INWX Alternatives

#1 Domain Typer


Domain Typer is a domain name search engine that allows you to find available domain names. With the Domain Typer, you can find your desired domain names for your brand or company. This tool also provides you with a name generator that you can use to generate random names of more than 1,700 top-level domain extensions like .com, .net, .org, etc. The page ranking tool is also embedded to help you get an idea of website ranking, performance, and traffic that is coming on that domain. Multiple numbers of backlinks can also be checked in Yahoo, Technorati, or Bing. Your searches are not saved and are secured by an SSL connection.


#2 Dynadot


Dynadot is a domain name registering and web hosting company that makes it easy for you to find and build a beautiful website for your company. With its world-class control panel and industry-beating prices, Dynadot helps you get the best out of your domain portfolio. Its API provides you with the tools to build and use your own software and servers to search for domains. Its intuitive tools are designed to make domain management effortless.

You can manage your domains the way you want, from bulk domain adjustments, folder organizational tools, and quick buying or selling processes to a flexible API, account security with two-factor authentication, to setting up the domain watch lists. Its aftermarket is filled with great domains with plenty of acquisition and selling opportunities for you. This includes backorder placements, expired domains, direct buying or selling through the marketplace, user auctions, and much more. You can even pay in monthly installments to register your dream domains.

#3 Nominate Domains


Nominate Domains provides you every bit of information about the website domains, whether it is expired, available for sale, or auction. It also helps companies to manage their domain portfolio ad protect their IP. With the advanced search engine, you can search desired domain for your brand or company to make a unique identity. It provides the best prices available on multiple hosting sites. You can apply search filters to narrow the list of domains.

This helps you save time by sorting out fewer domains. The domains can be sorted by alphabetical order, price, country code, availability, and names. The hosting package starts from $59 per month that includes 2GB space, unlimited subdomains, unmetered bandwidth, and 3 SQL databases. The business package has a maximum of 10 domains, 10GB space, and 10 SQL databases.


#4 NameStall


NameStall is a domain registration service that allows you to find your desired domain names for your brand and register them right away. It provides creative, catchy, and keyword-rich available domain names, so you don’t need to worry about finding the best among useless domains. With its refined and radical domain naming tools, you can get thousands of incredible names that you might not even have heard of. These domain tools are actually online naming applications that assist you in creating a list of all probable website names for you to select from.

A highlighting feature of NameStall is the domain name suggestion tool that is made for those who are too lazy to select a word group for website names. This helps you write your keyword and generate the domain name suggestions. This online domain suggestion tool suggests you names in five different categories, i.e., two words, three words, numbers, hyphens, brandable, and will check availability instantly. Other tools are brand name generator, rhyming domain generator, bulk domain search, Whois domain search, and advanced domain generator.

#5 Web Solutions


Web Solutions is a leading digital marketing agency that offers a full suite of services, including search engine optimization, website design, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing services, website hosting, branding, social media marketing, and social media marketing. It helps small businesses and large organizations to build their identity and expand their services to more people. The web hosting service helps you find the suitable domain for your brand and create it with WordPress builder.

You can build visually stunning websites that elevate your brand, engage visitors, and create conversions. Web Solutions’ website design execution highlights a beautiful and consistent look, intuitive layout, navigation, clear and effective communication, and a responsive environment. All in all, Web Solutions is a great platform for all your website building, management, and designing needs.

#6 Dot-o-mator


Dot-o-mator is a domain name generator that suggests a suitable domain name for your brand based on the keyword you enter. You have to write starting and ending names as a keyword, and it will combine them to give you a list of intuitive domain names. It also has a bunch of categories as a suggestion for your keywords like agile, bright, colorful, fun, games, online, popular, animal, development, computer, tech, and much more. Besides the available names, it also gives you a list of names that are taken. Additionally, you can enter the exact domain name to check its availability.

You can create a favorite list to add the names you like. Another notable feature is the Thesaurus tool that gives you even more possibilities for names. You can enter a word in the thesaurus field and click on Find Similar option to get a list of related words. An iOS app is also available to access all these features on the go. All in all, Dot-o-mator is a great tool for finding and generating your desired domain name.

#7 Domains33


Domains33 is a domain name search tool that allows you to find the most relevant website name for your brand with no effort. With its advanced search engine, you can search desired domain for your brand or company to make a unique identity. It provides the best prices available on multiple hosting sites. You can apply search filters to narrow the list of domains.

It provides unique domain names that are available as well as those which are already registered, so you don’t need to worry about finding the best among useless domains. With its advanced domain naming tools, you can get thousands of incredible names that you might not even have thought of. All in all, Domains33 is a great search engine for all your domain-finding needs.

#8 Bust A Name


Bust A Name is a web application that serves as a tool to let you decide the name of your website. This is a tool for those who are looking for an appropriate name for their website on specific keywords. This web app basically has two functions: Combining words and checking domains availability. A user just has to add words whose substitute he is looking for and the website. With the help of its analytics, it will combine the words entered with other appropriate words.

Unwanted words can be added to groups by performing the drag and drop function. You can enter the final word combinations to see if they are available. The results can be arranged in the order of alphabets, quality, length of syllables. Lastly, these finalized domains can be saved for review and be bought on noted domain providers such as GoDaddy, MyDomain, etc. Video tutorials, hosting search tool, ability to decide domain extensions, optional three-word combinations, prefix and suffix options, hyphens addition, nouns pluralization, and voval removal are some of its primary features.

#9 Bluehost

0 is a professional web hosting platform that is providing web hosting services across the globe. The best thing about it is its integration with the giant search engine Google. As of today, most of the searches are going through Google, and that’s why its integration with the Bluehost makes it easy and simple for the web owners and developers to maintain their domain from their Gmail account. It is currently the most powerful and professional web hosting cloud solution that is the ultimate solution for WordPress management.

