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Reli Med EHR

Reli Med EHR is an all-in-one EHR (electronic health record) software designed for small to medium-size ambulatory care practices. It offers reliable, and user-friendly EHR solution that provides a level of automation and customization enable doctor, and their personnel deliver patient-focused healthcare solutions… read more
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15 Reli Med EHR Alternatives & Similar Software


Insta HMS

Insta HMS is a solution used by single and multi-centre clinics, diagnostic laboratories and hospitals. It is a comprehensive hospital and clinic management solutions that aim to promote company reputation by providing advanced level wow patient experience through streamlining hospital and clinical operations and automating process flows and management of EMR.

iPatientCare EHR

iPatientCare EHR is an all-in-one health record management solution that offers seamless integrations with third-party practice management, revenue cycle management systems and laboratory information with the certification of Meaningful Use Stage 2 Ambulatory and Inpatient.

Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion is an online medical practice software that is hosted on secure servers and is offered for free. It is also known as an electronic health record solution that helps to centralize the connection of doctors and patients in order to ensure quality healthcare access.


ShareNote is a web-based electronic health record and data management software designed for behavioural healthcare organizations. It is an easy to use solution that has a robust document management system that simplifies the processes of healthcare organizations that are providing mental health, and substance abuse services.


Psyquel is a cloud-based mental health billing software and EHR that also come with an option to serve as a full-service billing company. This secure and easy to use mental health solution allow users to schedule and see patients without mastering any complicated financial software.

Amazing Charts

Amazing Charts is an all-in-one electronic healthcare (EHR) software designed by physicians. The software is utilized for independent medical practices and to make family physicians, internists and all the other medical and clinical specialists efficient as they run their practice.


bestPT is a web-based Medical Practice Management software and EHR system designed for physical therapy clinics and practices of all sizes. It is an easy to use comprehensive solution that has the objective of helping physical therapy reduce costs and increase profits, enhance productivity and eliminate causes of mistakes.

Aprima EHR

Aprima EHR is an all-in-one Medical Practice Management software designed that comes with lots of new tools, features and services. The software forms an integral part of the complete Apriam system that includes revenue cycle management and practice management solutions.


OmniMD is an all-in-one Medial Practice Management and Electronic Health Record software that integrates medical documentation, practice, billing and patient engagement . It is an alternative to TheraNest and offers all the major services with some new features.


ICANotes is a web-based solution for managing healthcare records for behavioural health practitioners. It is an advanced level EHR solution that works like a clinician and takes notes through it self-coding features;

Carbon Health

Carbon Health is a cloud-based care solution that combines EHR and Practice Management solutions. The solution implements a human-centric design and smart technology in order to provide primary care network with this is readily available and convenient.


TheraNest is a complete system that caters to the needs of business management for behavioural health professionals. It is an all-in-one solution for such healthcare practitioners allowing them to carry out their day to day task.


BestoSys is a practice management solution specially designed for dentists and doctors. It is a paperless practice solution that helps doctors build a strong relationship with their patents, personalize their branding and grow their practice.


XLDent is a world’s most leading dental practice management software that provides clinics with automation tools which make administration processes less arduous. Through that dentists, hygienists and staff can easily delegate more of their time to take care of their patients.


ClinicSource is a Medical Practice Management solution that meets the requirements of practitioners and therapists to allow them to perform their businesses related tasks with ease. The solution has a set of tools and features that can bring more smoothing your day to day operations at your clinic.

More About Reli Med EHR

Reli Med EHR is an all-in-one EHR (electronic health record) software designed for small to medium-size ambulatory care practices. It offers reliable, and user-friendly EHR solution that provides a level of automation and customization enable doctor, and their personnel deliver patient-focused healthcare solutions. The program is adaptable to the workflow of different ambulatory practices comprises of specialities such as family practice and urgent care etc. Being as a user-friendly, the software also offers a mobile system that facilitates communication among doctors and patients. Just like TheraNest and all the other similar platforms, it also has a patient portal and telemedicine feature. Through the patient portal, patients can easily access all the important information such as lab results and their own medical records. Furthermore, this cool feature enables patients to communicate with the personnel regarding their appointment and read information on their medications and illnesses. Reli Med EHR also includes lots of prominent features such as integrated scheduler, Rx requests, eLab interface, telemedicine, document management and encounter summary etc. Overall, Reli Med EHR is the best electronic health record solution as compared to the others.

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