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Konfeo is an all-in-one event registration software solution that designed for small to medium-sized enterprises, especially to conference organizers and training companies. The software is loaded with a range of tools that users need to create, manage, and evaluate events as well as tools to simplify and accelerate event registration, payment, event marketing and promotion, and ticket management, etc… read more
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14 Konfeo Alternatives & Similar Software


1. EventMobi

EventMobi is an all-in-one integrated event management software solution that covers the entire lifecycle of your event, meeting, and conference. The platform is equipped with the set of tools and technology you need to engage your guests from start to finish, registration and event apps to live polling, digital signage, and surveys and among others. This event management tool is quick to set up and easy-to-use for both attendees and planners. One of the best thing about this solution is that it is highly customizable that allows you to create a design that fits with your brand and event whether it’s a staff meeting, training session, or larger-scale conferences. EventMobi key features include registration, check-in, networking, event apps, gamification, polls and surveys, live display and analytics solution in managing your event experience. Also, it supports multi-event management for attendees to easily access current, previous, and future events in a single and centralized location through your entire events portfolio. The software is also specialized in creating an interactive and enriching experience for your guests and allows you to plan and host events successfully with great impact. EventMobi also includes core feature such as customization, multiple registrations, game leaderboard, reports on-demand, drag and drop and much more.


2. Bizzabo

Bizzabo is an advanced feature-rich event management software that is designed as a comprehensive set of tools that takes care of all of the major aspects needed to make your events successful. It is also known as a powerful tool that assists organizers to easily put up a perfect show for their audience and targeted customers. Whether you are looking to boost networking campaigns, simplify your ticketing system, organize your contact database, or reinforce sponsorship opportunities, the solution has you covered. Even Bizzabo has the capacity to offers you in-depth insights about the performance of your event, the status of sponsorships, and the overall impact of your marketing strategies. This way, you can easily enhance your event management efforts with ease. Bizzabo is a comprehensive solution and comes with all the features of help organizations with event management, planning, and marketing. All these aspects are essential for a successful event. Event managers and staff members are often on the go. In order to make things smooth and easy, the software offers a simple interface where you can check the overall status of your tasks. Unlike others, it can even be accessed through mobile devices, so you don’t necessarily have to be at your office to access your data. Bizzabo is commercial software and has different price plans.


3. Cvent

Cvent is the most leading cloud-based event management application for businesses of all sizes and provides them with the tools they need to increase attendance and reduce costs. It includes a massive range of features that allow businesses to focus on their services instead of wasting time on boring and routine tasks. The web-based application enables event managers and planners to quickly and easily find venues, plan events, engage attendees and measure performance as well as enhance process efficiency. The software covers the entire event lifecycle and offers advanced technology that helps businesses at every stage of the event, from finding venues to marketing and online registration. Cvent makes the check-in process simpler and helps them to eliminate time-consuming manual processes. As compared to all the other leading platforms, it is easy-to-use and offers powerful features that allow businesses to achieve rapid return on investment. It’s reporting module offer managers and teams with entire history records of contacts and comes with up to hundred built-in custom reports. Just like all the other similar platforms, it also offers a simple dashboard where you can easily access it all features and tools. The cvent most prominent feature includes event registration, email marketing, payment processing, budget management, event reporting, mobile-friendly registration, workflow management, social wall and event marketing, etc.


4. WebinarJam

WebinarJam is a webinar hosting software that is used by different kinds of businesses and industries for online marketing. It is an innovative solution for live casting, event streaming, and webinar broadcasting as well as comes with all the major tools and services that make it better than others. The best thing about this solution is that it supports multiple languages and compatible with all the major operating systems, modern browsers, and mobile devices that lets user live stream to thousands of attendees from anywhere. They will be able to directly stream through social media in order to WebinarJam’s own private network. With the help of this tool, users can go solo or invite co-presenters for their live stream events and also able to highlight them one at the time through the aid of its flexible layout controls. As they run their webinars, attendees can also be able to communicate using their live chat. It also allows presenters to share their knowledge in different ways so, they can upload, and playback preloaded videos, run presentations, or share screen with the other presenters and made annotations directly on the screen. Also, WebinarJam offers other tools and features such as the ability to send offers to attendees, schedule events, create webinar pages, sessions, or training, send emails, and gain insights into the performance of their webinars.


