BookMeetingRoom is one of the simplest and easiest to use online booking platform specially designed for government and corporate meeting room management within a single building or across various buildings, in one or several locations. It is a powerful solution that comes as an alternative to Joan and offers all the core services with some new tools and features.

The platform is suitable for small businesses with one or two meeting rooms up to larger organizations with multiple meeting rooms or conference rooms to manage in different buildings. Unlike all the other online booking platforms, it also offers custom branding features. It allows you to add your logo, company layout, and all the other things that make it a comprehensive solution.

It introduces a self-service booking feature that allows staff to book your meeting room without any extra effort. Book Meeting Room also includes core features such as real-time availability checking, eliminates double booking, easy to use and intuitive, room utilization tracking, simple dashboard, and much more. It offers different plans that depend on your needs.



#1 Meetio Room


Meetio Room is a web-based meeting room booking platform created to help businesses streamline room management with tools and features such as room capacity, room usage statistics, customized appearance, and more. The software also supports RFID or NFC technology to help users book rooms and identify themselves.

With its color-coded room status tracking and room capacity tools, Meetio Room allows users to see at-a-glance if a room is available. There is also has a feature that allows users to see how many people the room can hold quickly. Unlike others, it also offers an integration system and integrates with most of the leading solutions that make it better than others.

Meetio Room’s online room list enables users to check upcoming meeting times and see what time slots are available. The software informs users of what equipment is available and well allows them to set on the computer.

It also offers a scheduling feature and allows you to schedule their meeting room anytime, anywhere, even on any internet-enabled device. Meetio Room other key feature includes attendee management, kiosk mode, board meetings, calendar integration, room capacity, meeting room booking, internal meetings, and custom booking, etc.


#2 Smartway2


Smartway2 is a user-friendly cloud-based workspace management solution that provides enterprise-level features at the startup-level cost. It comes as an alternative to Joan but introduces lots of new features and tools that make it better than others.

Whether you have just a handful of rooms and desks or thousands spread across different countries, the software helps you boost collaboration and productivity. It is specially designed to save time and enhance workspace utilization through quick and easy room booking and desk booking.

With the help of this, users can order everything they need with their room booking, including AV equipment, parking, catering, etc. Smartway2 works on desktop, mobile, and Outlook without any installation deployment.

The software features drag and drop functionality that makes it simple to set up one booking. Smartway2 also includes core features such as reporting engine, alerts, color code categories, 3rd-party integration, usage tracking, layout management, digital menu boards, search, filters, etc.

#3 Resource Central


Resource Central is a complete meeting room booking solution created for Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, and Office 365. It is a user-friendly solution that allows users to instantly book appointments, meeting rooms, and resources within Outlook.

The best thing about this platform is that it supports Skype for Business and offers reporting, visitor management, and digital signage integration. Resource Central delivers an at-a-glance overview of available meeting rooms by day, week, or month.

With the help of this platform, users can quickly identify the size and location of meeting rooms as well as complete view images and floor plans that make it more interesting. When planning meetings and booking meeting rooms, it allows users to invite attendees simultaneously and quickly book the services they need for the meeting.

Service providers can automatically receive the order request. Resource Central is known as than just a meeting room booking solution and also offers complete book desks, parking spaces, vehicles, or any resource that fits the needs of your business. Users can seamlessly complete bookings in just a few clicks, which saves time and enhances productivity.

Unlike all the other similar platforms, it also offers a mobile application that allows users to use its service anytime, anywhere. Resource Central also includes core features such as room scheduling, email notification, meeting and conference planning, support for 14 languages, resource planning, and self-registration, etc.


#4 YArooms


YArooms is a web-based room booking solution created for businesses of all sizes. It can be used to manage meeting room usage, provide real-time availability data, facilitate online booking, monitor upcoming meetings, and collect insights into meeting room uses and finances.

The software comes as an alternative to Joan and offers all the core services with some new features and tools that make it better than others. It helps businesses schedule their rooms and ensures all employees are on the same page at times via real-time updates and mounted wall displays using its mobile app for iPad and Android.

With the help of this platform, users can also be able to schedule meetings and book rooms using a web browser, mobile app, or directly from emails within Microsoft Outlook that make it more simple and powerful. The availability of meeting rooms can be viewed at-a-glance, with real-time updates, rooms booked online, and calendars can be viewed by day, week, or month.

Its role-based permissions can be set up to ensure users’ granular access to specific rooms and approval workflows set up so that certain places require approvals. The best fact about YArooms is that it offers an optional attendee collision management tool that prevents people from attending multiple meetings at the same time.


0 is a meeting room booking platform created for businesses of all sizes. It allows quick reservation via two different modes. One mode requires a manager’s approval before confirming the booking, while the other enables instant reservation.

