ConEmu is a Windows enhancement console that provides the various consoles and simple GUI applications in the form of single customizable tabbed GUI windows with multiple features. ConEmu contains a proper, smooth, and friendly window resizing system. ConEmu is regarded as one of the best handy Windows terminals.

ConEmu is a full-featured and integrated local terminal for Windows administrations, devs, and users. Those who are looking for a better console window that is integrated with tabs, copy & paste, splits, Quake-style, etc., are suggested to try ConEmu.

The best about ConEmu is that it is such a program available in a hidden console window and regarded as the alternative to a customizable GUI window. The features available in ConEmu are a user-friendly interface, multiple tab system for viewers, editors, panels & consoles, compatible with DOS application, availability of tiles and thumbnails in Far Manager, normal and fullscreen mode system, etc.


ConEmu Alternatives

#1 Console


The console is a Windows console and Windows enhancement application like Mintty. Some advanced features of Console are multiple tabs, text editor just like text selection, and numerous background types, alpha, and color-key transparency, multiple window styles, etc.

Console for Windows is entirely different from the integrated command system in all Windows operating systems. In the command system of Windows, users can’t perform the copy & paste function, mark mode can’t be enabled automatically, and the Windows arbitrary resize can’t be performed by dragging.

It is impossible to navigate to folders that the users need to map a network drive. However, all these features are available in Console. It also offers the specified executable, allocates a new console, creates a console screen buffer, flushes the console input buffer, etc.


#2 MobaXterm


MobaXterm is a free server and tabbed SSH client for Windows operating. It is one of the best and enhanced terminals for multiple types of network tools for remote computing purposes. The developers consider the MobaXterm an ultimate toolbox for remote computing, so it is mainly used.

The best about MobaXterm is that it is a single application and integrated with various tools and features that are loads of functions crafted as per the demands of programmers/webmasters and IT administrators.

The functions of MobaXterm are for all those users who have to handle their remote works. The best about MobaXterm is that it provides almost all those tools and features to the programmers crucial for productive work, like the availability of remote work tools, the Unix command system, Windows desktop features, and embedded X-server, etc.

#3 Cygwin


Cygwin is a Linux-based application for Windows that makes it easy to port running on POSIX systems, including Linux, BSD, and UNIX-based systems to Windows operating systems. It is one of the largest collections of GNU and open source tools that provide functionality similar to a Linux based distribution on Windows operating systems.

The software also has a DLL that provides substantial POSIX API functionality to make it better. Cygwin is integrated with Windows-based tools, data, and other system resources, including applications, devices, and data of the UNIX-based environment.

Cygwin contains two parts that are DLL or dynamic link library and an extensive collection of software tools and applications that provide a Unix-like interface and features. It is possible to launch Windows applications from the Cygwin environment as well as to use Cygwin tools and implementation within the Windows operating context. The features available in Cygwin are shells, file & system utilities, terminals, editors, remote login, text utilities, text processing, etc.


#4 Terminator


Terminator is a platform that provides multiple terminals in one window. The software aims to produce a powerful tool for arranging terminals based on the environment of GNOME-multi-term, quad console, etc. Terminator is developed to create useful tools for organizing terminals. It is based on the various other programs, including gnome-multi-term, quad console, etc.

The main focus of Terminator is an arrangement of terminals in grids like tabs in the most common default method that Terminator also supports. If we talk about the project information, then programming languages of Terminator is the python, version control system is Bazaar, and development focus is one trunk series. Users can browse the source code for the development focus branch or get a copy of the department using the command.

#5 Cmder


Cmder is a console emulator that provides an excellent console experience even on the Windows platform. The software is a portable console emulator for Windows. It is the pack of various types of helping tools, all with total portability.

Cmder is based on various programs and mixed up with the color scheme of Monokai and custom prompt layout. It is a portable application that requires no kind of installation except downloading.

Cmder is developed to provide a platform that should be self-contained without any external dependencies on third-party software and extensions, which make it the best commander for Dropbox and USB.

Using Cmder from DropBox or USB means carrying the console, binaries, and aliases with you all the time and start working from anywhere, anytime. The features available in Cmder are defined as simple aliases with command system, option to save aliases into /config/aliases file, SSH agent, etc.

