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IBM Watson Analytics is a Data Visualization Software for discovering patterns and insights in your data. The solution guides you through the process of discovery and automates the predictive analysis and related cognitive processes which come afterwards. It offers natural language processing capability that allows you to interact with your data as you are having a conversation with it… read more
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26 IBM Watson Analytics Alternatives & Similar Software


1. StatCounter

StatCounter is a free web based invisible web tracker and web traffic monitoring platform that displays the number of new and returning visitors on your website in real-time. Embedding the script of StatCounter is very easy and creating an account with StatCounter is simple too. One of the biggest advantages of using for checking the hit counter is that it is a highly configurable web tracker that makes its users able to get the detailed web stats in real time. If you are looking for a highly professional stat counter to monitor the real-time activity of the visitors of your website then here is the StatCounter that will make you able to track each and every visitor along with its activities in real time. It is very easy to start working with StatCounter that requires only three step installation. First create an account and customize or chose invisible tracking and then simply paste the code into your website. Right after the installation of the code you will be able immediately to view the stats of every next visitor visiting your website. All site stat will be real time and there will be no delay at all.


2. Histats is a real time visitor’s stat telling platform that makes the website owners able to check the real-time traffic on their websites. The users of can even monitor the activities of their users by checking the duration on website, article view by the visitors, tag or keyword if any used by to approach a specific article on the website. is way to know about the behavior of the visitors and then create the content accordingly. support for both graphical, chart and text based reports system. In a chart and graph mode, the users of can check for the new visitors, total visitors and page visited in a day. In the same manner, they can also check for the number of visitors on any specific article by filtering through visit according to title and according to link. It also displays the number of visitors currently on your website and average stay on the website. It is very simple like 1, 2, and 3. Simply create an account with by providing the link of your website. You will be provided with a simple code that you are required to paste into the analytic section of your website and you will immediately start getting the information of visitor.


3. AFSAnalytics is said to be the advanced level of stat teller because of the features that it delivers to its users. Telling about the new visitors, total visitors and the number of pages visited is a common service being provided by the most of the web track and visitor tracking tools. But what make the special one is that it allows the users to get the location, IP address and even the system being used by the visitor. is not about telling the number of visitors and behavior of visitor only. It is about providing you each and every information of your user so that could plan and manage the content of the articles as per the requirements of the visitors. In that’s way, you can ensure the high traffic and permanent engagement of visitors at your website. Chart, graphs and text based reports all are supported by the AFS Analytics. You can also check for the sources from where the visitors are coming. This will make you able to plan even at the search engine levels as well. AFS Analytics also support for the visitors coming from social media channels. In short, you will be provided with all those resources that will make you able to track the performance of your visitors on your website.


4. Piwik

Piwik is a free and open source web analytics tool that provides detailed reports on your website regarding its visitors, search engine used, keywords used, page visited, files downloaded and many more. Apart from report system, its users can save notes and attach them to any previous date. Its multiple features such as transitions, goals, e-commerce, page overlay, row evolution and custom variables gives the users best way of organizing their marketing strategy. In addition to custom features, many customizable and directly features related to web traffic such as privacy options, scheduled reports, log importing, the API and the mobile app are also being provided by Piwik. The main advantage of using Piwik is that it is an entirely open source analytics platform that works beyond the simple analytic platform. It is an entirely free analytic platform that requires no cost at all at any stage. Piwik is designed for marketplaces, developers, hosting providers, and customer service based websites. In addition to default settings, Piwik is a highly customizable platform that support for the addition to third party applications as well to extend its functionalities. From individual level to commercial businesses, Piwik is designed for all.


