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Cloudinary is a leading Digital Asset Management solution that manages an application’s images and videos related needs all in the cloud. It offers a massive range of media management tools used numbers of web and mobile apps developers around the world… read more
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11 Cloudinary Alternatives & Similar Software



Panopto is a Digital Asset Management platform specially designed to help educators and companies to stream life or create on-demand content for student or employees. It is one of the best alternatives to Zype and offers all the major tools and technology with some advanced features to deliver something new.


Zype is a video management platform specially designed for enters, digital content providers and individual creators as also best for the business of all sizes. It is a video service platform that aims to help the user reach a wider audience, convert audience to customers and streamline their operations as well as drive important decisions to grow video business.


thePlatform is a leading white-label video management and publishing platform that worked with digital media companies around the world to manage and publish video and audio. It provides unmatched versatility for designing and supporting video businesses on PCs, mobile and TV.


Ooyala or Ooyala Flex Media Platform is an open and extensible platform to manage, curate, publish, measure and monetize your content. It is a simple yet powerful platform that connects and powers the entire content supply chain, from production to profile, provides central workflow, shares metadata and APIs as well as help you to make content supply chains, faster, smarter and more flexible.


vzaar is one of the most popular video-tech experts that provide the most trusted video hosting platform for publishing and eLearning businesses. The solution to simplifies all the complex process, or uploading, sorting, managing and delivering the seamless playback securely to allow you to focus on providing brilliant content for your viewer.


Kaltura is a world’s most popular platform that mission is to power any video experience for any organization. It is a powerful solution that provides live and on-demand video SaaS solutions to engage more audience around the world.


Uscreen is a leading platform that helps you create a profitable video streaming business and monetize your content by creating your own subscription-based video on demand service. With the help of this application, you can deliver content via an app, create a video website fast and keep 100% of your sales.


Viloud is a simple and easy to use platform that allows you to quickly create a TV channel for your brand from multiple sources, embed it on your website, and a make a Smart TV App.


Wistia is an Internet video hosting and analytics platform for businesses. The ultimate objective of the solution is to help the filmmaker collaborate remotely online. It has a free and premium video hosting solution and supports video creation and editing tools including Soapbox.


TubeBuddy is a free browser extension built on the premise that creators should be able to spend more time by creating stunning videos and less time managing them. It is a powerful extension and available to use on almost all the popular browser including Chrome, Safari and Firefox etc.

Floating for YouTube

Floating for YouTube is a Chrome application that allows you to load clips in the floating windows without the need to open a new tab. It is designed for all the YouTube lover who wants to browse new videos but without open a new tab.

More About Cloudinary

Cloudinary is a leading Digital Asset Management solution that manages an application’s images and videos related needs all in the cloud. It offers a massive range of media management tools used numbers of web and mobile apps developers around the world. Just like its name, it allows you to upload and store images and videos to the cloud effortlessly. Users also no longer need separate programs to resize, crop, convert and performs all the other similar action as the service offers comprehensive editing capabilities. Cloudinary can also be seamlessly integrated with any web application with its extensive API (Application Program Interface) capabilities. Its reliable Content Delivery Network also assures fast delivery of content. With the solution companies can do away with expensive and complex graphs management tools as it presents an end-to-end solution for the organization’s multimedia needs. Cloudinary enables you to upload and store an unlimited amount of content securely and privately. The storage includes historical revisions and automatic backup. You can easily manipulate the images utilizing a range of choices such as a watermark, cropping and apply effects etc. It is a complete digital asset management platform that comes with all the major tools and services in order to deliver complete services. Try it out; it is best for any size of business.