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Insta HMS is a solution used by single and multi-centre clinics, diagnostic laboratories and hospitals. It is a comprehensive hospital and clinic management solutions that aim to promote company reputation by providing advanced level wow patient experience through streamlining hospital and clinical operations and automating process flows and management of EMR… read more

15 Insta HMS Alternatives & Similar Software

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1. Reli Med EHR

Reli Med EHR is an all-in-one EHR (electronic health record) software designed for small to medium-size ambulatory care practices. It offers reliable, and user-friendly EHR solution that provides a level of automation and customization enable doctor, and their personnel deliver patient-focused healthcare solutions. The program is adaptable to the workflow of different ambulatory practices comprises of specialities such as family practice and urgent care etc. Being as a user-friendly, the software also offers a mobile system that facilitates communication among doctors and patients. Just like TheraNest and all the other similar platforms, it also has a patient portal and telemedicine feature. Through the patient portal, patients can easily access all the important information such as lab results and their own medical records. Furthermore, this cool feature enables patients to communicate with the personnel regarding their appointment and read information on their medications and illnesses. Reli Med EHR also includes lots of prominent features such as integrated scheduler, Rx requests, eLab interface, telemedicine, document management and encounter summary etc. Overall, Reli Med EHR is the best electronic health record solution as compared to the others.


2. iPatientCare EHR

iPatientCare EHR is an all-in-one health record management solution that offers seamless integrations with third-party practice management, revenue cycle management systems and laboratory information with the certification of Meaningful Use Stage 2 Ambulatory and Inpatient. The software is created using Microsoft .Net framework and has the capability to accommodate with more than 200 physicians. iPatientCare HER introduces a charge capturing feature that optimizes the Evaluation and Management aspect of practices. In this feature, new diagnoses and new CPT codes, are easily added for assessments. As compared to other similar EHR solutions it is quite simple and easy to use, and also offers a complete guide with a tutorial that makes easier. It also has a feature that allows a quick and hassle-free documentation of chief complaints, a complete history of the present illness, review of the system and social history. With the aid of panels, pop out to the right of the screen after a user create a selection, more details and information can be added in the documentation. The CC-HPI and PFSH lists can also be customized or personalized so that user can add new items an elements or search for a specific one. As a time-saving feature of this software, this manner of documentation allows physicians in order to spend more time with their patients and less with the charting. iPatientCare HER also has different price plan, and each plan has its own cost and benefits.


3. Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion is an online medical practice software that is hosted on secure servers and is offered for free. It is also known as an electronic health record solution that helps to centralize the connection of doctors and patients in order to ensure quality healthcare access. There is also a suite of integrated feature that includes patient schedule, charting and lab integration etc. It has helped medical facilities to deliver paperless service thereby streamline clinical workflows. Practice Fusion is an alternative to TheraNest and offers all the similar services with some new tools and feature. One of a fascinating aspect of this platform is that it is offered for free. It has no hidden clause or catches since this software is fully funded by discretely placed advertisements that are seen by all the users. Customer support is another major sell-off this software, when you sign up a dedicated support staff will be assigned to guide you through the setup, integration, training and other support queries. Appointment management, flexible billing, charting, EHR, document uploads, collecting billing information and user access control these area core features of the solution. Try it out. Practice Fusion is an advanced level web-based EHR solution for all sized of businesses.


4. ShareNote

ShareNote is a web-based electronic health record and data management software designed for behavioural healthcare organizations. It is an easy to use solution that has a robust document management system that simplifies the processes of healthcare organizations that are providing mental health, and substance abuse services. The solution introduces a universal note system that enables users to create any type of notes such as SOAP, PIE and GIRP. It also offers a centralized method of reviewing notes that make it better than others. Just like all the other similar platforms it also an automatic billing process system that enables users to bill insurance payers directly. In this system, the verification if insurance claims are made easy, users will be able to correct denials quickly. If there is a need to raise the percentage of paid claims, they can apply the increase fast using this system. ShareNote multi-location support makes management of multi-sites much easier. With this ability, the user will be able to access important client records information from the different locations of their practice using a single login. It also offers key features such as data management, staff management, billing codes, claims management, EHR-Certificate and unlimited note types etc. ShareNote is one of the best Medical Practice Management solutions as compared to the others.