#6 ConsoleZ


ConsoleZ is a modified version of Console 2. It provides a better experience under all Windows platforms and a better visual rendering. The software feature a quake style console animation, grouping views, splitting tabs into views, etc.

The supports available in ConsoleZ is splitting tabs into vertically and horizontal views, grouping views, themes like Windows Vista Aero Glass, Windows 7 jumplist, Windows 7 wallpaper positions & slideshow and Windows 8 wallpapers on a dual-screen, zooming system with ctrl – mouse, quake style console animation, Strict monospace font rendering, settable opacity of text background color, full-screen mode, Windows PowerShell progress bar, localization, changelog and much more.

The other best thing about ConsoleZ is that there is no need to install the ConsoleZ as it is available in a portable version so that users can use it anywhere, anytime. It lets users keep the system registries with them all the time without compromising on performance and health.

#7 FireCMD


FireCMD is an enhanced command-line environment for Windows platforms that interact with the computer, both powerful and user-friendly. It is integrated with various advanced tools such as FireCMD command shell, text editor, a terminal emulator for Windows operating systems, UNIX for Windows, availability of almost 218 new commands, and many others.

FireCMD lets the users run multiple console applications or command lines simultaneously in tabbed windows, including the Windows Command Prompt, Windows PowerShell, Oracle SQL Plus, Bash, Cygwin, etc. There is also a text editor in FireCMD titled FireTXT to edit multiple files simultaneously.

The text editor of FireCMD is different from the old custom Notepad. Those system administrators and developers looking for an alternative to Windows Command Prompt are suggested to use FireCMD. FireCMD accompanies a few vital components, making it a fantastic order brief substitution/elective for programmers and developers.

#8 PuTTY


PuTTY is a free and open-source terminal emulator, serial console, and network file transfer utility that supports several network protocols, including SCP, SSH, Telnet, rlogin, and raw socket connection. It also can connect to a serial port. The best about PuTTY is that it is open-source software that comes with all of its source code and is developed by the world’s best class developers. The best about PuTTY is that it can connect to a serial port as well.

It was initially written and launched for Windows operating system. But now its official ports are also available by the developers for some UNIX-based operating systems, Mac OS & OS X. In unofficial ports, PuTTY also available for some mobile platforms like Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, and some Symbian handset. The components part of the PuTTY includes PuTTY itself, PSCP, PSFTP, PuTTYtel, Plink, Pageant, PuTTYgen, and term.

#9 OpenSSH


OpenSSH is a free edition of the SSH connectivity program for technical users. It encrypts all traffic to eliminate eavesdropping, connection hijacking, and other attacks effectively. Further, the services give secure tunneling potentials and several authentication techniques and support all SSH protocol versions.

OpenSSH is a pack of security-related network modules that are based on the SSH protocol, and that ultimately helps to secure network interactions through the encryption of network traffic over various authentication methods and by offering secure tunneling capabilities.

OpenSSH is a cross-platform tool that is regarded as a not only program for the computer but a pack of applications that works as an alternative to unencrypted network communication protocols such as Rlogin and FTP.

Forwarding remote TCP ports over a secure tunnel and allowing the arbitrary TCP ports on the server-side on the client-side to be linked via SSH tunnel are two essential features of the OpenSSH.

#10 ClusterSSH


ClusterSSH is a tool for managing multiple servers and SSH sessions. It is a platform used for making the same alike change on various servers simultaneously. The software opens the ‘cash’ command on an xterm to all designated hosts and admin console. Then any text typed into that console is copied to all windows.

Moreover, ClusterSSH lets the users type into all windows directly. ClusterSSH can be configured in two ways – either by using /etc/clusters that are its global configuration file or by .csshrc that are a file in the user’s home directory.

The advantage is echoing all commands to all servers to ensure that all servers are kept synchronized. So, in that’s the way, it saves the time of the users by controlling the task of repetitive nature that has to be performed by the users and resulted in the wastage of time.

