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Bloom is a procedural graphic editor having fast, light-weight and cross-platform. True non-destructive editing is first allowed by it. Your each and every editing including filter, effect, or vector all store separately without anything baked in it. Without redoing the subsequent work, it let you come back to anything that you did in the past… read more
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16 Bloom Alternatives & Similar Software


Vector Magic

Vector Magic is vectorizing software and service. By using it’s easy to use the web interface, it converts bitmap images to vector images. The process of converting bitmap images to vector image is called tracing or vectorization.

CorelDRAW Graphics

It is tracing software with vector illustration and photo editing. Any type of graphic project can be tackled using it. Professional designers use CorelDRAW Graphic Suite mostly. It is with precision design tools and market-leading file compatibility.


It is tracing program, so converts bitmap to vector graphics. It is free software and having the purpose of development of a freely available application with functionality. It supports the input formats of BMP, PPM, PGM, PBM, TGA, PNM and also ImageMagick supported formats.

Adobe Illustrator

It gives comprehensive vector graphic environment with creative effects and advanced color controls. It is an excellent and efficient tool for typography and drawing. One may design here quickly. Efficient ways are available for working with multiple art boards.


The sketch is a powerful vector drawing app for Mac with an uncluttered interface. It provides flexible workflow by the support of art boards and multiple pages. It is light-weight. Complex shapes can be drawn easily.

Serif DrawPlus

Serif DrawPlus is powerful software that provides you multi-features including sketching, designing, painting, illustrating, drawing and animating. It has a lot of options for being attracted to the artists, developers and designers i.e.


Karbon is a vector drawing scalable software in KDE. Artists can create a complex drawing and can get the desired zoom in on, as it does not loose image quality for zooming in or out.


This Mac drawing programming offers instinctive instruments in a straightforward interface to give you a chance to work rapidly to plan proficient and fun fine art. Intaglio Mac drawing programming is among the most original drawing programs for Mac.

Sketsa SVG Editor

Sketsa SVG Editor offers a broad group of fundamental elements and devices to help you make vector-based work of art. SVG, or versatile vector representation, implies that you can resize any outline you make without losing picture clarity.

QuarkXPress 2017

QuarkXPress 2017 is a feature-rich, cross-platform graphic design application that enables users to design compelling materials for various channels without the need to learn any codes or to do complex programming. It is simple and easy to use that comes with all the major tools and features in order to deliver a complete solution.


LiveTour is an advanced level virtual reality tour capturing software solution with complete team and content management functions. The solution is specially designed for professionals and offers interior designers, real estate agents, photographers and other entrepreneur access to the VR editor that lets them create a breathtaking 360-degree showcase.

INDE Broadcast AR

INDE Broadcast AR is an augmented reality software solution that allows users to easily create experiences and products that educate, inform and inspire through the augmented reality screen. It supports individual AR experiences, group AR experiences, ready-made staff, and advanced level customizable content.


ZapWorks is an easy to use comprehensive AR (Augmented Reality) software solution designed for professional designers and developers. The solution allows users to easily create any kind of interactive and immersive AR experience on the handheld devices.


Filmora is an all-in-one video editing software designed for beginners who would like to spend less time understanding the basic functionalities of the video editing solution and focus more on their task of creating and editing any size of the video.


EDIUS Pro 8 is a simple yet powerful video editing software created by Grass Valley. The program enables more resolutions and formats in real-time in order to allow you to edit anything quickly and easily.

KlipMix Free Video Editor

KlipMix Free Video Editor is a powerful video editing application that comes with hundreds of free video filters. Slow motion, photo slideshow transition, and fast trimming, etc. to help you design great video show in one minute.

More About Bloom

Bloom is a procedural graphic editor having fast, light-weight and cross-platform. True non-destructive editing is first allowed by it. Your each and every editing including filter, effect, or vector all store separately without anything baked in it. Without redoing the subsequent work, it let you come back to anything that you did in the past. Precision and accuracy can never be lost as it is 16-bit per channel program. Bloom consistently coordinates both vector and raster altering, naturally changing over between the two as important. This not just makes it to a significant degree adaptable and appropriate for any task from interface configuration to photograph correcting, additionally gives you a chance to apply raster impacts and channels to vector shapes without losing any vector information directly. Blossom is the editorial manager to permit genuine non-dangerous altering. Each channel, impact, brush stroke or vector alter you apply put away independently, and nothing is prepared in. This allows you to return to anything you’ve done in the past and adjust it – without re-trying the greater part of the resulting work. Indeed, even brush strokes are editable after you’ve drawn them! Bloom is a simple 16-bit per channel application. Everything, including pictures, shape hues, covers, and some other shading information is put away with 16 bits for every channel. It implies you never lose exactness and shading accuracy, taking into account the most dynamic and exact pictures to be made. These stunning components are only the tip of the ice sheet. Incorporating every one of them to cooperate makes a single application, that, when blended in with the unique procedural methodology brings about a first-of-its-kind, cutting edge design proofreader. There’s much a larger number of components than depict here, for example, live, on-canvas Liquify instrument, layer covers, paint veil mode, adaptable shape, angle, brush and layer style libraries, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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