Codosaurus Alternatives


Codosaurus is the main FTP Client which permits you to alter your code specifically on the server, at a sensible cost! Your customers and your website page need you wherever you go. They require your supportive advice and your cautious administrations regardless of on the off chance that you are at home, at work or anyplace else… read more

11 Codosaurus Alternatives & Similar Software


1. CodeMonkey

CodeMonkey appears with a UML editor in a ‘programmers’ notebook’ paradigm, with class diagram support. According to the company, the UML editor supports manifold class diagrams, classes, and dependency, derivation and realization relationships between them. Classes and relations can have names, hackneyed and descriptions. Diagrams can be emailed as PDFs and saved and PNGs to the pictures on the device. It sustains critical thinking aptitudes, rationale and imagination. By beginning early, understudies will have an establishment for accomplishment in any 21st century profession way. As your understudies tackle issues through composing genuine code, they will create 21st century abilities like various stride considering, tirelessness, basic speculation and diagnostic intuition aptitudes. Instructors are not required to have any programming background when they come to show coding utilizing CodeMonkey. The diversion is joined by an educational programs guide which incorporates 35 point by point lesson arranges with both online and disconnected exercises. Instructors additionally have select access to a dashboard where they can track understudy advancement and accomplishments and showcase diverse understudies’ answers for the whole class for talk. From the main minute in CodeMonkey, understudies begin to compose code in a true programming dialect called CoffeeScript. CoffeeScript is a present day open-source programming dialect that incorporates to JavaScript, and comparatively to JavaScript it is utilized as a part of the business fundamentally for web applications. Through the CodeMonkey program understudies will learn propelled Computer Science ideas, for example, circles, variables, capacities, conditions and the sky is the limit from there. Subsequent to finishing more than 250 difficulties and facing complex Computer Science ideas, understudies apply their recently obtained aptitudes by making their own particular recreations for others to play, and in this way turning out to be true programming designers. We trust that by enabling learners as makers we can better set them up for a universe of computerized imagination.


2. Textastic Code Editor

Textastic is a propelled code manager for iPad with backing for punctuation highlighting, (S)FTP and Dropbox. Highlights more than 80 distinct sorts of documents while you’re writing; HTML, XML, Objective-C, C++, PHP, Perl, Python, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, Tex, shell scripts, and some more. You can even utilize your own TextMate-good language structure definitions. Textastic’s code supervisor is composed from the beginning utilizing local iOS APIs like Core Text. Especially clear amid intuitive hunt, the content tool is fast and responsive. Extra keys over the virtual console make it simple to enter code. Tapping on the editorial manager with two fingers raises a cursor route wheel that rearranges content determination. Code consummation for HTML and CSS. Outside consoles are completely upheld. Associate with FTP, SFTP and WebDAV servers and to your Dropbox account, utilize the implicit WebDAV server to effectively exchange records from your Mac or PC. iTunes documents sharing, messaging and “open in” for opening email connections and transferring records to different applications are bolstered as well. Textastic offers a considerable measure of the same components as Gusto and Diet Coda simply bundled in an unexpected way. It additionally permits you to change textual styles and subjects for the editorial manager. To alter a record you’ll have to download it locally simply like you would with Gusto. Once you’re done downloading neighborhood records they’ll appear in your documents rundown and you can tap them to alter them. You can without much of a stretch stow away and view the record rundown to grow the editorial manager window which is somewhat superior to anything Gusto where you’ll have to go into settings and cover up/unhide it every time.