5. Woopra

Woopra is a commercial real time customer analytics service for marketing. The tool is designed to assist organization optimize the customer behavior by providing data of individual website visitors and aggregate analytics reports of all visitors. Besides giving reports, it provides a comprehensive profile for every single user in 100% real time. Reporting like segmentation, funnels, retention and much more are the part of its features. You can integrate Woopra with multiple tools like pipedrive, WordPress, MySQL, HubSpot, Marketo, box, etc. In order to be smart in online world you required to be now about the intelligence of your visitors. Woopra will tell you to know about the preferences and all type of behaviour of your users. What make the Woopra special one is that it in addition to website, it can be used for tracking the visitors’ performance on apps and even emails as well. You will be able to get a pulse on every customer interaction by way of accessing customer profiles, real-time analytics and personalization. In the customer profile area you will get the data and track the activity of your visitors in real-time. Then there is analytics from where you can access the customizable analytics. Woopra is a highly personalized analytic platform that makes you able to automate data driven actions.


6. KISSmetrics

KISSmetrics is a customer intelligence and web analytics service, which connects all your data to real people. If you are using multiple devices and browsers then it will also connect all your data to a single person in KISSmetrics. You will check everything that visitor has done from the initial stage to the last. It will provide you accurate data of real people by which you will be able to optimize your marketing strategies at every step. Moreover, it provides multiple reports such as funnel reports, A/B test reports, revenue reports and cohort reports to web owner that have a great impact on the success of business. The three main advantages of KISSmetrics are track people, better segmentation & campaign results and retain the engaged visitors. The four basic features of KISSmetrics are analyze, engage, click to track and integrations. All these features then opened in the various other features and functions. A lot of marketing tools and articles are there to improve your marketing level. KISSmetrics is an entirely commercial service that is available against four premium plans. KISSmetrics is available in the four premium plans of KISSmetrics Starter, KISSmetrics Basic, KISSmetrics Pro and KISSmetrics Enterprise. These plans are available against per month price of $200, $700, $2000 and special order price respectively.


7. Clicky

Clicky is a web analytics tool, which provides the real time data of the visitors. Everything which you think necessary for web marketing will be surely available on this platform. Clicky allows you see individual visitor and every action they perform on your site, their usernames and email addresses. Heatmaps feature is a unique feature of the Clicky, which provides you the data of those visitors who completed a specific goal. Its on-site analytics widget allows you see how many visitors are on you site and how many on the page you are currently viewing. It also alerts you in case of your sites go offline, so you can take necessary steps immediately. From analytics to marketing, Clicky provides the all necessary tools to the users. Check out some stunning features of this real time web analytics platform that are everything in real-time, in-depth detail of all activities, detail of individual visitors and their actions, availability of Heatmaps, on-site analytic platform and uptime monitoring system. In addition to web analytic system, Clicky also delivers the powerful and flexible API for twitter analytics, Google search engine rankings, video analytics, bounce rate, HTTPS tracking and much more. Clicky will always delivers you the best possible tracking options.


8. Open Web Analytics

As it is mentioned in the Open Web Analytics word Open that is telling for a web analytic platform that is an entirely open source web analytic platforms. This platform is specialized in delivering those analytical tools that will make you able to track and analyze the activities of your visitors on your websites and even applications. Open Web Analytics is a multifunctional analytic tool that you can use to track and analyze the behavior of visitors. OWA is an open source web analytics, which means that anyone can install and run it on their host. Major new features that are integrated in its latest version are custom variables provides you to set the five custom properties of your customers regarding page views, sessions, clicks, action, events, etc. Segmentation, live view, result set filtering, lots more metric and dimension combinations, independent tracking modes, IP address exclusion, IP address anonymization and many more features will surely made your marketing as you have in mind. Open Web Analytics is the provider of default and customizable features. It is a simple yet powerful way to know about the behavior and intelligence level of your visitors in a more professional and simple way.


9. Mouseflow

Just like its name Mouseflow, it is a platform that makes the users able to track the mouse clicks and movements of the visitors on the website. Mouseflow is a web analytic platform that provides you the behavior of visitors towards your website. Everything performed by visitors like what they read, in which post they are interested, movement of mouse and many more are available on fingers. It is one of the best analytical tools that in addition that will make you able to increase sales and boost conversions. This simple web analytic tool gives you plenty of statistics and features and figure out how intuitive your site feels on the whole. Deloitte, The Weather Channel, LexisNexis, GreenPeace, sears,, INTUIT, etc. are the customer of this web analytic service. If you are looking for a professional level of analytic tool for your serious marketing projects then Mouseflow is best for that purpose that allows you to understand visitors, their behavior, and intelligence level and take appropriate action like never before. Heatmaps that are regarded as important element of analytical tools are the parts of Mouseflow. Mouseflow is a totally paid analytical platform. The three commercial plans by Mouseflow are Mouseflow Starter, Mouseflow Growth and Mouseflow Pro. These are available against per month prices of $24, $79 and $299 respectively.


