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Netop School is a next generation classroom management solution that provides the eight basic functions for managing a class. These eight specific areas in which Netop School is an expert are shared your screen, launch application, customize classroom view, showcase student screen, supervise student work, remote control computers, black students screens and share files in class… read more
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17 Netop School Alternatives & Similar Software


1. iTALC

iTALC is a powerful management tool for teachers and allows the teachers to view and control other computers in the network. The free version of iTALC is available for Linux and Windows operating systems up to Vista. The features of iTALC are remote control computers, show a demo or tutorial, lock workstations, send messages to students, powering & rebooting computers, remote logon & logoff, homeschooling, manage computer labs, and much more. It basically provides the two basic features in which first is the school management system and the other one is collaboration among the teachers and the students. This open source educational software is the house of those features and functions that can help the teachers in creating an ideal classroom. Despite the fact that it is offering almost those features that are being offered by the top level education and school management tools, iTALC is entirely free and its free license will never expire. Furthermore being an open source software, it provides the teachers with an opportunity to modify the iTALC according to the requirement of their own institute as well. After using this application, the messages regarding important announcements can be made to the both students and parents. There is also a system of taking the snapshot and sending to the parents about the activities of their child in the classroom.


2. NetSupport School

NetSupport School is a class management, monitoring, collaboration and orchestration software. It is one of the best monitoring software for those schools who are required to deal with the entire management system of the school simultaneously. Because of making the collaboration between the school of the system and those working for it, NetSupport School allows the teachers to control the students and the entire system of the school. The unique features and functions of NetSupport School are: manage school, collaborate, security maintenance, assessment, monitor internet, application, instant messenger, printer, USB/Cd device, and each and everything from staff to the administration system. The main benefit of using NetSupport School is that it will make the system of school more practical, everything will come to a centralized platform, it save the time of the teachers because they will be able to monitor everything from a single PC, collaboration, and safety from the external environment. From teacher to teacher collaboration and teacher to student collaboration, everything is possible in NetSupport School because it is designed to brilliantly perform the both function. The best above all, NetSupport School is a multiplatform school management program that can be control from almost every operating system from desktop PCs to smartphones.


3. SchoolVue

SchoolVue is a cross-platform school and classroom management platform to develop the monitoring, collaboration and instruction level in the school and classrooms. Being a software that is based on the modern age requirements of the school and education sectors, SchoolVue enabled the both teachers and students more time on delivering best lessons and more time to the students to grab these lessons more effectively and efficiently as well. This learning management platform basically provide the teacher a systemized and on-demand connection with their students through the usage of virtual technology. By using this platform, the teachers can eliminate all those external and unnecessary factors that make them inefficient and results in wastage of the time of the students as well. The administration of the school can also avail the benefits of SchoolVue as well in shape if managing all PCs of the teachers from a centralized platform of the SchoolVue and delivering them instructions or announcement in real-time. Based on the same system, the teachers can also monitor the performance of the students as well and can manage the entire classroom from their PC. The features of chatting and sending text messages to the parents are also the part of this eLearning management system.


4. Hapara

Being the partner of Google for Education, Hapara is a learning management platform for improving the academic outcomes and developing the performance of the colleges and the careers of the students. It is not a learning management system only, Hapara is a platform that even assists the teachers in developing the career of their students and making the life-ready as well. The features of Hapara divided into two main section that are about managing the system and managing the students. The main advantage of using Hapara is that it motivate students with more differentiated learning. It provides the administration with a highly flexible platform for teachers to efficiently create activities with learning system as per the interest and needs of the students. They can share the time of theirs and of the student by effectively developing the system of assignment sharing among teachers and students in real-time. If talk about organizing the students into study groups and tracking their activities then there is a proper system for that. After creating the virtual environment in both school and classroom, the administration of the school can improve the skills of the students by delivering them feedback at the right time. There is no system of individually managing anything as all of its features can be access from a centralized dashboard.


