Happay Expense Management

Happay is a management software that provides automated business expense module that helps companies in tracking and improving the employee process and calculate the expenses for generating significant revenue for the business. It also works around various modules, then just sales, purchase, and reporting… read more

What are best Happay Expense Management Alternatives?

#1 Invoice Meister


Invoice Meister is an online billing and invoicing software, specially made for freelancers and small size businesses. It is a great solution, helps you to create quotes that can be effortlessly converted to online invoices, get paid more quickly, and manage expenses, etc.

With the help of this software, you can save a lot of time by automating your daily actions with automatic notifications and recurring invoices. The software is also known as an all-in-one accounting solution that you can use to add all your expenses and revenues, add your bank account, and organize your account correctly.


#2 InfoFlo Pay


InfoFlo Pay is a leading online invoicing solution that is fully optimized for desktop and mobile platforms, allows you to effortlessly perform invoicing-related functions and tasks, including creating and sending estimates and invoices to your clients. It is a quite simple but powerful solution that comes with all the significant tools and functions to deliver a complete solution in one platform.

InfoFlo Pay features an affordable and very user-friendly, cost-effective, highly reliable, and functional web-based invoicing solution that streamlines your invoicing process while providing access and transparency to your client. The system is specially designed to help you get paid faster, thus increasing your revenue and making it easy to manage and schedule your finance task.

#3 CaseFox


CaseFox is an Accounting and expense management software for accountants and professionals. It offers all the important tools that can make your work simpler such as document management and case notes, among others. It allows limited and tweaks access to data or role authorization.

It offers secured databases for your data, where all the data are processed once you add them to the system. With the help of this software, all the professionals and companies easily handle their routine timekeeping, invoice simple accounting and case management, etc.


#4 Spire


Spire is a leading business management software specially designed to cater to the needs of small and mid-size businesses. It incorporates accounting and inventory management capabilities and expense and creates on the latest technologies.

Spire feature a user-friendly interface and a rich database built on modern technology to drive efficiency, scalability, and flexibility. With the help of this platform, you can easily access previous and actionable data insights regarding your business operations from a unified system. It is a powerful and complete business management tool that comes with all the tools and features you need to run your own business and drive sales.

#5 SAP Concur


SAP Concur is a cloud-based travel and expense management solution that enables executives to manage all your travel expenses. It is a complete solution that allows finance executives to monitor costs and cash flows related to travel expenditures. SAP Concur is an alternative to Expensify and offers lots of new services and features that make it better than others.

Its invoice automates accounts payable processes by utilizing templates and predefined reports. The solution can also customer workflows and automate vendor payments. With the help of its intelligence feature, employees can create a customized dashboard that provides a summary of multiple reports and enable the finance manager to track all the travel expenses easily.


#6 Shoeboxed


Shoeboxed is a cloud-based expense management platform that captures information from physical documents and converts it to digital data. The platform specially designed for small businesses, freelancers, contract workers, and bookkeepers, etc.

It has a dedicated customer support team, and when the user encounters technical problems or has a query regarding a feature, a member of the support group promptly assists them and even gives them a live tutorial. Shoeboxed is more than just a receipt organizer that also serves as the business card manager.

#7 Certify


Certify is a travel and expense management platform that helps you to manage all travel-related expenses, generate reports, and get insights on their travel and expense to spend. It is a similar solution to Expensify but offers some advanced tools that make it more than just an expense management tool.

The solution also makes it easy for employees to document their expenses by scanning and storing receipts, find best deals on the car rentals and hostels via business reviews, create itinerates, etc. Certify is also known as a time-saving platform that enables employees to save time on recording, and to document their travel-related tasks, manage to spend in real-time, and ditch manual reports.

#8 Abacus


Abacus is a modern expense management solution for businesses and individuals that is light years ahead of conventional expense reporting processes. It is a great tool that simplifies and streamlines all-expense reporting-related workflows without compromising accuracy while offers more options to control and transparency.

With the help of this platform, you can easily submit your expense report in real-time within seconds. It is an alternative software to Expensify and offers all the vital services to manage all your expenses. The solution lets you submit your reports faster. Thus you get paid more quickly than ever.

#9 Expensify


Expensify is an all-in-one expense management software that manages your company expanse, transactions, money matters, real-time data, and reporting process. It is simple but powerful that comes with all the major functionalities and services that help you to manage the company’s overall expense.