#11 SuperPuTTY


SuperPuTTY is a graphical user interface that supports SSH, SSH2, Rlogin, SCP, and Mintty along with numerous configuration settings. The aim of the platform is to enhance the capabilities of the PuTTY SSH and Telnet client by enabling you to launch its multiple tabs easily. It offers you the possibility to easily manage numerous sessions of PuTTY using a single and comprehensive graphical environment.

The application comes with all the significant advantages and tools brought by PuTTY. It features support for multiple connection types and protocols. It relies on .NET Framework to function, so it’s best first to make sure it’s no your computer even though advanced Window iterations come with as a default feature.

While you are checking, make sure to look for PuTTY, too, since it’s necessary to specify its full path when configuring SuperPuTTY. This tab-based interface also enables you to personalize your workspace organize all the running PuTTY sessions. It also allows you to link your machine to multiple computers and control all the workstations using the graphical user interface.

#12 Mintty


Mintty is a free and open-source terminal emulator for MSYS and Cygwin. It integrates a native Windows user interface and doesn’t require a display server. The initiative features of Mintty are the availability of Xterm, simple copy & paste, fullscreen mode, full character and Windows transparency, small program size, etc.

The other features of Mintty are easy to copy & paste system, drag & drop option for text, files & folders, support for directly opening files and links with ctrl+click, character encoding support including UTF-8, full character display and support for Windows IME.

It also offers an enhanced Windows transparency, including glass effect for Windows Vista & 7, fullscreen and normal screen mode, 256 colors, no registry entries requirement as options stored in text files, small program size, quick scrolling, Xterm compatible terminal emulation and many more. Moreover, Mintty is compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems from 2000 to onwards.

#13 KiTTY


KiTTY is for Windows operating systems and regarded as one of the best telnet and SSH client in the world. The stunning features of KiTTY are automatic password system, session’s filters, the session launcher, transparency, always visible, etc.

KiTTY is a fork of PuTTY. KiTTY runs on Windows and has an impressive collection of features that are missing in all versions of PuTTY. The available features in KiTTY are session launcher, session filter, automatic log-on script system, predefined commanded shortcuts, running of locally saved scripts in remote sessions mode, each session containing icons and transparency, user-friendly interface.

It also offers automatic command with a password, portability, patch of PuTTYCyg, integration of ZModem, automatic saving, configuration box, a combination of Windows IE for SSH Handler, and many more. Moreover, KiTTY is available in portable form, download, and start using.

#14 PowerShell


PowerShell is a task configuration and automation management framework developed by Microsoft. It is also called as Windows PowerShell. The parts of this solution are a command-line shell and associated scripting language built on the .NET framework.

PowerShell provides the developers and programmers full access to WMI and COM. The usage of PowerShell is not restricted to developers and programmers only. PowerShell lets the administrators to perform their tasks of administrative nature either locally or remotely or both via the Windows system as well as WS-Management and CIM enabling management of remote Linux operating system and network devices as well.

PowerShell is an extensible command-line and associated scripting language from MS Windows platforms. PowerShell is used for making serves the least cost for different subnets. The available features in PowerShell are an integrated editor for writing, testing & debugging scripts purpose, keyboard shortcuts, right-to-left language support, extensible add-ons, etc.

#15 GNOME Terminal


GNOME Terminal is a terminal emulator for the GNOME desktop. It lets the programmers and developers access the UNIX shell on the graphical desktop, emulates the Xterm terminal emulator, and provides some of the same features. Its prominent features include support for multiple files, compatibility, colored text, background, mouse events, text rewrapping on resizing, URL detection, tabs, safe quit, and many more. GNOME Terminal is based on the VTE widget.

VTE is part of the GNOME project that has a widget that implements a fully functional terminal emulator. GNOME Terminal and VTE are both written in C. and supports various profiles. The software lets the user create multiple profiles from his account. GNOME Terminal allows the user to set configuration options on a per-profile basis and assign each profile name. It supports various compatibility options for interfacing with older software that depends on varying keyboard-to-ASCII assignments.

#16 Windows Command Prompt


Windows Command Prompt is the built-in command running application in Windows that enables the users to run MS-DOS commands and other types of commands. It allows the users to perform various tasks on the computer without going for a Windows graphical interface.