10. AWStats

AWStats is an all in one analytic tool suitable for analyzing the performance of websites, mail, FTP servers, streaming media and various others visitors based channels. All these platforms make the AWStats a universal level of analytic channel that can be even used for other channels also in addition to websites. It is a free and open source analytical platform that is even used as a file analyzer and for advanced statistics purpose also. One used, AWStats will provide you all those information that your log contains within few web pages. It is expert in getting the information from all major servers including the Apache log files. Check out the main highlighted features and functions of AWStats that are number of unique visitors, total visitors in a day, visit duration, rush hours, normal hours, average, browser used, and a lot of others. In short, AWStats will make you able to get the each detail of the visitors visiting your website. Moreover, it support for all web browsers.


11. Ptengine

Ptengine is a web analytic and heat map tool for the webmaster and digital market managers to view how their website is doing on internet world. If you want a simple and easy to use web analytic platform that make you able to view the performance of your website in a user friendly display environment then Ptengine is among simple yet powerful web analytic platform. Ptengine is way to improve the performance of your website by examining the taste and behavior of visitors on your website. By using the Ptengine, you will be able to get the basic information about the visitors about page visit, clicked, time of entry and exist, tag or keyword used and a lot of others. The Heatmaps system of Ptengine will make you able to understand the intelligence level of visitors about what they do on the web pages. From stunning click to scroll, you can get the entire information by way of Heatmaps. Ptengine is available in four options that are Free, Lite, Startup and Growth. The free one is hundred percent free with limited feature. Per month prices of the remaining three are $7, $39, and $79 respectively. Features of premium version are same with limitation on quantity.


12. Plumb5

Plumb5 is a real-time end-to-end customer centric digital analytical & marketing automation utility system helping marketers to generate more leads using automated tools. It allows you to pin out intent based targeting and personalization by involving with web audience at high time. It is an inventive and a state of the art utility for today’s reach. Some main advantages of using Plumb5 are the helping tools that Plumb5 offers in shape of gathering data at centralized place, web analytic platform, scheduling of meeting, and much more in real time. Today thousands of webmasters and web owners are using Plumb5 because of the highly advanced services delivered by the Plumb5. Some main highlighted features and functions of Plumb5 are visitor analytics, personalization, content measurement, chat, mail campaigns, lead management, communities, social search, unified profiles and much more. The automation system of Plumb5 makes the users able to process the data, improve the results and reduce the time. Before going to the premium version of Plumb5, the users can go for fifteen day free trial to explore the features of the Plumb5 in advance.


13. Survicate

Survicate is a marketing SaaS tool that allows you find out your prospects pain points and requirements with onsite surveys. The service enables you understand what your visitors want and what’s preventing them from achieving it. Survicate uncovers friction points and objections at various levels of the buying process. Survicate is a highly advanced way to collect the feedback of your visitors in shape of monitoring their activities on your website. It is a way to discover more about their visitors by knowing what they do on your website. Discover here are the features of the Survicate that are survey invitation, message screen, targeting, reports analytics, reporting module, reporting API, email reports, CSV exports and much more. The integration system of Survicate makes it a universal level of web analytic tool. It is fully compatible with the Google Analytics, HubSpot, Intercom, Woopra and various other web analytic and reporting tools. Moreover, Survicate is a highly customizable web analytical platform that allows the users to configure the analytic part of the Survicate subject to the requirement of their websites.


