Dame MP3

Dame MP3 is a music browser app through which users can easily search for songs, watch videos, and stream music. The app supports audio files of mp3, wav, and ac3, and various other formats. Users can also convert downloaded files to audio files and can easily download five files at the same time.

The interface of the app contains a search bar to enter keywords, a button to search for content, and a button to clear search bar. The interface also includes a download folder, which holds downloaded files and manages data through it.

The interface also contains a home button to go directly to the home, a button to move to the next search page, and a button to move to the previous search page. Users can also share the app and downloaded files with friends through many platforms.

Dame MP3 – Multimedia free browser is free to use but shows ads. After entering the keyword, the app shows search results that contain files and information such as the duration of the video and the option to share links with others.


Dame MP3 Alternatives

#1 Deezer


Deezer- The Music Listening platform that started in France and had since extended to all over the world, contains some advanced musical features. To begin with, it’s accessible in 182 countries. To place that in context, there are 192 countries on earth. While on the other hand, it implies there are just ten countries in the whole world that don’t have Deezer.

Along these lines, unless you as of now live in the Vatican, Taiwan, or Kosovo, this applies to you. Deezer ostensibly has the most music records as compared to its rivals. This comes through in the Hear This segment, which receives a magazine-like design for its chosen playlists and “Deezer Picks” track choices.

Deezer regularly incorporates a little remark from the Deezer staff part that is making these suggestions and includes their name, work title, and picture, giving it a solid human touch. Deezer app additionally utilizes this segment to push forward new Deezer Sessions, which are smoothly created live recordings of events, alongside singer’s accounts and profiles. The Explore section includes a more extensive choice of Deezer Picks and New Releases with less of a publication detail.


#2 Shazam


Shazam is an incredible app that helps us discover the title of each melody that you want to listen to. The main thing you have to do is hold your Android phone near the wellspring of the sound and sit tight around five seconds for it to prepare the tune.

Directly after, and without the need to be noiseless, the program will let you know the correct title of the melody you were listening to. The database of the program perceives melodies from Kanye West to Frank Sinatra or Spice Girls.

Nothing gets away from the application because of its gigantic music database. Shazam is entirely helpful for music beaus since you can frequently wind up in a circumstance where you hear a tune that you don’t perceive. So with basic development, you put your telephone near the wellspring of the sound to discover the title of the melody and hear it out as much as you need.

#3 Anghami


Anghami – The Sound of Freedom is an audio and music application specially designed for those who want to get unlimited music, get recommendations that fit your style, and keep all your songs in one place. It is known as the largest music streaming application and offers everything you need.

With this, you can find, play and download from a massive library of millions of Arabic and international songs, build playlists for every minute of your day and share them with everyone. The app also recommends music according to your taste.

Anghami music app is designed for your personalized music library and gathers all your favorite songs and allows you to create playlists for your every mood and occasion. Through this app, you can watch video songs and directly share them with others.

Anghami includes core features with as enjoying unlimited music, sort tracks by artists, play your music in high-quality, discover new music, attractive interface, and much more. To enjoy its service, you need to sign up with a verifying email address.


#4 4Shared


Search, Store, and Share easily. 4Shared is a leading file sharing and storage service that offers the fastest way to access your documents, images, videos, and all kinds of files anytime, anywhere. It features a massive collection of databases and its convenient public search option. This search option allows you to search for and find the files you need within its database without any limitation.

4Shared is simple to define various search filters such as upload time, size, and type of data to get the best results and add the necessary file to your account. With the help of this service, you can easily copy, move, rename, delete, download, and upload any data from your account and share them with your friends and colleagues anywhere around the world.

4Shared has two different versions, such as a free version and a Paid version. Its paid version comes with many additional features such as more than 100GB of free space, ad-free sharing, download, direct download links, backup, maximum data security, etc.

Other prominent features include access to more than 30 million files, a user-friendly interface, saving contacts, mobile applications, sharing and uploading any file, no download limited, and much more.