3. Coda for iOS

Coda for iOS is the name of an incredible, portable text editor and file manager that does a lot has a major update that’s astonishing. It is that kind of tool that you must give at least one try. The features and functions of Coda for iOS are simply outclassed. Using this you can easily create a site make a site for each of your activities, neighborhood or remote, and rapidly get to the documents you have to alter. Even better, utilize our free Panic Sync administration to synchronize these locales with Coda Mac and Transmit iOS, safely and rapidly. Like, a full-highlighted SSH customer worked in? Beyond any doubt! In addition to the fact that it is awesome worth for your cash, but on the other hand its incredible help to completing your work. Interface with your destinations with a tap, and get the full highlighted spot-on copying of Prompt. Tap a record to arrive in the profoundly improved content tool, which sentence structure highlights your code easily. Presently, attempt this: move the addition point. Whoa. That is the Super Loupe, amplifying enchantment and it believe is the most ideal approach to unequivocally set your cursor. Furthermore, Coda for iOS has it. A truly uncommon thing. Combined with Coda Mac, Coda for iOS can go about as a devoted “sneak peak screen”, demonstrating to you a review of what you’re coding on the desktop — as you code. It’s an incredible use for a gadget that is simply lounging around, being forlorn. Suppose you inadvertently transformed the estimations of your width and stature labels. With our find and supplant pennant — and its leap forward special case catch — you can without much of a stretch supplant or swap or re-mastermind your content.


4. Buffer Editor – Code Editor

If coding on the go is your thing then this is a great option for iOS devices. Buffer Editor – Code Editor’s designed to make it easy to make quickly changes to your website and will sync with Dropbox and SSH/SFTP servers. A class of its own. Great design, very stable, no fluff, just the important stuff done exceptionally well. Top Vim like editors for iOS devices. Strong support for VIM commands, thoughtfully designed keyboard expansion, and reliable syncing wit FTP/Dropbox/ Buffer Editor – Code Editor is simply worth the price. Buffer Editor – Code Editor Application is furnished with a software engineer’s editorial manager, which gives them a chance to work with HTML or with their most loved programming dialect. Utilizing this new intense content or code supervisor for iPad and iPhones, you can alter your code on the go, any place and at any rate you like. Altering writings and codes in the iOS gadgets is feasible for some time now, however this new Buffer Editor takes this office to a radical new level. Some other significant advantages of having this application are whether you experience any issue, the bolster segment answers fast and smooth, and in addition, the size is not that high. It is only 7.6 MB, and consequently, you would not need to be hesitant to introduce it in your 16 GB iPhones. For a little measure of cash that you pay (yes, great things are never for nothing, yet at the same time, the cost is negligible contrasted with the offices that it has), you can get all these in your gadget. The Buffer Editor application is bolstered in every one of the devices running on iOS 7.1+, and the upheld gadgets are iPod 4+iPhone 4+iPad 3+.


5. Codeanywhere

Codeanywhere’s intense Web IDE or Integrated Development Environment has every one of the components of a Desktop IDE however with extra elements just a cloud application can give you. Effectively setup your own tweaked improvement environment for your next task in JavaScript, PHP, HTML, or 72 different dialects or use pre-made advancement situations to concentrate on what actually matters – coding your next perfect work of art, wherever, at whatever point. The rich improvement environment will give you a chance to concentrate on building awesome applications speedier. Every one of the elements you will requirement for any coding undertaking are incorporated with Codeanywhere, making advancement more gainful and fun. Share and work together on your code continuously. Whether you need to combine program, or simply get some assistance from a companion. Codeanywhere makes it simple. Codeanywhere incorporates a down to earth differential component that permits you to see contrasts amongst corrections and even the capacity to return to past code states. Only continue coding! Arrange and store documents how you need them. Codeanywhere has coordinated customers for associating with FTP, SFTP, FTPS, Dropbox, or Google Drive so you can code and send without opening up numerous projects. Make the movement lastly move your advancement surroundings to the cloud with Codeanywhere. Utilize any of Codeanywhere’s pre-constructed situations or make your custom ones starting with no outside help.