14. A1WebStats

A1WebStats is a web analytic and lead identification platform that will enable you to check for the stat of visitors on your website. A1WebStats is website analytics utility giving information for each web visitor including company, which pages they looked at, and other such stuff. This service comes with link popularity tracking, online advertising tracking, page views, referral source tracking, reporting & statistics, activity by search engine, average time viewed, keyword tracking, and much more. A1WebStats is a lead identification platform for the large business and brands to check for the visitors’ behavior on their websites and against their digital media campaign. It is very easy to install the A1WebStats in the website and get the real time behavior of visitors on the website. If you want to know about which companies are visiting your website, or want to get more from the product website or want to assist the deciphering website visitors data then here is the A1WebStats that will help you in all these sections. If you want to test A1WebStats without paying anything then thirty days free trial period is available for the willing users. Moreover the paid plans of A1WebStats are also available whose price ranges from $70 to $150 per month.


15. Bizible

Bizible is a system that lets companies to efficiently track offline revenue back to the accurate online marketing source so that they can easily track and optimize marketing by ROI in Salesforce. Bizible includes features such as online advertising tracking, page views, referral source tracking, reporting & statistics, activity by search engine, conversion tracking, and much more. Bizible analytical tools are purely based on the behavior of the general visitors that’s why Bizible it make it possible and simple for its users to always get the real time information of the visitors in a comprehensive way. This platform actually unifies the visitors’ behavior and advertising data and allows the users to increase the chances of success of marketing investment. Search, advertising, content, social and offline are the some basic factors Bizible consists the solutions of which. Now doubt it is designed for the marketing and advertisement purpose but the content section of the Bizible allow the users to know about the visitors performance on PR, blog, website, referral and emails. These features collectively make the Bizible a multifunctional analytical platform.


16. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is an analytics solution that can be deployed for both web and mobile. It delivers reliable and accurate customer behaviour analytics for mobile applications. The solution takes a different approach to measuring and analyzing the action or step taken by people who enter your system or application. It was designed and developed to enable organization and companies, regardless of size, in order to monitor and effectively analyze user behaviour. Mixpanel has millions of users around the world who can use to analyse their commercial projects. The best thing about this platform is that it offers a simple and straightforward interface that allows you to drill in and discover how people behave within your application and give you a closer look at how they use it and provides insight on how to further improve your system. Mixpanel is also known as an event-centric platform where tracking does not mean recording and assessing page views and click. In order to make it better than others, it also includes core features such as push notification, customer engagement, auto track, annotations, visual coding, bookmark and much more. As like the others similar conversion and rate optimization solutions it also has multiple SMB and enterprise plans, each one has its own cost and core benefits.


17. App Annie

App Annie is a world’s leading platform that delivers the most trusted application data and actionable insights for your business to succeed in mobile through the only data platform support the entire app lifecycle. It combined with unparalleled service and support. App Annie is an excellent platform that helps you to create winning mobile strategies that are completely different them from competitors. It is also known as an engaging platform that drives user engagement, increases retention and effectively targets your audience by better understanding their interests and behaviour. As compared to all the others similar systems it also has set of tool that attract the more audience around the world. The most interesting thing about this solution is that it has a powerful dashboard where you can access it all features and add more functionalities without any limitations. App Annie includes core features such as unmatched data accuracy, global support, industry standard, different price plans and much more. If you are looking a trusted application data platform than try it out, it is specially made for you.


18. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a freemium web service, which provides statistic for website owners, who are using Google Adword, Google AdSense and Google Webmaster tools. With the help of this tool, web owner can access the data on their website regarding visitor location, time spent on site, page visited, monitoring system, browser used, Internet speed of visitor, etc. There is one limitation over using the Google Analytics and that is its availability for the Google AdSense and Adwords users only. That limitation make the Google Analytics a very limited analytic and visitors tracking platform. Google Analytics will make you able to get better insight of your website about how it is performing. You can get result across all of your websites, apps and even offline channels as well. It will make you able to get the behavior of your visitors in real time. Among a lot of features and advantages the major one of Google Analytics are that it will assist you in improving your engagement.