Windows Command Prompt is known as cmd.exe or cmd also and has a command-line interpreter on Windows NT, Windows CE, OS/2, and eComStation operating systems. Windows Command Prompt is the replacement of COMMAND.COM in DOS and Windows 9x systems and analogous to the UNIX shells used on UNIX-based operating systems.

Windows Command Prompt is highly compatible with the previous COMMAND.COM. It has its new features as well, which are a system of detecting the error, support of using arrow keys, adds command-line completion system and folder paths, support for delayed variable expansion, and much more.



MTPuTTY stands for multi-tabbed PuTTY, is one of the best SSH clients for Windows operating systems. It is a little different from the PuTTY solution because there was a drawback in PuTTY, and that was whenever the users need to start a new copy, he was required to open a new connection with no such headache in MTPuTTY.

MTPuTTY lets the user wrap an unlimited number of PuTTY applications in a single tabbed GUI interface. The solution also allows the programmers to continue using their favorite SSH client without messing with the PuTTY windows.

Each window will be opened in a separate tab that makes the MTPuTTY one of the best SSH clients. The available features are the availability of all features and functions of PuTTY protocols, automation system, user-friendly interface, native smart code system, free to use, and much more.

#18 rxvt-unicode


rxvt-unicode is a highly customizable terminal emulator from rxvt. It can be daemonized to run clients within a single process to minimize the use of system resources. The software is a color VT102 terminal emulator for the X Windows operating systems.

The primary functions are focusing on internationalization, stability, the capability to display different tools and locales simultaneously, and support for Unicode. rxvt-unicode provides user-friendly resources.

In addition to having features of Perl extensions, transparency, and support of Xft fonts, it can be configured to be lean and efficient as per the requirement of the author. Moreover, there is also a daemon mode in rxvt-unicode that reduces memory usage and loading time when the editor is working on multiple terminals. After the merger into rxvt-unicode, it is now considered as the preferred terminal by the editors for AfterStep window manager.

#19 TCC/LE


TCC/LE stands for Take Command Console. The former name of TCC/LE is regarded as the replacement of the Windows Command Prompt. TCC/LE is a command-line interpreter developed by the JP Software. The aim of launching TCC/LE was to replace the default command system of Windows, cmd.exe.

It is a free Windows command shell and set various intuitive features that include CMD features, 111 internal commands, 240 internal variables and functions, hundreds of other tools for enhancements, etc. The best about TCC/LE is that it performs as an independent command console and also works with the default Windows command application and batch files.

The entire different from others because of the availability of thousands of new features and batch file capabilities. The other features available in TCC/LE are the best replacement of CMD, multiple types of redirection, option to redefine own command system, built-in text, option to specify various file types, etc.

#20 ZOC


ZOC is a professional and advanced SSH, terminal emulator, and telnet client for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. The software integrates all those emulations and advanced features that let the users access hosts and mainframes through a secure shell, serial cable, telnet, modem, and other prevailing methods of interactions.

The advantage of using ZOC are tabbed sessions in thumbnails mode, address book in the form of color & folders coded hosts, highly customizable, the scripting system in over 200 commands, compatible with the latest version of both Mac and Windows, user-friendly, and much more.

The technical features are a secure shell, telnet, ISDN through CAPI, Rlogin, five file transfer protocols, terminals emulated, RESS language for scripting with over 72 extensions to control the terminal emulator, and support of AppleScript. It also offers DDE support for the Windows version and a user-friendly interface (tabbed interface, keys for macros, user button bar, online chat system, configurable, customizable).

#21 Codinn SSH Proxy


Codinn SSH Proxy is a platform for turning any SSH server into a SOCKS5 proxy within three simple steps. The software is highly integrated with OS X Keychain and also a secure and intuitive SSH server.

The advantages of using this solution are that it supports functions that it performs better than others, like support for compressing SSH connection, support for free password & key authentication methods. It also supports DSA & RSA authentication identity and helps to connect via HTTP, SOCKS5 & SOCKS4 proxy with authentication.

The other notable features of Codinn SSH Proxy are an auto-launch system, sharing of SOCKS5 on LAN, creation of SOCKS5 proxy via SSH tunnel, instant switch between various SSH accounts, and automatically reconnect after disconnected by errors.

