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Blinksale is an online invoicing software and application. Blinksale provides the best payment page and receipt like the professional treatment of your customer with a quality invoicing experience. If you have little knowledge of CSS, you can customize the invoice templates as per your needs… read more

16 Blinksale Alternatives & Similar Software


IBM Sterling Order Management

For a large organization having a dynamic business environment, it is complicated to manage the orders, invoices and inventory at the same time. But IBM Sterling Order Management is one of the best utility that enables you to fulfill your customers’ demands and manage the inventory as well.


Invoiceit is an automated billing and order management tool that allows the enterprises and supply management companies to insert little  detail of their customers in setup and start invoicing in real time.


Servicejoy is an online invoicing, accounting and payments collection, expenses and task management platform for small businesses. It is a cloud-based platform that contains the solution of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers.

Amphis Customer

Amphis Customer is basically a contact management, CRM, and jobs software that offers the services of contact management, appointments, quotes, estimates, invoicing, job management, mail merge, email, tasks, reports, and many more.


SalezShark is cloud-based relationship management, sales CRM, lead, forecasting, and marketing software. This platform enables the management to build long-lasting relationships with their customers. With SalezShark’s intuitive Sales Automation, your contacts, leads, and account get easily linked to each other and provide you with predictive insights on your leads to fasten the sales process cycle.


Repsly is an invoice and order management application for the field teams by using which they can easily charge the customers on the spot and the data will be automatically saved to the central database of the company.


Integrated with the features and tools of inventory management and order management, Orderhive is a platform to automate the business environment. The best about this web-based platform is that it can be used for both single and multichannel selling.

NetSuite Order and Billing Management

NetSuite Order and Billing Management is an order and billing management platform for fulfilling the sales and financial requirement of a business by improving the quote accuracy, order tracking, scheduling, eliminating billing orders and maintain the internal and external records regarding orders and billings.


TradeGecko is an order and inventory management software that is integrated with those tools that provide the both eCommerce and wholesalers to increase the efficiency of handling their orders effectively and efficiently.

Multi Channel Order Management

Multi Channel Order Management or simply M.O.M is a technical solution that provides the retailers and wholesalers with the system of managing all of their orders and billing with the accuracy and speed to maintain the satisfaction and internal system of their organizations.


Brightpearl is a business-to-business, inventory and order management for the large enterprises to maintain the record of their online and offline orders. By using the Brightpearl, the business can easily collect all of their orders from different channels into centralized platforms of Brightpearl where they will be able to effectively manage all of the order from placing to delivering.


OrderBot is an all-in-one order and inventory management platform where the users are only required to keep their orders fully managed and the effect will automatically pass to the inventory accounts as well.

SellerActive Inventory Management

SellerActive Inventory Management is an order fulfillment program that enables the retailers, wholesalers, and eCommerce shopping owners to maintain the record and track their online and offline orders and shipment from a single platform of the SellerActive Inventory Management.


BrandOrder is the solution for business-to-business commerce and the sales order management. BrandOrder is the one of the best solutions for all type of industries either it is musical instruments provider, fashionable industry, healthcare, gifts & home goods, furniture or any other one.


OrderMotion is a real-time and minute-to-minute order, inventory and invoice management application for the offline and eCommercing. OrderMotion empowers its customers to centrally manage orders from multiple channels easily and effectively.

arvato Order Management System

arvato Order Management System is a cross-platform order and billing management system by using which the businesses can know the real-time value of the order, maximize sales and enhance customer satisfaction.

More About Blinksale

Blinksale is an online invoicing software and application. Blinksale provides the best payment page and receipt like the professional treatment of your customer with a quality invoicing experience. If you have little knowledge of CSS, you can customize the invoice templates as per your needs. You can also schedule your clients’ bills and can send as a PDF file for your client’s convenience. Getting client sign-off on price and scope before work begins can be a useful step in setting the right experience for work. It is one of the best ordering and billing management application that at one end will keep the systemized record of all of your supply and logistics management issues and the other end will keep your customer satisfied. Although it is for basically providing the users with the beautiful and comprehensive invoice but at the other end each time when the users will insert the record of customer in order to bill him, the description that the users will add in the invoice will automatically go to its respective books of accounts and departments as well in the back end. So, apparently your customer will be enjoying the service and in the back end, everything is going smoothly for you as well.

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