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The idea of making free calls is amazing but you need an internet connection with workable internet phone application to do so. In order to make a free call utilizing an internet phone, you might need to download free phone call software tool… read more

14 Google Voice Alternatives & Similar Software



MagicJack is a web based telephone service that will provide you an anonymous phone numbers to make calls across the globe. You will be provided with a VoIP and complete internet services.


Line2 is the name of second phone number for personal and business purposes. Line2 is the other name of an advanced featured pack phone number that you can use from your smartphone or network of a small business.
Free is the provider of toll free and local numbers for setting own virtual business phone system. is a totally paid service that will deliver you all of its calling and texting features and services in the cloud.


RingCentral is a phone system that will allow you to empower your business by setting own independent VoIP, cloud PBX and phone system. RingCentral is the provider of cloud based global communication system that will make you able to enjoy the unparalleled functionality and reliability.


Zaplee is the name of a cloud based virtual PBX phone system particularly designed for the small business. You can start creating your own virtual PBX phone system from $10 per line only.


Talkray is a tool for free calling and chatting purpose. By using this platform you can enjoy the features of voice messaging, sharing files, making unlimited calls, messages and much more.


CallingVault is the name of a secure and private calling system that is designed for holding the private communications or conferences. CallingVault is the name of an advanced virtual phone system.


Kall8 is the fully integrated toll-free services that offer traditional 800 services with a complete set of tools to manage and track your toll-free numbers in real-time. It is a simple and complete solution that instantly activate and forward your 800 number;


Grasshopper is the name of a virtual phone system that in addition to offering the free numbers allow the users to manage their calls in an online environment. The virtual system of Grasshopper is best for the all type of business because it will help them in systemizing their all calls coming in.


Voiceably is the provider of a local phone number to establish an independent cloud call center or business phone system. Within few minutes you can setup your own business phone system.


Telzio is a cloud based business phone system for the professional and mega size businesses. The services of Telzio can be access from the per month price of $1. It features the call forwarding, calling, texting, VoIP support, conference calls and much more.


eVoice is an internet based telecommunication service that offers the business phone numbers to the medium and large enterprises. There is no requirement for any extra hardware. You can use the eVoice from your existing phone numbers.


FreedomPop is a free internet and phone service provider that offers the free phone services. International calls and calls to other numbers is also available at very cheap rates and phone plans.


Ooma us a free internet based phone service the delivers the efficient VoIP services at clear calls. This calling and messaging service is available for both home and business purposes. For home purposes, you will be delivered with the features of advanced voice compression system, wire speed QoS, encrypted calls all the time, adaptive redundancy and HD voice.

More About Google Voice

The idea of making free calls is amazing but you need an internet connection with workable internet phone application to do so. In order to make a free call utilizing an internet phone, you might need to download free phone call software tool. Google Voice is one of those utilities allowing you make communication through internet. The service caters a US phone number, opted out by the user form available numbers in selected area codes, free of charge to each user account. You will be provided with an anonymous number that will be specified for you and not to a device or any specific location. Check out what you can do by using the Google Voice are text from the PC, make voicemail as easy as email, customize callers’ experience, pick up calls from any smartphone, and make international and conference calls. You can even block the unwanted calls and perform various other functions as well.

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