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MobaXterm is a free server and tabbed SSH client for Windows operating. It is one of the best and enhanced terminals for multiple types of network tools for remote computing purposes. The developers consider the MobaXterm an ultimate toolbox for remote computing;… read more
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30 MobaXterm Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Mintty

Mintty is a free and open-source terminal emulator for MSYS and Cygwin. It integrates a native Windows user interface and doesn’t require a display server. The initiative features of Mintty are the availability of Xterm, simple copy & paste, fullscreen mode, full character and Windows transparency, small program size, etc.

The other features of Mintty are easy to copy & paste system, drag & drop option for text, files & folders, support for directly opening files and links with ctrl+click, character encoding support including UTF-8, full character display and support for Windows IME.


2. FireCMD

FireCMD is an enhanced command-line environment for Windows platforms that make interacting with the computer, both powerful and user-friendly. It is integrated with various advanced tools such as FireCMD command shell, text editor, a terminal emulator for Windows operating systems, UNIX for Windows, availability of almost 218 new commands, and lots of others.

FireCMD lets the users run multiple console applications or command lines simultaneously in tabbed windows, even including the Windows Command Prompt, Windows PowerShell, Oracle SQL Plus, Bash, Cygwin, etc.


3. ConEmu

ConEmu is a Windows enhancement console that provides the various consoles and simple GUI applications in the form of single customizable tabbed GUI windows with multiple features. ConEmu contains a proper, smooth, and friendly window resizing system. ConEmu is regarded as one of the best handy Windows terminals.

ConEmu is a full-featured and integrated local terminal for Windows administrations, devs, and users. For those who are looking for a better console window that is integrated with tabs, copy & paste, splits, Quake-style, etc. are suggested to try ConEmu.


4. KiTTY

KiTTY is for Windows operating systems and regarded as one of the best telnet and SSH client in the world. The stunning features of KiTTY are automatic password system, session’s filters, the session launcher, transparency, always visible, etc.

KiTTY is a fork of PuTTY. KiTTY runs on Windows and has an impressive collection of features that are missing in all versions of PuTTY. The available features in KiTTY are session launcher, session filter, automatic log-on script system, predefined commanded shortcuts, running of locally saved scripts in remote sessions mode, each session containing icons and transparency, user-friendly interface.



MTPuTTY stands for multi-tabbed PuTTY, is one of the best SSH clients for Windows operating systems. It is a little different from the PuTTY solution in the sense that there was a drawback in PuTTY, and that was whenever the users need to start a new copy, he was required to open a new connection, there is no such headache in MTPuTTY.

MTPuTTY lets the user wrap an unlimited number of PuTTY applications in a single tabbed GUI interface. The solution also allows the programmers to continue using their favorite SSH client without messing with the PuTTY windows.


6. Codinn SSH Proxy

Codinn SSH Proxy is a platform for turning any SSH server into a SOCKS5 proxy within three simple steps. The software is highly integrated with OS X Keychain and also a secure and intuitive SSH server.

The advantages of using this solution are that it supports functions that it performs better than others like support for compressing SSH connection, support for free password & key authentication methods. It also supports DSA & RSA authentication identity and helps to connect via HTTP, SOCKS5 & SOCKS4 proxy with authentication.


7. Console

The console is a Windows console and Windows enhancement application like Mintty. Some advanced features of Console are multiple tabs, text editor just like text selection, and numerous background types, alpha, and color-key transparency, multiple window styles, etc.

Console for Windows is entirely different from the integrated command system in all Windows operating systems. In the command system of Windows, users can’t perform the copy & paste function, mark mode can’t be enabled automatically, and the Windows arbitrary resize can’t be performed by dragging.


8. Cygwin

Cygwin is a Linux-based application for Windows that makes it easy to port running on POSIX systems, including Linux, BSD, and UNIX-based systems to Windows operating systems. It is one of the largest collections of GNU and open source tools that provide functionality similar to a Linux based distribution on Windows operating systems.

The software is also has a DLL that provides substantial POSIX API functionality to make it better than others. Cygwin is integrated with Windows-based tools, data, and other system resources, including applications, devices, and data of the UNIX-based environment.


9. Terminator

Terminator is a platform that provides multiple terminals in one window. The software aims to produce a powerful tool for arranging terminals based on the environment of GNOME-multi-term, quad console, etc. Terminator is developed to create useful tools for organizing terminals. It is based on the various other programs, including gnome-multi-term, quad console, etc.

The main focus of Terminator is an arrangement of terminals in grids like tabs in the most common default method that Terminator also supports. If we talk about the project information, then programming languages of Terminator is the python, version control system is Bazaar, and development focus is one trunk series. Users can browse the source code for the development focus branch or get a copy of the department using the command.


10. Cmder

Cmder is a console emulator that provides excellent console experience even on the Windows platform. The software is a portable console emulator for Windows. It is the pack of various types of helping tools, all with total portability.

Cmder is based on various programs and mixed up with the color scheme of Monokai and custom prompt layout. It is a portable application that requires no kind of installation except downloading.