There is also a remember SSH login password & private key passphrase, a whitelist for only those sites that will be accessed via the proxy server, and other sites will be connected automatically and directly.

#22 FireSSH


FireSSH is a cross-platform SSH terminal client for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox written in JavaScript. The best about FireSSH is that it works quickly and effectively with the security keys. Users are only required to select the files, and it will use them automatically.

Most of the users like it for its reconnect features that make them able to do their work without any interruption. Unlike other SSH clients, FireSSH connects perfectly, and its terminal window is effective too.

FireSSH can create and manage the keys on its own instead of living for users to develop by themselves and save them to plain text files under Chrome OS. Moreover, it has almost replaced the need for usage of old Windows machines.

FireSSH is an application that works perfectly with key authentication. It worked well on both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, and its interface is nice too, and the ability to change the font size is also useful.

#23 TinyShell


TinyShell is an open-source UNIX backdoor that lets the users for a remote PTY, file upload, and download. Before compiling TinyShell, users have required to set up the secret key of at least 12 characters. Moreover, the users are required to change SERVER_PORT on which the server will be listening for incoming connections.

Executing commands and transferring multiple files is also very easy by using TinyShell. All these functions make the solution perfect for those users who are looking for a platform to access their server. The HTTP access limits this access.

MYSQL command-line client is the part of TinyShell regarded as the better command lien interface than its command-line interface of MySQL. Moreover, TinyShell can be operated from almost all the latest web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. It even works on iOS devices, including the iPad and iPhone.

#24 MacTerm


MacTerm is a terminal for Mac OS X and one of the best and advanced replacements for the Mac OS X Terminal as well. The best about it is that it can be used for creating its own software as well. It also supports various VT terminals ranges from VT100 ANSI, VT100 in VT52 mode, VT220, and to an extent, Xterm. MacTerm has a small but evolving API for scripting titled Quilts. The API for scripting in MacTerm uses Python as a programming language.

The free version of suitable for all; it is about administrators, researchers, students, gamers, or programmers. Mac Term has the best accessible interface, including full keyboard access, speech contextual menu commands, Unicode foundation, advanced emulation, terminal search, and much more. The other notable technical features of Mac Term are highly customizable windows, dynamic search system, notifications, sophisticated macros, special keypads, floating command line, session status, vector graphics, extensibility with Python, etc.

#25 csshX


csshX is an SSH tool for managing multiple servers. It establishes an SSH connection to a various number of servers and enables the users to open each in a separate terminal window.

Instead of generating separate Windows and a master Window for input, csshX uses iterm2 split panes and ‘send input to all sessions’ to forward commands to all sessions.

In today world of the cloud environment, the user needs a situation from where they can perform some tasks on multiple remote servers instantly through SSH. Here comes the csshX that provides all these services to the users.

Making an SSH connection to multiple servers and then opening each in a separate terminal window is a straightforward task that can be performed easily by the csshX. In addition to the functions mentioned above, the other features in csshX are enabling/disabling individual terminals, size control & window layout, subnet scanning, etc.

#26 Codinn SSH Tunnel


Codinn SSH Tunnel is a platform for managing the SSH tunnels efficiently, securely, and intuitively. The main advantage of using Codinn SSH Tunnel is that it supportive SSH functions that support both local & remote port forwarding tunnels.

It also comes with creating & sharing services, including SOCKS5 proxy and support for compressing SSH connection, support for private & public key & password & keyboard authentication methods, and support for connecting via HTTP, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 proxy with authentication.

By using Codinn SSH Tunnel, the user can monitor and manage all tunnels in parallel. Codinn SSH Tunnel’s notable features are that auto-launch system, managing multiple SSH tunnels, automatically reconnect and remember & autofill SSH login passwords, etc.

#27 SecureCRT


SecureCRT is a consolidated rock-solid terminal emulation that comes with the powerful encryption, data integrity, and authentication option of the Secure Shell protocol. It gives safe remote access, file transfer, and data tunneling for everyone in your enterprise.

The software is a multiplatform client that is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. The best about it is that it provides users a platform for secure remote access, file transfer, data tunneling, and much more without any user restriction in the organization.