#5 SoundCloud


SoundCloud is an exclusive streaming service that brings an open global community for anyone to upload anything they want for immediate discovery. SoundCloud – Music & Audio is a music streaming tool developed in the market by SoundCloud Inc. that enables its global users to discover new music, get personalized playlists, support and connect with artists, and enjoy more right under one platform.

SoundCloud – Discover playlists & podcasts allows its global users to access millions of emerging and already established podcasts, DJs, and artists right over your cell phones and tablets. You can listen to music that exists nowhere else and get suggested tracks based on your listening habits. You can also discover charts of the app for catching the most exclusive music or podcast in each genre.

SoundCloud – Music and Audio app let you create playlists for any occasion and discover new music faster with curated playlists. The app contains an enormous catalog that carries the gigantic hits in pop hip-hop, techno, jazz, classical, rock, electronic, and various others. Sound Cloud – Discover playlists and podcasts lets you grab the world’s most gigantic hits and explore what’s next in music.



AIMP is a lightweight and stable application that playback your tunes and radio stations with the assistance of numerous adjustable components. It highlights an amazing interface and valuable capacities that may persuade you to keep it around. If you are officially using the PC for playing films or tunes, you will face no trouble using this application’s configuration. Also, you may find distinctive skins for better usage. This application has a basic and definite establishment process with few stages. It consumes next to no room on your hard drive and uses a low measure of framework assets.

It provides a rundown of affiliation choices with components like MP3, FLAC, M3U, OPUS, TTA, WMA, ACC, MAC, OGG, RMI, and WAV. One of the stunning elements of this application is that it comes with a coordinated media proselyte, and it keeps running in a different window which was hard to come by. AIMP highlights a Playlist Manager, which permits the client to add his chosen options to a rundown put aside for later use.

#7 Music Player by Smart App


Music player by Smart App enables users to play music and audio files of formats, including MP3, MP4, WAV, and 3GP, etc. The app features a beautiful interface and finds music on the phone automatically. Users can search for music from a list of songs, a list of artists, a list of albums, or can even be played directly from the folder.

It contains widgets like mini music player, which shows information about the song, such as the title of the song, artist name, and photo of album. The widget also features buttons like play, pause, skip, and stop in a control bar. Users can easily create playlists and add songs to a waiting list to play next.

It enables users to share their favorite songs with friends and family members. The app offers a music editor to edit, trim or crop audio for making ringtones. Music Player also features a music equalizer, which allows users to add effects to songs. It let them edit information of song like song name, album, and artist name, etc.

#8 Pulsar Music Player


Pulsar Music Player is an offline music player with many features for a better music listening experience. The app allows you to play songs by selecting from albums or directly from folders. It includes playlists of recently played songs, a playlist of recently added songs, and a playlist of mostly listened songs.

It offers a resizable widget for the lock screen that contains buttons to play and pause music. Users can enjoy gapless music and adjust the playback speed of songs. The app supports Chromecast, Google voice commands, and Android auto.

It contains an equalizer with 5-bands, bass boosters, and nine equalizers preset to edit songs. The app includes a built-in metadata edit, which lets you edit tags of songs. You can save the playback position of songs and continue music from where you left.

Pulsar Music Player – Mp3 Player, Audio Player, allows you to add lyrics to audio files to understand songs better. It brings a feature to automatically download artwork, such as the missing cover of an album or missing image of the artist.

#9 Pi Music Player


Pi Music Player is a music player as well as a song editor that allows users to edit and share songs. The app lets users search for songs on YouTube and add their favorite songs to playlists. Users can create hybrid playlists, which include local audio songs and music from YouTube and switching between songs from YouTube or local MP# music.

The app features a floating video player through which users can draw video over other apps and enjoy the music while using other apps. The in-app power saver mode offers optimization of battery usage while listening to music.

It includes the organization of audiobooks and podcasts separately from other songs, and users can play music from where they left. The user can tap to skip music forward or backward and adjust the speed of songs.

Pi Music Player – MP3 Player, YouTube Music Videos is a music equalizer that contains more than 25 presets, a bass booster, and a virtualizer. The music editor allows users to edit songs to create ringtones and add songs to queue to play next.

