidelia app offers a stylish interface that reflects the user’s pure passion for music, paying tribute to the iconic stereo system, and intuitive controls that Mac owners demand. Fidelia features enable you to create a more spacious soundstage, user-friendly interface, personal music library, and much more. Fidelia is one of the best and high-definition audio players for all sophisticated music lovers.

#24 PodTrans


PodTrans is a user-friendly software that lets you transfer music to your iPod and create a backup of your audio files on your personal computer. As compared to iTunes, the sync feature of the software is speedier and reliable. It offers a modern, streamlined design that creates a comfortable environment to work. PodTrans also has lots of tools that allow you to maintain your music list and add a new song.

It is simple and easy to use software available to use on macOS only. With the help of this powerful tool, you can easily transfer audio and video in a few seconds. Pod Trans app has multiple versions, and each new version is enhanced than the previous one. It is one of the best tools for those who want to transfer music files to your iPod and create a backup of their audio files on the computer.

#25 Swinsian


Swinsian is a simple music player dedicated to managing entertainment stuff without the complexity of ebooks, online stores, apps, TV shows, and movies. It is a sophisticated music player for macOS only that comes as an alternative to iTunes and offers lots of advanced features such as customization, track inspector in multiple ways, and editing of tags, etc.

Swinsian has a massive collection of music that also consists of multiple categories, and each category also consists of multiple options. It has a powerful duplicator finder tool that helps you find and remove all redundant tracks using flexible criteria to keep your library organized. The software also allows you to control playback easily with a simple global shortcut and a mini window.

The customizable desktop art widget decorates your desktop with details of the music that you are listening to. Swinsian app includes lots of prominent features such as folder watching, regex search, global keyboard shortcuts, playback notification, library stats, smarty playlist, find and replace tags, and much more. Swinsian is one of the best music players as compared to others.

#26 Apple iTunes


Apple iTunes is a classy media player, internet radio broadcaster, and mobile device management software that contains an awesome media library, developed by Apple Inc. in 2001. It can play, download, and organize digital multimedia files such as audio and videos. It has a massive collection of entertainment content that consists of multiple categories such as Pop, Classical, Jazz, and lots of others.

Each category also consists of thousands of options. The original and main focus of the platform is music with the library offering organization, storage, and collection of user music. Apple iTunes can be used to rip songs from CDs as well as play content with the use of dynamic, smart playlists. The software requires an internet connection with a registration option for those who want to create their own playlists.

The most interesting fact about this program is that it has more than 45 million songs, downloaded albums, and tracks to listen to while in offline mode. The app keeps all the music in your personal iTunes library, no matter where it comes from. The app features a massive collection of movies, regular updates with new content, a user-friendly interface, and you can create your own ultimate playlists. Apple iTunes is one of the best platforms for those who want to enjoy the ultimate entertainment stuff.

#27 Ecoute


Ecoute is a standalone music player tool that is specially made for Mac OS and iOS users, created by Louka Desroziers and Julien Sagot. Ecoute app offers lots of simple services with some new features that make it more addictive. The application is focused on playing your own iTunes library to save your computer memory.

It is more than just a music player that also allows you to stay connected with your friends and family member by sharing your music on Last FM, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Ecoute is incredibly minimal where all your music goes into one window which can be minimized.

The software has a massive collection of advanced tools that make your experience more interesting. With the help of these tools, you can easily find music, video, list FM, and tracks using YouTube integrated search. Ecoute is a wonderful entertainment software for all ages.

#28 AnyTrans


AnyTrans is an ultimate product manager that converges your entire apple products and consolidates every access to all your content in one place, including video, audios, images, messages, and voice memos, etc. No matter the content is from your iTunes, backups, iPhone, or even cloud, it offers efficient control and absolute freedom on the phone data.

AnyTrans is a simple and easy-to-use software that covers all your important mobile data and files. The platform also offers lots of advanced tools that manage all the content and make it more enhanced. It has a wide range of key features that make it better than others. AnyTrans is one of the best content managers as compared to others.