Starting from the price of $3.95 per month, it provides free domain, free site builders, 1-click WordPress install, and 24 hours a day and seven days of a week service by the expert panel. From migration services to shared hosting and VPS hosting to dedicated hosting, it is the solution for all kinds of hosting. It is available in three plans, named Bluehost Basic, Bluehost Plus, and Bluehost Business Pro. The payment plans for these three are $3.95 per month, $6.95 per month, and $14.95 per month, respectively. It smartly covers website space that is considered the most important issue. Webspace option is according to the plan that ranges from 50 GB to unlimited.


0 is a web-based source for shared hosting and basic web hosting that is widely known for providing all kinds of web hosting solutions. The multiplatform and multifunctional web hosting services of Arvixe make it the most trusted and web hosting provider that let the users manage the all of their domains and sites from the dedicated servers of the Arvixe. In addition to suitable payment plans, the salient features of Arvixe are an availability of unlimited disk space, data transfer, and email accounts. Free domain is also the part of all of its plans. Moreover, easy control system, online store and free site builder make it easy for the customers of Arvixe to shape their websites according to their own wishes. The world of IT comes with high level of frauds as well and it is becoming hard to find the reliable and high-quality hosting services. Thanks to the Arvixe that is equally dealing in Windows and Linux web hosting. For both Linux and Windows web hosting, Arvixe has two plans that are Personal Class & Personal Class ASP and Personal Class APS & Personal Class ASP Pro. But what make the Arvixe special one is the availability of unlimited disk space, monthly data transfer, domain aliases, subdomains, FTP accounts, mailboxes, auto responders, email groups, email lists and dozens of other features and functions in its all plans.



Known for its reliability and super fast SSD hosting, A2Hosting is a high-performance solution for all kinds of hosting. Getting a reliable and professional hosting plan is little difficult and getting that plan that also results in the achievement of goals and aims is, even more, difficult. Most of the hosting services are not concerned about the low traffic of its customers. A2Hosting is among those webs hosting services that care about the low traffic as well and provides the users with all necessary tools to easily create and manage their websites of every type. If you are a newbie in the field of web hosting or a professional developer, A2Hosting will guide you in all ways. The high powered and easy-to-use A2Hosting is offering its services in shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated hosting. All of the hosting services being offered by the A2Hosting are white labeled and comes with tight privacy, security and full performance level. Then there are the dedicated, turbo and powerful servers of the A2Hosting that make it easy for the users to get their web pages loaded 20x faster as compared to the others. Moreover, A2Hosting highly integrates the other sites range namely WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Then there is the WHM control panel to provide you a complete grip and control over all kind of hosting accounts.

#12 HostGator

0 is a professional web hosting provider that is dealing in shared, VPS, reseller, and dedicated web hosting services. All web hosting plans of HostGator are set after keeping in view the requirements of the customers. At present, HostGator is offering three hosting plans that are HostGator Hatchling Plan, HostGator Baby Plan, and HostGator Business Plan. The features of these plans are almost same except the availability of domains that is single in the case of HostGator Hatchling Plan and unlimited in all other cases. The prices for these three plans are $4.86 per month, $6.96 per month and $10.43 per month respectively. The technical specifications that are the part of all these plans are availability for almost 4,500 free website templates, free website transfer/script transfer/MySQL transfer/domain transfer, free installation of up to 52 free scripts, unmetered bandwidth, flexible control panel, advanced cPanel control panel, password protected directories, support for almost all programming languages, highly personalized system management & programming modules, WebMail access, support for unlimited email accounts, application hosting and much more. Moreover, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Wiki and Magento hosting are also the part of HostGator application hosting. So, in that’s way, HostGator makes the process of registering, transferring and managing domains and hosting easy and simple.

#13 InMotion Hosting

0 is a simple and user-friendly web-hosting and VPN hosting service provider for all type of medium and small enterprises. Either you are looking for an individual hosting plan or a business hosting plan, you can avail both services at Inmotion Hosting. The account management dashboard lets the users manage all of their hosting settings from the advanced tactical services of the Inmotion Hosting. Web speed that is nowadays considered as the great factor is best resolved by the Inmotion Hosting via its blazing speed SSD hosting. Moreover, after getting hosting plan from the Inmotion Hosting, you will be guaranteed for the storage space, increasing bandwidth, setup by managed hosting, WP-CLI enabled servers, human powered & expert supports, cPanel for server management, installation of hundreds of application, and all those features that are crucial for maintaining a professional website. Inmotion Hosting is currently dealing in Business Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers and Reseller Hosting against payment plans of $4.89 per month, $29.99 per month, $119.99 per month and $13.99 per month respectively. Inmotion Hosting is a surely that kind of web hosting service that is an open source for all other programs, handling of all type of business, great customer service support, the providence of premium bandwidth, PCI compliant and much more.

#14 DreamHost

0 is a professional domain registrar and web hosting provider for all type of blogs, websites, and eCommerce websites. DreamHost is a dedicated platform for management of WordPress hosting, managed VPS hosting, dedicated servers and getting the perfect domain names. The utilization of high-tech servers that are capable in providing up to 64GB RAM and then ultra-fast SSD hosting lets the users get fully optimized sites and blogs. Comes with shared hosting, DreamHost provides a plenty of powers and controls over all its websites and blogs that include hosting of own websites either one site or dozen of sites, operating a WordPress blog with one click installer, easy-to-use tools for beginners, hosting of design portfolio, hosting of client websites, building an eCommerce site and dozens of other specifications that are the part of the DreamHost. Plans of DreamHost are little expensive and moreover additional features are also available against various prices. But what comes free with all plans includes unlimited domain hosting, unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth and storage space. Either you want to start a business with DreamHost as per monthly installment or on a yearly basis, DreamHost has the solution for all. DreamHost is a gate toward the world of all kind of web hosting where there are the solutions for low traffic and visitor’s engagement as well.