#10 Music – Mp3 Player


Music – Mp3 Player is an MP3 player that lets you play audio songs of all formats. You can browse songs from a variety of options such as album, artist, a songs list, or you can play from folders as well. The audio editor allows you to make ringtones or sounds from your favorite songs. The music player enables you to listen to offline songs.

The app contains a graphic equalizer, which includes presets and a 5-band equalizer. It also offers gesture controls through which you can play and change songs by just shaking your phone. You can also add songs to a separate playlist to play it next.

It brings features through which you can add songs to playlists and sort playlists by drag control. You can also edit the name of the track, name of the artist, and genre, etc. The app lets you add lyrics to songs to enjoy.

You can control the playback of songs using in-app widgets for both home screen as well as lock screen. It also features a 3D reverse function, 3D rotate function, Mega Bass function, High and Low Tone function, and Pure Voice function, etc.

#11 PlaYo


PlaYo app allows users to enjoy music and add favorite tracks to playlists. Users can play music according to their favorite genres and stream online tracks. It is a radio player through which they can enjoy radio right on the phone.

Users can create an in-app account that enables them to access their favorite tracks and playlists. The app brings smooth online streaming of tracks, which helps them in saving space. Its interface contains a search button, trending songs page, and a button to access settings and some other options.

The explore page includes songs according to the moods of the user and favorite genre. In this music app, users can also add songs to the replay list to listen to it again without much of a stretch.

The interface includes a shuffle button to shuffle tracks and button to skip songs, play or pause songs, and button to move to the next song. PlaYo – Free Music & Radio also works in the background and lets them use their phones.

#12 GO Music Player Plus


GO Music Player Plus app allows you to play your favorite music on the basis of the beloved genre, artist, and mood. It is an online music and radio player that contains radio resources. It features a hot song every day to make music experience better and you can enjoy music with others having the same taste as yours.

The app analyzes your music listening history and suggests songs according to your taste. You can listen to songs, read the lyrics of songs, like the comment you want, and cast votes. The floating lyrics widget lets you enjoy lyrics so that you can use other apps at the same time.

It also lets you add tracks to your phone storage to listen to it later and downloads the missing name of the album or artist automatically. It lets you write about songs and view what others have written.

GO Music Player Plus – Free Music, Radio, MP3 is a digital musical equalizer that includes presets like Jazz, Rock, and Hip Hop, etc. It is an equalizer app with five bands, a bass booster, and a reverb. It also includes a music alarm and a music locker as well.

#13 Music player by Music Apps – Allmusic


Music player by Music Apps – Allmusic is an mp3 player through which you can listen to your favorite tracks from phone storage. The app features easy to search functionality for songs as you can search for songs from 4 tabs album, artist, genre, and by names. The in-app playlist creator creates playlists based on most listened songs or recently added songs and you can also create custom playlists.

It allows you to play music in audio formats, including mp3, Wav, and M3u, etc. The home screen widget enables you to play, pause, or skip songs. It features a graphic equalizer that contains a bass booster and presets like jazz, rock, or hip hop to amplify the music.

You can also add songs to queue to play next and also shuffle songs. It brings plugin features through which you can add lyrics to songs and downloads the missing photo of the albums.

Music player app contains a scribbler and a tag editor, and you can easily set a sleep timer to stop the music automatically. You can also delete songs or edit the name, artist name, or other details of songs.

#14 Music Player – MP3 Player, Audio Player


Music Player – MP3 Player, Audio Player app allows you to search for your favorite songs from the phone’s media and enjoy it. The app features a built-in equalizer with bass booster, presets, and reverb effects to make music experience better.

The loop feature enables you to listen to your favorite songs again and again. The app automatically scans the phone’s storage for music and lets you share songs with friends and family members. It sorts songs by albums, artist names, playlists, and genres so you can easily find your favorite ones.

You can also search for by entering keywords and create custom playlists of your beloved songs. The app brings lock screen and notification bar controls through which you can play, pause songs, or add songs to the favorite list without going into the app.

Music Player – MP3 Player, Audio Player also offers sleep timer that enables you to set a timer to turn off music automatically. It supports mp3, wav, aac, and many other audio formats so you can enjoy more songs.