6. Coda2

You code for the web. You request a quick, clean, and efficient content tool. Pixel-flawless sneak peak. An implicit approach to open and deal with your nearby and remote documents. What’s more, perhaps a dash of SSH. Make proper acquaintance, Coda. Coda is all that you have to hand-code a site, in one fantastic application. While the pitch is straightforward, building Coda was not. How would you richly wrap everything together? All things considered, we did it. What’s more, today, Coda has become an essential instrument for armies of web engineers far and wide. More than whatever else, Coda is a content manager. It has all that you expect: linguistic structure highlighting for massive amounts of dialects. Code is collapsing. Venture wide autocomplete. Quick find and supplant. Space guides. Programmed label shutting. Quick remarking and moving of code. The works. Be that as it may, Coda’s manager has highlights you won’t discover anyplace else. For instance, the Find and Replace have this progressive “Special case” token that makes RegEx one-catch essential. What’s more, as you write, Coda Pops let you rapidly make hues, slopes, and the sky is the limit from there, utilizing simple controls. There are decent touches all over the place. At long last, holing up behind the Plus catch in the tab bar is an inherent Terminal and MySQL supervisor, two amazingly powerful Tab Tools. The Terminal can open a neighborhood shell or SSH. MySQL gives you a chance to characterize the structure, alter information, and then some. What’s more, it’s all wrapped up in our Sites, which kick you off rapidly. Opening a Site sets your record ways, your root URLs, where your documents Publish to, source control settings, and that’s just the beginning.


7. CodeToGo

CodeToGo allows you write, save and load code locally, and you don’t need any connectivity. And with connectivity, you can load from and save to Dropbox. It supports more than 50 languages, including: SQL, Python, PHP, Perl, C, C#, C++, LISP, Forth, Visual Basic, Java, and JavaScript etc. It allows you run your code and see the outcomes on Sphere Research Lab’s. At last, you can compose and run code in your most loved programming dialect, utilizing your iOS gadget! Bolsters the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Simply pick your dialect, keep in touch with some code, and run it. Every dialect has its own particular case “Hi World!” system for you to test. CodeToGo gives you an API around, permitting you to run code in a wide range of programming dialects (on a Linux server) and recover the outcomes. Lamentably, in light of the fact that you can’t really run code on the iPhone, you MUST have a web association with run the code! You can however compose, spare, and load code without an association. CodeToGo likewise bolsters supplying contribution for your system; however you should do this BEFORE running the project! – Just hit the “Information (stdin)” tab to set the client input, and then hit the code tab to about-face to composing code. Also, you can include records specifically from your PC to CodeToGo, and in addition sending out CodeToGo documents to your PC. To do as such, go to the application matching up page in iTunes, look at the base where it says “Record Sharing”, include the sought documents, and after that you can stack them in CodeToGo. NOTE: ensure the documents have the right expansion before bringing in. See the base of this application depiction for the best possible extensions for every dialect (and use “contribution” as the augmentation for information records).


8. Koder Code Editor

Koder Code comes with Syntax highlighting for PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, JavaScript, Delphi, Visual Basic, Diff, Erlang, Groovy, Powershell, Latex, Scala etc. Besides, a snippet manager, tabbed editing, find and replace code, preview browser with Firebug support and a View Source function are other attributes of Koder Code Editor. Koder takes an alternate approach and demonstrates its hues as more than only a FTP based code supervisor. You can work with neighborhood records, FTP documents, Dropbox documents, and iDisk documents. Again the three best components of Koder: You work “live” with your documents, there is no unmistakable intends to download the record first before you can alter them. You basically need to tap the text and you can get the chance to work immediately. The selected interface for open reports permits you to rapidly and more efficiently switch between two archives immediately. This is something that Textastic doesn’t do and rather alludes you back to the fundamental rundown of records. Consents, Koder will permit you to see the present authorizations on both records and organizers and will allow you to change these settings. This is an extraordinary little touch. However the project does not have any sort of watchword assurance, prompting security concerns — particularly given that noteworthy the way of a document demonstrates your FTP secret key on display — this is bad. There is additionally an absence of delicate line wraps, which will oblige you to look over a great deal side to side contingent upon the organizing of the record you are altering.


