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EasyWorship is the most leading church management software that assists ministers in creating engaging and media-rich presentations for their activities. It has a comprehensive set of tools such as fonts, themes, and presentation slides, etc. There is also has a set of tools and features that provide more control graphics elements like text outlines, shadows, and more… read more
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10 EasyWorship Alternatives & Similar Software


1. ProPresenter

ProPresenter is a cross-platform (Mac and Windows) verse and media presentation bundle to make brilliant live preparations simple – including venerating social affairs, wearing occasions, meetings, or studio communicates.

ProPresenter administrators control presentations on one screen, while progressively showing to a crowd of people on one or increasingly extra yields. This implies there is no different “alter mode” or “presentation mode,” returns are constantly live, and altering of one presentation should be possible while another is being seen.


2. ZionWorx

ZionWorx is designed for churches but can be used by other groups as well. It is easy-to-use, professional, and powerful software that is developed to meet the requirements of churches that want to use multimedia worship. Use ZionWorx and professionally present songs, images, videos, Bible passages, and PowerPoint slideshows.

Create and distraction-free and amazing presentation and manage everything important to create a fantastic presentation. ZionWorx is a high caliber; moderate church presentation programming that does its occupation with simple.


3. Quelea

There are some great verses projection programming out there officially, some of which is the free and open-source, some of which is a business. With Quelea, you expect to fuse the best components of existing arrangements and additionally utilizing new, valuable innovations that current methods don’t have – giving everything under a free, open-source permit.

This utility backings various screens, and comes packaged with a few releases of the Bible and different pictures you can use in your presentations. It is additionally conceivable to transfer your own, remarkably long in a PNG, TIFF, JPG, GIF, or BMP document position.


4. Praisenter

Praisenter is a free church presentation programming bundle delivering fantastic Bible verse, tune, and custom slides with the picture, video, sound, translucency, and move support. Effectively bounce to sacred writings, spare them for later presentation or present them immediately.

You are taking after a speaker is comfortable with the past, current, and next holy writing reviews. Utilize the Bible pursuit highlight to discover the sacred text you are searching for and rapidly display it. Import interpretations from The Unbound Bible and show two presentations at the same time.


5. OpenSong

OpenSong is a Free program in Worship Services. This product is incredible for artists who are searching for a system that will help with harmonies, transposing, capo/non-capo documentation, and so on.

Likewise, love pioneers will locate some impressive additional components, for example, sacred writing coordination and planned circles for running declarations before administrations. The interface of OpenSong is plain and straightforward.


6. Datasoul

About sound records, there are numerous applications that you could use, keeping in mind the end goal to work with them. One of them is Datasoul. It’s a perfect programming arrangement that permits you to show verses and content archives in holy places administrations.

You can embed questions and load all kinds of documents inside the application, and it bolsters numerous showcase resolutions. You should arrange the application before utilizing it, empower stage yield, pick an area to store records, modify the clock organization, and that’s just the beginning.


7. EpicWorship

EpicWorship is a product application whose objective is to help you make presentations and venture them using various gadgets. The presentations can be utilized as a part of holy places and may incorporate quotes, films, and custom content.

The best part about it is that you don’t have to experience an established procedure. You can permanently open the executable document, keeping in mind the end goal to access the project’s GUI. EpicWorship offers you the likelihood to pick between a few preset melodies that can be added to your presentations.


8. Praise Base Presenter

PraiseBase-Presenter is a software technology to support worship occasions and times of worship in churches and communities. This program enables lyrics are displayed with a beamer on a screen in a simple manner. You can display only images themselves or, together with a few clicks, a slide show.

Find songs quickly with incremental search. If in the song search, only a result of this song is loaded directly. Once you press ENTER, the film containing the search text is displayed instantly. This is very convenient, especially for spontaneous sessions.


9. Proclaim

Proclaim is the best in the class church presentation software through which users can quickly format lyrics into beautiful slides, run the entire church service from the mobile device, make last-minute changes with ease and have changes synchronization across multiple devices.

It automatically formats the slides to make your presentation look great every time. It is easy to arrange song lyrics, announcement slides, and sermon notes from anywhere. Getting your volunteers up to speed on the best way to utilize Proclaim is simple.


10. OpenLP

OpenLP is an element rich open-source church presentation solution that doesn’t secure your membership recharges, gadget scenes, or even the performance PC! With this, you’re allowed to overhaul when the following discharge turns out; you’re allowed to wander the haven with our Android remote application, and you’re authorized to introduce the same number of duplicates of the application as you need on Windows, Linux, Mac or FreeBSD.

With this, you can experience the force of open source in your group with love presentation programming intended to fit how you need to run your department.

More About EasyWorship

EasyWorship is the most leading church management software that assists ministers in creating engaging and media-rich presentations for their activities. It has a comprehensive set of tools such as fonts, themes, and presentation slides, etc.

There is also has a set of tools and features that provide more control graphics elements like text outlines, shadows, and more. EasyWorship allows for last-minute changes as well with its quick editing tool to edit media right before the presentation. With the help of this platform, pastors and their staff can feel like pros when creating media.

The interface of the site is very user-friendly and easily navigable so users can reach the tools they need with only a few clicks. As compared to all the other similar platforms, EasyWorship is more powerful and offers tailored designs that allow ministries to easily create themes that are genuinely express their church’s unique personality.

Its theme designer offers templates for such for easy set-up and editing that gives way to increased productivity since creators can swiftly produce announcements and all the other media from their readymade library. EasyWorship also includes core features such as drag and drop function, quick editing, graphics tools, text editing tools, theme builder, data sharing, profiles managers and song lyrics, etc.

EasyWorship Reviews

Aidan Dick
written on May 31, 2020

I am a Pastor, and I use this platform because it is media-rich and provides so many interesting tools that I can use to present regarding every chapter of the Bible. For last-minute changes, this is the best tool, and you can find so many interesting elements attached to every single module that is easily preventable. The interface is very easy to use, and all the information is layer right on one big screen.

written on January 25, 2020

The best interface I have ever encountered. It provides you different categories of slide sharing and presentation. This software was made to serve the needs of the Reverend and church chores. Everything from the presentation to building up the community and keeping them intact is made in this platform. The interface is user-friendly, and the navigation is easy. It also allows the user to add plugins as per requirements, and if you want additional tools, you can request the platform, and it will provide you all the basic things which can be integrated over the internet directly to the platform.

written on January 23, 2020

When you hear the word worship note that this is the platform where you can find religion-related different topics and services. So my guess about this platform was right, and when I saw the interface, it was amazing, and all the services they provide were full of features. The managing feature is amazing at providing the managerial access to you. In exchanging the project made is suitable for presentation in seminars and other religious activities. I logged onto this website, but after reviewing the interface, I stepped back because my Reverend ask me to check if there are new versions available for the software.