5. Impero Education Pro

Impero Education Pro is a multipurpose management software that is basically the pack of the various management platforms that also contains the system of class management as well. The advanced and high-tech classroom management software is basically the solution of the all those issues that the teachers have to face into their daily teaching. By using the Impero Education Pro, they will get the solution of all issues at a centralized platform of the Impero Education Pro and everything will be at fingertips. These features are basically regarding the tracking the performance of the students, delivering them lessons on time, managing their performance, viewing the entire network of the school and lot of other. All these features come with the motto of saving the money, saving the time, focus learning, reducing the carbon and staying safe all the time. Impero Education Pro is designed for the purpose of keeping the students safe in the online environment. The teachers can track the performance of the students at any time. The class management system of Impero Education Pro provide the schools and teachers those basic management tools that will help them in saving money & time and dramatically cut down on waste along with enhancing the efficiency of both students and the IT system of the school.


6. Edmodo

Edmodo is basically a learning management system that contains the features of monitoring and management as well. It is a multiplatform and multipurpose learning management system that connects the educators with students, parents and other staff of the institute. It is the safest and easiest way for making good collaboration in the school. Edmodo is available for desktop and mobile including iOS, Windows Phone and Android. By using Edmodo, teachers can create the best classroom, can discover and share valuable resources and can join global learning communities as well. It is a way to organize the entire learning environment of a school either it is about accessing assignments, grades, position of any student or making collaboration with other teachers and staff of the school. The system for taking the parents into connection make the environment of teaching and learning even more transparent as parents will be also able to view the real-time performance of the students instead of visiting the schools or making the calls to the teachers every time. In addition to providing a systemized learning management system, Edmodo also provides training to the teachers so that they could enhance their collaboration experience or even could get a more enhanced knowledge of any key area or subject.


7. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a classroom management and parent management software. It allows the schools to engage students and keep parents in the loop. It is the safest way for teachers to encourage students and share their information with parents. The core features of ClassDojo are participation, teamwork, perseverance, customization, see & share a beautiful timeline, instant messaging, photos, announcements, read receipts and much more. It is based on the principles of participation, perseverance, teamwork and those management functions that results in creating the best environment in any education institute. Among a lot of advantages, the main advantage of using ClassDojo is getting more time because everything will come into order after using the ClassDojo and that will result in the saving of time of the both teachers and parents. Then there is a proper system for engaging the parents in the current activities of the school. Right from the dashboard of the ClassDojo, instant messages can be sent to the parents regarding any new announcement or something else. What is going on in class can be shared with the parent sending the photos of the school. In addition to containing all these features, the other best thing about ClassDojo that sounds even more fascinating is that it is an entirely free software for every operating system.


8. Kibbtz

Kibbtz is the best way for teachers to manage their students. Kibbtz is for teachers, administrators, and students. Teachers use it to handle and manage their classrooms. Administrators use it for accessing data in real time. Students use it for motivating them. The new features of Kibbtz is that it allows the teachers to automatically alert parents of positive behavior via text message or email, log data on negative behavior including ability to add comments, etc. what makes Kibbtz special is that it is not a software that is designed for means of serving as a management system only. Rather it can also be used to bring out the real and hidden potential in the students by motivating them and ask them to do more and more. As it is a software that contains the solutions for three main pillars of the school – teacher, students, and administrator – all these can take equal benefit from the Kibbtz. By using this, the teacher will come into the position of maintaining effortlessly reports and sharing the same with the parents. They will be able to systemize the classroom environment. Students will be able to get their self more involved in the educational activities. And in last, the administration can get in details and real-time performance of the each student and can monitor the performance of teachers as well.


9. Faronics Insight

Faronics Insight is a classroom management software for creating a better learning experience in the classrooms. Bring a multipurpose and multiplatform software, Faronics Insight is available for Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems. By using Faronics Insight, teachers can manage students and classrooms across all the supported systems. The technical benefits and advantages of using Faronics Insight are: low network bandwidth, reliability, security, works with students and VLANS, low processor and memory requirements and unbeatable support policy. Moreover, Faronics Insight supports the six international languages as well including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese. It is the English version of Faronics Insight that comes with all features and there are few features and options in the other languages. Managing the entire IT system of a large-scale school or managing the classroom environment both are hectic tasks that require the careful planning. By using the Faronics Insight, both of these issues can be encountered easily because it is a highly advanced tech console that requires very few technical specialties of the staff. The teacher can get the benefit of Faronics Insight in the shape of creating an effective classroom environment because it allows the teachers to create an understandable learning experience. The IT professional can use it for supporting and managing multiple labs with ease.


