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Just like its name Mouseflow, it is a platform that makes the users able to track the mouse clicks and movements of the visitors on the website. Mouseflow is a web analytic platform that provides you the behavior of visitors towards your website… read more
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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a freemium web service, which provides statistic for website owners, who are using Google Adword, Google AdSense and Google Webmaster tools. With the help of this tool, web owner can access the data on their website regarding visitor location, time spent on site, page visited, monitoring system, browser used, Internet speed of visitor, etc.


StatCounter is a free web based invisible web tracker and web traffic monitoring platform that displays the number of new and returning visitors on your website in real-time. Embedding the script of StatCounter is very easy and creating an account with StatCounter is simple too.

Histats is a real time visitor’s stat telling platform that makes the website owners able to check the real-time traffic on their websites. The users of can even monitor the activities of their users by checking the duration on website, article view by the visitors, tag or keyword if any used by to approach a specific article on the website.

AFSAnalytics is said to be the advanced level of stat teller because of the features that it delivers to its users. Telling about the new visitors, total visitors and the number of pages visited is a common service being provided by the most of the web track and visitor tracking tools.


Piwik is a free and open source web analytics tool that provides detailed reports on your website regarding its visitors, search engine used, keywords used, page visited, files downloaded and many more.


Woopra is a commercial real time customer analytics service for marketing. The tool is designed to assist organization optimize the customer behavior by providing data of individual website visitors and aggregate analytics reports of all visitors.


KISSmetrics is a customer intelligence and web analytics service, which connects all your data to real people. If you are using multiple devices and browsers then it will also connect all your data to a single person in KISSmetrics.


Clicky is a web analytics tool, which provides the real time data of the visitors. Everything which you think necessary for web marketing will be surely available on this platform. Clicky allows you see individual visitor and every action they perform on your site, their usernames and email addresses.

Open Web Analytics

As it is mentioned in the Open Web Analytics word Open that is telling for a web analytic platform that is an entirely open source web analytic platforms. This platform is specialized in delivering those analytical tools that will make you able to track and analyze the activities of your visitors on your websites and even applications.


AWStats is an all in one analytic tool suitable for analyzing the performance of websites, mail, FTP servers, streaming media and various others visitors based channels. All these platforms make the AWStats a universal level of analytic channel that can be even used for other channels also in addition to websites.


Ptengine is a web analytic and heat map tool for the webmaster and digital market managers to view how their website is doing on internet world. If you want a simple and easy to use web analytic platform that make you able to view the performance of your website in a user friendly display environment then Ptengine is among simple yet powerful web analytic platform.


Plumb5 is a real-time end-to-end customer centric digital analytical & marketing automation utility system helping marketers to generate more leads using automated tools. It allows you to pin out intent based targeting and personalization by involving with web audience at high time.


Survicate is a marketing SaaS tool that allows you find out your prospects pain points and requirements with onsite surveys. The service enables you understand what your visitors want and what’s preventing them from achieving it.


A1WebStats is a web analytic and lead identification platform that will enable you to check for the stat of visitors on your website. A1WebStats is website analytics utility giving information for each web visitor including company, which pages they looked at, and other such stuff.


Bizible is a system that lets companies to efficiently track offline revenue back to the accurate online marketing source so that they can easily track and optimize marketing by ROI in Salesforce.


Mixpanel is an analytics solution that can be deployed for both web and mobile. It delivers reliable and accurate customer behaviour analytics for mobile applications. The solution takes a different approach to measuring and analyzing the action or step taken by people who enter your system or application.

App Annie

App Annie is a world’s leading platform that delivers the most trusted application data and actionable insights for your business to succeed in mobile through the only data platform support the entire app lifecycle.


Exago is an advanced self-service BI (business intelligence) solution loaded with all the major features such as ad-hoc reporting and analysis, data management and customizable dashboards etc. It is a robust solution that also comes with interactive data visualization that makes it easy to use even for non-technical business users.


Analyse-it is a Data Analytic software that provides businesses with all the tools they need to carry out in-depth statistical analysis in MS Excel. The intuitive interface integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Excel and features an advanced visualization and statistical analysis tools.


ClicData is a Business Intelligence software designed for different types of businesses and industries of all sizes. It is equipped with intuitive, flexible, and dynamic functionalities that help users master the metrics and data of their business operations, performance, and team productivity.


Dundas BI is a leader in business intelligence, chosen by both startups and commerce pioneers to estimate the relevance of their business operations. The solution consolidates different analytic tools inconsistent dashboards and uses open APIs in order to facilitate customization and adjustment to varying industry-sector data.


Zoomdata is a powerful business intelligence software solution that provides the quickest way to visualize and analyze complex, and streaming data. It delivers intuitive visual analytics in a simple, advanced, and distributed architecture, which streamlines the operation for the everyday user.

IBM Cognos

IBM Cognos is an all-in-one Business Intelligence software that enables them to quickly and confidently determine and make decisions on insight. It is provided by Cognos Analytics encourages business users to configure dashboards and reports on their own while providing IT with a proven and scalable platform that can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

IBM Watson Analytics

IBM Watson Analytics is a Data Visualization Software for discovering patterns and insights in your data. The solution guides you through the process of discovery and automates the predictive analysis and related cognitive processes which come afterwards.


Splunk is a software that lets you search, monitor and analyze all your IT infrastructure data from a single location in real-time. It captures and correlates real-time data in the searchable repository from which it can create graphs, alerts, dashboards and visualizations.


ArcSight is an all-in-one threat detection, analysis, and compliance management SIEM platform that dramatically reduces the time in order to mitigate cyber-security threats. The software designed with the needs of highly complicated, geographically dispersed and heterogeneous business and technology infrastructures in mind and deliver the industry’s only vendor-neutral solution for identification and prioritization as well network response to external security attacks, insider threats, and compliance breaches.

More About Mouseflow

Just like its name Mouseflow, it is a platform that makes the users able to track the mouse clicks and movements of the visitors on the website. Mouseflow is a web analytic platform that provides you the behavior of visitors towards your website. Everything performed by visitors like what they read, in which post they are interested, movement of mouse and many more are available on fingers. It is one of the best analytical tools that in addition that will make you able to increase sales and boost conversions. This simple web analytic tool gives you plenty of statistics and features and figure out how intuitive your site feels on the whole. Deloitte, The Weather Channel, LexisNexis, GreenPeace, sears,, INTUIT, etc. are the customer of this web analytic service. If you are looking for a professional level of analytic tool for your serious marketing projects then Mouseflow is best for that purpose that allows you to understand visitors, their behavior, and intelligence level and take appropriate action like never before. Heatmaps that are regarded as important element of analytical tools are the parts of Mouseflow. Mouseflow is a totally paid analytical platform. The three commercial plans by Mouseflow are Mouseflow Starter, Mouseflow Growth and Mouseflow Pro. These are available against per month prices of $24, $79 and $299 respectively.

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