#29 Songza


Songza is a free music streaming and recommendation service for internet users in Canada and the United State. It offers a playlist for improving activities such as waking up, entertaining, workout, sleeping, and unwinding, etc. Users can vote songs up to down, and the service will adapt to the user’s personal preferences.

Users can also find playlists not just based on songs, artists or genres but also based on the themes of eras and interests. It is one of the best alternatives to SoundCloud and offers all the similar services with some new features that make it better than others. To enjoy its service, you need to sign up with a verified email address and all the other required information.

After completing the registration, you can easily access all features without any limitations. Songza app includes core features such as create unlimited lists, upload own tracks, comments, voting, user-friendly interface, and much more. Songza is one of the best music streaming platforms as compared to others.

#30 Spinrilla


Spinrilla – Hip-Hop Mixtapes and Music is a free to use music app that gives you instant access to your most likely hip-hop music. The app is specially made for hip-hop music lovers who want to try something. It allows you to discover intendant and emerging hip-hop artists and hears the next big track before anyone else.

Spinrilla app has a simple and easy to understand interface where you can find and listen to your favorite tracks and share it with others. Unlike other music apps, the Spinrilla app also allows you to create your playlist with your favorite tracks. The app puts one of the world’s largest catalogs of independent hip-hop in the palm of your hand and new tracks added daily from your underground artist.

It also enables you to follow your favorite artists and get updates when they upload their new music. Spinrilla also offers an offline mode, peep the chart to see what’s trending, follow the most likely artist, daily update, a massive range of tracks, and more. Spinrilla – Hip-Hop Mixtapes and Music is one of the best Hip-Hop Music apps as compared to others.


0 is a free to use mobile app that helps you identify music in YouTube videos. The platform is specially made for those who want to watch their favorite videos but cannot find them. It has an intelligent platform that helps you find everything that you are looking for. Like Shazam in function and Bitly in design, the application allows viewers to easily identify unlabeled video soundtracks by placing the app’s link.

Once the link is submitted, the application analyzes sounds to find a match in a matter of seconds. It is not only for YouTube, but it also searches music in videos posted on Dailymotion and Vimeo, including content from commercials and trailers. is simple and easy to use app that does not require any registration, and you can access it anywhere around the world. is an exceptional tool for you if you want to find your favorite music.

#32 AirAudio


AirAudio – Stream Your Music is a free to use music app that allows you to enjoy Google Play Music, Spotify, Radio, and all other audios on your Airport, Freebox, and lots of other devices. The app supports all the latest streaming technologies and offers seamless compatibility with Roku, Apple, and Amazon Fire TV, etc. The Android device doesn’t usually allow applications to capture the audio from other apps directly.

Therefore, a rooted Android is required to enjoy its features fully. With the help of this app, you can easily stream unlimited tracks and share it with the others. Unlike most of the audio streaming apps, it also offers a playlist feature that allows you to create or access your all playlist add or remove more tracks. Air Audio app also includes core features such as enjoy unlimited songs, simple interface, and much more.

#33 SoundWire


SoundWire is a free-to-use Music and Audio app developed by GeorgieLabs for Android and iOS platforms. It is a powerful app that lets you stream any music from your Windows or Linux PC to your mobile device. You can use it as a remote speaker or wireless headphones, list music from your computer anywhere around your house, and enjoy live audio.

The app is also known as an audio mirroring, and you can use any music player on your computer like YouTube and stream live sound over Wi-Fi directly to your Android device. Sound Wire app has low latency, which means it can even be used to listen to the soundtrack of a movie while you watch.

It can also work as a baby monitor or listing device with the computer’s input and stream live DJ set to another part of the house over Wi-Fi or anywhere else over 3G and 4G. Before using this on your mobile device, you must install and run the SoundWire server app on your PC that works as a source of music, web audio streaming, or other sounds.