It enables businesses to maintain summaries of different accounts along with with calendars so the transparency can be obtained, and different ratios such as debt-to-income ratios balanced at the right time. This powerful platform also offers tools to track your travel expenses based on the miles traveled or the amount of time spent on a particular project.

#10 Tallie


Tallie is a cloud-based expense management software for small and mid-size businesses. It is known as the industry-trusted expense report automation system that streamlines the entire expense management process from point to purchase to account and reimbursement.

The solution comes with all the advanced features and tools that make it easy and powerful. Its mobile receipt scan feature allows you to scans photographed receipt to automatically identify merchant date, amount, and all the other essential things. Tallie also enables employees to connect it with corporate bank accounts.

#11 Amadeus cytric Travel and Expense


Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense is a web-based self-booking tool for corporations that can integrate the elements of global travel programs such as travel policies, preferred suppliers, and negotiated rates through the one website.

It is a complete solution and comes with all the primary tools and services, including fully integrated travel, expense, and duty care that reduce manual entry, risk of errors or fraud. It also provides on-trip support to synchronization of data between cytric Travel, cytric Expense, and Amedeus Mobile Messenger.

#12 Happay


Happay is a cloud-based expense management software for small and midsized businesses. The platform provides all these businesses to fund and track business payments, control spending, and streamline expense reporting. It includes training in-person, documentation, webinars, and online.

The software provides various features like receipt and workflow management, time and expense tracking, reimbursement management, multi-currency, and approval process control. With the help of Happay’s Artificial intelligence-powered approval engine allows managers to control leakage and ensure compliance. It also helps the managers to track notifications and policy violations if made by any employee.

#13 Zoho Expense


Zoho Expense is another Zoho’s product that transforms expense reporting and monitoring and turns it into an enjoyable experience. It is an automated platform that automates your variety of expense management-related operations and helps you record your transactions in a snap.

All your receipts can also be converted into the expenses automatically and then grouped for you to generate reports whenever you need them. The great thing about this application is that it automatically capture credit card transactions and convert those into the expenses. No matter which type of device you are using, the platform can record a cost on the go and even submit complete reports on smartphones as it does on the traditional device.

#14 Webexpenses


Webexpenses is online software that enables the users’ businesses to automate their expenses online and provides travel and expense management services. It allows users to track their expenses and build claims in minutes through any device. The platform offers services such as airline discounts, missed travel recouping, and other booking management services for corporate travel.

It eliminates the paper-chase and manual data entry and offers accounts payable automation. The platform enables businesses to send and receive funds worldwide through its secure online transactions. It integrates with various accounting systems to streamline the control of the company’s budget and expenditure.

#15 Pleo


Pleo is a web-based company payment card and automated expense reporting solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers a powerful app for managing and tracking spending and native mobile applications for receipt capture. Pleo comes with an advanced way to simplify the payment system for businesses.

With the help of this, you can easily create virtual prepaid MasterCard for online purchases and another spending. It has all functions and features that allow you to set different spending limits for individual employees, with both monthly and total spending limits. You can also enable and disable cards with just a single click as well as view total spending in real-time through its simple dashboard.

More About Happay Expense Management

Happay is a management software that provides automated business expense module that helps companies in tracking and improving the employee process and calculate the expenses for generating significant revenue for the business. It also works around various modules, then just sales, purchase, and reporting.

It has a beautiful interface, and the reporting is done in real-time, which provides a quick analysis of every module’s performance and suggests different changes to improve business revenue and market lead. Happay also enables the organization to set up its expense policies within the system, and the automated feature of the platform will focus on the transactions and prevent leakage and fraud.

The decision-making system of the software allows you to manage cash flow and budget with excellent efficiency. The program works around business expenses, employee management, and account handling. The platform is only available for cloud-based module also give you app for Android and iOS devices.

The feature of the platform includes a 24/7 Live Customer Support training module before using the platform approval process control, receive management system spending. It also provides control workflow management, multi-currency option, reimbursement management system, time and expense tracking, and much more.

The interface of Happay is interactive and user-friendly and provides a navigational feature. The pricing of the platform is easy to afford but also give you a free demo to understand all the functions of the system.


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