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Floating for YouTube is a Chrome application that allows you to load clips in the floating windows without the need to open a new tab. It is designed for all the YouTube lover who wants to browse new videos but without open a new tab… read more
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11 Floating for YouTube Alternatives & Similar Software


1. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is a free browser extension built on the premise that creators should be able to spend more time by creating stunning videos and less time managing them. It is a powerful extension and available to use on almost all the popular browser including Chrome, Safari and Firefox etc. The extension directly integrates with your YouTube website, and nearly all of the tools can access right from inside YouTube’s website. TubeBuddy is a great tool to get a lot more out of your YouTube account and highly recommended if you are a YouTube publisher of thinking about starting a YouTube channel. The tool delivers all the trending things including keywords and tags to get your video more views. It will automate all the operations for your all need within YouTube Channel and help you to get more success. TubeBuddy also includes prominent features such as card templates, emoji picker, notification commenting, default upload profiles, common filters, quick links menu and schedule publishing etc. Overall, TubeBuddy is one of the best tools for all the YouTube publishers.


2. Cloudinary

Cloudinary is a leading Digital Asset Management solution that manages an application’s images and videos related needs all in the cloud. It offers a massive range of media management tools used numbers of web and mobile apps developers around the world. Just like its name, it allows you to upload and store images and videos to the cloud effortlessly. Users also no longer need separate programs to resize, crop, convert and performs all the other similar action as the service offers comprehensive editing capabilities. Cloudinary can also be seamlessly integrated with any web application with its extensive API (Application Program Interface) capabilities. Its reliable Content Delivery Network also assures fast delivery of content. With the solution companies can do away with expensive and complex graphs management tools as it presents an end-to-end solution for the organization’s multimedia needs. Cloudinary enables you to upload and store an unlimited amount of content securely and privately. The storage includes historical revisions and automatic backup. You can easily manipulate the images utilizing a range of choices such as a watermark, cropping and apply effects etc. It is a complete digital asset management platform that comes with all the major tools and services in order to deliver complete services. Try it out; it is best for any size of business.


3. Panopto

Panopto is a Digital Asset Management platform specially designed to help educators and companies to stream life or create on-demand content for student or employees. It is one of the best alternatives to Zype and offers all the major tools and technology with some advanced features to deliver something new. It’s the best way to manage, record, live stream and even shares your videos with your team members or students. As compared to all the other similar platforms, it is more powerful and feature-rich and comes in handy whether you want to record external or internal training. With just a single click you will turn a meeting, event or presentation into the enjoyable live web event. All your live cast created are automatically saved high definition formats that can be easily uploaded into the Panopto video portal of your organization or institution. All the uploaded video can then be easily shared on social networks or through emails. With a search engine, you’ll not struggle to look for the video to share since they are automatically indexed using the keyword that can easily be traced by the engine. Screed recoding, APIs, Live DVR, video analytics, live webcasting, digital notes, system-wide analytics and brand customization etc. If you are looking for a powerful digital asset platform then try it out, it is specially made for you.


4. Zype

Zype is a video management platform specially designed for enters, digital content providers and individual creators as also best for the business of all sizes. It is a video service platform that aims to help the user reach a wider audience, convert audience to customers and streamline their operations as well as drive important decisions to grow video business. The platform enables the user to distribute and publish video to all devices, platforms, web and mobile application and OTT apps. They will be able to create branded videos apps, enable their audience to access video content through live streaming and VOD from their mobile devices. In addition, the platform also provides monetization tools that aid users to increase and maximize their revenue by using different monetization models such as rental and purchase, advertisement integration and more. With the help of this video management platform, the user can make money from their video content by setting up pas plans. Pass plan allows customers to access video for a limited time. In this time of model, the user can easily create a pass plan with different duration. Zype is really a powerful platform that contains lots of advanced tools and service to make it better than others. The most prominent features include web-video, video content management, video curation, social sharing, centralized dashboard, subscription-based VOD or live, mobile app and much more. Zype Creator, Zype Network and Zype Premium are three plans of the platform; each one has its own costs and advantages.


5. thePlatform

thePlatform is a leading white-label video management and publishing platform that worked with digital media companies around the world to manage and publish video and audio. It provides unmatched versatility for designing and supporting video businesses on PCs, mobile and TV. The platform delivers the advanced technology beyond expectations to help you to develop a new business model and transform customer experiences. Just like all the other similar platforms it also contains lots of tools and services that help you to create a complete content and reach the right viewer. thePlatform is a commercial platform and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits that depend on your needs. Try it out, it an excellent platform for all size of business.


6. Ooyala

Ooyala or Ooyala Flex Media Platform is an open and extensible platform to manage, curate, publish, measure and monetize your content. It is a simple yet powerful platform that connects and powers the entire content supply chain, from production to profile, provides central workflow, shares metadata and APIs as well as help you to make content supply chains, faster, smarter and more flexible. The platform streamlined process and workflow, connect teams and tools for greater collaboration, automate tasks and create a single source of truth of your operations. Ooyala is removing the cost and complexity of content creation, management and distribution so you can get content to market faster and at a lower cost. The solution contains almost all the major tools and service that manage your A to Z tasks in order to deliver the more realistic experience. Ooyala feature more than four different solutions such as Digital video play out, content production, Live and content distribution, each one has its own features and objective to complete. If you want to create, manage, publish and monetize your content then try it out, is the best platform for you.