Some of the core features of the app include easy to use access, live audio capture, excellent sound quality, compression option that greatly reduces network usage, stream audio, and run on multiple devices. SoundWire is an excellent music and audio app as compared to others.

#34 AmpMe


AmpMe – Speaker Booster is one of the most leading music players that enables you to turn your friends into the portable speaker system. It is a free-to-use app, and you can download it on Android and iOS platforms. With the help of this app, you can easily stream music or videos from Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and all the other popular music streaming platforms.

You can also sync your Music Library between multiple phones and play the same music or video at the same time on several devices, and the more devices connected, the louder it gets. The app also allows you to connect remotely with friends, DJs, or even strangers all around the world by joining a Live Party that has a lit playlist.

You have to download and install the AmpMe app into your mobile device and start your party anytime you want. Everyone in the party now will listen to the same music through its party mode and communicate with friends securely. It has multiple music modes, and each mode has its essence. AmpMe – Speaker Booster is an excellent speaker booster that carries a list of excellent features.

#35 CopyTrans Manager


CopyTrans Manager is a fast, powerful, and lightweight iTunes alternative that manages your iPhone, iPad, and all the other iOS touch devices on the go without the risk of syncing and deleting it. The platform allows you to add, delete, and easily modify songs and videos to your iOS device without iTunes and sync-free. It comes with a new intuitive interface and built-in music player that offers enhanced user experience and more ways to enjoy music.

With this platform’s help, you can also edit song tag details, create and edit playlists on your computer, and share your playlist with others. CopyTrans Manager is simple and easy to understand software; you do not require any IT skills.

You have to launch a program into your PC, follow its setup, and enjoy all features without any limitation. The software includes core features such as drag and drop files, create categories, import new songs, easy to understand interface, and much more. CopyTrans Manager is an exceptional tool for you if you want to manage your music files right over your cell phones.

#36 MxTube


MxTube – Popular Video, Music, and Virtual Reality is an entertainment app to watch most popular buzz videos as well as share it with others. All its trending videos consist of multiple categories such as music videos, VR videos, 360 videos, and lots of others for your entertainment. With this entertainment app, you can easily browse all popular videos by genres.

It also enhances your experience by delivering exciting stuff in different formats. Mx Tube app is available to use on both Android and iOS devices, and you can enjoy it anywhere around the world. The application has a massive collection of unique videos and also regularly update with new trending videos to deliver a more engaging experience.

MxTube’s most prominent features include watching genres of music, inline playback, related videos, recommendations, full-screen playback, daily update with new videos, and much more. MxTube – Popular Video, Music, and Virtual Reality is an amazing app where you’ll be amazed at all the things in this trending video application.

#37 Beep Media Player


Beep Media Player is a multifunctional audio player that is backed by the multimedia features of the XMMS. However, most of the features and functions of Beep Media Player are much different than those of XMMS multimedia player. Beep Media Player is a simple to use multimedia music player that, in addition to being user-friendly, is very supportive and powerful at the same time that provides all basic audio playing functions and features to users.

Beep Media Player is based on the codebase of the BMP project. For those who are looking for a highly advanced multimedia player to listen to the online and offline music, will find the Beep Media Player very conducive to enhance their music experience.

Beep Media Player is one of the best choices for you if you want to listen to the online news from the most popular news agencies, correct and canonical metadata, or listen to the Icecast radio and Shoutcast. Beep Media Player lets you get all these things organized at a centralized platform to access and manage things elegantly.

#38 SongsPK


SongsPK is a free to use the web and mobile-based app where you can watch, listen, and download songs. You can enjoy all kinds of songs in this platform, including Bollywood Songs, Pop Remix, Ghazals, Wedding Songs, and all others. All the songs on this platform consist of multiple categories, and each category has its songs that you can easily explore, listen, and download without any limitations.

The SongsPK app offers an advanced search box where you need to place the song title, movie name, singer name, or other related things to find your favorite songs. After placing and hitting the search button, you can get all the possible results within a second.

