Dell Boomi AtomSphere


Dell Boomi AtomSphere Alternatives for Android

#1 MQTT Buddy


MQTT Buddy is a free comprehensive IoT application that provides you absolute control over your IoT devices. It is a new MQTT Client specially designed for Android, iOS and Windows mobile users and available to use in multiple languages such as English, Chinese and Russian, etc. The solution makes connecting to MQTT Broker quite fast and simple; you can easily subscribe to multiple topics and publish your messages with ease and speed. On the top of that, it’s Pro version comes with numbers of new tools and features that increase your app’s functionality and adds more benefits to the users such as auto connect, a huge collection of icons and lots of new kind of buttons. MQTT Buddy also provides users with the unique option of automated actions, whenever they are connected to the server, users can easily create the numbers of scenarios of actions without the home servers. Another major fact that should be a highlight is that MQTT Buddy provides its own public MQTT Broker that make it better than others. There is also a list of core features that make it a simple but efficient IoT application for all size of application developers.