#15 MDL | Free Music Download


MDL | Free Music Download is an app by MDL that enables users to search for their favorite music and download it on their phones without much of a stretch. To search for a song, a user needs to enter a keyword, song name, or the name of an artist. Users can enjoy tracks online or can download it on their phones.

The online audio player shows the name of the song and the name of the singer. Users can play, pause, or skip songs through the in-app widget. The widget also lets them skip the song to their favorite part by the smart skipper.

It features an easy to use interface, which contains a search bar and a button to access settings or other menus. It allows users to download audio songs in formats such as m3, wav, and many others. MDL | Free Music Download – Mp3 Song Downloader is free to use, but contains ads. The app also brings a lock-screen as well as an on-screen widget to control the playback of songs.

#16 Free music player for YouTube: Stream


Free music player for YouTube: Stream is an audio app that provides access to YouTube music videos. The floating popup player feature enables you to listen to music and multitask. You can easily resize the floating popup and move the popup to anywhere on the screen.

The app brings access to more than 100 genres of music, such as Hip-hop, jazz, and many more. You can easily search for songs with the smart search and suggestions feature. The radio feature offers special music according to your needs such as for workout, and for the party, etc.

You can manage your playlist through one-touch drag and drop gestures. The app allows you to create custom playlists and also import your YouTube playlists. The on-screen widget contains the top songs list, recently watched, and your favorite music videos.

Free music player: Stream app also offers a sleep timer through which you can set a timer, and the app will automatically turn off the music. You can also create your stream account to save your playlists and access playlists from other devices.

#17 Music Player – Mp3 Player


Music Player – Mp3 Player allows you to manage your offline songs and easily search for your favorite tracks. You can browse songs by Albums, artist name, playlist, and folders, etc. The built-in song cutter enables you to cut parts of tracks to use it as ringtones.

The built-in equalizer feature comes with 10 presets, a bass booster, a virtualizer, five bands, and a 3D reverb effect adjuster. It supports all audio formats such as mp3, wav, and many others. You can also backup your playlist with a manual or auto-backup feature to restore it later.

You can embed lyrics of audio tracks to make music experience better. The smart shake gesture allows you to change songs by shaking your phone. It also automatically downloads missing album art and the missing picture of the artist.

Music Player – Mp3 Player lets you share songs with friends and family easily. The lock screen controls offer controls of songs such as play, pause, and skip, etc. from the notification bar. The tag editor lets you edit song name, artist name, and year of production, etc.

#18 Music Player by Smart Apps Smart Tools


Music Player by Smart Apps Smart Tools enables you to enjoy music in all audio formats, and you can easily search for your favorite tracks through a convenient menu. It offers a mini music player for the lock screen, which shows the name of the album, song title, and name of the artist. You can control the playback of tracks like play or pause song and skip or stop songs, etc. through the lock screen widget.

The app automatically plays the next track, and you can also add songs to queue to play the song next. You can easily send favorite tracks via social media platforms and email. It contains a bass booster, reverb effects, and the in-app equalizer that enhances the tracks to better the music listening experience.

You can edit songs to create tones and can also edit information of songs such as name, artist name, and title, etc. It shows the artwork of songs like album cover on the lock screen.

Music Player is free to use the app, but it contains ads. The interface also includes buttons to skip songs to a specific time like 30 secs, 15 secs, and 60 secs, etc. You can also add songs to the favorite playlist to access and play them whenever you want.

#19 Yandex Music and Podcasts


Yandex Music and Podcasts app bring millions of tracks and podcasts right on the phone. The app daily recommends songs according to your music taste and you can also select music according to occasions like party, workout, and others. You can also create playlists and share playlists without much stretch.

The high-quality mode allows you to make music listening experience better by playing songs in a higher bitrate. You can connect your Yandex account with Facebook or VK by logging in to view what others are listening to. The app automatically recognizes songs and saves the songs in a separate playlist called Recognized.

