River Fox

River Fox is a reputable VR visualization software for the architects that permits to instantly creates virtual experiences without having to remodel or learning new software. The software can abruptly change any project into a complete VR scene with one click. River Fox comes with the real-time rendering that allows you to deliver compelling VR presentations to your clients.

The software is dispensing robust in-built tools that let you interact and explore your model into a virtual reality that paves the way for getting all the work at a centralized place. River Fox gives you an ability to build 3D advanced models with the effective implementation of the ideas and is extracting the most out of it. River Fox facilitates you with multiple modes, scene-setting options, and navigation. The software is easy to iterate, coordinate, and you can get faster sign off during project management.


River Fox Alternatives

#1 Vector Magic


Vector Magic is a web-based application that automatically converts JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF bitmap images to EPS, SVG, and PDF vector images online by uploading them. It is simple and easy to use tool that you can easily access anywhere around the world. No software to install, and results are ready right away.

It is a feature-rich site that also allows you to remove background, enhance images, create vector images and add items, etc. The site is also best for logo designers and enables them to create and edit any logo, enhance logo quality, and much more.

With the help of this site, you can create an artistic effect from your images, victories, graphs, or maps, turn scanned artwork into something flexible. Vector Magic core feature includes fully automatic vectorization, sub-pixel precision, edit result, easy to understand, and more. It is available to use on multiple price plans. Each plan has its own cost and features.


#2 AutoTrace


It is tracing program, so converts bitmap to vector graphics. It is free software and having the purpose of development of a freely available application with functionality. It supports the input formats of BMP, PPM, PGM, PBM, TGA, PNM and also ImageMagick supported formats. SVG, xfig, SWF emf, pstoedit, cgm, dxf, mif, p2e and sk are its export format postscripts. AutoTrace has been intended for changing over MBP pictures into vector pictures. This is taking care of permits you to handle an image without misfortune quality.

Aside from the modification device, it additionally has instruments that consider the shading and the foundation to keep away from the pixelation of the picture. It is likewise conceivable to work with PNG, MPEG, TIF records and the sky is the limit from there. It can encode them as EPS, AI, P2E, SK, SVG, FIG, EMF, MIF, ER, DXF, EPD, PDFF or CGM. AutoTrace can be utilized as a charge line apparatus as it at first doesn’t give a usable GUI. The application arrives in a bundle that contains two sections, a summon and a library.

The CLI is fitted with an assortment of summons which you can use to play out the transformation. It’s conceivable to name the source document, pick the foundation shading for the vector record, follow a character’s focal line, choose the quantity of hues to which the bitmap is lessened too, and additionally set the pixel point. AutoTrace likewise permits you to adjust the amount of pixels that dwell on all sides of a point so as to compute on the off chance that it is a corner or not. The despeckle highlight offers you the likelihood to set its level and snugness. Besides you are given the alternative to subdivide fitted bends and also smooth them.

#3 Bloom


Bloom is a procedural graphic editor having fast, lightweight and cross-platform. Precision and accuracy can never be lost as it is a 16-bit per channel program. It is the editorial manager to permit genuine and simple altering. Even brush strokes are editable after you’ve drawn them. It is a simple 16-bit per channel application.

Everything, including pictures, shape hues, covers, and some other shading information, is added with 16 bits for every channel. This means you never have to lose exactness and shading accuracy. These stunning components are only the tip of the iceberg. This tool also features live, on-canvas Liquify instrument, layer covers, paint veil mode, adaptable shape, angle, brush, and layer style libraries.


#4 Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Illustrator gives a comprehensive vector graphic environment with creative effects and advanced color controls. It is an excellent and efficient tool for typography and drawing. It is an efficient way to work with multiple artboards. Blob Brush tool is available for intuitive vector painting. It is the perfect tool with both Windows and Mac and backs both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems.

You can locate a complete rundown of its framework necessities on Adobe’s site. When you first boot up Illustrator CC, you’ll rather typically be welcomed with a rundown of “what’s new”. After that, it offers Live Corners, an upgraded Pencil instrument, and a few changes to how you can reshape section ways. These three highlights include all short demo recordings, which can be played right inside the application.

