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OpenSong is a Free program for use in Worship Services. OpenSong is free programming for overseeing harmonies and verses sheets, introducing verses utilizing a projector, and a great deal more! This product is incredible for artists who are searching for a system that will help with harmonies, transposing, capo/non-capo documentation, and so on… read more

10 OpenSong Alternatives & Similar Software


1. EasyWorship

EasyWorship is the most leading church management software that assists ministers in creating engaging and media-rich presentation for their sermons and all other activities. It has a comprehensive set of tools such as fonts, themes, and presentation slides, etc. There is also has a set of tools and features that provide more control graphics elements like text outlines, shadows and more. EasyWorship allows for last minute changes as well with its quick editing tool to edit media right before the presentation. With the help of this platform pastors and their staffs can feel like pros when creating media. The interface of the site is very user-friendly and easily navigable so users can reach the tools they need with only a few clicks. As compared to all the other similar platforms, EasyWorship is more powerful and offers tailored designs that allow ministries to easily create themes that are truly express their church’s unique personality. Its theme designer offers templates for such for easy set-up and editing that gives way to increased productivity since creators can swiftly produce announcements and all the other media from their readymade library. EasyWorship also includes core feature such as drag and drop function, quick editing, graphics tools, text editing tools, theme builder, data sharing, profiles managers and song lyrics, etc.


2. Praisenter

Praisenter is a free church presentation programming bundle delivering fantastic Bible verse, tune, and custom slides with the picture, video, sound, translucency and move support. Effectively bounce to sacred writings, spare them for later presentation or present them immediately. Taking after a speaker is comfortable with the past, current, and next holy writing reviews. Utilize the Bible pursuit highlight to discover the sacred text you are searching for and rapidly display it. Import interpretations from The Unbound Bible and show two interpretations at the same time. Look, alter, and make tunes with the simple to utilize interface. Review the whole melody on the double. Send tune parts using the snappy send catches or work (F1-F12) hotkeys. Alter melodies on the fly and see them in a flash. Line up melodies for some other time. Always remember to spare a song via programmed change recognition. No restrictions on the quantity of verses, tune, or other song parts. Praisenter is completely free. No special requirements no shrouded gotcha, no enrollment, and no spam email, only true blue free. Indeed, even the source code is offered for nothing. This permits you to add to improve Praisenter even.


3. OpenLP

OpenLP is an element rich open-source church presentation stage that doesn’t secure you to membership recharges, gadget scenes, or even the performance PC! With OpenLP, you’re allowed to overhaul when the following discharge turns out; you’re allowed to wander the haven with our Android remote application, and you’re authorized to introduce the same number of duplicates of the application as you need on Windows, Linux, Mac or FreeBSD. OpenLP ceaselessly endeavors to convey with greatness the specialized components of your congregation’s love administration. Experience the force of open source in your group with love presentation programming intended to fit how you need to run your department. Quick, adaptable and straightforward to utilize, you will have your administration up and running in no time flat. These elements and a mess more at a value that can’t be beat. OpenLP is an open-source presentation stage made for use in houses of worship enormous and little. Say farewell to the bother of membership expenses and gadget stages; this product offers a wide assortment of components that will enormously profit your love administration. Control your presentations from anyplace utilizing OpenLP’s first-of-its-kind remote framework. With an implicit web application, you can get to your administration from any system empowered gadget that has a program and a touch screen. Change slides, or even change what is right now exhibiting from your telephone. Scan for tunes, Bible verses, pictures and more without expecting to touch the PC. For those with Android or iOS gadgets, there is an Android and an iOS application accessible on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, to download for nothing. They have all the same elements as the web application, stuffed into a local application.


4. Quelea

There’s some great verses projection programming out there officially, some of which is the free and open source, some of which is a business. With Quelea you expect to fuse the best components of existing arrangements and additionally utilizing new, valuable innovations that current methods don’t have – giving everything under a free, open source permit. This utility backings various screens, and comes packaged with a few releases of the Bible and different pictures you can use in your presentations. It is additionally conceivable to transfer your own, remarkably long in a PNG, TIFF, JPG, GIF or BMP document position. Beside that, you ought to know it is conceivable to include sees and alter the as of now made ones and email a timetable with only a tick of the catch. From the settings board, you can without much of a stretch change the interface dialect, content arrangement, text style, foundation shading and verses shading, show tune data, and include another Bible utilizing an XML expansion. All in all, Quelea is a productive bit of programming for those intrigued by making intense presentations. The interface is very well disposed to all clients; the reaction time is high, and the PC’s execution is not going to be hampered at all.