SongsPK offers quite a simple and easy to understand interface where you get all the latest songs, top trends, and excessive listening that make it better than others. There is also an option that directly allows you to share your songs with others on social media platforms. SongsPK core feature includes a simple interface, multiple categories to explore, sort song by artists, listen to English songs, and much more.

#39 TuneCore


TuneCore is one of the legit platforms, providing the ultimate tendency to the world of music creators a chance to earn some money via selling their creations online with real-time support. The good thing about this platform is its sleek user interface, allowing users to find relevant creations around the globe. The platform provides you a competitive approach to the musician to earn more revenue out of their creations. This word leading best music aggregator is making things a lot easier when it comes to grabbing the audience’s attraction towards your content.

All you need here is to create music, upload it, and complete the checkout. After it, allow TuneCore to do the rest for you. TuneCore is making your music valuable via playing it on more than a hundred and fifty digital and streaming channels. You will enjoy more sales at your door, and TuneCore will do everything for that. Moreover, with this platform, you can know the potential behavior of the customer from where they are streaming and downloading, so it will give a little or more marketing sense.

#40 Landr


Landr is one of the legit platforms specially designed for the music industry, providing musicians special tools so they can focus on what they can bring to the world. Landr is your one-stop destination to create, master, and sell your music, providing a way to earn more out of their musical creations and have more revenue via making more sales on the go. The most important thing about this platform is its artificial intelligence which is a revolutionary thing in making your creation more competitive.

This artificial intelligence capability brings the real data from the millions of tracks that fit the needs of your music creations. With Landr, you will allow yourself to make a journey with Spotify, Apple, YouTube, and other music streaming services. This platform is creating a landmark by providing you with complete monetization support and keeping you hundred percent sure with rights. Most importantly, it provides you best in class music plugins and curated sample packs for you from the top-rated artists, so get the most inspired productions.

#41 Amuse


Amuse is a music platform that provides the ability to the world of music creators to distribute and sell their music content across the globe. The platform provides the real ability to the music creators to earn some revenue out of their music creation. Amuse lets you expand your customer reach, and you can find ways how you can get the maximum out of your music. The service is easing your way to get your music to be streamed on stores and streaming services.

The platform comes with the advanced support to distribute your music on all the major music distribution platforms like Spotify, apple music, TIDAL, and more to add. Just all you need to do is create an account, upload your music, and then you have to add the necessary information and artwork files. Finally, select the stores that you want to distribute and then let Amuse do the rest for you. Moreover, you will capture all the insights that you need to be displayed on the dashboard that will be then crucial to make robust decisions.

#42 DITTO Music


DITTO Music is a music distribution company built on the idea of enabling you to reach your audience in new and creative ways. The platform comes with an automated system to create a stream of income for you and is all set to deliver the best possible service. This extravagant service enables artists to sell their music directly to consumers via a personalized Ditto Music profile. DITTO brings you the benefits of distribution with none of the restrictions, meaning you can sell your music at whatever price point you feel comfortable with.

DITTO is a LABEL-FREE music distribution company and seems to be a great asset to the future of the music industry. The platform lets musicians distribute their content on major platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Mp3, Google Play, and many more. There are multiple features of this platform that are global platform support, track performance, social media support, complete control over their music, access full-fledge insights, one-click share, and more to add.

#43 Rumblefish


Rumblefish is an online music distribution and licensing service, which enables artists to sell their songs, albums, or compilations to over a hundred digital stores in a single transaction. This is the world’s best platform for artists and songwriters to put their music on a Rumblefish release. They distribute from only one centralized location rather than taking the hassle of multiple record labels or CD distributors. As a result, artists and songwriters can focus on creating and marketing their music rather than handling and uploading songs to individual online stores.

Rumblefish provides fast, easy, and centralized access to music for those who want to use it in their creative actions. Rumblefish can be used as a fully online solution or as a distributed server solution for artists around the world. In addition to the distribution of music, Rumblefish offers several other services to musicians and songwriters, including their own personal label. With this label, artists have complete control over all aspects of their music.