Yandex Music and podcasts – Listen and Download app brings a feature to select your favorite singer, so it notifies you of any new releases by the singer. The app also features lyrics of the song so you can sing songs.

Yandex Music app lets you download your favorite songs to your phone and you can also add songs to a favorite playlist. It enables you to search for songs with a search catalog, and the app shows recent popular searches by others as well.

#20 MP3 Player by Maxound


MP3 Player by Maxound is a music player and a song editor app to make ringtones. It features lock screen and home screen widgets to control songs. You can play songs in midi, wav, and many other audio formats. The interface contains artwork of song, track name, artist name, and the number of the song.

It also contains buttons to play or pause music as well as buttons to skip songs forward or backward. You can also add songs to a favorite playlist and can add songs to queue to listen to them later. The music equalizer contains a virtualizer, bass booster, volume, and balance buttons.

You can search for songs by the name of the artist’s name, song name, album name, recently added songs, and genres. The app lets you delete songs by clicking the delete button and it also includes a shake gesture to control music (you can shake your phone to manage music accordingly).

MP3 Player built-in editor shows the information of songs such as bitrate, duration of song, and format of the song, etc. It is a free-to-use app but contains ads, offers in-app purchases as well as supports Chromecast devices.

#21 Music Player by Recorder & Music


Music Player by Recorder & Music is a music downloader as well as an mp3 player for playing offline songs. It brings a widget through which you can play and pause songs without going into the app. You can also create a new playlist such as favorite playlist, workout playlist, or party playlist, etc.

The sleep timer feature allows you to set a time so the app will automatically turn off the music at that time. You can easily set a track on ringtones through the app and it can play songs directly from the folder.

The app also includes an mp3 equalizer with bass boosting, virtualizer, and five-band features. The add to queue feature lets you add songs to queue to play selective songs. You can also share your favorite track with friends on social media.

Music player is a free-to-use app with a straight forward interface that contains a folder like playlists, favorites, and history, etc. It includes buttons to add songs to favorite list, share the song, or to access equalizer.

#22 (Download Now) Free Music MP3 Player PRO


(Download Now) Free Music MP3 Player PRO is a music player that contains many features to enhance the music experience of users. It includes a fast preview feature through which users can listen to a 20-sec highlight of all songs to discover their favorite songs.

The user can turn on its caption mode to view the lyrics of the track while listening to it. The app can detect songs playing near users and can also add those tracks to playlists. It also recommends songs based on music that users listen, and enjoy trails while using other apps.

(Download Now) Free Music MP3 Player PRO app updates songs daily and users can discover best songs from lists including top daily songs, top weekly, and top monthly songs, etc. You can also search for tracks according to genres.

FREEMUSIC MB3: Music & Radio app allows users to enjoy music while using other apps through a popup over the app screen. The app also offers music videos but contains ads as well.

#23 AT Player – Free Music Download, Music Player, and MP3 Downloader


Free Music Download, Music Player, MP3 Downloader is a music app through which you can download songs, radio, and videos in audio formats such as mp3, and wav, etc. Users can stream YouTube videos on phones and easily search for songs, radio stations, and podcasts, etc. with the in-app suggestions.

It can detect songs and music playing nearby as well as contains a popup for multitasking. You can also customize the size of the floating popup and includes playlists based on your searches. You can also search for music by genres like jazz, classical, and many others.

The app enables you to stream music over Chromecast supported devices and TVs. You can stream videos in high quality and also set music alarms through it. You can search for music according to your mood, top charts, and daily uploads.

Free Music Download, Music Player, MP3 Downloader app also brings graphic music equalizer that includes presets to enhance music according to needs. The app can auto-add music from the storage of the phone and can also download missing images of albums.

#24 RYT


RYT is an app for Android by Alaskavinh through which users can easily download sounds for free. You can use the downloaded sounds as ringtones for your phones and use these mp3 sounds as notification sounds. The app contains a download button to download the desired content.

RYT – Sounds App is free to use but contains ads. The app’s interface is user-friendly as it includes a search bar and a download tab. Users can search for songs or sounds through a search bar on the top of the interface.