0 is a web hosting service provider that comes with a free trial system where the willing users are allowed to first explore the hosting and domains registration services of the Site5 and after getting fully satisfied move for dealing with Site5. Site5 is a solution for those who really need the serious tools for a well-crafted masterpiece in shape of a professional looking website. Available in three payment plans and categories, all plans of Site5 comes with a lot of free services and supports that are available for twenty-four hour of a day and seven days of a week at the users’ disposal. The three web hosting plans of Site5 are Site5 hostbasic, Site5 hostPro+Turbo and Site5 hostPro. The prices of these plans are $4.96 per month, $11.95 per month and $8.95 per month respectively. What the customer will get free with all plans includes the unlimited disk space & bandwidth, backups system, disaster recovery features, free migrations and support of the experts all the time. The plans of Site5 are suitable for managing 10,000 visitors to the 100,000 visitors. Site5 is the service provider of web hosting, reseller hosting, fully managed VPS, unmanaged VPS, cloud VPS, cloud web hosting and cloud reseller hosting. As already mentioned, all plans of Site5 come with various free and unlimited features.

#16 MDDHosting

0 is a professional web hosting service provider from where the users can get web hosting from the price of $4.46 per month. MDDHosting deals in shared hosting, premium hosting, reseller hosting, Virtual Private Servers, and dedicated servers. Other services being provided by the MDDHosting are domain registration, domain transfer, software licenses, SSL certificates and SpamExperts Spam Filtration. Starting with the economical price of $4.46 per month, MDDHosting provides the 15 GB of free disk space, availability of up to 700 GB space for the monthly domain transfer, and expert support for all the time. However, MDDHosting is the platform of various web hosting plans but it is more professional and fully featured in shared hosting. There are three shared hosting plans of MDDHosting that are Shared Hosting Basic, Shared Hosting Intermediate and Shared Hosting Advanced that are against prices of $6.38 per month, $9.78 per month and $13.18 per month. However, if a critical analysis of MDDHosting is taken into consideration then the prices and plans of MDDHosting are little suitable as compared to the others because of availability of low storage space up to 15 GB only, data transfer up to 750 GB only. However, Addon domains and MySQL databases are available without any limitation.

#17 StableHost

0 is a web hosting solution for getting affordable yet fully crafted web hosting plans. StableHost is providing shared hosting, enterprise hosting, reseller hosting and VPS hosting plans that are starting from the economical per month charges of $3.50. Before going for the payment plans, here is the list of those functions and services that will be available for free that includes website builder, website transfer, free R1Soft nightly backups, unlimited premium-level bandwidth, and unlimited RAID-10 disk storage space. Then there are the many other great features that include easy-to-use handling that is designed keeping in view the requirement of newbies, easy installation of web applications, easy maintenance of hosting account and graphical web statistics for getting detailed reports of visitors. So, that’s features make the StableHost a content management platform in addition to web hosting provider. Whatever you want to get; either it is web hosting, reseller hosting, professional spam filtering, SSL certificates, VPS hosting (VZ), new domain registration, and transfer of existing domains, you will get the best service in best affordable prices. StableHost web hosting plans are available in the category of unlimited starter, unlimited premium and unlimited professional. That means every hosting plan in StableHost starts with unlimited features.

#18 HostMonster

0 is a professional web hosting provider of all type of websites either these are regarding simple blogs, enterprise websites, eCommerce websites or any others. Starting with the price of $4.95 per month, HostMonster is offering free domain & site builders and free $100 Google AdWords and $100 free add credits of Bing Yahoo! Well, these are not the only factors that go in favor of HostMonster. What makes the HostMonster special one includes the availability of hundreds of open source web applications, add-ons, plugins, templates and themes that requires less than minutes to install and performs at full functional level. From individual to enterprise web hosting plans the enriched specifications of HostMonster includes unlimited disk storage space in all plans, unlimited domain hosting in all plans, enhanced drag n drop site builder, free domain name for one year, support for local and international domain names, support of multiple email accounts, web file manager and tons of others. Moreover, a lot of free websites scripts are also the part of HostMonster basic tools that make it easy for the users to craft the fully powerful and professional websites of their products, brands or services. The availability of CGI & databases, multimedia functions, high-tech back & recovery technologies, eCommerce features, and integration of third-party add-on make the HostMonster a best one web hosting platform.


0 is a professional web hosting platform that provides the willing users a website with a free domain at ultra-fast loading speed. Either it is the web hosting, VPS hosting or test drive cPanel, all services being offered by the JustHost comes with the free site building tools and free domain names. Then there are affordable prices that kick off from the per month charges of $2.95. Just join the JustHost and get the latest prevailing web hosting features that are regarding domain name registration, availability of themes and templates that are the part of site builder, integration of eCommerce shopping features, cPanel powered control panel, easy setup, root access, great server resources, various account management, domain manager, user-friendly interface, $100 bonus ad credits of Bing and free $100 bonus ad credit of Google AdWords. In addition to web hosting, JustHost also deals in the promotion of websites as well. The availability of almost one hundred open source and advanced applications, one-click installation of themes and templates and almost all those features and functions that are crucial for an industry level website are the part of the JustHost. JustHost Basic, JustHost Plus, and JustHost Pro are the three web hosting plans of JustHost that are available against affordable prices of $2.95, $4.95 and $9.95 per month respectively. The features and options in all three cases different from each other but there are dozens of free and unlimited features that are available in all plans.