10. Mythware

Integrated with the interactive features of collaboration and controlling, Mythware is the most advanced level of class management software that is providing those tools to the educational institutes that will assist them in getting effective teaching and learning environment in the system of school. Mythware is a recommended platform for those teachers who spend most of their time in manual teaching and after that, they are unable to deliver more to their students. By using the Mythware, these teachers will get a chance to systemize their time and work as Mythware will increase their speed for sharing files or distributing paper in the class. Serving the management as a platform for a multimedia interactive teaching environment in the school environment and then providing the teachers with a system of managing the classes, students and their activities even more effectively are the basic features of Mythware. This software also provides an enhanced and featured-rich system of communication and collaboration between teacher and student, teacher and teacher and even between the groups. This software is the pack of the broad range of effective teaching and learning features in which some support for wired & wireless network, high-speed screen broadcast facility, student demonstration system, net movie, interactive whiteboard, multiple voice interaction and dozens of others.


11. LanSchool

LanSchool is an application to introduce the technology in the classrooms and the schools. The purpose of creating the technological culture in the schools is to get the benefits of monitoring, collaboration and communication between the teacher and students and other staff of the school. By using this platform, the teachers can monitor the activities of the students in real-time. The seven main advantages of using LanSchool that are important to capture in the modern day learning environment are monitor students, remove distractions, teach more effectively, communication, assess student progress, easily access everything, and save the time. First of all, there is a system for monitoring the student. The teachers can even monitor the up to 3,000 students at a time and even the dual monitors is supported for this. Every information of this student will be available from summary to the full detailed view. There is the system of the blank screen as well that basically will help the students in focusing their attention on the front of the classroom. It is not a school and student management software only. It is a tool that even make the teachers able to keep their student focused on the tasks and enhance their skills and abilities. From students to the classroom and from teachers to administration, LanSchool is one of the best learning management system.


12. Nearpod

Nearpod is a class and school management platform for the teachers to engage the students with interactive learning material and assess the performance of the students anytime. It is basically a platform to create a virtual environment in the classroom. With the Nearpod, the teachers can effectively engage students with fun and interactive content, communicate and repose to the students instantly and track the students’ performance and comprehension in real-time. The working style of Nearpod is very simple that starts with first creating interactive presentations for the students by utilizing the interactive multimedia presentations tools of the Nearpod and present the same in front of students. The main advantage of using Nearpod is that it is a multipurpose application that can be used for two main purpose that are managing the classrooms and managing the students by proving them the best and effective virtual learning environment. It is a tool for engaging your students on any device by easily share synchronized lessons with the multiple formats of content and interactive activities and lessons. In last the teachers can instantly access student understanding by getting real-time comprehensive post session reports and the feedback. Nearpod is available in two version namely Nearpod School Edition and Nearpod District Edition.


13. Edsby

Edsby is a cloud-based learning management, class management, and student management platform. This learning management system basically provides the system of enhancing the communication and collaboration between teachers, students, parents and school administrators. In addition to simply managing a single school, there is also a proper system for managing the district school as well. This single stand-alone application provides the basic features of social classrooms, assessment & reporting, teacher tools, timetable & calendar, approvals & workflows, group collaboration, analytics engine, data store, universal integration platform, and permission & access and control. By learning these features, you will surely come to known about the real benefits of using the Edsby as you will be provided with all above mentioned benefits. In addition, to all these features and functions, the other best thing about Edsby is that it is a highly customizable platform that means use the Edsby according to your own policies and terms. As each educational institute has its own requirement that’s why there comes the need of a learning and school management application that makes its users able to set the Edsby according to their own assessment, calculation, local languages and sharing policies. The management can share the assessment and reports of the students with the parents as well to keep them up to date with the performance of their children.


