MediaPortal Alternatives for iOS

#1 Infuse


Infuse is a multiplatform and multifunctional media server and media player that supports both subtitles and media codecs. It is a nice and beautiful way to watch videos and movies across multiple devices connected via Infuse. The best about Infuse is that it has diminished the requirement of basic conversion of media files to play on other media devices. The support to play media files of all types is beyond the system of iTunes.

Infuse is the best way to play most of the media formats, including the most popular MKV, AVI, WMV, and other popular audio and video formats. The main highlighted features are a high-performance playback system, stream effortlessly, import media files from the other apps including cloud storage, organized all data in proper order, a system for playing subtitles, and much more.


#2 Squire


Squire is a prominent video player that allows you to stream movie and TV shows everywhere and comes with a wide range of features that makes it a must-have. You can begin your experience with it by installing it on Apple TV, iPhone, or iPad. Once that’s done, connect your accounts from services like, Plex, and browse the shows from iPhone for the best channels from the Internet or create custom ones using the Squire Stream Editor. An optional step is the installation of Squire Helper on Mac, which can be transformed into a robust multimedia server. The features include Subtitles, Ratings, Plex support, Trailers, Favorites, Similar, Cast, Cloud Service Integrations, Behind the scenes, News, and Push notifications.