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Breethe – Guided Meditation and Mindfulness is a free to use application that delivers the easiest way to mediate. With the help of this app, you can learn simple mindfulness and meditation techniques to help you bring more happiness, calm, joy and peace of mind into your life… read more
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26 Breethe Alternatives & Similar Apps



Pacifica – Stress and Anxiety is a free to use Android and iOS devices that allow you to get stress, anxiety, and depression in the way of you living your life. The application gives you psychologist created tools in order to address them based on meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation, etc.

Synctuition Meditation Program

Synctuition Meditation Program is a world’s most leading meditation app that comes with brand new 3D sounds that enhance the quality of sleep significantly. It is a similar Calm and all the other meditation apps but offers lots of new features and sounds that make it better than others.

Let’s Meditate: Guided Meditation

Let’s Meditate: Guided Meditation developed and published by Heal Me Team for Android device only. It is quite simple and easy to use application that offers a straightforward approach to guided meditation without any clutter and destruction, just choose you to track and hit play.

Ultimate Sleep App

Ultimate Sleep App is a simple yet powerful health and fitness application that is specially designed for those who are looking for wellness through the gift of deep, uninterrupted sleep longer and faster.

Relax and Sleep Well

Relax and Sleep Well: Hypnosis and Meditation is a professional hypnosis and meditation application that offers four free hypnotherapy and meditation recordings and more than 80 in-app purchase options to covering stress, anxiety, mindfulness, insomnia, and sleep, etc.

Sleep Booster

Sleep Booster – Sleep Better and Wake Up Refreshed is a perfect sleep platform for those who would like to fall asleep and wake up energized with the help of special breathing technique meditation sessions and calming sounds.

Meditation and Relaxation

Meditation and Relaxation: Guided Meditation is a mobile application developed and published by Fitness22 for Android and iOS devices. The application is specially designed for those who want to learn to meditate and get amazing results such as calm, relax and center yourself, sleep better, focus easily and live a happier life, etc.

Sleep Well Hypnosis

Sleep Well Hypnosis – Insomnia and Sleeping Sound developed and published by Surf City Apps for Android and iOS devices. It is an advanced level meditation guide application that is best for everyone who is suffering from insomnia, fall asleep fast or tried other sleep aid methods.


Fabulous: Self Care is a powerful science-based application that will motivate you to enhance your fitness and achieve your weight goal, discover mindfulness to reduce your anxiety and reboot your sleep cycle.

Meditation and Relaxation Music

Enjoy unlimited Calm Meditation music to improve your life. Meditation and Relaxation Music: Calm Sleep Sounds is an amazing meditation guide and music application that offers modern level guides and tracks to relieve your stress and allow you to enjoy better sleep.

10% Happier

10% Happier: Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics is a simple yet most powerful meditation guide application that offers a clear and simple approach to meditation with world’s top meditation teachers. This calming app is available to use on Android and iOS devices, and you can enjoy its service anywhere around the world.


Sleepo: Relaxing sounds, Sleep developed and published by Relaxio for Android and iOS devices. It is a complete meditation guide application that helps you to improve your sleep and relaxation. The application contains a great collection of HD sounds that can be mixed into an excellent relaxing ambiance.
0 – Relaxing Music and White Noise is an application that offers multiple channels and a massive collection of excellent music. It is a leading application for relaxation and meditation music focuses on the study and sleep music.


Aware: Meditation and Mindfulness is an all-in-one free meditation application developed and published by The application is created by experts, psychologies, and teachers and with its life-changing skills of meditation, you can train your mind and body for a healthier and happier life.

Deep Meditation

Deep Meditation: Relaxation and Sleep Meditation App is a complete meditation application that offers both as traditional and modern meditation guides that help you sleep better and experience deeper relaxation. It is a tool to help you get meditating more often;

The Mindfulness App

The Mindfulness App: relax, calm, focus and sleep developed and published by MindApps. It is a perfect app that opens up a world of professional guided meditations and helps you towards a more healthier and peaceful of mind.


Meditopia: Breath, Anxiety developed and published by Meditasyon. The application designed with all the advanced features and tools that touch your soul. It helps you calm, reduce stress, love, find peace and start a deep discovery within yourself.

Stop, Breathe and Think

Stop, Breathe and Think: Meditation and Mindfulness is the most leading and feature-rich meditation application hat check-in with your emotions in order to receive daily meditation recommendation tuned to how you feel.

Simple Habit

Simple, Fast and Feature-rich. Simple Habit is a comprehensive meditation application designed for busy people and allows offers mediate for just five minutes a day to reduce stress and improve focus.


Sway – Mindfulness in motion created and published by PauseAble for Android and iOS platforms. It is an interactive meditation app that tracks your movements and provides feedback to help you gain focus and enhance your attention.


Omvana: Meditation, Yoga, and Sleep are free to use Meditation application on Android and iOS devices by Mindvalley LLC. It is a new and enhances version of meditation application from Mindvalley that offers lots of new enhancements, tools, and features.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a #1 free meditation application that delivers compete meditation guide and talks led by the world’s leading meditation and mindfulness experts, teachers and psychologies around the world. IT comes as the meditation app like Calm and offer all the core features with some new tools and guides.


Headspace – Mediation and Sleep is a personal guide app for happiness and health. The app will focus, breath, calm, stay and perform at your best as well as get better night’s rest through the simple life-changing skills of relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness.


Buddhify: Mindfulness Meditation on the go is a commercial Health and Fitness application developed and published by Mindfulness Everywhere for Android and iOS devices. It is a feature-rich advanced level medication application specially designed to help you bring more calm, clarity, and kindness to all major parts of your life.


Aura – Mindfulness, and Happiness is a simple yet powerful application that is specially designed to reduce the stress and increase positivity through 3-minute meditations and personalized by AI. The application is developed and published by Aura Health, and you can download it on both Android and iOS devices.


Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax is the most leading application on Android and iOS application for meditation and sleep. The app has millions of users around the world and offers millions of experiencing lower stress, less anxiety and more restful sleep with its guided sleep stories, guided meditations, and breathing programs, etc.

More About Breethe

Breethe – Guided Meditation and Mindfulness is a free to use application that delivers the easiest way to mediate. With the help of this app, you can learn simple mindfulness and meditation techniques to help you bring more happiness, calm, joy and peace of mind into your life. Reduce insomnia, relieve stress and anxiety and other sleep disorders that enhance your focus and concentration. It offers daily meditations for beginners and a wide range of other guided meditations in order to help you deal with specific issues related to health, sleeping, work performance, and relationships, etc. Breethe is quite simple and easy to understand the application and offers complete features to reduce your stress and deliver a comfortable environment. Through this, you can learn how to mediate with simple breath-focused meditation techniques and relaxing meditation music. Sleep and morning meditation, a massive range of unique sounds, special guide, classic tracks, simple and effective mindfulness exercises, and great practical tools these are core features of the application.

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