SecureCRT is such a platform that assists users in raising their productivity to an uncountable degree. The key benefits of using SecureCRT is securely accessing business apps on VMS, Linux, or UNIX from machines operating Windows, Mac, and Linux. It configures, organizes, and manages all sessions with full control over scrollback, color, fonts, mappings, and much more.

With this, users can access the full array of network devices from one client and leverage the high productivity GUI all in the time-saving medium; dependency upon open standard SSH protocol, automate repetitive tasks system in SecureCRT, transfer files between network devices, and much more advantages can be taken by using the SecureCRT.

#28 Chrome Secure Shell


Chrome Secure Shell is an SSH client and terminal emulator offered by the Chrome Secure Shell Publishers. It is an xterm-compatible terminal emulator and a standalone SSH client for Google Chrome as well.

It uses the native-Client to connect directly to SSH servers without going for any third-party proxies, so in that’s way, it finished the need for external proxies. Chrome Secure Shell performs excellent functions such as connecting the SSH server, and using VIM and TMUX from Google Chrome is easy too.

Chrome Secure Shell is such an extension that has simplified the development environment, such as enabling the developers to open their browser and starting the code. Chrome Secure Shell is one of the best terminal emulator and SSH clients that work efficiently and effectively and able to synchronize the key files as well. Chrome Secure Shell lets the users to easily log into their server remotely right from the Google Chrome. No need to boot Linux for trivial matters.

#29 Dropbear SSH Server and Client


Dropbear SSH Server and Client is a lightweight SSH server and client package, originally designed to be embedded in other applications. The tool allows system administrators to make limited use of an SSH client without opening up another port on the firewall for inbound connections. Non-free packages for Red Hat and Debian include the server and the client, but non-free Windows ports are available from Cygwin or from OpenSSH.

The default Dropbear installation comes with several pages. It has a polished command-line client and server with several useful features, including a built-in SSH1 and an SCP client. Moreover, it also supports elliptic curve cryptography for key exchange. All in all, Dropbear SSH Server and Client is a great platform that you can consider among its alternatives.



PuTTYCM is a tool that offers multiple sessions in one tab. This comes in handy for admins who work on more than one server at a time. With this tool, you can perform multiple operations with ease. Available for Linux, AIX, and Solaris OS. A highlighting feature is that it can show multiple PuTTY sessions in one panel, allowing you to view multiple sessions at a time. Moreover, you can run the same command on multiple servers with one shot which will ultimately save your time, especially for system administrators.

The configuration database also comes with AES protocol encryption for keeping your IP address and session name private. Last but not least, the PuTTY session post-login command can be set up and automatically executed after you log in. The setup of post-login commands is done under the same Login macro screen that is under the Post-login command section. Click on Enable post-login commands check-box, and you can set a total of 5 post login commands as shown below.

#31 ConnectBot


ConnectBot is a reputable SHH client software for android designed for both commercial and industrial environments. The software comes with the complete functionality to manage SSH sessions, create secure tunnels, and copy/paste between one or more applications. In turn, the client will give you a complete connection to secure shell servers that can be commonly run on UNIX-Based servers. As far as the Ascii terminals are concerned, they will appear on screen with elegance.

The software seems to be an excellent program with its supporting ability to forward both local and remote ports to give SSH sessions a complete experience. ConnectBot has been great for a while, with its extraordinary capability of echoing key pressing right on the screen. The software is light and perfect for android and works great with the physical keyboard. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that ConnectBot is secure and provides connections to users either for shell or remote machines, and you can transfer files back and forth to your phone.

#32 Xshell 6


Xshell 6 is a leading SSH client software for industries with the real windows SMD within the Xshell. Now you have some convenient and transparent possibilities without the need to go for switching XShell to get the complete CMD function. There is best-in-class session management that allows you to create quickly, edit, and launch multiple sessions simultaneously via the main window.

You have the command to specify a multitude of a session to understand the behavior of each session. Extract the most from the tabbed interface via managing multiple sessions that can be viewed and sufficiently monitored simultaneously, and if you want to rearrange, drag, and drop.