With this, users can check room availability, filter rooms by equipment or capacity, and check room status in real-time. It also delivers users the ability to schedule recurring bookings, combined rooms, manage caterers and equipment, and send email alerts that make it better than others.

There is also has a feature that allows users to search, schedule, and book rooms as per their needs and apply a range of filters, including date, time, availability, and capacity. Unlike others, Boardroom also offers analytics features through which users can monitor the usage based on parameters such as common booking days, occupancy hours, and more.

The software can also be integrated with Google Calendar that allows all reservations to be synced with the calendar to manage their booking more accurately. Through this, users can also set the time zone for their location, time format, date, language, and customized profiles. Task scheduling, email meeting invitations and reminders, resource scheduling, board meeting management, email alerts, and complete reservation management are also features of the solution.

#6 CalendarWiz


CalendarWiz is web-based calendar software that allows users to manage activities, bookings, events, invites, reminders, schedules, and all the other similar things from a single platform. It is suitable for any business and churches, schools, as well as non-profit organizations and groups.

With the help of the platform, users can easily share calendars to keep everyone up-to-date and on the same page. Users can also check their calendars via any internet-enabled device that makes it more interesting.

CalendarWiz supports multi-user editing, event reminders, and document management that enable users to define calendar editing positions, attach agendas and presentations to events and quickly send reminders with details for meetings, appointments, or classes.

There is also has a massive range of room and facility scheduling tools that allow users to manage everything from meeting rooms to athletic fields, lab facilities, and studios. CalendarWiz is a commercial software solution and comes with three different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits. Its most prominent feature includes appointment scheduling, reminders, real-time scheduling, meeting room booking, visitor management, room control, etc.

#7 AgilQuest


AgilQuest is a powerful workspace and meeting room booking software that delivers organizations with a central platform from which to find and reserve conference rooms. It is an all-in-one solution designed for all kinds and sizes of businesses that want a visual conference room.

With this, users can check room availability, location, and attributes from a single place via various interfaces, including web browsers, smartphones, kiosks, and digital signage, etc. The software enables users to set up approvals or group permissions to restrict access to conference rooms.

AgilQuest can also connect to physical systems to help manage check-ins and automatically release conference rooms when they are not in use. Its powerful workplace analytics tools allow users to gain valuable insight into room utilization and booking behavior.

Other AgilQuest core solutions include office hoteling and shared desk management, permanent seat management, workplace management, office tenant amenity management, and scheduling; all these features make it a comprehensive solution for all sizes of businesses. AgilQuest also supports integration with Intel Unite and Microsoft Exchange that allow users to streamline their meeting room booking and reservations workflow.

#8 Teem


Teem is a complete Workplace Experience Platform that integrates with dynamic suites of tools into the physical and digital workplace. With the help of this platform, users can get lots of meeting tools, conference room displays, visitor management, and much more on how space and facilities are used.

It uses a wall-mounted tablet to display details outside individual meeting rooms, with at-a-glance availability and information of upcoming meetings. All rooms on this platform are booked directly from the display, or through the native mobile apps or browser-based booking tool that enable users to search for an available meeting room for the time and duration they require.

Through this, users can tap on rooms on interactive maps to view the room’s schedule and capacity, as well as any physical and technological resources. There is also has an integration feature and integrate with Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, and G Suite that allows the booking of rooms and sending of meeting invites from the single location.

Teem also offers tools for ensuring that all the booked meeting rooms are used, including an optional check-in functionality that automatically cancels bookings unless attendees check-in to the meeting room within the predetermined window around the start time. It also includes core features such as calendar integration, search functionality, central dashboard, room mapping, and real-time availability, etc.



iOFFICE is a web-based integrated office system that assists medium to large-sized corporations with visitor and facility management. It is an advanced level solution that comes with all the leading tools and features, including scheduling, meeting room booking, registration, document management, space utilization, etc.

The software has a feature that notifies team members about guest arrivals, captures guest images, and automates printing. iOFFICE also lets users pre-register guests for events, track visitor activity, and quickly manage visitor documentation. It is also best for teams who want to reserve a desk or a conference room and invite guests from their address.

Like other integrated platforms, it also offers integration features and integrates with most calendar applications, including Outlook and Google and chat platforms that make it perfect for everyone. The software also delivers insights on space utilization based on check-in/check-out details and lets team members coordinate services.

Its mailroom management functionality automates the capture of packing numbers upon courier receipt and easily records the date stamp and time stamp by the final recipient. iOFFICE is commercial software that offers multiple price plans; each plan has its own cost and benefits.

#10 OfficeSpace Software


OfficeSpace Software is an online facility management solution that allows enables users to create and allocate workspace for critical administrative tasks using a range of features such as including desk booking, resource tracking, plus move, and request management, etc.