19. IBM Cognos

IBM Cognos is an all-in-one Business Intelligence software that enables them to quickly and confidently determine and make decisions on insight. It is provided by Cognos Analytics encourages business users to configure dashboards and reports on their own while providing IT with a proven and scalable platform that can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. With this analytic solution, users get formatted and interactive dashboards that claim highly scalable distribution and scheduling capabilities, as well as custom visualizations. IBM Cognos also comes with a wide selection of advanced analysis tools including what-if analysis, trend analysis, advanced analysis, and analytical reporting etc. Its self-service functionality enables users to interact with reports on mobile devices, or even they are offline. Just like all the other similar platforms it also has social networking tools that facilitate collaboration within teams and allow businesses to make the most out of the aggregate intelligence of their entire organization. IBM Cognos includes key features such as simple and intuitive interface, scheduling, easy upload, best automatic visualization, drag and drop functionality and much more. Try it out; it is an excellent choice for all kind of businesses.


20. Zoomdata

Zoomdata is a powerful business intelligence software solution that provides the quickest way to visualize and analyze complex, and streaming data. It delivers intuitive visual analytics in a simple, advanced, and distributed architecture, which streamlines the operation for the everyday user. Zoomdata’s patented technology leverages the processing power of advanced data sources in order to expedite data exploration for business processes and applications. The solution is built to be extended and embedded, thus can perfectly integrate with other applications. Zoomdata best thing is that its interface is designed with all the popular web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, and WebSockets which make it fully customizable. In addition, the solution can connect both cloud and on-premises data through APIs in order to enable businesses to have a 360-degree view of KPIs. Some of its key features include data sharpening, Data DVR, search data, self-service BI, big data exploration, real-time data visualization, and multi-source analysis etc. It also comes with a reliable multi-source analysis module that provides the powerful fusion tool enables users to blend and combine disparate data sources quickly without having to incorporate the data into a common data store.


21. Dundas

Dundas BI is a leader in business intelligence, chosen by both startups and commerce pioneers to estimate the relevance of their business operations. The solution consolidates different analytic tools inconsistent dashboards and uses open APIs in order to facilitate customization and adjustment to varying industry-sector data. Visualization and reporting are enriched with valuable charts and tables, while documents are saved in a comprehensive data which can be accessed on mobile devices. The power of this solution consists in the fact that it can respond to the needs of all business scales, which is once again confirmed by its pricing plans. It offers an advanced level of flexibility, meaning that it joins data from all possible systems under a single analytic system. The solution takes only a few seconds to extract, store, and convert their data, and the results are 100% reliable. Unlike other similar solutions, it also includes key features such as drag and drop tools, customizes dashboard, templates, notifications, reports, charts and maps etc. There are different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core advantages.


22. ClicData

ClicData is a Business Intelligence software designed for different types of businesses and industries of all sizes. It is equipped with intuitive, flexible, and dynamic functionalities that help users master the metrics and data of their business operations, performance, and team productivity. The solution also helps users accelerate their success through robust reports and actionable information. As compared to all the other similar platforms, it is quite fast and offers lots of new functionalities that make it better than others. ClicData enables users to integrate their data from different sources with the software, and the sources include Google Analytics, Salesforce, Oracle, Facebook, MySQL, Dropbox and lots of others. Once their data are connected with software, they will be able to manage and manipulate them in any way. In addition, they can also be able to create live dashboards in order to centralize their data and set up alerts to notify when their indicators go below or above a defined level. With this solution user can also collaborate on their data and business reports by adding comments to dashboards, sharing their dashboards with their co-workers, or publishing them in other web applications. Data management, data manipulation, interactive dashboard, data merge, multi data source and real-time analytics. These are a core feature of this solution.


