CallMultiplier is an all in one voice broadcasting and text messaging service that allows you to send automated calls and text. There are many complexities for the person as we go in the past to send calls or messages to the target group, but now with CallMultiplier automated approach will settle things nicely for you. It is a simple, cost-effective, and quick way to send messages, and you have the easy management of your group members.

There is nothing difficult for you, just all you need to approach an online website, enter your text, or record your voice, and the system will multiply the messages for you and diver them to the group. It is important to do your business to get going, and with CallMultiplier, you can send reminder messages and make important announcements among employees. Furthermore, CallMultiplier is reliable to streamline your communication, whether you are doing it in schools, clubs, associations, businesses, and any else.


CallMultiplier Alternatives

#1 Google Voice


The idea of making free calls is fantastic, but you need an internet connection with a workable internet phone application to do so. To make a free call utilizing an internet phone, you might need to download a free phone call software tool. Google Voice is one of those utilities allowing you to make communicate through the internet.

The service caters to a US phone number, opted out by the user from available numbers in selected area codes, free of charge to each user account. You will provide an anonymous number that will be specified for you and not to a device or any specific location.

Check out what you can do by using Google Voice are text from the PC, make voicemail as easy as email, customize callers’ experience, pick up calls from any smartphone, and make international and conference calls. You can even block unwanted calls and perform various other functions as well.


#2 MagicJack


MagicJack is a web-based telephone service that provides you an anonymous phone number to make calls across the globe. It will provide VoIP and complete internet services. There is no limitation on the conversation at all. Either it is your friend, family members, or business colleague, you can make calls to anyone.

The application of magicJack is available for Android and iOS devices. You will surely enjoy the free communications all the time. It will only use your Wi-Fi or 4G internet connection. If you are small business owners or home-based freelancers, you must use the magicJack to enjoy the free calls across the globe.

You are only required to add a new business number and be connected all the time. There is only one limitation, and that is the location where you can make calls. You can create unlimited calls to the United States and Canadian based mobile numbers. You can also make international calls to other names as well.

For unlimited calls, magicJack is offering two plans that are available separately for First Time Customers and Returning Customer. If you are a first time customer, then magicJack is available for $29.95, and for returning customers, it is open against a year plan of $35 and $99.75, respectively. The way of working of magicJack is straightforward. It uses VoIP to enable you to make local and long-distance calls to Canada and US numbers by using existing internet connection.

#3 FreedomPop


FreedomPop is a free internet and phone service provider that offers free phone services. International calls and calls to other numbers are also available at very cheap rates and phone plans. Free internet plans are also part of free call services.

In free basic plans, FreedomPop offers the two hundred free minutes, five hundred text messages, and five hundred MBs for the internet. Premium unlimited plans provide up to 80% off other carriers.

Check out some benefits of FreedomPop that are texting from anywhere, free Wi-Fi calling from anywhere, free unlimited calling & texting between FreedomPop phones, free international calls in almost sixty countries, availability of virtual number from any country, availability of open 4G LTE data every month and availability of free data.

As it is already mentioned, FreedomPop is available in sixty countries. If you want to use the services of FreedomPop, then you can check the availability of this application for your country from the official website of the FreedomPop.

If you are tired of paying too much every month, then use the FreedomPop and save hundreds of dollars every month. In addition to calling and internet services, FreedomPop delivers various other devices, digital services, and innovative social sharing features as well. You can share the data across all accounts, as well. Currently, it is offering its services for the UK and the US.


#4 Line2


Line2 is the name of the second phone number for personal and business purposes. It is the 2nd name of an advanced feature pack phone number that you can use from your smartphone or network of a small business. You will be provided with a complete business phone system in the cloud.

With this, you can perform more and save more by using Line2. Check out the main benefits of Line2 that are toll-free numbers of Canada and US, international SMS and calls system, free number porting without any extra fees, extensions, save voice minutes, and free calling to the Canada and US numbers while traveling abroad.

The solution is going to deliver you the real features of calling and texting. For the information of the readers, Line2 is a paid service that is available against a per month price of $9.95. Free trial of Line2 is also available for those who want to know about Line2 in advance.

In the free trial, there is the availability of Canadian and US numbers of your own choice, access Line2 from tablets/smartphones/PCs, unlimited texting, inbound calling, and five hundred outbound minutes per month. This toll will add a second number to your original mobile phone.

In case of getting the premium version, you will be provided with more feature in shape of unlimited SMS & inbound calling, five thousand outbound minutes per month, choose any US or Canadian number, transfer the existing name for free, low international call rates, use from any phone, tablets & PC and much more.

#5 Grasshopper


Grasshopper is the name of a virtual phone system, offering free numbers allow users to manage their calls in an online environment. The virtual network of Grasshopper is best for all type of business because it will help them in systemizing their all requests coming in.