11. Windows Command Prompt

Windows Command Prompt is the built-in command running application in the Windows that enables the users to run MS-DOS commands and other types of commands. It allows the users to perform various tasks on the computer without going for a Windows graphical interface.

Windows Command Prompt is known as cmd.exe or cmd also and has a command-line interpreter on Windows NT, Windows CE, OS/2 and eComStation operating systems.


12. rxvt-unicode

rxvt-unicode is a highly customizable terminal emulator from rxvt. It can be daemonized to run clients within a single process to minimize the use of system resources. The software is a color VT102 terminal emulator for the X Windows operating systems.

The primary functions are focusing on internationalization, stability, the capability to display different tools and locales simultaneously, and support for Unicode. rxvt-unicode provides user-friendly resources.


13. ConsoleZ

ConsoleZ is a modified version of Console 2. It provides a better experience under all Windows platforms and a better visual rendering. The software feature a quake style console animation, grouping views, splitting tabs into views, etc.

The supports available in ConsoleZ is splitting tabs into vertically and horizontal views, grouping views, themes like Windows Vista Aero Glass, Windows 7 jumplist, Windows 7 wallpaper positions & slideshow and Windows 8 wallpapers on dual-screen, zooming system with ctrl – mouse, quake style console animation, Strict monospace font rendering, settable opacity of text background color, full screen mode, Windows PowerShell progress bar, localization, changelog and much more.


14. TCC/LE

TCC/LE stands for Take Command Console. The former name of TCC/LE is regarded as the replacement of the Windows Command Prompt. TCC/LE is a command-line interpreter developed by the JP Software.

The aim of launching TCC/LE was to replace the default command system of Windows, cmd.exe. It is a free Windows command shell and set various intuitive features that include features of CMD, 111 internal commands, 240 internal variables and functions, hundreds of other tools for enhancements, etc.


15. ZOC

ZOC is a professional and advanced SSH, terminal emulator and telnet client for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. The software integrates all those emulations and advanced features that let the users access hosts and mainframes through a secure shell, serial cable, telnet, modem, and other prevailing methods of interactions.

The advantage of using ZOC are tabbed sessions in thumbnails mode, address book in the form of color & folders coded hosts, highly customizable, the scripting system in over 200 commands, compatible with the latest version of both Mac and Windows, user-friendly and much more.


16. PuTTY

PuTTY is a free and open-source terminal emulator, serial console, and network file transfer utility that supports several network protocols, including SCP, SSH, Telnet, rlogin, and raw socket connection. It also can connect to a serial port.

The best about PuTTY is that it is open-source software that comes with all of its source code and is developed by the world’s best class developers. The best about PuTTY is that it can connect to a serial port as well.


17. OpenSSH

OpenSSH is a free edition of the SSH connectivity program for technical users. It encrypts all traffic to eliminate eavesdropping, connection hijacking, and other attacks effectively. Further, the services give secure tunneling potentials and several authentication techniques and support all SSH protocol versions.

OpenSSH is a pack of security-related network modules that are based on the SSH protocol, and that ultimately helps to secure network interactions through the encryption of network traffic over various authentication methods and by offering secure tunneling capabilities.


18. iTerms2

iTerm2 is a replacement for the terminal emulator for OS X. iTerm2 is the successor to iTerm. It brings the terminal into the modern age with its best and advanced level of features. The software is regarded as one of the best terminal emulator ever made for Mac OS X.

The best about iTerm2 is that it supports the operating system functions and features, including window transparency, full-screen mode, Expose Tabs, standard keyboard shortcuts, Growl notifications, and many others. Moreover, the other features that are the part of iTerm2 are immediate respond of past terminal input & output and customizable profiles.


19. MacTerm

MacTerm is a terminal for Mac OS X and one of the best and advanced replacements for the Mac OS X Terminal as well. The best about is that it can be used for creating its own software as well.

It also supports various VT terminals ranges from VT100 ANSI, VT100 in VT52 mode, VT220, and to an extent, Xterm. MacTerm has a small but evolving API for scripting titled Quilts. The API for scripting in MacTerm uses Python as a programming language.


20. SuperPuTTY

SuperPuTTY is a graphical user interface that supports SSH, SSH2, Rlogin, SCP, and Mintty along with numerous configuration settings. The aim of the platform is to enhance the capabilities of the PuTTY SSH and Telnet client by enabling you to launch its multiple tabs easily. It offers you the possibility to easily manage numerous sessions of PuTTY using a single and comprehensive graphical environment.

The application comes with all the significant advantages and tools brought by PuTTY. It features support for multiple connection types and protocols. It relies on .NET Framework to function, so it’s best first to make sure it’s no your computer even though advanced Window iterations come with as a default feature.


21. CMDBuild

CMDBuild is a feature-rich Asset Management software solution designed for Startups, Agencies. It is a web-based asset management solution that offers availability management, project management, configuration management, and remote access in one place.

With the help of these businesses can automate a variety of task to save time, cost, and effort. CMDBuild has a sophisticated mechanism that enables users to easily configure or edit the data model of their app instant. It comprehensive database modeling feature helps users to manage all kind of data and tasks.