23. Analyse-it

Analyse-it is a Data Analytic software that provides businesses with all the tools they need to carry out in-depth statistical analysis in MS Excel. The intuitive interface integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Excel and features an advanced visualization and statistical analysis tools. Analyse-it works well even for the not-so-technical users as the documentation is in easy to understand English. The tool uses Microsoft Excel to get the job done, it has no proprietary file formats, and all the data are kept in an Excel workbook that makes collaboration much easier. The solution feature task-based workflow which makes more sense to users who don’t have a sound technical background. Analyse-it is available in four different editions such as Standard Edition, Method Validation Edition, Quality Control and Enhancement Edition and the last one is Ultimate Edition. The user needs to pick the edition that works best according to their requirements budgets. Each edition has its own cost, functions and core benefits. The solution makes it easier to identify relationships between variables and visualize them with biplots and monopolists. Moreover, to continuous numeric data, it also supports categorical data with statistical procedures. Analyse-it includes key features such as T-test, item reliability, factor analysis, deeming, sigma matric and correlation etc.


24. Exago

Exago is an advanced self-service BI (business intelligence) solution loaded with all the major features such as ad-hoc reporting and analysis, data management and customizable dashboards etc. It is a robust solution that also comes with interactive data visualization that makes it easy to use even for non-technical business users. The best thing about this solution is that it is total web-based and provide users with absolute control over the entirety of the lifecycle of the reporting. It also offers complete functionality and not require downloads or any plug-ins to operate. With Exago BI, users can easily create and manage different kinds of reports with advanced functionalities. From charts to maps and crosstabs, it makes business intelligence processes accurate, easy and fast. For users who prefer to stick with conventional reports, this BI solution also provides a very familiar, Excel-like design grid that also has comes with all the modern functionality like the Formula Editor, Charts, Maps, and Conditional Formatting. This makes it simple to work with complicated tables with Exago’s Crosstab Wizard feature that enables users to create tables according to their preference. Express reports, standard reports, dashboard design, templates and mobile device support these are a key feature of the solution. Try it out, it best for all size of businesses.


25. Splunk

Splunk is a software that lets you search, monitor and analyze all your IT infrastructure data from a single location in real-time. It captures and correlates real-time data in the searchable repository from which it can create graphs, alerts, dashboards and visualizations. The main objective of this platform is to make machine data accessible across an organization by identifying data patterns, providing metrics and intelligence for business operations. Splunk comes with advanced tools; user interface lends itself to learning more about your organization from the logs you gather, through metric of trends of the logs being gathered. There are also specific modules and add-ons for popular application in order to provide more value and event-based monitoring. It is known as one of the best leading monitoring and analyzing solution that has millions of users around the world. Splunk includes core features such as real-time answers, connect to machine data, scale, AI, web-based GUI and customization etc. There are different SMB and enterprise plans; each one has its own core benefits and cost.


26. ArcSight

ArcSight is an all-in-one threat detection, analysis, and compliance management SIEM platform that dramatically reduces the time in order to mitigate cyber-security threats. The software designed with the needs of highly complicated, geographically dispersed and heterogeneous business and technology infrastructures in mind and deliver the industry’s only vendor-neutral solution for identification and prioritization as well network response to external security attacks, insider threats, and compliance breaches. It is an award-winning solution that intelligently collects and distills millions of business-wide events down to the most critical details necessary for organizations in order to make informed decision to protect their businesses. The best thing about this platform is that it offers a workflow automation system that automatically manages a range of tasks and activities that it better than others. ArcSight also offers core features such as powerful distributed real-time data correlation, community-driven security content, unified permission matrix, and investigate integration, etc.

More About IBM Watson Analytics

IBM Watson Analytics is a Data Visualization Software for discovering patterns and insights in your data. The solution guides you through the process of discovery and automates the predictive analysis and related cognitive processes which come afterwards. It offers natural language processing capability that allows you to interact with your data as you are having a conversation with it. As such, you can extract an answer from structured and unstructured information with ease. Unlike all the other data visualization software it also has a list of advanced tools that help you to manage your data and find the factor that affects your business. Rather than presenting data in the standard text format, the solution lets you arrange them in the more visually engaging manner. You can do it by employing any one of the pre-ready templates and customize it further for the structure of your report. This way, you can easily get your point across to your people through more interesting and digestible method. IBM Watson Analytics also has lots of interesting things that make it more interesting. Try it out.

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