14. HeuX

HeuX is a management solution for the two basic requirements of the teachers that are classroom management and lesson delivery. This school and classroom management platform is designed with those personalized tools that will encourage the teachers to provide the quality-based education to their students. This simple to use and the eLearning platform is a multiplatform platform as well that is available for even mobile operating systems as well. The teachers can upload the presentations and other educational data as well can access those web content that is already available in the HeuX and can simply share with their students as well. In that’s why they can ensure the effective delivery of the lessons and assignment in the classrooms. Converting of PowerPoint & PDF slides into whiteboard slides, uploading other reference materials and managing the lessons plans are the other three basic features of the HeuX. Each school and educator have different requirements. Based on the same system, HeuX contains the three basic versions that are HeuX Free Edition, HeuX Teacher Edition, and HeuX School Edition. All these tools provide different variety of features, however, two features are common in all version that are regarding collaboration and communication.


15. TechnoSchools

TechnoSchools is a featured-rich school management and classroom management software to transform a traditional school with a technological school. It is a management solution for the entire problems of the school and the classrooms. There are four basic modules of the TechnoSchools that are student module. Parents module, teachers modules and school administration module. Student module is basically to manage all activities and operations of the students and classroom at one go. This module is basically for allowing the students to get all details directly from the school by logging into their account at TechnoSchools. Then there is parents modules from where they can monitor the performance of their children instead of visiting the school each time. They are only required to log into their accounts and view the reports of their child and performance regarding other activities as well. They can even view the upcoming schedule of their child as well. Teachers modules that is entirely for the teachers enable the teachers to create the reports of the students and create the schedule for their students and reduce their workload to enhance performance the students. In last, there is a module for administration named admin module from where they can centrally take care of every school related task or activity with utmost care.


16. RenWeb

RenWeb is a school administration platform that contains the integrated solution for administration and the classroom. This eLearning and school management platform will assist the school administration to create an unparalleled school information management system with every information and works will be integrated with each other in order to get a seamless experience. The best about RenWeb is that it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime for both the students and parents as well in addition to the school administration that is the main controller of all these. Integrated with almost three hundred plus features and function to automate the system, RenWeb is a platform for getting the best technology based environment in the school where everything will be in order and will assist the entire key personals of the schools. The core features of RenWeb are admission management system, students & family group email capability, child care management, scheduling, student behavior management, human resources, student billing, reporting and lot of other features and functions that will make the entire system more compatible with the modern day requirement. From admission process to online enrollment, classroom management to school management, collaboration to communication and lot of other facilities are the part of the RenWeb.


17. HDSchool

HDSchool is an easy to use and highly customizable school management application. HDSchool is the provider of the basic school management system that are regarding collecting dues for multiple courses, collecting partial fee, SMS interface, institute management, classroom management, course management and student management system. It is also integrated with some financial management tools as well that are financial record management and purchase management. The institute management system is for managing the entire school, managing even multiple schools, managing academic/administrative and financial activities. The course management system of the HDSchool is for defining the course for the students, defining the classrooms along with sections, and assign subjects to different courses. The student management is for adding the detail of any student quickly, adding student pictures, adding the qualifications, parents details, and printing of the ID cards. In addition to all these functions, HDSchool has a comprehensive system of sending emails and SMSs to the parents about the performance of the students. It is a platform that even support the communication between school staff and parents as well. In short, HDSchool is an all in one management software that contains the basic solutions for the management of the entire school structure in a systemized way.

More About Netop School

Netop School is a next generation classroom management solution that provides the eight basic functions for managing a class. These eight specific areas in which Netop School is an expert are shared your screen, launch application, customize classroom view, showcase student screen, supervise student work, remote control computers, black students screens and share files in class. Netop School is the solution of the traditional class and school management tools as after using the Netop School, the educational staff will come into the position of managing everything smartly either it is about managing students, labs or other systems of the school. Either you want to a single classroom or want a centralize management solution for a chain of school, Netop School has the solution of both of your requirements. The main advantage of using Netop School are its features that make the teaching along with the integration of latest technology more engaging and genuine results producing. If you are looking for a system that provides you ultimate web control and class-wise remote login then here is the Netop School that contains the solution for both. By using this, you can even compile and deliver the quizzes and tests in and out of the classrooms. The demonstration, assessment and then annotation features that are exclusively for the student will make the learning even more effective and result-oriented.

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