22. GNOME Terminal

GNOME Terminal is a terminal emulator for the GNOME desktop. It lets the programmers and developers access UNIX shell on the graphical desktop and emulates the Xterm terminal emulator and provides some of the same features.

Its prominent features includes support multiple files, compatibility, colored text, background, mouse events, text rewrapping on resizing, URL detection, tabs, safe quit, and many more. GNOME Terminal is based on the VTE widget. VTE is the part of the GNOME project that has a widget that implement a fully functional terminal emulator.


23. FireSSH

FireSSH is a cross-platform SSH terminal client for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox written in JavaScript. The best about FireSSH is that it works quickly and effectively with the security keys. Users are only required to select the files, and it will use them automatically.

Most of the users like it for its reconnect features that make them able to do their work without any interruption. Unlike other SSH clients, FireSSH connects perfectly, and its terminal window is effective too.


24. TinyShell

TinyShell is an open-source UNIX backdoor that lets the users for a remote PTY, file upload, and download. Before compiling TinyShell, users have required to set up the secret key of at least 12 characters. Moreover, the users are required to change SERVER_PORT on which the server will be listening for incoming connections.

Executing commands and transferring multiple files is also very easy by using TinyShell. All these functions make the solution perfect for those users who are looking for a platform to access to their server. The HTTP access limits this access.


25. PowerShell

PowerShell is a task configuration and automation management framework developed by Microsoft. It is also called as Windows PowerShell. The parts of this solution are a command-line shell and associated scripting language built on the .NET framework.

PowerShell provides the developers and programmers full access to WMI and COM. The usage of PowerShell is not restricted to developers and programmers only. PowerShell lets the administrators to perform their tasks of administrative nature either locally or remotely or both via the Windows system as well as WS-Management and CIM enabling management of remote Linux operating system and network devices as well.


26. csshX

csshX is an SSH tool for managing multiple servers. It establishes an SSH connection to a various number of servers and enables the users to open each in a separate terminal window.

Instead of generating separate Windows and a master Window for input, csshX uses iterm2 split panes and ‘send input to all sessions’ to forward commands to all sessions.


27. Chrome Secure Shell

Chrome Secure Shell is an SSH client and terminal emulator offered by the Chrome Secure Shell Publishers. It is an xterm-compatible terminal emulator and a standalone SSH client for Google Chrome as well.

It uses the native-Client to connect directly to SSH servers without going for any third-party proxies, so in that’s way, it finished the need for external proxies. Chrome Secure Shell performs excellent functions such as connecting the SSH server, and using VIM and TMUX from Google Chrome is easy too.


28. Codinn SSH Tunnel

Codinn SSH Tunnel is a platform for managing the SSH tunnels efficiently, securely, and intuitively. The main advantage of using Codinn SSH Tunnel is that it supportive SSH functions that support both local & remote port forwarding tunnels.

It also comes with creating & sharing service, including SOCKS5 proxy and support for compressing SSH connection, support for both private & public key & password & keyboard authentication methods, support for connecting via HTTP, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 proxy with authentication.


29. SecureCRT

SecureCRT is a consolidates rock-solid terminal emulation that comes with the powerful encryption, data integrity, and authentication option of the Secure Shell protocol. It gives safe remote access, file transfer, and data tunneling for everyone in your enterprise.

The software is a multiplatform client that is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. The best about is that it provides users a platform for secure remote access, file transfer, data tunneling, and much more without any user restriction in the organization.


30. ClusterSSH

ClusterSSH is a tool for managing multiple servers and SSH sessions. It is a platform used for making the same alike change on various servers simultaneously. The software opens the ‘cash’ command on an xterm to all designated hosts and admin console. Then any text typed into that console is copied to all windows.

Moreover, ClusterSSH lets the users type into all windows directly. ClusterSSH can be configured in two ways – either by using /etc/clusters that are its global configuration file or by .csshrc that are a file in the user’s home directory.

More About MobaXterm

MobaXterm is a free server and tabbed SSH client for Windows operating. It is one of the best and enhanced terminals for multiple types of network tools for remote computing purposes. The developers consider the MobaXterm an ultimate toolbox for remote computing; that is why it is mainly used.

The best about MobaXterm is that it is a single application and integrated with various tools and features that are loads of functions crafted as per the demands of programmers/webmasters and IT administrators.

The functions of MobaXterm are for all those users who have to handle their remote works. The best about MobaXterm is that it provides almost all those tools and features to the programmers that are crucial for a productive work like availability of remote work tools, Unix command system, Windows desktop features, and embedded X-server, etc.

MobaXterm Reviews

Virgil Egor
written on May 26, 2020

The latest version of MobaXterm integrates with the X11 server, which is pretty amazing, and it can easily work with providing a nice interface and remote control over the network and connected devices. I’m not voting in favor of this platform because it can cause privacy violation if used for wrongful purposes, but the tools and features it provides are beyond normal. I will only recommend this platform if you want to sync file transfer or going to the embedded X server on your PC.