5. CadmiumCD

CadmiumCD is a powerful events management tool that simplifies the management, collection, and sharing of content for your events. With its unified dashboard, you can easily manage all your event, accelerating your workflow while offering you flexibility and improved efficiency. It also allows you easily to go from one task to another, like collecting abstracts or evaluating data in order to engage your attendees in real-time via a mobile app. The solution also allows you to view all your events from a centralized dashboard that allow you to manage your content and engage all your staff without shifting from one system to another. CadmiumCD significantly reduces the number of vendors required to manage content throughout the entire event efficiently. The software also offers you a set of tools that you need to fully monetize your event and gain better ROI by producing more profit from your exhibitors while delivering to them better experiences. Selling sponsorship deals and ad space becomes easier than ever. Its posters and digital signage features help them to create a positive atmosphere in any event. CadmiumCD also includes core features such as Abstract Scorecard, Conference Proceedings, Exhibitor Floor Plan and simple Dashboard, etc.


6. Raklet

Raklet is an all-in-one cloud-based event management solution designed to help organizations manage their memberships, communication, and monetize the community. All processes and workflows on this platform are automated that allow users to stay on top, increase their membership, and double revenues. Raklet is built with event ticketing and fundraising features to make it easy for users to manage all size of fundraisers and events. The software comes with a plethora of tools that help organizations engage members, forums, empower them to become active in events, and discussion as well as easily collect payments and donations. One of the most interesting and enjoyable thing about this software solution is that it gives you a complete membership management tool that simplifies the way you handle all your memberships, from new ones to renewals, through a robust set of features and automation of all membership related tasks. With this, all your members’ details are stored in a centralized location that makes it easy for you and your members to access and update information without worrying about security easily. Raklet also eliminates the need for deploying several standalone tools in order to handle members’ data. The software also equipped with a smart application form that gathers all relevant details from prospective members and allow you to collect fees when they submit an application.


7. Hubilo

Hubilo is a comprehensive event management software solution that is designed to simplify and accelerate all events management stages, from planning, marketing, execution, communication, and all post-event processes. The software offers end-to-end automation tools that greatly speed up the overall journey by turning tedious, time-intensive objectives into blazingly fast and automated processes. With the help of this solution, users have a custom approach to organize, promote, and to manage their events without any limitation. They get a stunning customizable site, event app, and tons of promotional creative that they can modify to reflect their branding. The most interesting thing about this solution is that it allows you to enjoy web-based and in-app integrations that simplify all event networking community efforts and benefit. Hubilo allows you to make an event community prior to the event to engage attendees further. It also delivers them a place where they can communicate with their attendees before and after the event. There is also a range of core features that make it better than others.


8. Arlo

Arlo is an intuitive event management software that comes with all the major tools and features that make it a comprehensive solution for all size of businesses. It is a cloud-based solution that assists users in managing, marketing, and conducting different kinds of events whether physical or online. The application even integrates with all size of organizations’ and events’ websites for better organization. With the help of this solution, event organizers can easily take their tasks with them on-the-move. One of the great fact about this solution is that it works on mobile devices so all things related to set-up and promotions can be conducted on different sizes screen. Also, Arlo provides businesses with all the necessary tools they require to conduct conferences and training. It is an all-in-one package that ensures they can perform all the major things they need from one platform. As a cloud-based software, it offers integration with lots of online payment gateway systems in order to offer participants a flexible and secure system. Members can pay registration or ticket fees via Payment Express, PayPal, Authorize.Net and Stripe. All these transactions are then recorded on the solution and automatically syncs with Xero for seamless reconciliation and invoicing. Online registration, marketing tools, website integration, different payment methods, multi-region, e-learning, and accounting system integration these are core features of the solution. Arlo is a commercial event management solution and has different price plans.


9. Ploxel

Ploxel is a fastest-growing event management solution developed to help users manage and sell tickets for their events. It comes with all the latest tools and functionalities in order to enhance ticket sales and manage payments without breaking a sweat. The software comes as the alternatives to Priava Event Management Solution and offers all the core features with some new services and tools in order to make it better than others. It introduces seamless integrations with Stripe and PayPal that make it easy for customers to pay for tickets and for users to accept payments. Ploxel is a cloud-based solution that helps you sell tickets quicker and rake in more revenue. The software is filled to the brim with features and functionalities created to help you plan your whole events, maximize selling opportunities and reach out to a wider audience as well as keep in touch with your customers after your events. With the help of this solution, you can also be able to shopping carts that bear your brand elements including logos, banners, and all the other similar things. Once your event is complete, it allows you to keep track of your customers. Ploxel stores all contact details that you can easily access, you can print customer lists on the fly and easily download data for performance analysis.


10. LineUpr

LineUpr is a comprehensive mobile event application builder that offers complete events management firms and professionals planners with all tools to create a powerful mobile event application to plan and market events, manage attendees, as well as interactive tools like feedback, polls, surveys, Q/As, etc. With the help of this tool, events managers are able to create event apps that are tailored to their needs. A basic version of LineUpr is available for free and supports event with more than 50 attendees. Plus and Premium versions come with all the advanced features and tools but are very budget-friendly. It is ideal for creating mobile apps for several kinds of events such as conferences, seminars, festivals, and exhibitions, while many use it for planning and executing corporate events. LineUpr also enables you to use old application content for other events that means you can reuse the content for new apps and adopt a newly created application and scale it to meet your needs. It also includes core features such as real-time information, poll, and feedback, social media, offline functionality, display sponsors, web-based and sends messages.