7. vzaar

vzaar is one of the most popular video-tech experts that provide the most trusted video hosting platform for publishing and eLearning businesses. The solution to simplifies all the complex process, or uploading, sorting, managing and delivering the seamless playback securely to allow you to focus on providing brilliant content for your viewer. The platform has more than 2000 users around the world who can use to expand their business and enjoy the more realistic experience. As compared the all the other similar platforms it has a strong video analytic system that measures and understand the success of your online video campaigns as well as analyze video data, play counts and bandwidth consumption in order to see which video work best for you. Just like TubeBuddy and all the other similar platforms it also offers integration with Google Analytics so you can see all your web analytics in one place to see detailed engagement data. vzaar offers core features such as playback control, HTML5 video player, JavaScript API, live streaming, video looping, video migration, domain control, password protection, social sharing and much more. Do try it out, you’ll be amazed at all the thing in this stunning platform.


8. Kaltura

Kaltura is a world’s most popular platform that mission is to power any video experience for any organization. It is a powerful solution that provides live and on-demand video SaaS solutions to engage more audience around the world. The solution is best for any size of businesses and offers a wide array of video solution that is changing the way companies approach training, communication and collaboration etc. For educational institutions, the platform transforms the classroom with video solution for teaching and learning in the lecture hall and beyond. Kaltura is known for its unparalleled flexibility, modularity and ease of integration. They are all built on the top of hundreds of open APIs for video ingestion, metadata, management, publishing and engagement. It is a simple and easy to use solution, and no require any coding skills to enjoy services. Kaltura is a commercial platform and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core features. Try it out, if you want to expand your business.


9. Uscreen

Uscreen is a leading platform that helps you create a profitable video streaming business and monetize your content by creating your own subscription-based video on demand service. With the help of this application, you can deliver content via an app, create a video website fast and keep 100% of your sales. On average its customer sees an increase in sales by over 30% when OTT apps to their video streaming service. The beautiful app increase viewer engagement and give your customer a native experience to view your content both online and offline. They can also save to favourite, browse your catalogue, make purchases and even view your content offline. Just like all the other similar platforms, it also has lots of video editing tools that help you create an exciting video to earn revenue. Uscreen includes key features such as customization, video hosting, marketing and payment, learning tools, branded apps and much more. Overall, Uscreen is one of the best platforms for those who want to create a profitable video streaming business.


10. Viloud

Viloud is a simple and easy to use platform that allows you to quickly create a TV channel for your brand from multiple sources, embed it on your website, and a make a Smart TV App. You can easily create your complete channel and customize it with multiple items. After creating your channel, you can add unlimited videos from YouTube, Vimeo or HTML5 video links to getting a unique URL for each video to share. Just like TubeBuddy it also has a list of advanced tools that help you to manage all your videos, edit playlists and customize players with your brand colour. Viloud creates two different types of channels such as Linear Channel (all viewer watch the same video at the same time as in the traditional TV) and On Demand Channel (viewer can interact with player controls and jump into the next or previous video). All your content and third-party in one player that simplify the workflow to add videos to your channel for your website or blog. Easy to use, responsive HTML5 player, branded player, TV guide, white label player, scheduler, video player and different multiple video sources these are core features of the solution. Try it out, if you want to create your own TV channel.


11. Wistia

Wistia is an Internet video hosting and analytics platform for businesses. The ultimate objective of the solution is to help the filmmaker collaborate remotely online. It has a free and premium video hosting solution and supports video creation and editing tools including Soapbox. With the help of this platform, you can reduce the barriers in order to better business communications for teams such as marketing, sales and HR etc. Wistia starts with a very basic level, and now it has more than 3 million users across 50 different countries. The solution features lots of exciting tools that helps you to create professional videos. The best part about this platform is that it offers easy embedding and seamless playback feature that allows you to put your video on your website, send video thumbnails ion your emails or share your content on the social media networks. Its player automatically adapts to any screen and deliver up to 4k quality video. Wistia also includes prominent features such as domain restriction, video SEO, responsive embeds, HD bandwidth detection, engagement graphs, viewer history tracking and Google Analytic integration etc. Try it out; it is best for businesses.

More About Floating for YouTube

Floating for YouTube is a Chrome application that allows you to load clips in the floating windows without the need to open a new tab. It is designed for all the YouTube lover who wants to browse new videos but without open a new tab. This is possible since the application require little to no attention from you when installing it, with the entire process being straightforward. As for precisely how the app can approve useful to you, you need to know that it prompts you without a floating window into ta you can paste any YouTube URL. Once you have done, the left top corner of your screen is occupied by a down-sized version of your video with the possibility of enabling the Fullscreen mode if you prefer. It offers similar YouTube player experience and allows you to adjust volume and replay the video with its replay button. Overall, Floating for YouTube is a simplistic addition to your browser meant to make videos readily available in the Window that lets you continue your searching.

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