It is a comprehensive platform that serves a wide range of industry segments, such as government entities, bank telecommunications, and real-estate. This leading tool is designed to automate and simplify the complicated task of managing large-scale organizational moves and day-to-day employee relocations that make it better than others.

With this, users can manage rooms and track cubicles together with their assets and attribute details. There is also has a feature that allows users to access OfficeSpace Software through the web with Single Sign-On. OfficeSpace software also features a resource tracking tool that helps users quickly pinpoint company-wide assets and resources without any extra effort.

Users can also find, monitor, and share organizational resources from conference rooms to printers as well as access critical safety and medical reports, and generate accurate, up-to-date reports related to assets. OfficeSpace Software is created for all sizes of businesses, and you can enjoy its service anywhere around the world.

#11 Roomzilla


Roomzilla is a meeting room reservation solution that integrates with calendar systems, including Google, Outlook, Office 365, and Exchange, to help users schedule and manage their office space. The software supports API integration, reports, and an approval queue, etc.

It also enables users to manage desk sharing and all the other office real-estate and meeting room reservations from one place. As a cloud-based solution, Roomzilla allows users to manage conference rooms anytime, anywhere, via the internet-enabled device. Its reporting feature gives users valuable insight into usage and booking behavior.

Like all the other leading solutions, it also supports check-in and auto-delete features to aids users in managing the problem of ghost reservations, individuals booking rooms, and not showing up. With this solution’s help, users can compare and select rooms by location, capacities, or availability via an interactive timeline that is quite simple and attractive.

One of the best facts about this platform is that it offers a room display module that enables users to display real-time reservation details on a tablet. A booking approval queue provides admins complete control over office resources. Roomzilla is commercial software and offers multiple price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.

#12 Get a Room


Get a Room is a feature-rich conference room booking solution that allows users to book and manage office space from a single platform with features like user permissions, scheduling, room and lobby signage, reminders, a public guest calendar, and more.

The software streamlines office space management that ensures meeting rooms are never double booked. Its Permissions management tools allow users to define the rules over who can see and book rooms. There is also has complete reporting capabilities that provide users valuable insight into room activity and booking behavior.

It also offers digital signage tools that enable offices to display room availability conveniently from mobile devices that make it better than others. With this Users can then check room availability at-a-glance.

Get a Room’s other prominent feature includes unlimited locations and users, catering, service orders with group notifications, fully branded with the user’s logo and domain with SSL security, etc. Another significant fact about this online meeting room booking solution is that it offers a comprehensive payment processing feature and integrates with all the leading platforms that make it more powerful.

#13 Porteus Kiosk


Porteus Kiosk is one of the most renowned open-source software which gives you the facility to secure public access to your computer in the best way. It also provides a technical Guru, who will customize lockdown, install the dedicated software in your computer without any virus, malware, or any other third party integration.

It is a lockdown product which gives you a security feature that turns your PC or device into a self-service and self-protecting hardware and saves your information and locks itself unless an authorized source integrates with the system. It comes with a smart integration system that detects any malfunction when we connect to any public network, and there is a chance to hack our system. The software will automatically lock down our computer.

The software is easy to use and gives a lightweight Linux operating system integration that you can use on any browser-based system. Porteus Kiosk’s apps are available on Android devices and Windows OS. It comes with a constructive layout with easy navigation and provides an interactive graphical user interface. The program is free and runs from a fixed and removable media such as USB flash or a compact disc.

#14 Joan


Joan is the most leading and feature-rich digital display and meeting room booking platform that allows streamlining office space and meeting room scheduling with on-the-spot and remote room booking. It is a powerful platform and integrates with most of the native apps like G Suite, Office 365, and iCalendar that allow users to schedule meetings in their way from within their company calendar.

Joan delivers a real-time schedule of meeting rooms that ensure everyone knows which rooms are available and when. The software also supports centralized management that enables users to set-up and manage all of their displays from a single location.

One of the best facts about Joan is that it offers a customization feature and offer all the primary customizable branding tools that allow users to personalize the regular interface with custom images or text. There is also a digital signage system for reception areas, halls, common areas, and shared spaces that enable users to check meeting room availability at-a-glance.

It’s reporting and analytics give users valuable insight into the meeting room usage and booking behavior. The solution is available to use in multiple languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, and more, and enable users to book meetings directly through Slack.

#15 Webconverger


Webconverger is a platform that enables the users to access applications privately and securely and allows the users to converge their testing center, reception IT, and other platforms onto the web with it. It offers fast hassle-free deployment, and the interface is changed to that of a web application.

The platform also provides privacy to users, such as it keeps users surfing sessions private and offers no tracking of it. Moreover, it also enables the users to manage their homepage easily, or they can change them through its configuration tool. It also automatically updates the browser and system for the best Web standard support.

Webconverger is an open-source program that enables the users to make changes to it. Users can download the file from its website or can boot the file by configuring it.