0 is a web hosting platform for small business but it comes with various additional enterprise levels functions that let the small business to manage websites of professional levels. Available with the bonus features of Google webmaster tools, nextiva, Yahoo! Bing and Google AdWords, iPower is a web hosting solution for individuals and business persons. Providing simple web hosting services is not a big deal more. What makes the iPower special one are the availability of services regarding SSL certificates, MS Exchange, search marketing, web designing, add-ons and templates in addition to web hosting and blog hosting. Moreover, free domain names, hosting of unlimited websites in a single account and unlimited disk storage space are three free services that are the part of all hosting plans. Next it is up to users if they want to get more features then they are required to go for the most advanced plans of the iPower. Before going for any plan, the willing users can also opt for the 30 day trial period and after satisfying with the services of iPower, they can choose for unlimited and limited plans. The list of technical features includes basic common features in all plans, extended email features, advanced settings system, marketing & promotion schemes, powerful plug-in structures, industry-level technology, simple to template based site builder, graphical web statistics system, eCommerce features, hosting utilities, and various scripts and databases.


0 is a web hosting and domain registrar for individual and medium business users from where they can get the fully featured web hosting solutions of all type. Various unlimited, free and bonus features all the part of the every plan of the FatCow. What the users will get from the shop of FatCow includes a free domain name, unlimited bandwidth & storage space, a box full of site templates, unlimited mailboxes, ultra-fast loading speed and much more. WordPress hosting, VPS services, and dedicated servers are the three sections in which FatCow is the expert. Either you want to create a new website with FatCow or want to transfer existing domains with FatCow for hosting purpose, you are welcome for both purposes. Integrated with the powerful site management tools that are required to build an online presence, FatCow is corralled with the features of web hosting solutions, ultra-fast web hosting solutions, one click site building tools, availability of dynamic templates & themes, eCommerce tools for online store & selling, support for multiple email accounts, integration of search engine & marketing features, newly added cloud storage up to 1 GB and various other features that can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

#22 iPage

0 is a web hosting platform for getting unlimited web hosting against a free domain name registration. Building a website of any type by using the site building tools of iPage is very easy and simple. All you need to move for the iPage where you will get the fully loaded and enhanced disk storage space, best web hosting plans and multiple emails accounts management solutions. All those tools for which you are looking for in order to make a powerful online presence are the part of iPage. Either it is web hosting plans, disk storage space, great bandwidth, email accounts handling, site builders or support of the expert panels, iPage provides the perfect solutions of all hosting and domain name registration issues. Unlike other web hosting service providers, the services of iPage are subdivided into four basic packs that are security suite, design suite, marketing suite and support suite. Blog tools, online eCommerce store, template based site building, site analytics suite, malware protection, constant network scanning, and much more. All essential plans of iPage are available against same prices of $1.99 per month that are available against one-year to a three-year bracket, unlimited disk space, unlimited email address, MySQL databases, marketing credits, Google AdWords, free domain registration, free website security software and much more.


0 is a fully featured free and premium web hosting provider of quality hosting with best and complete protection system. Kloud51 brings the solid infrastructure at a lightning performance that lets the users control all of their website parts in a highly customized and personalized environment. The best about Kloud51 is its five plans that make it easy and simple for the users to go for anyone according to their own requirements. The five plans of Kloud51 are Kloud51 Free, Kloud51 Micro, Kloud51 Small, Kloud51 Medium, and Kloud51 Premium. These are available against prices of $0 for ever, $6 per year, $1 per month, $2 per month and $5 respectively. If talk about the Kloud51 Free plans then it is too extensible and integrated with the packs of 100 MB storage space, handling of 5GB of monthly traffic, domains & subdomains system, email accounts management, DDoS protection, RAID backup and SSH access. However, if the users want to get extra storage space, more monthly traffic space, more email accounts handling, and unlimited domains and subdomains then they have to go for the premium accounts of the Kloud51. Moreover, over 350 auto-installer scripts are the part of all payment plans. The VPS plans of Kloud51 are also affordable and pack with best specifications.

#24 ZomboHost

0 is an SSD and cPanel hosting services provider that provides the hosting services by utilizing the SSD-only dedicated servers. If you are looking for a platform for getting new domain names then you are at right platform and if you want to transfer existing website at ZomboHost for hosting purpose then you can speed up the website with the high-tech hosting solutions of the ZomboHost. ZomboHost only deals in shared hosting and domain names. But in addition to these, it contains the best solutions for WordPress Hosting, Drupal Hosting, Joomla Hosting, Magento Hosting, Prestashop Hosting, MyBB hosting, Redmine hosting and various other special plans. Integrated with the cutting edge technologies and containing the solutions for all hosting issues, ZomboHost is a reliable and secure web hosting service provider. ZomboHost is dealing in three hosting packages that are Get Started Hosting Package, Standard Hosting Package, and Pro Hosting Package that are available against prices of $2.75 per month, $5.75 per month and $9.75 per month. Among all of its features and functions, what makes the ZomboHost best one are the availability of 10GB SSD space, monthly bandwidth, 50 FTP accounts, SSD cPanel, and some other multiple PHP versions that are the part of all of its plans. However, to grab the most advanced hosting features, users have to go for the advanced packages.