#5 Serif DrawPlus


Serif DrawPlus is a powerful software that provides you with multi-features, including sketching, designing, painting, illustrating, drawing, and animating. It has many options for being attracted to artists, developers, and designers and offers realistic painting, creative fun, logos, interactive Flash animations, business diagrams, layouts, and plans. It let you import artwork from anywhere and share your creations online easily.

This tool has missed the feature for photograph-altering, so it has got easy to learn and explore in detail, making it ideal for the learner and experienced visual creators. You can utilize it to make advertisements or notices, different drawings, or other similar exciting activities.

#6 Karbon


Karbon is a vector drawing scalable software in KDE. Artists can create a complex drawing and can get the desired zoom in on, as it does not lose image quality for zooming in or out. You can transform your graphic design into high-quality illustrations.

It is an excellent application for beginners as well as artists and professionals. Karbon is a vector drawing application with a UI that is anything but complicated to utilize, very adjustable, and extensible. That makes Karbon an incredible app for clients beginning to investigate the universe of vector design and also for artisans needing to make amazing vector craftsmanship.

Whether you need to make clipart, logos, outlines, or photorealistic vector pictures – look no further, Karbon is the apparatus for you! It accompanies different drawing instruments, inclination and example apparatuses, calligraphy drawing devices, snapping highlights, various standard shapes like circle, stars, and so on, and sophisticated way operations. Karbon is additionally cross-stage and works with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

#7 Intaglio


This Mac drawing software offers instinctive instruments in a straightforward interface to give you a chance to work rapidly to plan proficient and fun fine art. Intaglio Mac drawing program is among the most original drawing programs for Mac.

It has a primary interface with uncomplicated instruments, components, and capacities to help you make delightful fine art, representation, logos, fliers, necessary floor arrangements, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Intaglio has two primary toolbars at the privilege and top of the interface that makes it simple to utilize.

It offers one house, conventional drawing service, shapes, and protest control instruments. Alternate gives you a chance to pick fill hues, stroke hues, and stroke sizes, flip protests on a flat plane and vertically, and perform different capacities. On the off chance that you lean toward or need to draw freehand, a freehand line highlight is given.

The Intaglio drawing program for Mac gives you a chance to compose content along with a way and believe the content to form if you require that additional flare or bend in your messages. It doesn’t give you a chance to make and spare passage styles to be utilized once more, however.

#8 Sketsa SVG Editor


Sketsa SVG Editor offers a broad group of fundamental elements and devices to help you make vector-based work of art. SVG, or versatile vector representation, implies that you can resize any outline you make without losing picture clarity. Sketsa gives you a chance to change the overwork of art amongst raster and vector records.

This drawing program for Mac has a freehand pencil and a Bézier pen to draw changed shapes. There are a couple of treat cutter shapes, for example, a circle/oval and a square/rectangle. Sketsa offers a straight-line instrument and polygon maker.

There are pencil, rope, content, change, scale, pivot, and skew devices. Sketsa SVG Editor gives you a chance to evolve over substance in a way and sort content along away. Ensure you make a stroke and fill shading before you begin writing, however, or you won’t have the capacity to see what you write.

Sketsa Mac drawing programming has lattices, guides, snap to usefulness, and article impacts. It has a channels segment in its properties that is, to some degree, hard to utilize. This Mac drawing programming does not give you a chance to make various page craftsmanship, and it is not accessible for iPad.

#9 CorelDRAW Graphics


CorelDRAW Graphics is a tracing software with vector illustration and photo editing. Any graphic project can be tackled using it. It provides precision design tools and market-leading file compatibility. Its high-quality graphic content, along with other features, converts your creativity into a professional product. This tool opens up a universe of new imaginative potential outcomes. It has outlined a few new workspaces that mirror your normal work process so that everything is correct. It also includes a page layout. Whether you’re making illustrations and formats, altering photographs, or planning sites, this complete suite of visual communication programs gives enormous outline quality to little organizations.