9. Gusto

Gusto provides a Code Editor and FTPS Client, Gusto Mobile, an associated FTP/SFTP client and code editor for web development. It includes project-driven workflow, Syntax highlighting ActionScript, Java, JavaScript, HTML, Python, Ruby, SQL, PDF, Lisp, LaTex, XML, JSP, C, and C++. Besides, there is a tabbed editor, line numbering, hard and soft line breaks, and built-in local and remote. Gusto was made to grasp the work process of web improvement on the iPad. Rapidly distinguish your undertaking with a perfectly created thumbnail of your site. Open your undertaking and download numerous documents and envelopes at once from your FTP or SFTP server. Energy permits you to open numerous records in tabs for speedier route. In the wake of altering, review your record locally to rapidly see your overhauls. At the point when its opportunity to roll out your improvements lives, exchange your records through the implicit FTP/SFTP customer or the simple to utilize archive distributed. The UI here is basic and like Mac OS X: you have documents, organizers and bolts to open envelopes. It’s clear in its center, with essential elements to download documents, alter and erase them. You can’t alter records “live”, you need to download them, alter them in the nearby host interface and after that transfer them once more. In general, Gusto is a decent application that shows extraordinary opportunity to get better: the developers are as of now taking a shot at auto-indent and other code altering upgrades, line numbering and grammar highlighting. Upgrades for the document program and Quick Look will likewise come in the following discharges.


10. Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds is a free to use revolutionary application that makes it easy to learn and experiment with code. The application is available to use on the iPad platform only, and the user can access anywhere in the world. With the help of this application, the user can solve interactive puzzles in the guide, learn codes, complete lesson to master to basics of coding and also solve lots of additional challenges that let the users explore the code and create new programs that are engaging and unique. It is best for beginners and not require any coding knowledge, so it best for students just starting out. The user can start his learning at a very basic level, and after completing the numbers of lessons, he is able to make his own program. Animations, challenging encourage experimentation, new challenges, templates, create own playgrounds, share his creation with the others and unlock new coding these are core features of the application. Swift Playgrounds is one of the best learning application on iPad, try it out, you’ll be amazed at all the thing in this stunning platform.


11. Cloud9 IDE

Cloud9 IDE is one of the best online integrated development environment that introduced as open-source from version 2.0, until 3.0. It supports various programming languages such as C, C++, Peri, Python, JavaScript and Goes etc. in order to deliver a complete experience. It is pre-packaged with the vital tools for all the popular programming language, so it eliminates the need to install files or arrange a development device in order to run the new project. With the help of this programs, teams can code together in real-time using its collaboration feature; users can also share their development environment with teammates using just a few clicks as well as pair-program simultaneously. Members can monitor each other progress in real-time that save a lot of time. Cloud9 IDE includes core features such as a built-in terminal with npm and backs Unix commands, themes, debugger, customizable key-bindings, image editor, code reformatting and much more. Try it out; it is one of the best IDE software as compared the others.

More About Codosaurus

Codosaurus is the main FTP Client which permits you to alter your code specifically on the server, at a sensible cost! Your customers and your website page need you wherever you go. They require your supportive advice and your cautious administrations regardless of on the off chance that you are at home, at work or anyplace else. They need you to alter, revise and rethink each and every character of code inside each breath you take. To be a Web designer, website proprietor, coder or only a geek isn’t the most straightforward occupation in the net, yet the exquisite Codosaurus will help you inside each rawr it snarls. It will help you to associate with FTP servers and sort out your top picks in an easy way. Searching through the most profound organizer gives in and demonstrating to all of you the records you cherish, similar to HTML, CSS, PHP and a lot more is the thing that he does. It loves altering them and sparing them again into the envelope of the root. Codosaurus is likewise ready to make new documents and envelopes; it knows a lot of formats like HTML5 and CSS Screen, and he additionally knows how to make a full functioning jQuery library for you on the go. With everything taken into account this vivid saurus is the ideal amigo for you, and we realize that you can’t avoid him. Looking past the console bug and the odd line number and linguistic structure highlighting impediments, the enhancements made to Codosaurus are welcome, yet the application still feels like a work-in-advancement. With rivalry warming up in this class, Codosaurus needs to get itself into shape rapidly on the off chance that it needs to be a contender.