0 is a brand new web hosting provider that provides the designers and developers web hosting at blazing speed. First of all, there is an independent control panel of NodeHost that is packed with the powers of API of VestaCP and deployed all those resources that provide the developers a great command over DNS, backups, MySQL, etc. Either it is managing new websites through NodeHost or adding other websites and then editing them, is also possible that can be done with two clicks only. Moreover, the simple backup solution of NodeHost make it easy for the users to easily backup their websites and save it by compressing it. They can, later on, restore all backups easily and simple. However, this feature is not the part of the free hosting plan of the NodeHost. Before going for plans, what the developers and designers will get from each plan includes; VPS like panel, PHP applications testing, Apache for processing, worldwide dedicated servers, host everything either it is simple site or a project, a brand new shared hosting system and the great power of SSD to get the best performance and instant access to files. The four hosting plans of NodeHost are NodeHost Free, NodeHost Normal, NodeHost Large and NodeHost Huge. If talk about prices, then the prices are nearly equal to the price of a candy.

#26 1and1

0 is a platform for getting flexible hosting and domains. is a platform for getting the perfect domains with private registration and free email address. The best about is its dealing in websites of all types that are suitable for professional web developers, build own successful business sites, a package for WordPress projects, the creation of all type of websites, powerful performance provider websites, eCommercing websites and much more. From hosting products to domain registration, cloud servers to dedicated servers, an online store to search engine marketing service, and mail to office products, provides almost unlimited hosting websites, web space and databases. Moreover, all plans of are highly customized that requires no technical skills. Every feature of has its own price that makes the critical and beneficial at the same time. Critical and headache in that sense that users have to keep the payment record of each and every feature and suitable in that sense that it is up to the users for which feature he wants to go. Web hosting services of are spread over simple web hosting, WordPress hosting, performance hosting, Windows hosting and Linux hosting. In addition to all, the prices of are economical and affordable too making it suitable for all type of all developers.


0 is a free site hosting service provider where there is no advertisement interruption. It is a platform where you can get your own customized website within five minutes, all with free web hosting plans in addition. It deploys the web hosting technologies of PHP, MySQL that make it easy for the users to get high-level performance. Although it offers web hosting services for free, it doesn’t mean that it provides limited features. Its free hosting system includes unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, instant activation, advanced servers, mailboxes, virus scanner, a graphical representation of data, a webmail system, easy installations of plugins & site applications, and much more.

In addition to free hosting, it also deals in cheap and paid-to-host as well, in which the users can get the cPanel control panel hosting with the dedicated fast servers. In a free hosting system, the developers will be available with the features and functions of Free SSH, site builder, MySQL databases, webmail, web-based file manager, folder index manager, FTP accounts, password protected directories, fix file ownership utilities, backup tools and much more according to the needs of the users.


0 is the professional registrar of web hosting services that provides the secure and economical web hosting. contains the web hosting features of 20x faster SSD hosting, free shared SSL, eCommerce tools, free web builder, unlimited bandwidth & space, and a free web builder. The powerful and economical shared hosting plans of are available in three plans namely Spark, Nitro and Dynamo that are against per month prices of $3.99, $5.99 and $7.99 respectively. If talk about the prices then these are really economical and affordable, however, the backup solution being offered by the is available against a price of $1 per month in addition to payment plans. Moreover, the free website transfer is limited to the three websites only in all plans. But the main advantages of are that some of its features are for all plans that include the auto-installed WordPress, SSH access, and auto-installed eCommerce cart. Then there is a special hub power unit in that assists the users in case of dynamic sites, streaming media, high email traffic, eCommerce sites management, high rate data transfer, simultaneous connections, best processing time, dynamic resource allocation, etc.


0 is an affordable web hosting service provider that deals in the providence of robust web hosting features. It offers a rail of VPS hosting, shared hosting, and dedicated packs that are designed to meet the demands of all of its users. The hosting and other products offered here include unlimited hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, Windows VPS, web apps, VPS service, and Minecraft servers. Its five plans are Shared, Business, Reseller, Budget VPS, and Dedicated. These are available on a monthly payment of $4, $5, $25, $7.50, and $99, respectively.

All of its plans are designed to keep in view the requirements of the individual users and business users. For example, a shared hosting plan is for individuals, a business hosting plan is for the professional enterprise, and reseller hosting for managing cPanel accounts. Then, the VPS products provide power and control to the users by deploying the KVM visualization, SSD drives for fastest performance, Linux VPS, and operating remote Windows apps. The reliability and speed of offer the developers inexpensive web hosting features that are equipped with the best technologies.


0 is a free hosting platform that provides the hosting for business and professional levels websites. Only three steps are required to get the free and unlimited hosting from the The willing users are only required to create a simple account with Hostt and then either create a new domain with the Hostt or transfer their existing one and after publishing the website with Hostt they will be provided with the unlimited hosting functions and features. Hostt largely deals in the web hosting of WordPress hosting, Joomla hosting and VPS hosting. For a website hosting provider, it is very important that it must provide the zero downtime and same is in the case of Hostt as after utilizing the hosting services of the Hostt, the website will always remain up to 99.99% uptime. Moreover, free daily backups system and auto updated are also the part of its basic functions. Hostt only utilized the dedicated servers of the leading servers’ service providers. Today, WordPress is holding the most of the share of websites that’s why Hostt has a special solution for the WordPress sites in the shape of a WordPress site builder that is packed with the one thousand free templates. One click installation system in case of all apps and add-ons make the Hostt the best choice for a hosting plan.