Consolidate your inventiveness with the unparalleled force of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite to plan representation and formats, edit photos, and make sites. With cutting-edge support for Windows 10, multi-screen survey, and 4K shows, the suite lets first-time clients, illustrations masters, small entrepreneurs, and outline fans convey proficient results with velocity and certainty. Find high-gauge and natural devices inside your visual computerization programming to make logos, leaflets, web illustrations, online networking promotions, or any different venture.

#10 KlipMix Free Video Editor


KlipMix Free Video Editor is a powerful video editing application that comes with hundreds of free video filters. Slow-motion, photo slideshow transition, and fast trimming, etc. to help you design excellent video show in one minute. The application features lots of video editing tools, and you can select images and photos from your gallery without any cost or watermark.

With the help of this tool, you can easily add video filters, music, voice-over to the video, and you can also be able to rotate, zoom, trim, and split your video. It is an easy to use video editing application; you need to import your images or video, choose filters, effects, or other tools, preview while editing, and save it into your device.

The best thing about this application is that it also allows you to directly share your edit video with others on social media platforms. KlipMix Free Video Editor is entirely free to use the form, available to use on Android and iOS devices. It includes core features such as add texts, favorite import music, unlimited customization, and professional tools, slow and fast motion effects, reverses and built-in movie maker, etc.

#11 EDIUS Pro 8


EDIUS Pro 8 is a simple yet powerful video editing software created by Grass Valley. The program enables more resolutions and formats in real-time to allow you to edit anything quickly and easily. It is a powerful and easy-to-understand application that excels at any sizing, scaling, and cropping. The software is known as a versatile finish tool for all professional productions, such as 4K theatrical productions and documentaries.

EDIUS Pro 8 competed favorably in the world of professional editing solutions and known as a reliable alternative to the few names dominating the industry. As compared to all the others, its interface is quite simple to make any user feel at home in just a few seconds, and it’s newly designed all you to switch between the single and dual monitor editing layouts.

Its clean button is positioned more conveniently, and logically which means all the identifying functions icons are pretty simple. Its video editing tool also comes with lots of new features such as edit videos with different resolutions, multi-cam editing, 3-way color correction, motion tracking, and much more. EDIUS Pro 8 has multiple price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.

#12 Filmora


Filmora is an all-in-one video editing software designed for beginners who would like to spend less time understanding the basic functionalities of the video editing solution and focus more on their task of creating and editing any size of the video.

With the capability to support the editing of videos at up to 4K resolution, the editing software described as very affordable that equipped with both video and audio tools as well provides users many opportunities in apply new effects, style, and customization into their videos.

One of the best and describable features of the solution is Wondershare Filmora that allows users to add overlays, animations, and elements, including images, music, texts as well as animated GIFs on their videos, especially if they would like to create a complete story video.

The text editing tool of the software allows users to easily edit texts such as making them bold, italicizing, and change font style and size. This comprehensive solution also comes with hundreds of advanced tools and features that make it better than others, such as split-screen, advanced editing, video and audio control, scene detection, video stabilization, 4K resolution, screen recording, and audio separation, etc.

#13 ZapWorks


ZapWorks is an easy to use comprehensive AR (Augmented Reality) software solution designed for professional designers and developers. The solution allows users to easily create any interactive and immersive AR experience on handheld devices. It features three different tools such as designer, widgets, and studio that make it easy to create augmented reality-powered video and fully 3D multi-scene AR experience.

The application also comes with a set of AR tools designed to suit any skill level, right from school going children to the next generation professional artist. ZapWorks AR software has the tools that make the creation of interactive content simple. It allows you to put Zipcodes on the stuff you want to incorporate the AR content too.

Its widget feature also makes it better than others, takes only a few clicks to attach video, images, or any widget to the Zipcode. Also, its studio provides an all-inclusive toolkit for creating 3D AR or VR experiences. The studios also help users to deliver an immersive and dynamic experience with animation tools that include Gyroscope Oriented immersive environment. Photo album, social media, 3D models, full analytics, content cards, and custom buttons are also features of the solution.