11. Coconut Tickets

Coconut Tickets is an online feature-rich ticket management application solution that provides event organizers with a complete platform to help them create, control, manage, and dispose of tickets for any kind and size of events. It is an excellent tool for outdoor events including open-air concerts such as sporting events, military displays, trades, and fairs, etc. The software comes with all the major tools and features that make it ideal for indoor events where seating arrangement and number of participants are strictly enforced, such as talk shows, business presentations and pitches, concerts, and music recitals, etc. Coconut Tickets is a user-friendly tool that doesn’t require any installation or special hardware and comes with simple drag-and-drop page designer that enable users to easily design their own pages complete with their branding and themes. It is specially created by event organizers who have professional experience and extensive background in their industry that means the software is built on the unique needs and requirements. Vendor Pitch Tickets, Ticket page Designs, Indoor, and Outdoor Ticketing and Short Repeating Events Ticket. These are the most prominent features of the solution.


12. TourneyEngine

TourneyEngine is an intuitive events management solution designed for sporting events and tournaments of all sizes. It is a comprehensive solution and contains all the major tools and features that make it ideal. The software is also perfect for managing professional league events for any sport, packing a great set of tools that include team bracketing, event scheduling, registration and staff management, and more. Aside from professional sporting events, TourneyEngine is ideal for sports camps as well. It offers a single unified interface where events directors can easily organize, create, and manage all aspects of their events without switching to other systems. With just a single click, users can also be able to build and implement schedules without worrying about conflicts in dates and times. There is also a real-time communication feature that makes it more powerful. Its integrated mass email capability and in-app alert tools allow you to communicate and market to your clients, teams, and athletes better than ever. TourneyEngine also includes core features such as event organization and management, automated scheduling and bracketing, flexible pricing, real-time updates, push notification and communication, live streaming, synchronized profile, and custom front end website, etc.


13. Swoogo

Swoogo is a feature-rich Event Management and planning software solution that comes with all the major features and extremely user-friendly interface. The software is developed by experts and tech veterans, and simplify all aspects of event planning and management with its full set of powerful features and functionalities such as event creation, marketing, and reporting and analytics, etc. Swoogo is quite fast and intuitive that novice users will be able to maximize its right off the bat fully. The software is an ideal tool for types of events, from creating custom event sites to handling event registration and more. With the help of this comprehensive tool attendees and clients see attractive and branded sites that are optimized for both mobiles and desktop platforms while users at the back end have a complete view of all the data at a single glance. It comes with a powerful, user-friendly event website builder that enables you to create themes without breaking a sweat. The drag and drop interface provides you total control in terms of content placement and widgets, as well as the details you want to share. Its registration wizard helps you with setting the configurations of your event registration and clone the rules and guidelines of your all previous events. Swoogo is also a set of core features that make it a complete solution for everyone.


14. Priava

Priava is a simple yet powerful, feature-rich venue and event management software solution specially designed for venues, galleries, performing art organizations, government and all of the other market sectors. The software feature a range of useful tools for managing availability, resources, logistics, reservations, customers, catering and reporting, etc. With the help of this powerful solution, users can easily manage multiple events and venues. Its advanced level universal search function enables users to locate any accounting record, contact, or event without any limitation. Through Priava’s booking chart, users can create bookings, schedule events for different and run conflict checks in order to eliminate double bookings. Color coding on the booking chart provides users at a peek view of tentative and confirmed events. There is a built-in customer relationship management system that enables users to associate events with several contacts. Users can view the history of all their events, and track correspondence against customers or events. Priava offers a range of report templates, each template has its own layout and style, with the ability for users to create own custom reports, save, print, and search within reports, and export to a different format including PDF, Word, or Excel.

More About Konfeo

Konfeo is an all-in-one event registration software solution that designed for small to medium-sized enterprises, especially to conference organizers and training companies. The software is loaded with a range of tools that users need to create, manage, and evaluate events as well as tools to simplify and accelerate event registration, payment, event marketing and promotion, and ticket management, etc. As compared to all the other similar platforms, Konfeo is quite powerful and provides customizable events registration solutions that simplify the way you create and organize all aspects of your events, from planning to marketing as well as promotions to execution and post event management. It comes with all the features you need to automate all the major processes that enable you to fully concentrate on creating and delivering experiences which meet the expectations of your clients and attendees. Konfeo also contains elegant and intuitive event registration system that you can easily modify to fit your needs. There is also a range of core features that make it better than others. Konfeo has two different price plans both plans has its own cost and core benefits.