Using the Grasshopper, you can keep your existing number on the board, maintain the reputation of the brand, availability of local/toll-free number, call forwarding to smartphones, access the features from your existing phones, and text messages.

It is effortless to start with Grasshopper that required only four steps. The process starts from selecting a number for the business, record the custom main greeting, add employees and departments and now get voicemails, calls, and faxes from anywhere. Grasshopper allows its users to create and customize the extensions of Grasshopper as well to forward calls anywhere. Create a digit department extension and digit employee extensions.

The local to the toll-free number of Grasshopper can be used for both individual and business purposes. Now the calls that you will make from the Grasshopper your name will be shown as the Grasshopper ID instead of your original phone number.

However, this will happen if you will make a call from the Grasshopper application. By this, the receiver will never know about your number. There is no requirement of installing any hardware or third-party apps. You are only required to install the Grasshopper and enjoy the calling and texting.

#6 Ooma


Ooma us a free internet-based phone service that delivers efficient VoIP services at clear calls. It is available for both home and business purposes. For home purposes, you will be provided with features of the advanced voice compression system, wire-speed QoS, encrypted calls all the time, adaptive redundancy, and HD voice.

For business purposes, features of Ooma are inclusive of all prices, supports up to twenty users, flexible phone options, easy setup, keep your number, and access from anywhere. For business users, the four main featured areas are calling features, setup features, office features, and mobility features.

In calling features, you will enjoy features of unlimited calling in Canada/US, low international call rates, caller ID and name, and free number transfer system. For the office environment, features like a virtual receptionist, extension dialing, voicemail, call transfer, call log, modes for business, ring groups, music on hold, and conference bridge system are available.

Call forwarding, voicemail forwarding, virtual extensions, and multi-ring system are also there in the Ooma. Ooma is the provider free and low-cost home and business phone services that will use your internet connection o to deliver you its calling features.

To use the services of Ooma, you are only required to have a fast speed internet connection and regular home phone or mobile phone. Except for Alaska, you can select any random phone number of the US and Canada. Instead of your original name, Ooma ID will be displayed at the screen of the receiver.

#7 Voiceably


Voiceably is the provider of a local phone number to establish an independent cloud call center or business phone system. Within a few minutes, you can set up your business phone system. It will then make you able to operate your business from any part of the world where the service of Voiceably is available.

The exceptional of Voiceably is that there is no requirement of installing any extra hardware or any other program. Some key features of the Voiceably are the availability of unlimited extensions, SMS messaging system, developer API, cloud phone system, virtual fax system, voicemail transcription system, conference calls system, call recording option, and much more.

The way of working is based on three simple steps that you are required to follow. First of all, select a unique number of available local and toll-free numbers. Now add the team members’ details for the office environment, and it’s done. Now you will be able to receive calls immediately.

Calls will instantly begin routing to you and the team members. You can also send the faxes and voicemails to your email IDs as well. Voiceably is a paid service. However, you can enjoy the seven-day free trial. The three paid plans of the Voiceably are Voiceably Startup, Voiceably Small Business, and Voiceably Enterprise.

The per month prices of these plans are $19, $49, and $199, respectively. The first one provides the five hundred minutes with one toll-free number while the other two offer the two thousand and ten thousand minutes with two and three toll-free numbers, respectively. The unlimited messaging system is part of all three plans.


0 is the provider of toll-free and local numbers for setting their virtual business phone system. It is a paid service that will deliver you all of its callings and texting features and services in the cloud. You will be provided with local and toll-free numbers that will make you able to express your company in a new style. is designed for business users. However, individuals can also use for their purposes. comes with almost all the leading features such as use your phone number with the new phone number, user extension to personalized your calling/texting settings, services, call handling system, administration, and access from any device. The call handling system of enables users to automatically route your calls from anywhere based on your time of day or week.

If talk about the service offered by the that is local and distance is calling to any phone number, texting to any number, conference calls, and much more. All this will be done on your phone. The way of working of is straightforward.

First of all, you are required to create an account with and then pick your phone number. You can transfer the existing one with, as well. However, if you want to use it as per your requirement, then you can configure the as well.

The configuration system of will allow you to build your independent phone system. By using this, you will get six primary services that are calling in HD voice, conferencing, chat calls, group messaging, text messaging, and fax.

#9 Telzio


Telzio is a cloud-based business phone system for professional and mega-size businesses. The service can be access from the per month price of $1. It features call forwarding, calling, texting, VoIP support, conference calls, and much more. In addition to great features, Telzio delivers transparent and straightforward services. There are no hidden costs at all.

The free application of Telzio is available for iOS and Android devices. For all devices, Telzio delivers the same level of features to its users. Every phone call you can manage from your desk phone and from anywhere. Some intuitive technical features of the Telzio are call forwarding, IVR menus, opening hours, fanatical support, web control panel, and VoIP support.