#44 Octiive


Octiive is an online music distribution service that provides music creators a full-fledged marketplace and streaming partners to vitalize their music across the globe. Octiive provides a simple, turn-key solution for musicians to sell their music worldwide with the least hassle possible. The platform provides all the necessary web-based tools, allowing music artists to get the most out of their music by remaining online with minimal effort.

Octiive serves many international markets by licensing music to digital stores and streaming services in countries all over the world. The good thing about this music streaming platform is that there are no contracts, setup fees, or other barriers to getting artists up and selling quickly after activation. Octiive lets your music be distributed widely on multiple channels like Amazon Music, Pandora, Google Play Music, and much more. In short, Octiive is a real contender to make your music flourish and let you collect more revenue out of your music.

#45 Show4Me


Show4Me is one of the legit music distribution platforms that is all set to make musicians give worth to their music via selling their content to a wide range of audiences around the globe. The platform is aimed to help independent artists to distribute and sell their music without them having to pay expensive fees or large percentages. The site is also allowing you to even allow users to stream free downloads of all of the songs here.

It is free to use, and artists can even upload their music for free for people to listen to on the website. The lists are also updating the site frequently with new features that help users get more out of it. Show4Me seems to be the genuine platform for a range of musician who wants to make money online and is providing a tendency to have the wider visibility of their music across multiple distribution channels.



VOWAVE is a music distribution and selling platform that allows the world of musicians to start earning money online. The platform comes with a digital storefront where sellers can sell their content for up, and they can be promoting it on VOWAVE’s platform. VOWAVE integrates with iTunes and other major music distributors, allowing sellers to sell their content directly to the platform.

VOWAVE operates a premium music store where artists can get paid royalties on sales of their music. The platform brings a new way to revolutionize your music across, and moreover, the users can access the music posted by the creators. They’re here; you can explore all the insights about your music, so you can make the decisions for how to market your music and engage the customer from across the globe. So, start distributing your music & videos and start getting income from them.

#47 NotaDist


NotaDist NotaDist is a top-notch music distribution platform where musicians can sell their songs to iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, and more. The platform is created for the independent world of musicians to distribute their music to all the major platforms and earn revenue from them. NotaDist is trustworthy when it comes to music distribution.

It provides artists with the right tools needed to make their work available to millions of people without having to spend money on marketing. The service offers free music distribution for artists, musicians, bands, songwriters, and labels in the world. NotaDist ensures the identity of your music and provides you with modern ways for your music representation and distribution.

You can cut some extra cot in your music distribution courtesy of the UPC & ISRC Codes provided by NotaDist. Another thing that makes NotaDist worthy is its rapid content monetization that will be uploaded on YouTube with the help of third parties. The next thing that you can do here is to promote your music videos on YouTube and another platform in order to get the wider visibility of the audience.

#48 MusiqPad


MusiqPad is an open-source and self-hosted platform where you can live stream music and communicate with friends while it’s playing. It is also a great place to discover new music or can be used when you are bored and need to listen to great songs with others. The website only has a single page consisting of a search bar through which you can find pads by entering keywords.

The goal is to make it easy for music lovers from different countries and locations worldwide to connect and listen to their favorite music. The site has a responsive layout, and you can use it on mobiles and tablets without running into problems like screen issues.


0 is an open-source social music sharing site that enables everyone to find new and best user-generated playlists and share their own with the community. It is like a DJ-style site where users can browse the audio tracks and contribute to the collection by adding their own. The playlists contain great songs and are created by users from across the globe. You can access the site without making any payments and from any browser on the desired device. Tune in from anywhere and listen to high-quality songs alone or with friends.


0 is an online music streaming website that has all the options essential for creating your own web radio. The aim of the site is to help everyone share their favorite music with the community and tune in to the latest music, and share playlists containing multiple audio tracks. It is based on community broadcast and has a layout that reflects that. It has a search bar that enables you to search for music on YouTube directly on the site and add a song from the search results to the current playlist.