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HeuX is a management solution for the two basic requirements of the teachers that are classroom management and lesson delivery. This school and classroom management platform is designed with those personalized tools that will encourage the teachers to provide the quality-based education to their students… read more
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17 HeuX Alternatives & Similar Software


NetSupport School

NetSupport School is a class management, monitoring, collaboration and orchestration software. It is one of the best monitoring software for those schools who are required to deal with the entire management system of the school simultaneously.


Edmodo is basically a learning management system that contains the features of monitoring and management as well. It is a multiplatform and multipurpose learning management system that connects the educators with students, parents and other staff of the institute.


ClassDojo is a classroom management and parent management software. It allows the schools to engage students and keep parents in the loop. It is the safest way for teachers to encourage students and share their information with parents.


iTALC is a powerful management tool for teachers and allows the teachers to view and control other computers in the network. The free version of iTALC is available for Linux and Windows operating systems up to Vista.


Kibbtz is the best way for teachers to manage their students. Kibbtz is for teachers, administrators, and students. Teachers use it to handle and manage their classrooms. Administrators use it for accessing data in real time.

Faronics Insight

Faronics Insight is a classroom management software for creating a better learning experience in the classrooms. Bring a multipurpose and multiplatform software, Faronics Insight is available for Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems.

Netop School

Netop School is a next generation classroom management solution that provides the eight basic functions for managing a class. These eight specific areas in which Netop School is an expert are shared your screen, launch application, customize classroom view, showcase student screen, supervise student work, remote control computers, black students screens and share files in class.


Integrated with the interactive features of collaboration and controlling, Mythware is the most advanced level of class management software that is providing those tools to the educational institutes that will assist them in getting effective teaching and learning environment in the system of school.


LanSchool is an application to introduce the technology in the classrooms and the schools. The purpose of creating the technological culture in the schools is to get the benefits of monitoring, collaboration and communication between the teacher and students and other staff of the school.


Nearpod is a class and school management platform for the teachers to engage the students with interactive learning material and assess the performance of the students anytime. It is basically a platform to create a virtual environment in the classroom.


Edsby is a cloud-based learning management, class management, and student management platform. This learning management system basically provides the system of enhancing the communication and collaboration between teachers, students, parents and school administrators.


Being the partner of Google for Education, Hapara is a learning management platform for improving the academic outcomes and developing the performance of the colleges and the careers of the students.


SchoolVue is a cross-platform school and classroom management platform to develop the monitoring, collaboration and instruction level in the school and classrooms. Being a software that is based on the modern age requirements of the school and education sectors, SchoolVue enabled the both teachers and students more time on delivering best lessons and more time to the students to grab these lessons more effectively and efficiently as well.

Impero Education Pro

Impero Education Pro is a multipurpose management software that is basically the pack of the various management platforms that also contains the system of class management as well. The advanced and high-tech classroom management software is basically the solution of the all those issues that the teachers have to face into their daily teaching.


TechnoSchools is a featured-rich school management and classroom management software to transform a traditional school with a technological school. It is a management solution for the entire problems of the school and the classrooms.


RenWeb is a school administration platform that contains the integrated solution for administration and the classroom. This eLearning and school management platform will assist the school administration to create an unparalleled school information management system with every information and works will be integrated with each other in order to get a seamless experience.


HDSchool is an easy to use and highly customizable school management application. HDSchool is the provider of the basic school management system that are regarding collecting dues for multiple courses, collecting partial fee, SMS interface, institute management, classroom management, course management and student management system.

More About HeuX

HeuX is a management solution for the two basic requirements of the teachers that are classroom management and lesson delivery. This school and classroom management platform is designed with those personalized tools that will encourage the teachers to provide the quality-based education to their students. This simple to use and the eLearning platform is a multiplatform platform as well that is available for even mobile operating systems as well. The teachers can upload the presentations and other educational data as well can access those web content that is already available in the HeuX and can simply share with their students as well. In that’s why they can ensure the effective delivery of the lessons and assignment in the classrooms. Converting of PowerPoint & PDF slides into whiteboard slides, uploading other reference materials and managing the lessons plans are the other three basic features of the HeuX. Each school and educator have different requirements. Based on the same system, HeuX contains the three basic versions that are HeuX Free Edition, HeuX Teacher Edition, and HeuX School Edition. All these tools provide different variety of features, however, two features are common in all version that are regarding collaboration and communication.

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