For many reasons, Telzio is slightly different from its competitors because there is no B/S system. Moreover, you will get all the reliable time quality from the Telzio. The state of the art technologies of the Telzio will deliver you the best service in the cloud.

The way of working is straightforward. Telzio itself is hosting a phone system, so you are not required at all to use your existing phone number. You can keep your current phone number by porting it to the Telzio, or you can select the new name from the available phone numbers of fifty countries as well. In addition to calling, texting, and faxing systems are also part of the Telzio. It will make you able to receive and send text messages from your smartphone.

You can even send faxes from your dashboard as well. Telzio is available in three plans that are Startup, Pro, and Enterprise. All these deliver the almost same features. However, the rate for inbound and outbound minutes are entirely different.

#10 Zaplee


Zaplee is the name of a cloud-based virtual PBX phone system mainly designed for small businesses. You can start creating your own virtual PBX phone system from $10 per line only. The exceptional of Zaplee is that it is fully compatible with the other VoIP and calling platforms, as well. Like you can interact with the Skype, VoIP, SIP, Skype, and landline numbers as well.

The industry-leading features are waiting for you to explore. Check out some main features of Zaplee are customize your greetings for business and nonbusiness hours, integration with main calling applications, availability of new number, availability of toll-free numbers, route your calls, get the voicemail by email and forward calls anywhere.

For the first time, Zaplee has introduced the multi-call capability system. Now, in addition to accepting the calls from a single number, you can even receive unlimited calls from unlimited numbers at a time. You can also screen the calls as well to decide which one is necessary and which one is unnecessary.

You are not bound to pick up any call. Then there is another unique feature by the name of data visualization or call reports system. The analytics system of Zaplee will allow you to get the call reporting to check for the impact of customer service. Zaplee supports the recording of calls, as well.

This will make you able to improve the customer experience strategy. There is only one plan of Zaplee known as Simple Pricing that is available for $10 per month for one user. Before going to get the paid plan, you can enjoy the trial period of Zaplee as well to explore its features.

#11 Talkray


Talkray is a tool for free calling and chatting. By using this platform, you can enjoy features of voice messaging, sharing files, making unlimited calls, messages, and much more. It will make you able to share your memories with your family members and friends. All the features and functions being offered by the Talkray are for free.

Use Talkray and enjoy the free group and international calls on the cleared lines. It will make it possible that you get the best communication experience all the time. It will also ensure that the data on your phone is consumed. Then comes the group messages, push to talk, photos, and emojis system of the Talkray.

This will allow you to make your communication colorful. You can easily share your videos, locations, and videos with your friends who are also using the Talkray. This powerful communication application will allow you to call a group or one friend of yours in an HD video and voice quality.

By pressing only one button, you will enjoy the voice messages, text messages, calling, sharing of pictures, videos, and much more. It is one of the best communication applications for enjoying the live call.

The exceptional about Talkray is that while talking with someone, you can also add more people to ongoing calls as well. You are only required to provide their phone number. Install the Talkray and make your smartphone a communicator.

#12 CallingVault


CallingVault is the name of a secure and private calling system designed for holding private communications or conferences. It is the name of an advanced virtual phone system. The service is created for those who want to give their phone number to anyone, then use the CallingVault that will provide a unique phone number for making calls and sending text messages.

It will work as the second phone number that will connect you with your existing smartphone number. The best about CallingVault is that it features blocking the unwanted calls and text as well that you think only wasting your time. Whether you want to date online or want to communicate with someone but all in a secure and private environment, then use the CallingVault and enjoy safe and private communication.

The separate phone lines, instant blocking, selective call forwarding, and dial out privately are four primary areas of services of the CallingVault. Add the CallingVault to your existing mobile phone number bad use the tools of CallingVault to control the communication with different levels.

The private dialing system of CallingVault will make you able to select which calls you to want to forward and block those that you don’t want to receive at all. There is only a single plan of CallingVault that is available for a per month price of $3.25.

You can add more free minutes and calls as well against fixed prices and ranges. In a single plan, features offered by the CallingVault are unlimited voicemail, dial out privately, local area code, selective call forwarding, organize your conversations, email notifications system, SSL encryption, etc.

#13 eVoice


eVoice is an internet-based telecommunication service that offers the business phone numbers to the medium and large enterprises. There is no requirement for any extra hardware. You can use eVoice from your existing phone numbers.

If you want to enjoy free features without paying anything, then free trial for thirty day period is available by the eVoice that will allow you to explore features of this program in advance. Add your business phone and save both time and money and enjoy the essential business solutions of answering system, route system, and management of the business calls.

eVoice is useful for professionals, small businesses, and an entire workforce. It is simple to start with eVoice that requires to select a business number from the available tool-free and local names of the eVoice and set up the extensions. You can also use your existing number as well.