Xshell 6 leverage you with extensive customization to set key mapping, define UI elements, choose a layout, and categorized start-up sessions, so it is all about creating a perfect user experience to work more and get more. Other valuable features include composing pan and sending, setting of highlights, end-to-end encryption for security, dual font integration, master password, local shell, and more.

#33 iTerm


iTerm is a terminal emulator that helps users on Mac OS to make their work easy and simple. The software allows users to divide a tab into multiple panes, and users can see very different sessions performing at the same time. Moreover, it enables users to slice tabs both vertically and horizontally, and they can create any number of panes in an imaginable arrangement.

The software allows users to register it with a hotkey, which can bring it to the main screen when users are busy with other applications. Moreover, it enables users to find anything, any word or term in the development sector without any delay.

iTerm comes with an autocomplete feature that allows users to type the start of any word which they have ever used on this software, and it will appear. Moreover, it enables users to use their keyboard to copy and paste any text in the file section.

#34 JuiceSSH


JuiceSSH is an all-in-one terminal client that includes SSH, Mosh, Telnet support for Android devices. The platform comes with a modern holo UI that gives users a pleasure in using the software. It allows users to keep all of their settings and data in sync between all of their devices, and it has encryption of industry standards such as AES-256 encryption.

JuiceSSH offers gestures for Irssi, Weechat, and comes with third-party plugins. The software comes with external keyboard support, and users can use the volume keys to change the font size quickly. Users can integrate the software with Amazon and synchronize connections and automatically group servers based on their class or security groups.

JuiceSSH offers widgets to users to fast access either of their used connections and can share groups of connections with team members. It comes with a security lock which locks the software after a period of inactivity.

#35 CMDBuild


CMDBuild is a feature-rich Asset Management software solution designed for Startups, Agencies. It is a web-based asset management solution that offers availability management, project management, configuration management, and remote access in one place.

With the help of these businesses can automate various tasks to save time, cost, and effort. CMDBuild has a sophisticated mechanism that enables users to easily configure or edit the data mode of their app instantly. It comprehensive database modeling feature helps users to manage all kind of data and tasks.

One of the most interesting facts about this solution is that it offers an interactive dashboard where you can easily access all tools and features without any limitation. CMDBuild most prominent feature includes editor and workflow engine, web services and connectors, data import and export through files, documents archives, mobile app, history, custom interfaces, scheduler, complete email management, etc.

#36 Bitvise SSH Client


If you’re looking for a secure and free application that allows you to back up SSH keys, connect to remote servers, or transfer files. This cross-platform SSH client will give you the freedom and convenience to connect and work remotely. Bitvise SSH Client is cross-platform, secure, and portable that you can use as an excellent alternative to commercial SSH clients like OpenSSH. It has all the features of a professional application but is free of licensing or licensing restrictions. It can be sued on Windows XP, Vista, 7, Linux, and Mac OS.

Bitvise SSH Client includes all of the features from OpenSSH 5.3.1 including the recent addition of the SSH-2 protocol. Historical features like Telnet authentication, password-authenticated keys, and legacy SSH1.5 host keys are also included. Bitvise SSH Client supports both SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) and SCP (Secure Copy Protocol). All in all, Bitvise SSH Client is a great tool that you can consider among its alternatives.

#37 iTerms2


iTerm2 is a replacement for the terminal emulator for OS X. iTerm2 is the successor to iTerm. It brings the terminal into the modern age with its best and advanced level of features. The software is regarded as one of the best terminal emulator ever made for Mac OS X.

The best about iTerm2 is that it supports the operating system functions and features, including window transparency, full-screen mode, Expose Tabs, standard keyboard shortcuts, Growl notifications, and many others. Moreover, the other features that are the part of iTerm2 are immediate respond of past terminal input & output and customizable profiles.

The main attractions behind iTerm2 have split panes, hotkey windows, search, autocomplete, mouseless copy, paste history, instant replay, unixyness, 256 colors, readability, mouse reporting, Growl support, expose tabs, tagged profiles, multi-lingual, triggers and smart selection.

It also offers shell integration, automatic profile switching, inline images, timestamps, password manager, advanced paste, annotations, badges, captured output, and much more.