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Lodgify is an intelligence hotel management software solution that allows rentals vacations businesses to design their own customized websites with ease. It has a complete set of features that can help you create an efficient vacation web-based application that attracts travelers… read more
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10 Lodgify Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Hotelogix

Hotelogix is a simple yet powerful property management software solution that streamlines all the operations of hotel seamlessly, from the front desk to POS to housekeeping and also letting the users manage multiple tasks at once. It is an alternative to Rental United and offers all the core features with some exciting tools that make it better than others. The software comes with the aims to help both old and all size of emerging hotels by providing them a solution they can use to match the versatility and dynamism of large and more resourceful hospitality businesses. Hotelogix offers all the above-class latest technology at a very affordable price that makes it easy to access to the hotel that would not have been able to afford it. It is a web-based property management solution and takes just minute to get started and help users experience the power of cloud rapidly, while its simple and attractive interface enables the employee to free up crucial time to focus on more important tasks. The software lets staff in sync with all departments for better workflows and hotel operations. Unlike Rental United and all the leading solutions is also offers an Analytic Dashboard with some new tools that help you to show a real picture of your business. Hotelogix also includes core features such as front desk, online booking, unlimited users, reports, GDS connect, channel manager connect and review express, etc.


2. Streamline

Streamline is a comprehensive hotel management software designed for property managers that helps them streamline business process and operations through advanced features. The software simplifies the entire process of rental management and makes it simpler to manage properties in large numbers. It helps businesses manage leads, distribution channels, websites, accounting, and document system in a more effective way, while its mobile application and all-in-one CRM make it possible for staff to manage operations while on the go. The most interesting fact about this software is that it supports multiple payment types and provide simple and easy to use payable vendor system that makes it better than others. There is also a built-in inventory and POS (point of sale) solution that allows running small shops, tracking inventory and receive alerts from vacation rental offices. Unlike Rental United and all the other leading property management solutions, it also offers integration with other popular rental platforms such as Airbnb, Expedia, and Booking.com, etc. that enable users to promote their properties using a single platform. Its accounting suite uses double entry system that can be integrated with QuickBooks and makes is easier to keep track of all your payments following within the business. Streamline software also includes core feature such as online booking, website integration, leading management, calendar integration, WordPress plugins, travel agent modules, reservation add-on, and guest reviews system, etc.


3. MyVR

MyVR is a web-based hotel management software created for homeowners and property managers. The software caters to the most requirements of homeowners helping to manage rents and tenants. It comes as the alternative to Rental United and buts flexible features make it a more appealing solution for all sizes of businesses. The software has dedicated platform for rental management firms as well, and most of the features are scalable such as payment processed and online rental management that allows users to manage all relevant operations from a single platform. With its automation tools for emails and query responses, the solution can help users to keep their renters in the loop all the time. MyVR’s user-interface is worth mentioning because it helps bring all major aspect of your property management at one screen. Centralized dashboard with instinctive feature tabs such as filters, reporting, inbox that make it convenient for the users to keep an eye on all their operations. It also allows users to add marketing channels and view revenue reporting in one place. With just a few clicks, users can add or remove reservations. It also has a calendar synchronization feature as well that ensure that there are no clashes in bookings. Drag and drop editing, automated and multiple quotes, online bookings, calendar management, on-page SEO tools, customer history, autoresponders, templates, and website customization, etc.


4. Omnia Feed Manager

Omnia Feed Manager is an all-in-one integrated pricing and online marketing automation software solution that offers an online SaaS-based product assist all size of retailers with growing sales and raising profitability. With this users can either their business strategies into the system and have Omnia automate pricing levels and the web marketing of their products. Sitting alongside the software’s dynamic marketing as its two marketing modules, the feed manager enable retailers to build, manage and optimize all product feeds from the single pane of glass. Omnia Feed Manager offers a flexible interface and the product feed management tool supports the advertising of product across all appropriate marketing channels. Multiple feeds can also be linked within clicks, while also connecting internal or any other external data sources, extensible via API. The software comes as the alternative to Rental United and offers all the core features with some new tools and features. Such as channel analytics, search functionality, channel template, API, click tracking, data export, data filtering, data synchronization, and formula management, etc. Omnia Feed Manager offers three different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


5. Your Porter App

Your Porter App is a comprehensive mobile-ready software and optimized property management software solution that is created for Airbnb hosts and rental property business owners along with their staff. It allows users to manage all their Airbnb accounts and listings within a single platform, streamline their day to day task that enhance how they communicate with guest to gain more positive feedbacks. Although, the software primarily designed for Airbnb users, they can log into the solution without the need to use their own registered credentials. The software only asks for their Airbnb credentials once they dedicate to access and use its all special features. Your Porter App comes with an advanced level automation system that automatically manages variety to tasks such as messaging, online forums and much more. Unlike all the other most leading property management software, it can integrate with other channels including Booking.com, TripAdvisor and HomeAway, etc. As a result, pieces of details such as listings, availability, and calendars as well as rates are synchronized between the software and channels connected to it. In order to make it a comprehensive solution, Your Porter App also equipped with team management features that allow users to prepare schedules and assign tasks, etc. This cloud-based solution has three different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core features.


