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Bizzabo is an advanced feature-rich event management software that is designed as a comprehensive set of tools that takes care of all of the major aspects needed to make your events successful. It is also known as a powerful tool that assists organizers to easily put up a perfect show for their audience and targeted customers… read more
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14 Bizzabo Alternatives & Similar Software



EventMobi is an all-in-one integrated event management software solution that covers the entire lifecycle of your event, meeting, and conference. The platform is equipped with the set of tools and technology you need to engage your guests from start to finish, registration and event apps to live polling, digital signage, and surveys and among others.


Cvent is the most leading cloud-based event management application for businesses of all sizes and provides them with the tools they need to increase attendance and reduce costs. It includes a massive range of features that allow businesses to focus on their services instead of wasting time on boring and routine tasks.


WebinarJam is a webinar hosting software that is used by different kinds of businesses and industries for online marketing. It is an innovative solution for live casting, event streaming, and webinar broadcasting as well as comes with all the major tools and services that make it better than others.


CadmiumCD is a powerful events management tool that simplifies the management, collection, and sharing of content for your events. With its unified dashboard, you can easily manage all your event, accelerating your workflow while offering you flexibility and improved efficiency.


Raklet is an all-in-one cloud-based event management solution designed to help organizations manage their memberships, communication, and monetize the community. All processes and workflows on this platform are automated that allow users to stay on top, increase their membership, and double revenues.


Hubilo is a comprehensive event management software solution that is designed to simplify and accelerate all events management stages, from planning, marketing, execution, communication, and all post-event processes. The software offers end-to-end automation tools that greatly speed up the overall journey by turning tedious, time-intensive objectives into blazingly fast and automated processes.


Arlo is an intuitive event management software that comes with all the major tools and features that make it a comprehensive solution for all size of businesses. It is a cloud-based solution that assists users in managing, marketing, and conducting different kinds of events whether physical or online.


Konfeo is an all-in-one event registration software solution that designed for small to medium-sized enterprises, especially to conference organizers and training companies. The software is loaded with a range of tools that users need to create, manage, and evaluate events as well as tools to simplify and accelerate event registration, payment, event marketing and promotion, and ticket management, etc.


Ploxel is a fastest-growing event management solution developed to help users manage and sell tickets for their events. It comes with all the latest tools and functionalities in order to enhance ticket sales and manage payments without breaking a sweat.


LineUpr is a comprehensive mobile event application builder that offers complete events management firms and professionals planners with all tools to create a powerful mobile event application to plan and market events, manage attendees, as well as interactive tools like feedback, polls, surveys, Q/As, etc.

Coconut Tickets

Coconut Tickets is an online feature-rich ticket management application solution that provides event organizers with a complete platform to help them create, control, manage, and dispose of tickets for any kind and size of events.


TourneyEngine is an intuitive events management solution designed for sporting events and tournaments of all sizes. It is a comprehensive solution and contains all the major tools and features that make it ideal.


Swoogo is a feature-rich Event Management and planning software solution that comes with all the major features and extremely user-friendly interface. The software is developed by experts and tech veterans, and simplify all aspects of event planning and management with its full set of powerful features and functionalities such as event creation, marketing, and reporting and analytics, etc.


Priava is a simple yet powerful, feature-rich venue and event management software solution specially designed for venues, galleries, performing art organizations, government and all of the other market sectors. The software feature a range of useful tools for managing availability, resources, logistics, reservations, customers, catering and reporting, etc.

More About Bizzabo

Bizzabo is an advanced feature-rich event management software that is designed as a comprehensive set of tools that takes care of all of the major aspects needed to make your events successful. It is also known as a powerful tool that assists organizers to easily put up a perfect show for their audience and targeted customers. Whether you are looking to boost networking campaigns, simplify your ticketing system, organize your contact database, or reinforce sponsorship opportunities, the solution has you covered. Even Bizzabo has the capacity to offers you in-depth insights about the performance of your event, the status of sponsorships, and the overall impact of your marketing strategies. This way, you can easily enhance your event management efforts with ease. Bizzabo is a comprehensive solution and comes with all the features of help organizations with event management, planning, and marketing. All these aspects are essential for a successful event. Event managers and staff members are often on the go. In order to make things smooth and easy, the software offers a simple interface where you can check the overall status of your tasks. Unlike others, it can even be accessed through mobile devices, so you don’t necessarily have to be at your office to access your data. Bizzabo is commercial software and has different price plans.

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