0 is a web hosting and WordPress hosting service provider that offers the hosting to its customers at the rocketing speed. Starting from the monthly price of 3.96, GreenGeeks provides the unlimited storage space, email accounts management, transfer and free marketing with its all plans. The other hosting options being offered by the GreenGeeks includes reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. Reseller hosting is for those who wants to maintain various accounts with GreenGeeks as they will be provided with cPanel hosting accounts in this category. Then there is dedicated hosting system for those advanced level users who want to get a full control by utilizing the server for high performance and flexibilities. If talk about the prices then these are little high like $169 per month in the case of dedicated hosting. This price is for entry server and the per month charges of pro dedicated server is $439 that can be afforded by only business level websites only. For whatever plan you want to go for, IP address support and data transfer rate will remain same that is 5 IP addresses and 10,000 GB transfer in all its four dedicated server case. However, providing full command and control to the users is the main advantage that goes in favor of the

#32 Pagely

0 is the web hosting provider of enterprise level in a scalable hosting environment entirely suitable for individuals and enterprises. The best about Pagely is that all of its plans are according to the need of the users and they can go for that hosting plan that is in line with their budget and requirement. The integration of Amazon Cloud makes the Pagely, even more, scalable hosting provider. For a developer, page loading always remains the serious concern; however, this has been beautiful tackle by the Pagely. The high degree of security and then the addition of faster speed of page loading time make the Pagely a hosting service that entirely goes in favor or SEO benefits. Moreover, the hosting services of Pagely are limited to WordPress hosting service only but it is doing well for that. The management plans of Pagely are many a time higher than other hosting services. It’s simple business plans cost the users in $64 per month that goes to $1,799 per month in the case of VPS-4 hosting and above that there are custom hosting and custom prices. The hosting services of Pagely are suitable for the large enterprises because of highest prices and advanced level of characteristics.

#33 Namecheap

0 is a service provider of economical domains names and hosting plans. Freedom of speech, privacy and protection are the specification of Namecheap that provides the users a full command and control over all of their work. Start with choosing a unique domain name for your purpose and then get the secure and high-level hosting performance on a cheap rate as well. Namecheap provides the new domains and also deals in transferring of existing domains with Namecheap as well. All those tools and applications that are considered as a backbone for crafting a professional website are the part of the database of Namecheap. Managing individual and business websites with Namecheap is too easy and simple in addition to economical. Get into action today and enjoy the reliable shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers and private email hosting services of Namecheap that are available at very cheap rates; hard to found on other places. The affiliate programs are so suitable for the resellers that they can sell the websites according to their own policies. They can earn more with the best marketing options for reseller hosting. When it comes to websites for business, then you will be guaranteed with a high level of business where there will be a protection of your brand and product through the solid structure tools of the Namecheap.


0 is one of the largest domain registration company in the world whose registration services are being enjoyed by its 11 million registered users across the globe. eNom is a platform from where the users can get either new domains or can transfer their existing domains with the eNom. The best about eNom is that it is offering classic and modern domain names that ranges from .ngo, .ong, .rocks, .ninja, .attorney, .consulting, .dentist, .engineer, .studio, .news, .video, .live and many others. In that’s way, eNom make it easy for the users to select the domain according to their own profession and interest. Moreover, in addition to providing the domain registration and transferring services, eNom provides some additional features that are considered as the backbone for the development of a professional business environment in the online world. These features are professional email setup to create memorable email addresses, SSL certificates for protecting the business from online threats and a personalized website builder for creating a highly customized website. Creating a website for the desktop operating systems in very easy, but, what matter most is the development of a mobile based website. eNom is professional in this case as well as the mobile site creation system of eNom lets the users to even create those websites that can be easily displayed from any mobile operating systems.


0 is a domain service provider that lets the new users launch their website with the domain services of the In addition to providing the domain registration services, deals in various other services regarding SEO and online marketing that make it easy for its users to get a throughout help for making an impactful presence in the online world. It is up to the users either they want to get the custom web sites or want to get a fully maintained website, has the solution for both cases. At present, almost eight million website owners are using the services of regarding transferring of their existing domains with the Network Solutions, Website Forwarding, Private Domain Name Registration, Domain Expiration Protection and availability of Premium Domain Names. is a domain registrar that offers the variety of domain names according to the demand of its users. A perfect name contains a rocking position in the online world and same is the passion being followed by the is offering domain names from old to modern level according to the profession, qualification, and passion of the users. Support for mobile based websites is also the part of its domain registration services.


0 is one of the best leading domain provider and registration company that provides the solution from the start of getting a domain to making a strong presence in the online world at the end. provides the new gTLDs and domain names across the globe. Almost four hundred domain extensions are the part of the that extends the choice for the domain seeker to get the perfect domain name. Getting a domain name is no more difficult task but getting the domain name with the real meaning is a matter that needs serious consideration. Uniregistry is an application that provides the users with tons of extensions that are available even according to the recent trend as well. You can get the domain name extension according to vehicle, food, profession, qualification and much more. In that’s way, the users can express their self better in the best way. Uniregistry has the process of domain name transfer as well that lets the users to easily transfer their existing domain names with the Uniregistry. Most of the domain registrar never cared about the expiring tracker, however, this is wrong in case of Uniregistry as it has highly personalized expiring tracker that make it easy for the users to track and monitor the all of their domain names and check their registration date, expiration date, current registrar, transfer and other linked issues.


0 is an all-in-one service provider for getting the new domains and transferring existing ones. It deals in all the services like registering a new domain, premium domains, transferring domains here, private domain registration, website forwarding, bulk domain registration, and domain expiration protection. Moreover, it is a platform to get the eCommerce website along with design as well. Creating new domains using this platform and then managing them is simple and easy.

Domain Name Privacy is a new feature that protects domain names against external threats and hacking. Hundreds of domain extensions make it easy for users to purchase the best domain name according to the business. The best above all is that it has a highly customized DIY website builder that is integrated with the functionalities of designing, editing, updating, and publishing within minutes. There is one limitation in getting the domain name from, and that is no protection system by the company, and users have to arrange a third party to protect their website.