#14 INDE Broadcast AR


INDE Broadcast AR is an augmented reality software solution that allows users to easily create experiences and products that educate, inform, and inspire through the augmented reality screen. It supports individual AR experiences, group AR experiences, ready-made staff, and advanced level customizable content.

INDE Broadcast AR comes to deliver a comprehensive augmented reality solution. The solution gives users more flexibility to display content on indoor and outdoor digital signage as well as on a temporary plasma screen and projection system.

It is quite simple and easy to use software that no require any TI skills and coding, drag, and drop objects to enjoy its service. There is also a complete guide and video tutorial that helps you to create a masterpiece. INDE Broadcast AR core features include 3D project visualization, custom 3D content, multi-country, group AR experience, and real-time integration, etc.

#15 QuarkXPress 2017


QuarkXPress 2017 is a feature-rich, cross-platform graphic design application that enables users to design compelling materials for various channels without the need to learn any codes or to do complex programming. It is simple and easy to use that comes with all the primary tools and features to deliver a complete solution.

With this, users are provided with the boosted user experience and have a host of new and enhanced features for design. Editors to create materials that are exactly how they envisioned them. The best thing about this platform is that it comes with a multi-language interface for non-English speakers to navigate by supporting 36 language that makes it less arduous for artists who want to input new text from right to left instead of the usual left to right.

Unlike all the primary graphic design tools, it also comes with digital publishing features with new options that make it better than others. QuarkXPress 2017 also includes core features such as drag and drop function, palettes search, custom keyboard, custom page sizes, tables, layers, smart guides, image editing, and import and export, etc.

#16 Blocs


Blocs is a fast and easy-to-use tool that allows users to build powerful websites with an amazing visual web design software that requires no code for creating one. It works on the concept of stacking pre-defined sections to build the fully coded web pages with extreme efficiency.

Moreover, it comes with intuitive visual styling tools that allow users to control the structure of the website and gives them a user-friendly experience. The platform offers a range of eye-catching scrolling effects, which allows users to make it look more attractive, and they can change the design anytime they want.

Furthermore, it helps in creating a website that looks stunning on any screen and provides dedicated responsive workflow tools. Blocs offer such amazing features such as no coding, intuitive design, which allows users to create an amazing website. The platform has a fast and customizable layout, and users can add stunning animations.

#17 LiveTour


LiveTour is an advanced level virtual reality tour capturing software with complete team and content management functions. The solution is specially designed for professionals and offers interior designers, real estate agents, photographers, and other entrepreneur access to the VR editor that lets them create a breathtaking 360-degree showcase.

With the help of this solution, users do not need a highfaluting device or exhaustive technological know-how to create panoramic virtual tours. The solution turns compatible smart devices into the highly capable VR camera to allow users to capture views with the full span.

Also, the software offers up to 8K resolution spherical takes that give virtual tour more informative and make the viewer feel as if they are right inside the building and its rooms or in the outdoor scenery. Real estate agents, interior designers, retailers, and other entrepreneurs can sell their services from within their virtual tour.

LiveTour is a comprehensive solution and comes with all the major features such as custom branding, high-resolution tours, instant sharing, MLS support, analytics, panorama tagging, floor plan editor and real-time stitching, etc. There are more than five SMB and enterprise price plans; each one has its own cost and core benefits.

#18 EverWeb


EverWeb is a platform that helps users build websites for Mac operating system without using any coding capability. The platform helps users create beautiful and responsive websites, and they can simply drag and drop their images and text in it anywhere in the interface. The platform offers a hundred percent responsive websites as they can be accessed easily from all devices.

The platform comes with a built-in blogging feature that does not require installing complex scripts or databases, and users can create their blog with a single click. Furthermore, it does not have any limit, and users can create any number of websites through it with ease. It comes with different widgets, which make the work easy for users.

EverWeb enables users to launch animation effects, and they can also secure HTTPS websites. Moreover, it has a built-in SEO feature that can help users to optimize websites before they launch. Lastly, users can add different social media links for visitors’ access, and they can make changes to them anytime.