6. Vreasy

Vreasy is the most leading property management software specially catered short-term accommodation properties and their managers. The platform comes with the aim to solve the various marketing issues; several hoteliers face that enables them to easily list places and be able to synchronize pricing, calendars, and listings without any efforts. It has helped not only property owners and managers, but also booking service providers and booking portal managing their businesses better and generate excellent customer satisfaction while saving them an effort to accomplish all these tasks. As compared to all the other most leading PMSs it is more powerful and helps users get up and running with their business quickly upon setup. For those starting out, Vreasu has a channel mentor that gets everything ready, simplifying work by automation. In order to make it a comprehensive property management solution, the solution offers a complete Guest Relationship Management system that enhances the guest experience of the hotels where it is set up and provides a more organized approach in ensuring hassle-free arrivals easily. Its unique management methodology and the automation are set in place in order to address the need to get things done more efficiently. Master calendar, channel mentor, built-in API connects, services platform, owner reporting, and services platform these are the core feature of this property management solution.


7. Wishbox

Wishbox is a cloud-based guest experience management software specially designed for boutique hotels, private hotels and vacation rental agencies that let users automate all guest communication, up-sell to generate new revenuer and enhance the overall guest experience. It comes with a range of built-in smart tools, guest app and wizards that allow users to assist their guests in the lead up to and throughout their stay in their native language. The software utilizes confirmation emails and SMS-based per check-in wizard, arrival details and codes release messages in order to communicate with the guest before they stay. Users can easily coordinate guest arrival information and automatically receive all the necessary documentation, and during their stay, guests can access Wishbox’s dedicated personal area that holds all relevant details related to their stay. The software also helps the coordination of guest check-out details and automatically lead guests in review their stay through the intelligent reviews system that keeps negative reviews internal and distributes all the positive reviews across various booking channels. Wishbox also includes core feature such as properly database, guest review, full SMS integration, host dashboard, live message broadcasting and service up-selling, etc.


8. Kigo

Kigo is an all-in-one property management software that is designed for vacation rental managers. The software streamlines bookings, reservations, marketing, listings and operations in one cloud platform. It is a scalable, customizable and 24/7 accessible software solution that comes with the aims to help you get more bookings and control vacation rentals listing more easily. The best thing about this software solution is that it links you to over thirty popular rental listing portals including TripAdvisor and Airbnb etc. and with a single platform, you can quickly compare pricing and keep rates competitive. You can integrate the software with popular payments systems in order to receive payments in real-time. A comprehensive packaged website plan helps you integrate payment with WordPress that save you from booking commissions. There is also a complete content management system that helps you quickly manage your content automatically. Kigo core feature includes complete reservation system, channel management, booking solution, call center solution, analytics, website reservation integration, and online payment, etc. It is a commercial hotel management software that offers multiple price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


9. Uplisting

Uplisting is a simple-yet-powerful short-term rental property management software that supports property, guest management with rates, channel, booking and availability syncing, etc. It is known as an all-in-one solution and keeps all bookings in one place and all details synced with popular booking sites including booking.com and Airbnb etc. It also gives users flexibility in order to manage their rental property anytime and anywhere via internet enabled devices. The platform’s channel management tools allow users to sync rates, booking, and availabilities with booking.com and Airbnb. iCal support enables users to sync data with most other booking sites that make it better than others, flexibly linked listings enable users to list an entire property, and specific rooms within or list the entire property with one or more nested properties. With this users can also able to link multiple listings for the same property. The most interesting fact about this solution is that it offers guest messaging functionality that allows users to quickly communicate with a guest while a unified inbox gives users centralized access to all guest communications. Uplisting also includes core features such as payment processing, property database, cleaning management, linked listings, rate syncing, dynamic pricing sync, search functionality, client invoicing, multiple-user access and spot rates, etc.


10. Rentals United

Rentals United is a complete channel management solution designed for vacation rental properties with integrated online booking, real-time update, rate management and much more. It is a suitable solution for property suppliers and listing websites of all sizes and work with a massive range of property management solutions such as 365vilas, Guesty, and Vreasy, etc. The software allows owners and managers to distribute their vacation rental property across all the leading sites such as Airbnb, Booking.com, HomeAway and Expedia, etc. Images, property descriptions, availability, prices, and booking, can be automatically synchronized between the software and the distribution channels. Properties can be uploaded to Rentals United using a manual property upload tool, through the connected PMS (property management system) or using its API. Users can easily choose distribution sites they wish to list their vacation properties on, and when connecting to each website, a checklist is displayed in order to ensure that users have completed all steps. The most interesting fact about this solution is that it offers flexible upload tools that upload supports per day prices depending on the length of stay and numbers of guests etc. Rentals United most prominent feature includes channel management, API, dashboard, date blocking, marketing automation, rate management, minimum stays, price upload, and online booking, etc.

More About Lodgify

Lodgify is an intelligence hotel management software solution that allows rentals vacations businesses to design their own customized websites with ease. It has a complete set of features that can help you create an efficient vacation web-based application that attracts travelers. The software also makes it easier for hotels and rental lodge owners to cater to their customer needs who might be booking their spot from a different space and time. The most interesting fact about this software solution is that it offers more than 30 ready to use website designs that you can instantly get started with, each design has its own layouts, functions, and features and also allow you to customize each one without any limitation. Depending on the business type you own, the solution scale accordingly. If you have rental vacation service or a multi-property business, the software has a single platform for all. Lodgify keeps all your business details at one place and has an intuitive interface that makes your work a bit more powerful. In order to make reservation booking simpler, the solution offers a unique calendar feature that displays the availability of dates so that your customers know before calling whether there is enough space at your property. It has simple and easy to understand dashboard where you can easily access it all features. Lodgify core feature includes complete reservation management, scheduling, customizable templates, design management, email templates, web analytics, online booking, and channel management, etc.

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