0 is an internet service provider that is accredited with the functionalities of providing domain name registration service across the globe. For those who are looking for website builder in addition to getting the domain name can utilize the services of for getting the features in both. is domain registration company that is best known for intelligently dealing domain registration, domain renewals, and domain transfers. Well, what make the different from others is the availability of domain names according to profession and country code. doesn’t deal in selling domains only as those who want to sell their domain name can also consult with to sell their domain name. The registration of the new domain, the renewal of existing domain and transferring of the domain is very economical. The general website in .com extension is available in the price of $10.99, and renewal and transfer rate are also the same in the same extension. The best about is that it provides the privacy in case of all its domain registration, renewal and transfer. However, .top, .in, .global, .cn, .ca, .website, .uk, Chinese website, .biz, .eu and some other extensions against whom there is no privacy system so users are required to take this factors into consideration before going for dealing with the


0 is a platform for providing the domain registration and domain email services. According to Internet Corporation for Assigned Names, Hover is currently the third largest domain registrar across the globe that is providing hundreds of extensions according to the choice of the users. Hover is a way for finding the perfect domain name for implementing the big idea. The best about Hover is that it provides the professional website building tools, portfolio tools and personal homepage to the users along with their favorite services for a better creation of the professional websites. The users are only required to select a domain name according to their favorite extension and then after that they will be provided with all basic tools for building their website. Normal price of a domain is against the price of $4.99 that cross the figure of $50 as well. If you want to get a new domain then simply find the domain name from the database of Hover and if you want to transfer the existing domain name then you can transfer with Hover as well. The best about Hover is that it offers the best discount over a large number of registration of new domain and transfer of domain with the Hover. Everything that the users need for the best website is the part of the services of the Hover.


0 is an online place for getting SSL certificates and economical domains from the extensive portfolio of the is the dedicated place for pro and SSL products that comes with the reliable services of the Domain registration, domain transfer, domain renewal, domain restore, domain owner change and domain update are the basic services being offered by the in its domain services category. If talk about the prices, the rates of are economical and cheap. The other best thing about is that it is charging nothing for domain owner change and update. The users can avail these two services for free without paying a single penny. offers the users to registers the highly demanded and premium domains by selecting from the modern gTLDs directory of the Each extension has its own prices from registration to renewal. even offers the users to manage their domain portfolio efficiently and easily. They can filter the domains by using the easy to use search criteria of and can take the advantage of discount offers of the The practical filter functions in addition to cheap domain registration plans, make it easy for the willing users to get the domains according to their own choice. Moreover, users are also provided with the promos, special discount offers, and recommendations as well. SSL Certificates and SSL Manager are also the part of its services.


0 is a domain registration, domain renewal, and domain transferring service that provides domain names in limited extensions only. Providing domain names in only eleven extensions is the drawback of However, it is providing great services with limited options. is the name of reliable service and eBusiness provider that make it easy for the users to get the best domains at affordable prices in the domains extensions of .com, .co, .club, .us, .space, .website, .org, .net, .info, .biz, and .name. The last one extension named .name is another service of that extends the domain extension service of the as the users, in this case, choose for their own extension name as well. Moreover, there is also a system for transferring the existing domains name with the From the individual to the enterprises, has the domain solution for all level of users. In addition to providing domain name registration, also deals in web hosting as well. As mentioned above that provides the limited functions but still it is a best domain registrar that ensures the security, protection and privacy of its users. Willing users will be provided with the highest level of functional administration tools for the best management and control of the websites.


0 is an ICANN permitted domain registrar that is offering its service in new domain name registration, website building, and website hosting. is a platform for getting premium level domain names along with SSL certificates. At present, there are almost 1.6 million domain names registered with the and the domain registrar is gradually increasing its customer level. The advantage of going for the is that it connects the users websites with the various applications and even with the existing apps as well and in that’s way make it possible for the users to enjoy the best domains facilities. Starting for a new domain name is no more a confusing. What matter most, is ending at a successful end and here is the that comes with a powerful website builder that lets the users utilize the best services and products of the for the creation of the best project. Moreover, most of the domain names being offered by the are available in the range of $10.99. This is same for .com, .net, .us, .co, and dozens of others. Domain transfer is also very economical that is being done at the price of $8.25 only. Only three to four steps are required to register a new domain and transfer an existing domain with the



Providing additional business services along with additional business services in addition to providing simple domain registration are the specialties of the Every week it comes with the latest TLDs making it best for it users to always go for the recent industry trend., however, deal in limited extension but what it is offering is providing at economical rates. The willing users can get the new domain at the economical price of $9.99 per year. The perfect domain searching tools of lets the users to always for the perfect domain names that they have in their minds. Either you are searching for a new domain name for your new business or want to make the perfect presence of your brand in the world of the internet then is among the leading domain name service provider. The functions and services of are not limited to domain name registration only, the users can also avail the services of hosting, email sharing, web designing and various business solutions to the users. The integration of Google apps in the website will make work of web owner more simple and easy. However, there is only one limitation for using that is non-providence of protection by the


0 is a domain registration and domain investment platform that deals in the buying and selling of domains. is not a platform for getting new domains only, it is basically a monetization platform that deals in the business of buying and selling domains. Either you want to get new domains from the or looking for monetizing domains, you are at a right platform of The showcase domains of displays the top revenue domains and top traffic domains that range from the prices of $100 to $100,000. The best about is that it has extended the selection for the domain buyer as they can buy the domains according to revenue and traffic. They can also go for registering new domains with the as well. For buying domains according to traffic and revenue, the users are only required to select the domain that they think suitable. For registering new domains, the users are required to first search for the domain that are offered at the low rate. Moreover, discounts are also offered by the in a case of bulk purchase. Moreover, transfer and renewal system are also the part of domain services of the


