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Coda for iOS

Coda for iOS is the name of an incredible, portable text editor and file manager that does a lot has a major update that’s astonishing. It is that kind of tool that you must give at least one try. The features and functions of Coda for iOS are simply outclassed… read more

11 Coda for iOS Alternatives & Similar Software



CodeMonkey appears with a UML editor in a ‘programmers’ notebook’ paradigm, with class diagram support. According to the company, the UML editor supports manifold class diagrams, classes, and dependency, derivation and realization relationships between them.

Textastic Code Editor

Textastic is a propelled code manager for iPad with backing for punctuation highlighting, (S)FTP and Dropbox. Highlights more than 80 distinct sorts of documents while you’re writing; HTML, XML, Objective-C, C++, PHP, Perl, Python, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, Tex, shell scripts, and some more.

Buffer Editor – Code Editor

If coding on the go is your thing then this is a great option for iOS devices. Buffer Editor – Code Editor’s designed to make it easy to make quickly changes to your website and will sync with Dropbox and SSH/SFTP servers.


Codeanywhere’s intense Web IDE or Integrated Development Environment has every one of the components of a Desktop IDE however with extra elements just a cloud application can give you. Effectively setup your own tweaked improvement environment for your next task in JavaScript, PHP, HTML, or 72 different dialects or use pre-made advancement situations to concentrate on what actually matters – coding your next perfect work of art, wherever, at whatever point.


Codosaurus is the main FTP Client which permits you to alter your code specifically on the server, at a sensible cost! Your customers and your website page need you wherever you go.


You code for the web. You request a quick, clean, and efficient content tool. Pixel-flawless sneak peak. An implicit approach to open and deal with your nearby and remote documents. What’s more, perhaps a dash of SSH.


CodeToGo allows you write, save and load code locally, and you don’t need any connectivity. And with connectivity, you can load from and save to Dropbox. It supports more than 50 languages, including: SQL, Python, PHP, Perl, C, C#, C++, LISP, Forth, Visual Basic, Java, and JavaScript etc.

Koder Code Editor

Koder Code comes with Syntax highlighting for PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, JavaScript, Delphi, Visual Basic, Diff, Erlang, Groovy, Powershell, Latex, Scala etc. Besides, a snippet manager, tabbed editing, find and replace code, preview browser with Firebug support and a View Source function are other attributes of Koder Code Editor.


Gusto provides a Code Editor and FTPS Client, Gusto Mobile, an associated FTP/SFTP client and code editor for web development. It includes project-driven workflow, Syntax highlighting ActionScript, Java, JavaScript, HTML, Python, Ruby, SQL, PDF, Lisp, LaTex, XML, JSP, C, and C++.

Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds is a free to use revolutionary application that makes it easy to learn and experiment with code. The application is available to use on the iPad platform only, and the user can access anywhere in the world.

Cloud9 IDE

Cloud9 IDE is one of the best online integrated development environment that introduced as open-source from version 2.0, until 3.0. It supports various programming languages such as C, C++, Peri, Python, JavaScript and Goes etc.

More About Coda for iOS

Coda for iOS is the name of an incredible, portable text editor and file manager that does a lot has a major update that’s astonishing. It is that kind of tool that you must give at least one try. The features and functions of Coda for iOS are simply outclassed. Using this you can easily create a site make a site for each of your activities, neighborhood or remote, and rapidly get to the documents you have to alter. Even better, utilize our free Panic Sync administration to synchronize these locales with Coda Mac and Transmit iOS, safely and rapidly. Like, a full-highlighted SSH customer worked in? Beyond any doubt! In addition to the fact that it is awesome worth for your cash, but on the other hand its incredible help to completing your work. Interface with your destinations with a tap, and get the full highlighted spot-on copying of Prompt. Tap a record to arrive in the profoundly improved content tool, which sentence structure highlights your code easily. Presently, attempt this: move the addition point. Whoa. That is the Super Loupe, amplifying enchantment and it believe is the most ideal approach to unequivocally set your cursor. Furthermore, Coda for iOS has it. A truly uncommon thing. Combined with Coda Mac, Coda for iOS can go about as a devoted “sneak peak screen”, demonstrating to you a review of what you’re coding on the desktop — as you code. It’s an incredible use for a gadget that is simply lounging around, being forlorn. Suppose you inadvertently transformed the estimations of your width and stature labels. With our find and supplant pennant — and its leap forward special case catch — you can without much of a stretch supplant or swap or re-mastermind your content.

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