5. Psyquel

Psyquel is a cloud-based mental health billing software and EHR that also come with an option to serve as a full-service billing company. This secure and easy to use mental health solution allow users to schedule and see patients without mastering any complicated financial software. With this user just need to mark an appointment as attended after seeing a patient using the point and click interface that gets things done with little effort. It also takes care of the rest by tracking remaining authorized sessions, checking for any errors, insurance payment collection and practice analysis etc. Users can also schedule non-clinical and group appointments from a central location as the software is web-based and accessible from anywhere around the world. In addition to the billing feature, the revenue management system keep businesses updated of things that can potentially affect the revenue stream. Its automatic alerts notify users to when managed care authorization are about to expire, while the denial list shows all the real-time details about denied claims that are being worked on the information required to progress. The list is unbilled appointments reminds users that are yet to billed and the real-time messages alert about appointments that have a schedule without any prior authorization or have cancelled. Psyquel is an alternative to TheraNest and offers all the similar services with some new tools. Try it out.


6. Amazing Charts

Amazing Charts is an all-in-one electronic healthcare (EHR) software designed by physicians. The software is utilized for independent medical practices and to make family physicians, internists and all the other medical and clinical specialists efficient as they run their practice. The software also allows doctors to document their patient encounters eliminating re-documentation quickly. Amazing Charts is an affordable and straightforward solution that allows users to do quick data entry of their patient information that covers charts, schedules, sigs and prescriptions etc. This web-based solution is accessible from any locations through the internet connection using PC or mobile phone devices. One of the best parts about Amazing Charts is that it provides features that allow physicians to run various reports that are important in their practice. With this feature, they cloud quickly search the database by querying into different criteria such as demography, medications, diagnoses and health risk factor etc. It is a comprehensive solution that comes with all the major services and features in order to deliver a complete experience in one platform. Try it out, it an excellent electronic health record system for all size of businesses.


7. bestPT

bestPT is a web-based Medical Practice Management software and EHR system designed for physical therapy clinics and practices of all sizes. It is an easy to use comprehensive solution that has the objective of helping physical therapy reduce costs and increase profits, enhance productivity and eliminate causes of mistakes. Just like all the other electronic health record solution it also offers patient scheduling, billing and documentation function that is integrated with the practice workflow feature. There is also a revenue cycle management system that assists users in tracking how they generate revenue for their practice. This includes the ability to monitor and manage patient no-show and unbilled appointments. In order to help users to manage their billing process and deal with the challenge confronting most physical therapy clinics and practice, the software provides them with the option to work with its expert billing team. This team provide personalized service and live support. bestPT also offers core features such as automated claims process, billing and invoicing, revenue cycle management, dynamically generated documents, task manager console and compatible with voice recognition etc. Try it out, it best for all size of businesses.


8. Aprima EHR

Aprima EHR is an all-in-one Medical Practice Management software designed that comes with lots of new tools, features and services. The software forms an integral part of the complete Apriam system that includes revenue cycle management and practice management solutions. The software has a fast, flexible design capable of adapting to physicians workflows in order to provide a more satisfying experience. Aprima EHR system epitomizes flexibility, ease and speed. It is designed to anticipate your needs and has the backing of the concierge-like customer support. It has vital features including patient management, document management and clinical analytics etc. The best part of this program is that it is fully integrated with advanced level practice management tools. Besides, it utilizes unique replication technology in order to enable access on the go, with or without internet connections. In addition, it also helps you to take advantage of your mobile and tablet devices to its mobile apps. Aprima EHR key features include patient engagement, mobility, clinical analytics, image management and much more. It has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core features.