0 is a domain management and domain registration that in addition to providing new domains to the users provides the protection of domain names as well. Most of the domain registrars that you will find are not providing domain protection, that’s why the users have to move to the third party protection provider. However, is a domain registrar that ensures the protection and privacy of the domains on a fixed price. The domain management setup of provides the dedicated domain services in the new registrations, existing domains transfer, SSL certificates, domain privacy, domain forwarding, security, protection, hosting & email management, and new extensions. The best about is that it is the platform for getting old and modern level domains easily and simply. Prices of are little high but there is no compromise on quality. This is not limited to the selection of unlimited extensions only. The next thing that makes the suitable for all purpose is its availability for domains in various categories that ranges from an adult, education, food, technology, commerce to media, lifestyle, interest, IDN, and various others. Moreover, it is offering domain names according to country and region as well. All these unlimited options increase the selection and decision-making chances for the willing purchasers.


0 is a global domain registrar in the domain management and registration solution. Its domain registration system is different from others as it doesn’t directly offers the domain registration rather than work as a reseller of domains. Being the registrar of almost three million domain across the globe, is now listed among the leading domain registrars of the world. What makes the is best is the offering of the cheapest and economical domain names that are available in the various categories and extensions. The easy-to-use environment of makes it easy for the users to go for domain purchase, renewal, transfer and other domain management solutions. It is one of the largest sources of ccTLDs and gTLDs that make it easy for the willing purchasers to manage all of their domains from the centralized platform of the Those who wants to deal with will be provided with the branded port 43 and other web-based WHOis to control and monitor what is going on in the database of WHOis. The main highlighted features of are white labeled domains, a great availability of domain extensions, powerful API, private labeled control panels and a highly personalized contact management platform.


0 is an online service provider of domain name registrations and reseller hosting. Being a domain registration company, provides the domain management solutions in the new domain name registration, reseller domains system, email solution, monetization solution, marketing solution and SSL certificates. Most of the features are being offered free by the under the program of VAS value added services. The VAS of provides the free domains management solutions, DIY NS resolution, domain privacy service and domain monetizing. If all this factors are taken into consideration then it can be said as that the is a domain resignation and hosting company that provides the extra benefits to its customers. All the domain management and hosting services being offered by the are set by the company keeping in view the individual business needs of its customers. Instead of charging every month or every year membership fee, charges the lifetime membership fee that ranges from $98.90 to $859. deals in both cheap and premium domain names. However, its premium domain system is also very economical. Once the payment made with the, the customers can also utilize their transferred funds for other services as well including SSL certificates, ESCROW services, and ODNAM.


0 is an Australian-based domain name registration company that is best known as providing the top level and international domain name to the customers. In addition to domain registration and domain management, also provides the web and online marketing services to assist its customers in monetizing their websites. provides the domain registration services for small business and large enterprises. The small business can avail the services of domain names registration, website hosting, website designing, email services, online marketing, website security, and various others. The large enterprises can get the services of cloud management, security, web designing & digital management, applications integrations, and mobile apps integrations. All these services are in addition to the domain name registration and domain name management. If talk about the prices then there is no doubt that is little expensive domain name registration provider. The overall services being offered by the are domain names registration, domain search system, domain renewal, transfer domain, new GTLD domains, password recovery, web & email forwarder, website design, website builder, eCommerce WordPress, etc. It is up to the users either they want to build their own website after getting a domain or go for the totally designed website being offered by the With every new domain name registration, provides the free services of domain name locking, choice of domain extension, support of the experts, free DNS hosting, domain name parking and free renewal reminders.


0 is one of the leading registrars of new domain names and the expert of containing monetizing tools. is more considered as a platform for providing tools to the domainers rather than providing domain name registration that is its primary business. is one of the largest domain selling management service that provides the customers as access to the instant domains transfer network and the distribution network. Moreover, has also a highly professional parking program by using which the customer can get the high revenue parking program. Providing domain names registration, renewal and transfer have always remained the primary purpose of the domain registrars. However, is a domain registrar that also provides the tracking and statistics reporting to the users regarding their real-time performance for all of their parked domains. There is variety of domains name management tools that lets the users increase the performance of their online presence. The prices of are so economical that the customers can get the .com domain from the economical price of $8.49 all with complete solution and privacy control features. Managing a single domain is yet easy but what about the bulk domains that required a continuous check and balance. However, after getting domains from the, you will be provided with the bulk tools that will assist you in managing the portfolio of all of your domains. Registering, renewing, transferring, selling and parking domains, all are the part of the bulk tools of the


0 is among those domain registration companies that were first accredited by the ICANN for domain registration and web hosting. is currently providing domain names in almost one hundred extensions and has been continuously updating the list of TLDs as well. is a platform from where the customers can get services in five sections namely domain name registration, domain name renewal, domain name bulk registration and checking for the prices. is a platform that deals in the various categories of domains in almost all countries and regions of the world. The main advantage of using is the full domain management solution that is provided by the to its users. Every domain name registered with comes with the various free features that includes full domain management, a one page website, five mailboxes, almost one thousand forwarding addresses, one year of free SSL certificate, one free GandiBlog, private domain name registration system, simple hosting on 50% discount, and those others functions and features that are required as backbone for the great customer security and service. Whether you want to get one domain or hundreds of domains, you will be provided with the best customer services in all cases. Automated tool, free TLS/SSL certificates, and a lot of others are the part of domain registration services of the