5. ZionWorx

ZionWorx is basically designed for churches but can be used by other groups as well. It is easy-to-use, professional and powerful software that is developed to meet the requirements of churches that want to use multimedia worship. Use ZionWorx and professionally present songs, images, videos, Bible passages, and PowerPoint slideshows. Create and distraction-free and amazing presentation and manage everything that is important to create an amazing presentation. ZionWorx is high caliber; moderate church presentation programming that does its occupation with simple. Highlight rich yet amazingly simple-to-use, it offers to bother free video playback with incorporated video codecs, in addition to bolster for movement foundations and live video inputs. It gives a novel combination for moment access to prevalent Bible interpretations, and consistent joining with Microsoft PowerPoint. Fundamental preparing takes minutes, notwithstanding for non-specialized administrators! Easily present melodies, pictures, recordings, Bible sections and PowerPoint slideshows. Make a diversion free affair for your crowd with consistent cross-blurs between things. Oversee everything ‘in one box’ with programming that is agreeable to utilize. No more video cerebral pains. No more codec bad dreams. Each video design ‘just works’. Try different things with inconspicuous movement foundations behind melody words, blur from a running PowerPoint into a full HD video cut, and back again at the snap of a catch. Attach a camera and show live video with words on top. The savvy content design motor does all the diligent work for you. Conform the text dimension and watch message naturally word-wrap and “reflow” crosswise over slides with no manual exertion required. Appreciate the most astounding quality content rendering with smooth alpha-mixing and shadow/plot impacts.


6. Proclaim

Proclaim is a best in the class church presentation software through which users can quickly format lyrics into beautiful slides, run the entire church service from the mobile device, make last-minute changes with ease and have changes synchronization across multiple devices. It automatically formats the slides to make your presentation look great every time. It is easy to arrange song lyrics, announcement slides, and sermon notes from anywhere. Getting your volunteers up to speed on the best way to utilize Proclaim is simple. Many instructional recordings and more than a hundred bolster articles guarantee that your group gets the help they require. The Proclaim Video Training Center is intended to show you and your staff incrementally, so you can make certain your move to utilizing Proclaim is smooth. Record your sound and slides together, then distribute them in an expert video on while never using another application. You can trim and alter your recording, then include a spread picture, metadata, and a sound delegate byte. Watch your sermons on Faithlife TV, communicate them using Podcast, or install on your congregation site. Declare accompanies verses for a large number of the most well-known psalms worked in, and it recollects the verses to tunes you’ve as of now made slides for. Join your SongSelect record to create slides for contemporary melodies naturally. If you have a database of themes, Proclaim can import various arrangements. Verses are apparently paginated, measured, and organized to look impressive in many styles. You don’t require a projector to utilize Proclaim: you can load and control a presentation using the Proclaim Remote, and present it with Apple AirPlay on any AirPlay-prepared TV. If you want to use Google’s Chromecast, Proclaim can do that as well. This is incredible for littler venues, or notwithstanding to show a presentation in somebody’s front room.


7. Datasoul

With regards to sound records, there are numerous applications that you could use keeping in mind the end goal to work with them. One of them is Datasoul. It’s a perfect programming arrangement that permits you to show verses and content archives in holy places administrations. You can embed questions and load all kind of documents inside the application, and it bolsters numerous showcase resolutions. You should arrange the application before utilizing it, empower stage yield, pick an area to store records, modify the clock organization and that’s just the beginning. You can display all kind of files, including tunes, content archives, pictures, and videos. It accompanies a flexible layout framework to characterize how the things are designed. You can import melodies from different applications and modify the video foundation, both for video documents or live from the camera. It underpins any showcase determination, including widescreen and you can dispatch any outside record, for example, presentations made in different applications. You can send out presentations to PDF document and utilize remote showcase over the system. You can likewise embed Bible messages and oversee both verses and harmonies for your melody records. Harmony transposition and guitar tabs can also be balanced. All things considered, Datasoul is a perfect and helpful application for showing verses and content reports; it has heaps of devices for overseeing content.


