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Crystal Reports Alternatives

#1 Windward AutoTag


Windward AutoTag is free for personal reporting and designing tools for individual and business purposes. It is also known as AutoTag Report Builder used to report writing and document generation tool that enables the developers and programmers to design, format and edit all type of reports in MS Office with AutoTag for Word and AutoTag for Excel.

It automatically adds to the MS Word and Excel as a ribbon and then enables the users to link their documents and spreadsheets to any data source. Windward AutoTag is equally best for the business professional, and enterprises that need a single report got more sources.


#2 i-net Clear Reports


i-net Clear Reports is designed to meet the requirements of reporting. It is best for department managers, report designers, developers, and administrators. i-net Clear Reports is a visual report designer and is free to use.

The other best feature is that its design and run the report on any platform, utilize various layout elements in stories and visualize data from any JDBC data source, and many more. i-net Clear Reports is a fast and efficient reporting platform for every king of the user.

#3 GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric


GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric is a productivity tool that delivers unprecedented speed and ultimate scale at blazing speed. It provides users with the best tools for creating an in-depth insight into any business or enterprise.

It provides high-performance processing, real-time streaming, and fast analytics in an all-in-one and full data access and processing layer. It is best for existing and new applications. The technical features of GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric are data grid, compute grid, service grid, data structures, file system, advanced clustering, streaming, Hadoop acceleration, etc.


#4 Aspose.Total for Reporting Services


Aspose.Total for Reporting Services is a reporting platform, specially designed for the MySQL Server developers. It provides these developers with basic developing, programming, reports generating, and analyzing tools to make their work easy and straightforward.

Aspose.Total for Reporting Services is a pack of five unique rendering extensions for MS SQL Server reporting services. It delivers native Excel reports in MS SQL Server 2002 to 2014 Reporting Services and also in MS Report Viewer 2005 and 2008.

#5 SharpDevelop Reports


SharpDevelop Reports is a cross-platform.NET reporting solution for the Windows and web-based apps. In addition to providing the own servers and databases for report generating and document management, SharpDevelop Reports offer users with the support of few native databases as well.

The reports generated via SharpDevelop Reports can be print directly or can be export to PDF formats. Its model of SharpDevelop Reports for generating reports is using the Push Data Model that is for creating the reports from .xsd files. The other model available for making reports is using the Pull Data Model with the support of Stored Procedures.

#6 Pentaho Community Edition


Pentaho Community Edition is the solution for small to large enterprises that contain the basic solution of reporting, data representation, analysis, and various other features that save them time and money of the business.

In addition to availing all these features, users of Pentaho Community Edition from the official website can explore for BA server and PDI marketplace entries as well.

#7 Telerik Reporting


Telerik Reporting is a reporting engine for HTML5, ASP, .NET, Ajax, Mobile, Touch, WinForms, etc. that provides report viewers for all these platforms. It is an interactive ad-hoc reporting for mobile, web, and desktop applications.

The key features of Telerik Reporting include delivering reports to any application, OLAP data engine and data binding, style reports according to the need of users, and creating interactive ad-hoc reports. The main advantages are that it is integrated with almost all those features and tools that assist users in creating intuitive reports for individual or commercial purposes.

#8 Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services


Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services is a server-based reporting service by Microsoft. It supports the enterprise level of reporting and documentation and offers a way to organize business data and get more in-depth analyses. It is a way to get the best output from the complex data.

Just like its database management system, SQL Server Reporting Services delivers users with clear choices to manage their data. The three main benefits of using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services are a high level of performance, a platform for hybrid cloud, and faster insights of data.

#9 ActiveReports


ActiveReports is a .NET reporting platform designed for viewing the modern-day business requirements. It allows users to create all type of reports with the Visual Studio designing features and components of the ActiveReports that comes with an extensive range of API as well.

The best is that to providing users with the system of creating reports, it also delivers to them with the various type of forms and reports as well that are royalty-free. These are WinForms, ASP.NET, and HTML based. It also offers the free report server as well.