9. OmniMD

OmniMD is an all-in-one Medial Practice Management and Electronic Health Record software that integrates medical documentation, practice, billing and patient engagement . It is an alternative to TheraNest and offers all the major services with some new features. The software has the capability to convert, index and retrieve clinical and business documents for backup and easy access. It offers a voice recognition feature that easily converts voice to text and allows users to transform unstructured data into structured information. In order to enhance all the clinical operations, delivery of patient care and financial performance, the software provides a business decisions support system. This system helps healthcare professionals benchmark data from their practice, workflows and transactions, provide those insights, analytics and feedback. With the help of this solution, the user will also be able to communicate with their patients quickly and send them appointment reminders automatically. Submission of claims, management of denials and access to the financial data can be down efficiently through its medical billing features. Specialist templates and workflow, practice management, patient portal, document indexing, HIPAA compliant and interoperability these are core features of the solution. Do try out, if you need an EHR solution.


10. ICANotes

ICANotes is a web-based solution for managing healthcare records for behavioural health practitioners. It is an advanced level EHR solution that works like a clinician and takes notes through it self-coding features; these notes consist of code generation response which can be used for recording mental health and other health statuses. ICANotes is best suitable to the mid-sized clinics as well as small and large health companies. The software is specially designed to handle the daily task of the healthcare and provide all the major services in order to deliver a complete solution in one platform. Documentation is an important part of the health practice and practitioner seems to spend more if their time is documenting the details regarding the patients. With the help of this software, they can no longer have to jot down everything and transcribe whatever the patient is saying. It introduces a self-coding feature that does it all in a matter of few minutes. ICANotes also has lots of features that make it stronger than others. Try it out.


11. Carbon Health

Carbon Health is a cloud-based care solution that combines EHR and Practice Management solutions. The solution implements a human-centric design and smart technology in order to provide primary care network with this is readily available and convenient. It has built its smart healthcare system around a team of competent medical experts to redefine the availability of comprehensive care. Carbon Health is simple and easy to use application that handles everything in between scheduling and billing. It provides a distinct integrated application that simplifies the connection between outpatient practices and patients. It’s also straightforward to access its team of medical professional online via the mobile app. It is a complete solution that comes with lots of new features and services to deliver a more realistic experience. The solution integrates with insurance providers, pharmacies, specialist and labs to provide complete care. Its integrated model allows patients to access the treatment plans, see labs results and access another detailed health record effortlessly through a unified app. Carbon Health also includes core features such as appointment scheduling, patient communication, charting, multi-provider practice, payment processing, chat and on-calling scheduling etc. Overall, Carbon Health is one of the best Electronic Health Record solutions as compared to the others.


12. TheraNest

TheraNest is a complete system that caters to the needs of business management for behavioural health professionals. It is an all-in-one solution for such healthcare practitioners allowing them to carry out their day to day task. Since it is a package solution that takes care of all the managerial aspects of your business. Therefore, you can more focus better on your work and let the software take control of the management side. The software has had some renowned customer from the healthcare industry that speaks highly of its credibility and efficiency. TheraNest is specially designed to manage the daily tasks of healthcare and contains all the tools and features to deliver a realistic experience. It has a fully featured calendar that is accessible from any desktop or mobile device. You can now track appointment cancellations and absent through this software and relieve yourself from a lot of unnecessary paperwork. In order to keep the financial aspect of your business well covered, it also has an invoicing feature that let you create and print invoice and bills easily. There is also an option for sending the invoice through Email. To give a complete insight into your business progress, it has an intuitive reporting and analytics feature that ensure that you can track the details regarding billing, notes and invoicing etc. There is also a list of core features that make it better than others. TheraNest is a commercial EHR solution and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and benefits.