Now you can route calls anywhere even to the multiple phone numbers at once as well. The flexible system of eVoice will allow you to make your business mobile and take the business calls anywhere, either it is a home, office, or any other place.

The paid plans of eVoice are categorized into two main sections that are eVoice for Professionals and eVoice for Small Business. eVoice Professional Plan is available against a per month price of $12.99. The Small Business Plans is available against three plans that are available for $29.99, $49.99 and $79.99 per month. The number of minutes, extensions, and names are different in each plan.

#14 Kall8


Kall8 is a fully integrated toll-free service that offers traditional 800 facilities with a complete set of tools to manage and track your toll-free numbers in real-time. It is a complete and straightforward solution that instantly activate and forward your 800 number; view calls and analyzes the results of your ad campaigns online.

The solution contains all the online management tools to get complete control at your fingertips. Its secure online management is included free with toll-free service. Once you logged into your account, you will be all to change your ring-to number, view your call details reports, add features, update payment information, and much more with just one click.

Kall8 is a quite simple and easy to use the platform and no required any IT skills; you need to follow its steps or read its guide to step up the solution. One of the best things is that it has a built-in conference feature with more than 25 participants that make it stronger than others. Other feature includes a virtual calling card, custom call forward, call notification emails, call blocking and online management, etc.

#15 Jive Communications


Jive Communications is a reliable, elegant, and secure cloud phone system providing the best-in-class integrated business communications. The software seems to be a practical choice in making business communications easy and intuitive, having calls, meetings, and messaging on the centralized platform. This will allows you to do more work and get the productivity you need to excel.

You switch between your desk phone, desktop app, and our mobile app to stay connected, and you can connect from wherever you want. Moreover, you can enhance your connectivity experience with face-to-face collaboration via HD-video conference calls and consolidate the communication tools to use them with on applications.

Jive Communications has a very easy setup configuration, and all of your call routings are configured in the visual editor. Multiple features on offer cloud PBX, integrated workflows, pre-call announcement, do not disturb, international calling, custom hold music, unlimited call queues, up to 250 meeting participants, and more to add.

#16 SpeakPipe


SpeakPipe is an online platform that enables customers, blog readers, or fans to send their voice messages to their celebrities right from the browser without any phone. It makes the customer and brand engagement super easy, as customers can leave feedback or comment in voice notes directly on the website.

The platform enables the brands and other website holders to attach the SpeakPipe integration to their website to make customers’ interaction easy. Moreover, visitors can directly send a voice message to the users without any Speakpipe account. Customers can also listen to their message after recording and can send it by a single click.

SpeakPipe allows the website holders to reply to their customers in the form of a voice message. Lastly, it also allows the visitors to add their contact information on the website while sending the message, which will ultimately result in increasing the brand’s mailing list.

#17 AT&T


AT&T is a platform that offers different services and products related to cellular devices and networking. This service provides users with prepaid packages to use their cellular device networks and to talk with their friends and family through text and phone. It offers various facilities, such as Internet services and Entertainment platforms.

Users can buy different latest phones of best brands from it on various installments with network packages. It offers fast online speed internet to allow users to stream, work, or play games seamlessly. Moreover, it provides users with TV services of next-generation with live channels for news and sports.

AT&T offers different deals and bundles apart from its straight packages, such as offers iPhone XR on a less price for a limited time. Moreover, its TV service offers built-in applications with voice remote with Google Assistant. Lastly, it provides free express shipping within 2-3 business days at the user’s doorstep.

#18 RingCentral


RingCentral is a phone system that will allow you to empower your business by setting your independent VoIP, cloud PBX, and phone system. It is the provider of a cloud-based global communication system that will make you able to enjoy the unparalleled functionality and reliability.

It is effortless and straightforward to set up the RingCentral. A lot of apps are already integrated into the RingCentral that are Box, Desk, Dropbox, Google, Oracle, and a few others. It is the name of a secure, reliable, and flexible phone system that is very simple and easy to manage. The one problem associated with RingCentral is that it provides the solution to the business users only.

So, if you want to use it for individual or personal purposes, then maybe you will be not provided with all functions and features. Some essential features are the availability of various phone numbers, cloud PBX availability, call management system, real-time collaboration, voicemail & greetings system, business SMS system, integration mobility, and internet fax system. There is also a demo and trial system, and you need to signup to create an account and start using RingCentral.

The premium version of RingCentral is available in three plans that are RingCentral Standard, RingCentral Premium, and RingCentral Enterprise. The per month prices of these three plans are $24, $34, and $44, respectively.

The number of available minutes, persons for online meetings, inbound caller ID and name system, and integration of apps are different in all these plans. For its state of the art technological features and functions, RingCentral can be said as a feature rice cloud communications solutions for companies and budgets for every size.