#10 Valentina Reports


Valentina Reports is a reporting engine and set of embeddable applications for the various platforms. It offers users a lot of reports that can easily be embedded in any of the online and offline applications. In addition to providing the ready to use reports, Valentina Reports delivers users with the system of creating stories as well.

The software is known as a royalty-free reporting system that lets users freely utilize the powerful and graphically rich reports and embed the same in any of their applications.

#11 Ubiq


Ubiq is an online business intelligence platform that is primarily used for visualization and analyzing of data and reports. Ubiq is a reporting and analyzing platform for MySQL and PostgreSQL.

The main advantages and benefits of using Ubiq are the availability of a user-friendly dashboard, easy creation of reports and even dashboard, data analyzing system, drag and drop feature, availability of system of filters and functions, team collaboration for sharing purpose and support for all type of data sources either local, remote or cloud.

#12 ASP.NET Maker


ASP.NET Maker is a professional level of a report-creating tool designed for creating a dynamic level of web pages along with the support of native databases like MS Access or any other. It provides users with industry-level reporting and data generating tools that make it easy for users to instantly create detail and summary reports or even the crosstab reports for their websites.

From JavaScript charts to Flash charts, ASP.NET Maker provides the solution for all. There is no more requirement of client-side control as the scripts generated via ASP.NET Maker are free from all these formalities and come in a final useable position.

#13 Simple Reports


Simple Reports is a simple report generator for creating a variety of professional reports. It offers developers and designers a standalone dashboard to create reports and data queries.

It is a powerful platform to handle the varied and mix data sources at once. Making the ad-hoc reports via Simple Reports is very simple and easy. Simple Reports is not only about creating simple reports, but it allows users to create and design professional and attractive reports as well.

#14 JasperReports


JasperReports is a Java-based reporting and analytics platform for developers, designers, and webmasters from where they can access the graphical designing tool of the JasperReports. JasperReports is one of the best open-source reporting engines written in Java.

It can use data arriving from any data source and generate pixel-perfect documents that can be viewed, printed, or exported in various document formats, including HTML, PDF, Excel, OpenOffice, and MS Word.

#15 DevExpress


DevExpress is a reporting platform for the .NET Framework to transmit critical information through the business environment. It is a simple and easy way to demonstrate the complex information to make the best decisions and provide an intuitive reporting solution across the organization.

The highly customized features of DevExpress delivers exceptional performance to users. These customization features of DevExpress then provide users with a set of enhanced report controls along with multi-dimensional pivot tables and charts system to create the reports and presentations of unmatched informational clarity.

Crystal Reports Reviews

Marcus T.
written on May 27, 2020

Crystal report consists of flexible customization, interactive layout, easy to design, read, and the data connectivity with Microsoft products is easy on this intuitive platform. It is supported by the SAP system. I am not even started to talk about the SAP system because it is the most secure ERP and OS providing system that gives you tons of facilities besides Microsoft. You can create a dynamic and powerful presentation and reports in multiple languages the interaction is easy, and the interface is user-friendly. There is nothing more to say about the platform. If they also give you a web-based service, it would be an additional point.

written on January 23, 2020

If you are tired of using office presentation software and slide shower. It allows you to see the native platform where you can see different types of modules available under SAP supervision for you to generate a report and present powerful presentations. It automatically syncs with MS Office files of different formats and gives you crystal reports that are flexible and customizable with more integrity and interaction. If you haven’t used this platform before, I suggest you try it now rather than choosing a Microsoft product. Microsoft product has its perks, but this platform works in a very different way.

written on January 23, 2020

When you hear the word crystal reports, your mind directly e goes to the SAP operating and ERP system, which consists of many interesting tools and provides you services of making a crystal report which serves all your purposes regarding report generation and slide presentation. You can also say it is the best alternative to Microsoft products, but it would be wrong to compare these two service providers because it only generates certain types of files, but that office product is full of features, and there are unlimited functions. You can try it and give your experienced review of the service.