13. BestoSys

BestoSys is a practice management solution specially designed for dentists and doctors. It is a paperless practice solution that helps doctors build a strong relationship with their patents, personalize their branding and grow their practice. In addition, the software also helps them save time by allowing them to manage their practices in various hospitals or clinics from a single dashboard. There are also functions as an electronic health record solution for dental specialists. It enables dentists to document and record the conditions and treatment of their patients through visual charting that make it better than others. Through its growth dashboard, doctors will able to view their patients that they need to schedule a follow-up with. Its dashboard also shows their prospects. All the transaction and procedures that might affect the growth of their practice can be viewed in the growth dashboard including pending payments from patients or delays in the submission of lab results. BestoSys includes core features such as visual dental charting, SMS sender ID, lab work management, online payment, multi-tasking and role-based access etc. Overall, BestoSys is one of the best dental practice management software as compared to the others.


14. XLDent

XLDent is a world’s most leading dental practice management software that provides clinics with automation tools which make administration processes less arduous. Through that dentists, hygienists and staff can easily delegate more of their time to take care of their patients. The software also helps clinics gain adequate ROI that make it better than others. XLDent allows practices to customize their workflow within the system that enables them to make specific arrangements for different units and create interdepartmental connects. This enable for the seamless exchange of information between multiple parts of the practice for efficient operations. Just like all the other similar software, it is also has a powerful dashboard where you can easily monitor their practice and manage patients. The best part about this application is that patient charts are easily viewable on any screen that lets dentists illustrate to their patient using their personal charts the state of their teeth and anything related to their detail health. XLDent Practice management software also comes with lots of key features such as customizable workflow, clinical charts, digital image integration, patient portal, doctor portal and credit card processing etc. If you are looking a comprehensive dental healthcare software solution, then try it out, it is specially made for you.


15. ClinicSource

ClinicSource is a Medical Practice Management solution that meets the requirements of practitioners and therapists to allow them to perform their businesses related tasks with ease. The solution has a set of tools and features that can bring more smoothing your day to day operations at your clinic. It practice management solution ensures that you focus on the more important and complex task such as your practice. Therefore it is intuitive and offers all the necessary features including documentation and billing etc. ClinicSource is a cloud-based solution and doesn’t require you to install any personal servers at your work site. With this solution, you can access all your important files and data from the cloud any time, and you want. Its documentation system enables you to track and keep all record of all your operations at the clinic. Depending on the type of therapy, there are flexible reporting templates, and you can easily customize each report according to your requirements in order to view the most needed elements in each of your patient’s report that help you to focus better on each of your patients as well. In order to make a complete practice management system, it introduces a scheduling module that allows you to create a booking an appointment schedule with just a single click. It makes sure that are no clashes and reduce chances that effect on your work. ClinicSource also includes core features such as practice management, scheduling, billing and invoicing, claim tracking, filters, user permission, drag and drop, templates and automatic reminders, etc. Try it out; it is a complete medical practice management solution.

More About Insta HMS

Insta HMS is a solution used by single and multi-centre clinics, diagnostic laboratories and hospitals. It is a comprehensive hospital and clinic management solutions that aim to promote company reputation by providing advanced level wow patient experience through streamlining hospital and clinical operations and automating process flows and management of EMR. It function covers patient consultation, radiology lab services, health insurance, inventory, alert messages and transportation etc. A noticeable feature of this solution is patient management that facilitates patient consultation by providing web-based visibility of patient diagnostics and medical records as well as the prescription and laboratory services recommended to patents. This automated feature allows consultants and doctors to see a list if the patient in the queue. From this queue, they can switch up a patient consultation page that consists of different sections, and within these sections, they can easily view the patient’s history and complaints including allergies. Insta HMS is an easy to use software that comes with all the major tools and services including outpatient and inpatient management, stores, alert and messaging system, barcode scanning and much more. It offers four different SMB and enterprise plans for users to choose from. Each plan has its own cost and benefits.