RYT – Sounds App allows users to download audio files in mp3, wav, m4a, acc, etc. It is a simple to use app that shows information about songs such as name, artist name, date of release, etc. It also lets users search for music by hitting keywords such as popular music, popular this week, and the latest music.

#25 Free Music: FM Radio & MP3 Player


Free Music: FM Radio & MP3 Player is a music app through which you can play unlimited songs or radio. It lets you create custom playlists and find new music genres. You can easily search for your favorite songs through the name of artists or songs.

You can efficiently multitask through this app while listening to your favorite tracks. The in-app widget includes a list of top tracks and a list of all genres. You can add songs to a list to repeat it and can also shuffle tracks.

You can also download music from top charts and recent hot tracks. The interface contains a pause or plays button, a button to add songs to playlists, or to add songs to favorite list. The search tab contains top songs and trending songs as well as music according to genres like jazz, hip-hop or classical, etc.

Free Music: FM Radio and MP3 Player app also brings the playlist tab that shows numbers of playlists and names of playlists. It is a free to use app, but contains ads and offers in-app purchases.

#26 Free Music Player by InShot


Free Music Player by InShot is a music player with a simple and customizable interface. It comes with an in-app music equalizer that allows you to boost the bass of songs and reverb effects such as jazz, classical, and rock, etc. to better the quality. You can listen to songs in all formats and automatically scans the internal storage of the phone for songs.

You can create your custom playlists as well as playlists such as newly added, and most played, etc. You can listen to tracks in a loop or shuffle songs according to your needs. Through the app, you can effortlessly search for the desired track by entering keywords.

You can edit the name, album name, or artist name of songs. The app enables you to backup and restores playlists when needed. It also contains playback controls for lock screen and controls on the notification bar to stop or play songs.

Free Music Player – MP3 Player app lets you edit tags of tracks and can also share songs with friends. The app also shows the properties of songs such as bitrate and duration of the song. The on-screen widget contains buttons to add songs to favorite or other playlists.

#27 Songler


Songler app lets you search for your favorite songs and download songs right on your phones and tablets. It is a search engine for music lovers to search and listen to songs online. You can play the downloaded songs on all other music players. The interface is straight forward, which contains a search bar to enter keyword or song name.

After entering the song name, you can either play it online or can also download it to listen to it later. You can control the playback of music with play or pause buttons. The app also includes buttons to skip songs forward or backward.

It shows information such as the name of the song on the screen. Mp3 Music Downloader – Songler is a free to use app, but offers ads. You can download mp3 songs in high quality through this app. The app lets you search for your beloved songs through artist names or the name of the albums.

#28 Free Music


Free Music is an app by Free Music – Music Player through which users can download music. They can search for music from a list of trending songs and a list of genres of music. They can also search for tracks by the name of the song, album name, or singer name.

The user can also listen to songs from the list of recently streamed songs or favorite music folder. The app also features a widget through which users can control songs. It also contains a widget for the notification bar and a widget for the lock screen.

The background playing feature allows users to listen to music and control it while using other apps. The screen widget shows the name of the song, artist name, and controls to skip, play, or pause songs. The app contains folders like recent, favorite genres, locals, and playlist from where you can select the desired songs.

Free Music app interface includes controls to add songs to favorites list or playlist. Users can also share songs with friends and family members. They can also add songs to repeat list to listen to it again and again.

#29 Free Music for YouTube


Free Music for YouTube enables you to download music from YouTube and listen to it on your phone. You can search for songs from top charts and various genres. You can also watch music videos by trending artists from YouTube through it.

You can log in to your account to sync your music and playlist to access them later on other devices. The interface of the app contains the name of the track, and controls to play, stop, or skip songs. You can add songs to the favorite lists by tapping on the favorite button and press the shuffle button to bring a variation in the playlist.

The app lets you listen to a song repeatedly by selecting a loop option, and you can search for songs by keywords such as pop, mood, and sports, etc. You can also listen to songs based on the artist’s name.

Free Music for YouTube app also brings the feature of floating popup of music through which you can multitask and listen to songs at the same time. The app is free to use, but offers in-app purchases and contains ads.