8. EpicWorship

EpicWorship is a product application whose object is to help you make presentations and venture them using various gadgets. The presentations can be utilized as a part of holy places and may incorporate quotes, films, and custom content. The best part about it is that you don’t have to experience an establishment procedure. You can permanently open the executable document keeping in mind the end goal to access the project’s GUI. EpicWorship offers you the likelihood to pick between a few preset melodies that can be added to your presentations. What’s more, you may look for tunes, see the verses in the original board, alter verses information and recovery the progressions, and also view insights about the title and creator. Another presentation can be produced by basically giving a name. You can likewise keep a rundown with the things that are packaged inside a presentation. Besides, can include client characterized recordings and select the religious content from the implicit Bible. You may pick entries from the Old or New Testament, section, and additionally verses. Recordings can be played on a particular day of the week and at a custom time. EpicWorship gives you a chance to review the presentation, select an enlivened or static foundation, change the photo showed out of sight, clear the screen or make it dark, and also modify the content as far as shading and size. Things being what they are, EpicWorship coordinates a convenient suite of elements for helping you create religious presentations. On the drawback, the design can’t be depicted as profoundly natural, so it needs a few changes.


9. Praise Base Presenter

PraiseBase-Presenter is a software technology to support worship occasions and times of worship in churches and communities. This program enables lyrics are displayed e.g. with a beamer on a screen in a simple manner. All lyrics are backed by matching images. Also you can display only images themselves or together with a few clicks a slide show. Find songs quickly with incremental search. If in the song search only a result of this song is übrigbleit loaded directly. Once you then press ENTER, the film containing the search text is displayed directly. This is very convenient especially for spontaneous sessions. Using a set list can be a provisional expiry song already in advance specify. In addition, the songs used during a session of the course can be loaded quickly. Setlists can be saved as a file; this allows reuse a prepared list on another PC. Each film can be an individual background image can be assigned. About Picture Manager any wallpaper can be displayed and changed directly to the current lyrics during the presentation. With the built-song editor song texts can be quickly and easily added and edited. Furthermore, additional information such as the copyright or CCLI Number Register can be added as well. A comment function and markers contribute to quality assurance. For example, spelling mistakes or missing a translation may be given directly to then fix it later in the editor. Smooth transitions with adjustable time between films and edge and shadow for texts provide an appealing presentation.


10. ProPresenter

ProPresenter is a cross-stage (Mac and Windows) verse and media presentation bundle fabricated mainly to make brilliant live preparations simple – including venerate social affairs, wearing occasions, meetings, or studio communicates. ProPresenter administrators control presentations on one screen, while progressively showing to a crowd of people on one or increasingly extra yields. This implies there is no different “alter mode” or “presentation mode”, yields are constantly live, and altering of one presentation should be possible while another is being seen. Initially intended for places of love, ProPresenter is currently the decision for media presentations for exchange appears, corporate occasions, donning venues, and services everywhere throughout the world. In adaptation 6, ProPresenter increases much more apparatuses for different preparations and spotlights on unparalleled video presentation quality, more tightly online networking mix, and improved altering devices. Whatever the story you need to tell, ProPresenter 6 has the devices to help you let it know in the most captivating way imaginable. With a totally redid video motor that is similarly reasonable for driving presentations in a room of 100 individuals or 100,000, the quality and polished methodology of the yield is phenomenal.

More About OpenSong

OpenSong is a Free program for use in Worship Services. OpenSong is free programming for overseeing harmonies and verses sheets, introducing verses utilizing a projector, and a great deal more! This product is incredible for artists who are searching for a system that will help with harmonies, transposing, capo/non-capo documentation, and so on. Likewise, love pioneers will locate some impressive additional components, for example, sacred writing coordination and planned circles for running declarations before administrations. The interface of OpenSong is plain and straightforward. In this way, you can make another task sans preparation or select a specimen gave by the device. It is conceivable to compose titles, subtitles, names and notes, embed the same number of slides as you need, use moves, arrange organizers, and to import melodies and apply subjects. You can flip between song modes (to alter tunes) and set mode (to alter sets). More experienced clients are allowed to tinker with tune properties with regards to the key, time signature, rhythm, key line and customs documents to be utilized by outsider applications. OpenSong requires a moderate-to-high amount of CPU and framework memory, is extremely receptive to keystrokes and mouse occasions, and incorporates a careful record.

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